Dez Bryant won’t be giving the Cowboys any discounts


The Cowboys claim they have offered receiver Dez Bryant some “really nice contracts.”  Bryant doesn’t think they’re nice enough to sign.

He’ll know when he gets an offer that he likes.

“I just know what I’m going to accept and I know what I’m not going to accept,” Bryant said, via Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  “You know, it’s not about the money.  It’s not about none of that.  I just feel like a little respect should play a factor in that.  I love it [here].  I really do.  But every day you grow.  Let’s see what happens.  It’s all about respect.  It’s all about respect.  I am a very loyal person, but just don’t test my loyalty.”

The Cowboys possibly have been testing his loyalty by leaking to the media company the Cowboys partially own that the team remains concerned about Bryant away from the field.  Coincidentally (or not), Bryant’s decision to hire a new agent was followed within a week by a report that police had been to his house six times in four years.

While Bryant has yet to accuse the Cowboys of trying to smear him, the leaks have yet to soften him up to take whatever the Cowboys have offered.

“I’m not accepting what’s given to me,” Bryant said.  “We’ll have to see.  If it’s right, it’s right, I’ll sign my name on the dotted line.  If it’s not, it’s not.  At the end of the day, I want to win.  But at the same time, I have a family and that’s what is important.  I feel like, hey, I put the work in, I got to give myself some kind of credit.”

It’s an incredibly mature position from a guy who has a reputation for immaturity.  Perhaps the Cowboys have underestimated him.

“What we want to do is have an agreement for the rest of Dez’s career,” owner Jerry Jones has said.  But a contract that isn’t fully guaranteed operates as a one-way street, with the player bound for the duration of his career and the team able to walk away, pretty much at any time.

If that’s the structure the Cowboys propose, then Bryant should force the team to use the eight-figure franchise tag in 2015, force them to use it again (at a 20-percent raise) in 2016, and then force them to give him a market-value contract or let him leave via free agency, since there’s no way they’ll offer another one-year deal at a 44-percent increase of his 2016 salary.

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks there is a very high chance of this guy going off the rails after he gets paid?

  2. Pay the man his money! He’s #1 or #2 in the league! But have a solid morals escape clause in there!

  3. The 110 million dollar question is, does Dez’ new found maturity streak continue after he signs a new contract?

    Dez wants guarantees, and so do the Cowboys….be interesting to see where they wind up.

  4. It has nothing to do with the money he says?
    That statement interpreted: It is ALL about the cash homey!
    Get after that Cowboy wallet Dez! F EM!!!

  5. I’d pay him, but as little guaranteed money as possible.. Make him to continue earning it and not be comfortable.

  6. “I just know what I’m going to accept and I know what I’m not going to accept,” Bryant said, via Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “You know, it’s not about the money. It’s not about none of that…

    Ok Mr Contradiction……

  7. What exactly does it mean to be a very loyal person if the loyalty is never tested?

    I’m very strong, just don’t ask me to pick anything up.

    I’m a mathlete, just don’t ask me to calculate anything.

    I’m an amazing WR, just don’t ask me to catch a pass.

  8. No doubt that Dez is talented.

    No doubt that Dez is a powder keg.

    His talent means every team would want to sign him.

    His powder keg means about half wouldn’t consider it.

    T.O. junior!!

  9. Everyone always forgets that contracts are not guaranteed. The Cowboys could offer a 20 billion* contract but if they can cut him after year 1 and only 5 mil is guaranteed then it was a 5 mil contract.

    *No they can’t offer this much but you get the point

  10. The Cowboys will NOT ALLOW Dez to leave the Cowboys, you can take it to the bank! As long as Romo is the quarterback, Dez isn’t going anywhere. How About Them Cowboys! ! Super Bowl Bound Baby!

  11. The Cowboys already took a big leap of faith with signing him in the first place, and sticking by him so closely during some of the ups & downs of the first few years. In a league where there have been a lot of good receivers available in the draft since Bryant was drafted, and on a team where bad luck with the downsides of talented WRs had been a running theme for some time, you’re looking at a lot of loyalty from the Cowboys already.

    Let Bryant come up ultra-clutch in key games the rest of the way, and play a key role in winning a playoff game, and then he can talk about the team needing to be more loyal and respectful than it already has been. So far, the Cowboys’ ultimate results have been not much different at all compared to the team not having him.

  12. Not worth risking giving him Megatron dough, but he deserves to be paid well….he revitalized Romo, thus justified the elite QB contract he got notwithstanding his penchant for coming up small in big moments. Smearing Bryant before they get to the table is bad business.

  13. Good for him. I hate all things Cowboys and would love nothing more than for acrimony to build between Dez and that team but he’s a monster. I hope they don’t pay him and some team from the AFC signs him.

  14. “You know, it’s not about the money. It’s all about respect. It’s all about respect.”

    And respect equals only one thing here, money.

  15. And within a year or two he’ll want to renegotiate, and that process will repeat itself. In the end it will be ALL about the money. And please stop with the “I’ve got a family to take care of” nonsense. Millionaires needing more millions.

  16. “I am loyal, but don’t test my loyalty. You wouldn’t like me when my loyalty has been tested”.

    If your loyalty stops before “don’t test my loyalty”, that means your loyalty is gilded and doesn’t really exists. “Sir, sir, no, sorry, that’s not how loyalty works”.

    If it’s not about the money, but rather respect, but somehow money equals respect, then yes, it is indeed about the money.

  17. “I’m a very loyal person, but don’t test my loyalty”…….if your loyalty can’t withstand a test, it’s not loyalty. That’s like saying “I’m not scared of anything, unless something scary happens”

    I’m a very loyal person, but it goes both ways, would of been a better comment. I don’t know what they have offered him obviously, but they have to put him in the top 5 WR as far as salary goes. They’ve been telling the world he’s a top 5 WR for the last 3 years, and this has been arguably his best so far. Pay the man, ignore the lack of a basic grasp on the English language

  18. He’s the Jay Cutler of WRs. Undeniable talent, but buyer beware when it comes to the locker room part.

  19. Problem is that there ain’t many teams that want Dez Bryant. The Cowboys are bidding against themselves.

  20. Get as much as you can guaranted…we all know football contracts are not worth the paper they are wrote on..

    10 year 114 mil with 38 guaranteed will get the deal done..any thing less than that he should not sign,

  21. For a top 5 WR he has a very serious issue with coming up small at big times. He kills Jacksonville but what did he do in big games. He has 3 count ’em 100 yard games this year. 3. His yardage totals are right there with… M Sanu and Rookie K Benjamin. And that’s not counting his off field issues. This coming from a Cowboy fan. A realistic Cowboy fan…

  22. Florio says this is quite mature for Dez. Mature? Really? You dint even need to read between the lines of what Dez is saying. It’s really clear. Respect is money. It’s all he is talking about.

    If you don’t believe that, ask yourself how will Dez know when the Cowboys respect him? Right. When they show him the money.

  23. How can you look at what he said and see maturity or loyalty. Have those definitions changed too? Destination Bryant has earned a top 5 WR paycheck but he has also earned clauses that give the team some leeway if he reverts to his old ways. His behavior over the years suggests he could easily fall into the category of players that limit production after getting a huge payday.

  24. The Cowboys will not allow Dez, to leave the Cowboys, as log as Romo is the quarterback, you can take it to the bank. How About Them Cowboys! ! Super Bowl Bound Baby! !

  25. Everyone talks about his maturity and how he’s not as big a douche as he used to be and somehow equate that to him being a top WR. But the consistent on field production is simply not there to justify saying he is a top WR. Especially in big games.

  26. Dude’s a ticking time bomb. Great player but it’s only a matter of time until he flies completely off the rails. And he needs to work on not contradicting himself one statement after the next.

  27. Plays one game with weeden and doesn’t do anything, romo comes back and he lights it up. He thinks he’s worth more than he is (though I do think when he’s on he’s a top 2 receiver)

  28. Its all about respect…. and MONEY! You can’t hate a guy for trying to make the most out of the short amount of time he could play in the league. The team would surely look out for their best interests if he declined, why shouldn’t he be allowed to look out for his while he’s in his prime?

  29. “Once a Diva always a Diva! Give me C. Patterson any day.”

    you can have him….he sounds like a smart young man and maybe one day he’ll know more than the bubble screen pass route.

  30. Punk. Dozens of young men would take far less than him just to be able to play in the NFL. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Dez. The Cowboys gave you an NFL opportunity and they can take it away just as easily.

  31. “But at the same time, I have a family…”

    And you can’t take care of your family with the measly $3 mil you will make this year? You need more because you have a family??

  32. Dez is loyal dude is a animal on the field, this guy deserves to be paid, everybody brings up his past and judges him on that. Let the guy live his life and correct all of that, dez it is about your family take care of them first. You already proved what you can do on the field, jerry pay the man! “X”

  33. Dez will get paid, DeMarco will be allowed nto walk because If your O line holds up, runners are much easier to find than other skill positions. I appreciate what Demarco is doing for the Boys, but Dez is their fire, Love his passion

  34. A one hundred million dollar contract with twenty million dollars guaranteed is so disrespectful.

  35. “It’s not about the money…it’s about respect?” What? So figures below X-amount is disrespectful and figures above X-amount is a sign of loyalty from the Cowboys. But money has nothing do to with it?

    “Just don’t test my loyalty” TRANSLATION: BECAUSE IF YOU DO…I WON’T BE LOYAL. What a moronic statement…but not surprised it came from Dez.

  36. Hogwash…

    I don’t believe anything Cowboys unless it’s reported by that ace Rapaport.

  37. Nor should he? Why on EARTH should an employee be loyal? Lord knows the employers aren’t. So, some of you would work for less money just to be “loyal”? BS if you said “yes”.

  38. This cracked me up…..
    “I am a very loyal person, but just don’t test my loyalty.”
    It reminds me of the Rick James episode of Chappelle’s Show.
    “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.”

  39. Don’t give them a discount.

    To the people saying they could have just taken a receiver in subsequent drafts and that Bryant should show some loyalty, I call BS on that. It’s a business. If teams want players to accept that they can be cut at a moments notice, they need to realize the loyalty argument is normally BS. There are certain exceptions, mainly when teams stand by an injured player and allow him to get back on the field.

    Since 2010 there have been 4 top tier receivers taken in the first round. Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, and AJ Green.

    Thomas was taken two slots before Dez, so that rules out selecting him. If they try to move up in 2011 to get either Jones or Green, they lose the anchor of the OL by no longer being able to select Tyron Smith.

    No receiver taken in the 1st round of 2012 or 2013 come close to Bryant’s ability or production. He was the right choice. Getting a receiver in a later draft would have cost them Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, and Zach Martin.

  40. I’m so tired of hearing these guys say it’s not about money. It’s ALWAYS about money. And I have no problem with them making as much as they can: they have unique attributes that allow them to do what they do and those abilities last for a brief amount of time, but don’t treat us like we’re idiots. “It’s not about the money … It’s about respect”. So essentially you won’t accept a lower offer because that’s disrespect, hence it’s all about the money. Just stop pretending like respect and money are different in your eyes and just say it’s all about the money.


  42. Jerry has tried some slimeball tactics with dez regarding contract negotiations. Jerry tried to negotiate a deal directly with Dez, and then when he signs with Roc Nation who has a history of getting their clients money the leaks mysteriously start

  43. No problem about Dez asking for whatever the maket will bare. Now, this may mean playing for the Raiders if money is the main factor.

  44. phoenixsong117 says: Nov 12, 2014 6:04 PM

    Punk. Dozens of young men would take far less than him just to be able to play in the NFL. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Dez. The Cowboys gave you an NFL opportunity and they can take it away just as easily.
    There are hundreds that would take far less, but they aren’t good enough. The only thing the Cowboys can take away is the Cowboys. 31 other teams will consider him, even if they don’t admit it.

  45. Dez needs the Cowboys more than they need him. Yes he’s a unique talent but WR even great ones are replaceable. Megatron was out most of the season the Lions won anyway. Welker left in a huff is he really better off in Denver? Randy Moss Mike Wallace Santonio Holmes which one WR really showed the man who was boss? Sorry Dez.

  46. Help me, please. I didn’t see in the article that none of any of the many Cowboy offers included no guaranteed money. I wish PFT wouldn’t omit such important info; it makes the Cowboys look stupid. We all know Jerry is not stupid; he just acts that way at times.

  47. Sticky situation for the Cowboys. No doubt he’s a great receiver. But is he worth going bankrupt for? GM’s have 21 other positions on the field to think about spending money on, and putting a lot of money in a loud mouth receiver isn’t too wise in my book…but hey I’m just a dude not a GM.

  48. If any of us were one of the top 3-4 individuals in the world at what we do, we’d ask for and expect to be paid accordingly. I say it is all (or mostly) about the money and that’s OK.

  49. Smart coming out after lighting up one of the worst teams in the league.
    Most free agents/guys wanting to negotiate start talking about that as their team is entering the playoffs, or after the playoffs are over…in Dallas, those guys have to start talking about now because recent history shows they may not make the playoffs or limp in and get crushed in the wild card.

    As many has said, thinly veiled “respect” comments equals him saying the word “money”.
    In a year or two, when the Cowboys or he go on another midseason run, and jayZ needs a little PR, Dez will be asking for more respec….err money.

  50. WR isn’t a position that you have to throw a bunch of money at. They’re a dime a dozen.

    These guys want to get paid for their Fantasy Football value.

    Where are all the championships that Megatron, Fitzgerald, AJ Green, Dez Bryant, Owens, Moss, Welker..etc etc have led their teams to??

    The Cowboys will overpay him… And continue wondering why they can’t field championship teams.

  51. Not about the money. CHECK
    all about respect. CHECK
    I love it here. CHECK

    Ok so when you deplete the money to be paid for the other players….
    It IS about the Money.
    It is disrespectful to your teammates.
    You dont love it here, u r here just for the money.

  52. Dez,

    Come to NY. Madison Ave awaits you. You, Odell & Cruz — who stops that? You will own the world!!!!

  53. I”m all for hating on Jerrah and the Cowboys, but it seems that Dez really doesn’t know what the word gratitude means. The team bent over backwards to protect him from himself. The guy is a mess and would likely be in jail or dead if he didn’t have football and an employer who cared about him. Dez is an absolute mess but the Cowboys have done a lot to help him mature (some) and keep him out of too much trouble. It’s time he showed them some return. Sign a smaller year contract and then get the big payday after that IF it works out.

  54. I would be willing to franchise him once if they can’t get a deal. Can’t let him walk. I bet they do get a deal. Jerrah usually gets the ones he wants to keep.
    But I would hate to guarantee $40 million without some serious protection against crazy written into the deal.
    Dude can really catch the ball.

  55. As an Eagle fan, I hope Jerry gives him so much money that they’re cap is screwed for years.

    He’s a malcontent, a whiner, and he’s elite talent with a cement head.

    i hope he’s a Cowboy for life.

  56. Not a Cowboys fan, but this guy is not a player you want to build around. He’s really seems like someone from the T.O., Brandon Marshall mold with the me-first attitude.

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