Jeff Fisher: We decided to go with the experience of Shaun Hill

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Rams coach Jeff Fisher changed course on his starting quarterback today, and he said it was a matter of thinking his team needed an experienced leader.

After confirming that he would make the change from Austin Davis back to veteran Shaun Hill, Fisher explained that he thought Hill’s experience would make him a better starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Broncos.

It’s never an easy decision when you make a change in the middle part of the season,” Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “But we looked at things Monday night in lengthy discussions with the offensive staff and just felt that the best thing to do at this point moving forward was to lean on the experienced quarterback.”

Hill began the regular season as the starter after Sam Bradford suffered a season-ending injury in the preseason, but Hill didn’t make it through Week One and Davis has been the starter since. Davis has shown flashes of talent at times, and Fisher said as recently as a couple days ago that he was committed to Davis going forward. But Fisher apparently decided that Davis’s three-turnover fourth quarter against the Cardinals on Sunday showed that he’s not ready to be an NFL starter yet. And so the Rams turn back to Hill.

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  1. Shaun Hill can move the ball well for a back-up

    And I thought Gruden said that Davis looked like Drew Brees?

    He only said it like 50 times on Monday Night Football

    Iron Sharpens Iron

  2. Austin Davis is a young QB with a firey competitive attitude & I myself loved watching him… But, I think Hill is the right choice by Fish here. Hill has the experience, the arm, & is a much better decision maker. Only thing Hill lacks, which is similar to Bradford, is that firey passion to win. All the tools are there, hope it turns out because as much as I hate to say it that loss against AZ was solely on Davis having 3 turnovers in the 4th quarter (2 being taken back to the house). Hill will succeed if he puts it together right because he is abetter player than Davis. #LetsGoRams

  3. Call me crazy if you will, but I like what Austin Davis has accomplished this year – especially coming from the bottom of the bench.

  4. Austin is probly just good enough to keep the Rams from picking in the top 10 and we all know the Rams are always competing to win the draft. It would just feel odd if the Rams don’t pick in the top 10 wouldn’t it?

  5. Special teams beat the Seahawks. Not Austin Davis.

    That’s like saying Russell Wilson doesn’t really have a 30-11 lifetime record, because maybe defense won a few of those games, or maybe the running backs won a few . . . . .

  6. “With every win we keep losing ground to the Bucs and Jets for Mariotta. We have to put an end to that post haste.”

  7. That’s like saying Peyton Manning doesn’t really have 500+ TDs, because he should get zero credit for every time he threw a ten-yard dump-off pass that the receiver ran, and broke tackles for 60 yards into the endzone for a TD.

  8. The Rams stink, and they know that they stink. The only agenda they have is to injure the other team.
    This comes from the top down. Their coach knows he presides over the annual bottom-dweller. When his QB is lost each year and the team knows it will be #4, the only consolation prize is to act like animals instead of pro’s.

  9. Fisher has had time and a slew of high draft choices to turn around the Rams. They remain in last place with little hope for the future.

  10. In the past three years the Rams have had five first round picks, four second round picks, and four third round picks. 13 picks, and not a single QB in the bunch. That’s Raider-esque drafting right there.

  11. Fisher is trying to win a game or two more so when the Rams move back to LA, maybe the owner will keep him? Its a fact the Rams are moving to LA but I highly doubt the owner will keep Fisher’s dumb d school approach.

  12. Nov 12, 2014 6:28 PM
    Fisher is getting fired at the end of the year.

    If that’s the case some other dejected NFL franchise is going to be a Cinderella story next year. From a distant view it appears Fisher’s offensive staff are just flat out lame. Maybe next year they’ll be working for the Hamilton Tigercats.

  13. This is a joke right? Austin IS the best option you have. Maybe fisher thinks he can get a better draft pick at QB so hes throwing the rest of the games. 3 picks Really? All the QBs in the league have thrown that in a game. It was a throw away game…move on. Austin has been a bright spot that this team has lacked for years. Dumb..but…he will back in the minute Hill goes down again….I loved Hill but he is a tad old.

  14. They want to lean on the experienced guy. But it seems like everywhere they try to lean on him is an old injury. Or a surgery scar. Or a tender spot that aches for a few hours after he gets up in the morning.

  15. Shawn Hill is the sacrificial Lamb. Davis is being spared and will return to the starting lineup to keep the Rams from top 5 and multiple first round draft picks that Pot Belly Fisher has become accustomed to.

  16. I love these coaches ego’s who all think “our defense is so good, if we only had a QB who doesn’t throw interceptions, we’d be good!” When in reality, no you wouldn’t. You would just lose 21-7 instead of 40-7. Yea, Shaun Hill is your savior. He has “experience” aka started 27 games over 9 years in the league, with 41 tds and 24 ints. Austin Davis has a third of his “experience” in one half season.

  17. Teams that continue to go with the experienced Fisher are the real losers. Mediocre coach who has a completely undeserved reputation. Hell, even Mike Shanahan does things better than this clown when he’s not dealing with RG3-13.

  18. Rams have a decent number of players, but only one playmaker (Quinn). With a QB in the 6-12 range, the Rams would be over .500 team. Bradford is a bust, mainly due to injury, poor talent around him, and inept coaching. Fisher went “all in” on Bradford, ignoring a developmental QB. He lost. Hill is a desperate move, by a desperate coach. New front office, coach, staff, QB and address in 2016. LA Rams could be a decent team.

  19. Bet they wish they still had Kellen Clemmons. He might have more experience than all ram qb’s this year combined. Though San Diego seems like a better place to hold a clipboard than get your a&! Beat in St. Louis.

  20. “Lean on the experienced quarterback” for what?

    To win one or two more games than you would have won with Davis, still miss the playoffs by a wide margin, and then go into next season with no more of an idea who your QB of the future was than you did going into camp this year?

    These are the kind of decisions dinosaurs make. I said it at the time and I will say it again, you do NOT hire coaches like Jeff Fisher when you are trying to build a team from the ground up.

    When you are trying to grow talent, you don’t start with a mediocre coach who loves veterans.

  21. This team just doesn’t want anybody to care. They don’t. All those draft pick and not 1 guy as an understudy at QB was drafted. Keeping Shotty as OC. They are begging to go 6-10, 5-11, etc. they are terrible and it’s going to be that way for some time (2015 season as well).

  22. You mean that special experience of sitting on the bench year after year? They are just going to let Hill be the punching bag until the D gets tired or Hill is dragged off the field…then Austin will come in all fresh in the 2nd half. Smart move actually.

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