Washington hid Barry Cofield groin injury


In Week One of the 2014 season, Washington defensive lineman Barry Cofield suffered a sprained ankle.  It landed him on injured reserve, with the designation to return.

Cofield has now returned.  And he has disclosed that, while missing due to the ankle injury, he also had groin surgery.

“A lot of people didn’t know about the groin,” Cofield said Wednesday, via CSNWashington.com.  “But it bothered me pretty badly.  It’s almost like the ankle came right on time.  I think I would have had a hard time making it through the season the way my groin was.  So I had the ankle and then went and had the groin surgery done like right after that.”

So the groin bothered him pretty badly.  And yet the Week One injury report failed to disclose that Cofield had a groin injury.

It’s a fairly blatant violation of the injury report, coming in the very first set of injury reports submitted on behalf of first-year coach Jay Gruden.  And it invites speculation as to how many other injuries have been hidden by the team this year.

UPDATED 6:06 p.m. ET:  Washington contends Cofield was healthy for Week One.

33 responses to “Washington hid Barry Cofield groin injury

  1. Please, sounds like someone hates the Washington Redskins and is reaching for any negative story about them they can come up with…. Maybe Cofield didn’t disclose it to them? Maybe he thought he simply was sore…. How quick certain media outlets jump at the chance to write speculative negative stories about certain teams…..

  2. Why does anyone care?

    I still don’t understand why the teams have to submit an injury report. Unless it is done for gamblers what’s the point?

    Who cares.

  3. Silly! Hidden injuries? Let’s just list everyone as questionable like New England…Move along, nothing to see here.

  4. “And it invites speculation as to how many other injuries have been hidden by the team this year.”
    Probably about the same number of injuries that were hidden by all the other teams.

  5. I’m okay in this situation not knowing about a Redskins players groin. It wasn’t going to affect the betting line since he wasn’t playing in the next game.

  6. Coffield had sports hernia surgery in the offseason. Everyone knew about it. PFT even had a story about it. It was being reported that when he was on IR, it was going to give him a chance to also continue to improve the groin area where he had the surgery. Soooooo…the Skins “hid” this in plain sight?

  7. The most pathetic part is that the Washington Football Club Nicknames allowed him to admit they lied. Par for the course for the Clown Car–NFC Brigade (the AFC Brigade car being driven by the Jets). Can’t wait until they have to fork over a high draft pick for this stupidity. It’s not going be forever that the NFL looks the other way on hiding major injuries.

  8. and Gruden will say if we had coefield we would be 7-2….lol. Such a loser mentality this organization and team is which is why they are always in the cellar. U R WHAT UR RECORD IS!!!!!!!

  9. Florio you’ve done it again. We know you hate the team name, but you’re a professional, do your job without bias.

  10. Guy went on IR! Did you want them to list the hang nail he had too??? This goes right back to the lib media trying to CREATE a controversy when there is none because Snyder won’t change the name. Which is exactly why they bust on RG3 every chance they get. This story is a retread of the same thing they accused Shanhan of doing. If I was a coach If writing something down for every thing player in the locker room and submit them all as questionable or probable.

  11. What’s funny is how the skins fans make comments like how can we lose to the Vikings (submit any other consistently bad NFL team here).

    I think most are starting to come to the point where they realize their team is a joke and should never expect to beat any of the other 31 teams but it’s taken 20yrs for it to start sinking in. If that doesn’t get them to realize it the fact that local TV and Radio stations are broadcasting Ravens games head-to-head against the skins should.

  12. Mike have you ever heard of unbiased reporting? Your petty negative reporting on the Redskins is making you look bad. Hey now that Steven Jones is starting to wear some pants in Dallas he has the perfect job for you as his personal eyeglass cleaner.

  13. Who cares? Teams fake injury reports all the time all it does is serve Vegas. I’d implore that all teams do this because it keeps teams guessing and it also sticks it to Vegas.

  14. As a lifelong Redskins fan who lives in the Baltimore area it amazes me the Ravens fans obsession over the Redskins. They get on every story and comment, their fans always have something to say to Redskins fans and like to talk smack. I think it’s the little brother syndrome of always feeling a little less than the big brother. We are not in your division…we aren’t even in your conference! We play you once every four years…maybe the fact the Browns now are taking your division you need to channel your aggression elsewhere but here is the fact…we have won 5 championships 3 Super Bowls not 2 and have been a part of this league over 80 years. Our owner didn’t leave a football proud town with a strong fan base to form a Rat bird team with a jealous fan base who can’t get over that Redskin nation still is strong in their own hometown and can’t even touch the DC area. Sorry the truth hurts you prove me right every time you get on Redskin stories.

  15. If New England did this, there would be 100+ comments by now

    and they would have been relieved of a draft pick and fined 6 digits………..and every win since 1960 called into question by Marshall Faulk……

  16. A coach not revealing every bump and bruise… That Evers happens…

    Even in out bye week, nothing but made up drama and criticism.

    Griffin has played 2 1/4 games with Gruden and under the bus, everyone goes.

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