Seahawks put Zach Miller on injured reserve

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Seahawks tight end Zach Miller’s season is over.

Coach Pete Carroll confirmed today that Miller, who has been out since suffering an ankle injury in Week Three, will be placed on injured reserve. Miller had ankle surgery in Week Four, but the surgery didn’t completely fix his ankle injury, and now he’ll need a second surgical procedure. That will keep him out until 2015.

When healthy, Miller was Seattle’s best tight end, so that’s a significant loss. The rest of the Seahawks’ depth chart at tight end consists of Tony Moeaki, Luke Willson, Cooper Helfet and Rashaun Allen.

18 responses to “Seahawks put Zach Miller on injured reserve

  1. WOW. So disappointing. One of the best blocking TEs in the league. Russ could really use this guy right about now with all the O-line issues as of late. As if losing Mebane for the rest of the year wasn’t heartbreaking enough. How long til the next post headlining “Wagner to IR”?? Ugggh, fingers crossed that one never comes.

  2. This is a huge blow to an offense that was already struggling. Miller wasn’t only affective in the Pass game he was arguably one of their best OL too!

  3. In other news, it turns out the Shehawks have been watering down the beer at the Link. Great way to repay the 12th man!

  4. The team standing between the Seahawks and another run at the big game is the Cardinals, 2 games up in the rankings and 2’games against each other still on the schedule. Throwing to the TE is the Cards D’s only real weakness,many was exploited last year by Wilson-Miller. They needed him back. If the Cards take one of those two games, the Seahawks can kiss the division title goodbye and things get much harder for them. A big loss.

  5. That’s too bad. He was someone I was assuming would come back as part of our “getting healthier as the season goes on” thing…

    Maybe the best blocking TE in the game and an extremely underrated set of hands. Never one to shy away from laying out for a ball.

  6. Not sure what twisted ankles, turf toes, and pulled hammies would have to do with HGH, but it’s a theory I guess. A dumb one for sure, but it is a theory.

  7. Even with all the injuries in the NFC West nobody wants to face these teams. Every team has that “next man up” mentality. I love watching NFC West style football.

  8. alankelly2013 says:
    Nov 12, 2014 5:20 PM
    Not sure what twisted ankles, turf toes, and pulled hammies would have to do with HGH, but it’s a theory I guess. A dumb one for sure, but it is a theory.

    No theories just proof, your team cheated last year by holding recievers so bad that they had to change the rules and your team has had the most positive test for PED’s since pump em up pete took over in 2010. Its ok to admit without the juice this team has underperformed. One year wonders.

  9. Bad week for the NFC West. The Rams really have no excuse to be this far out, Its like the other three teams are doing everything they can to level the playing field…

  10. Huge loss.
    Restructured his contract to stick around. A huge part of the line to pass protect, which again needs help this year.

    Even larger was the fact that he was Wilson’s reliable safety valve either in drop back mode, or as Wilson would start to scramble.

    Lost in the Havin-gate around that time was his loss, and Wilson has looked completely lost for large parts of most games since (until he decides to start running himself)at times in the passing game without reliable Miller as option 2 or 3.

  11. Just to add to the facts they had 15 pass interference calls last year with none dismissed which lead the league. This year they are tied for eight in overall defensive penalties with 31. See the facts don’t lie,

  12. League began testing for HGH and suddenly Frank Gore and Justin Smith aren’t that good any more. Went from has-beens to never-was.

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