Fraud lawsuit against Giants, Eli Manning will proceed

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When the Giants and quarterback Eli Manning found themselves on the wrong side of a lawsuit alleging the distribution of fraudulent memorabilia, the team and the player both expressed a high degree of confidence that they would win.  And, similar to the confidence the team has expressed regarding its ability to win in 2014, that prediction has to date fallen flat.

Via the Associated Press, a federal judge in Newark, New Jersey has ruled that the case filed by Eric Inselberg may proceed in state court.  The Giants, Manning, and the other defendants tried to shift the litigation to federal court, since in most states federal court provides a forum far more favorable to the interests of those being sued.

Inselberg sued after an FBI sting led to his prosecution on criminal charges.  The case against Inselberg has since been dropped, but Inselberg has said in court papers that he wants to make the Giants and Manning accountable for the eventual destruction of his business.

The lawsuit contends that equipment manager Joe Skiba created fake memorabilia at the behest of team management and players, including helmets purportedly worn by Manning in each of his Super Bowl victories.

One of those fake items of memorabilia allegedly has been on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which has issued conflicting statements on whether it’s the helmet Mannning wore in Super Bowl XLII or simply a helmet worn by Manning at some point.

14 responses to “Fraud lawsuit against Giants, Eli Manning will proceed

  1. Thank God an NFL player is getting sued for once. I’m so tired of players getting away with whatever they want to and then run back to their union for protection.

  2. So lets say a fan gets one of Eli’s helmets and wears it to a game. Could the fan in the stands hear the play calls in the helmet just like Eli?

    That would be wicked cool!

  3. Amazing how little press this topic has received in NY/NJ area.

    Even more amazing how little press written on the disaster that is the NY Giants for the past 3 years. Statistically they have the worst defense in the entire NFL, but then again anyone who watches this mess on Sundays could’ve told you that.

  4. Amazing how all of the Giants problems this year have, once again, been laid at Mannings feet. Never mind the fact that the Giants currently have the WORST ranked defense in the NFL, and are down to FA running backs as their primary backup, behind a 4th round rookie and an OL missing 3 starters. and lost their Pro Bowl WR, and currently have 8 projected starters (from the beginning of the year) on IR.

    Yup, it’s all Eli’s fault.

  5. Apparently, Eli tried wearing a Peyton mask last game, in efforts to get his teammates to believe that a genuine team leader had taken the field. Next, inviting Bieber to the team prayer meeting..

  6. These Eli insults are completely classless and childish. Blaming Eli for the stupidity of a vendor and yje Giants owner is ludicrous. Eli had nothing to do with the merchandise. Also blaming him for his horrible o-line and awful defense is also ludicrous. Eli gets no proection and his WRs cannot catch balls if their hands had krazy glue. The defense is pitiful. Eli is a great QB on a really awful team. The Giants stink.

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