Cardinals extend defensive coordinator Todd Bowles

As Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles moves closer to a potential head-coaching opportunity, the Cardinals have made it easier for him to be selective.

Per a league source, the Cardinals have extended Bowles contract through 2017.  The deal includes a significant pay raise.  Bowles is now believed to be on the five highest-paid assistant coaches in the league.

Previously, Bowles was under contract through 2015.

Bowles remains eligible to pursue head-coaching opportunities.  With the Cardinals possibly playing into February, there may not be a team willing to wait that long to hire him this year.

30 responses to “Cardinals extend defensive coordinator Todd Bowles

  1. Lions should do the same with Teryl Austin. These two guys have turned their respective defenses around.

  2. Always liked him. He had NO talent or and cohesive team unit to work with in philly. Davis is doing well, otherwise I’d have been regrettful for letting Bowles go. he will be a star D coordinator for a while in this league

  3. Dick Lebeau isn’t going to attract much attention for a HC job. Like many before him and Lewis after, he failed miserably in Cincy. He came back to the Burgh, turned the defense around. His bread and butter is defense and hasn’t been very good at that lately. He is 77, few teams will be interested in a guy closer to the grave then a midlife crisis. He’s been great in Pittsburgh but he needs to hang it up.

  4. Glad to hear that they are going to “Pay the man”. He definitely deserves it! Didn’t think it was possible, but he took the defense that Ray Horton put together and made them even better.

  5. Palmer signed a contract then his knee got blown out. Bowles signs a contract and next thing you know his defense will get blown out by Tate and Megatron.

    I don’t actually believe his defense will get blown out—they are pretty darn good and playing at home. Hopefully a good game without further injuries to either team…they’ve both taken their share this year.

  6. Ken Whisenhunt turned down Al Davis and stayed with the Steelers for another year. A very wise move. Bowles would be wise to be very selective when the head coaching seat is pulled out for him… especially since some teams have a bad rep for that seat becoming very hot.

  7. Two of the best young Defensive Coordinators in the game face off this week in Todd Bowles and Teryl Austin. It’s just a matter of time before both get their shots at Head Coaching positions.

  8. Typically the only teams looking for a new HC are the ones that have problems. You don’t get a lot of choices when you’re looking to get a HC job short of going somewhere and becoming heir-apparent.

  9. Good thing for the Raiders they didn’t take Whisenhunt and his traveling circus….Todd Bowles and Bruce Arians and Steve’Keim am have been a breath of fresh air to Arizona Cardinal fans…what a difference a good coaching staff really does make… There is a reason why they are successful in New England Green Bay

  10. Aeneas Williams was on local Phoenix radio the other day he said Todd is not interested in a head-coaching job. He said Todd likes dealing with just the defense and wouldn’t like having to deal with all players.

    Make sense to me.

  11. Years from now, Cardinals fans will be able to see the turning point for this franchise came in incremental steps. The first: Michael Bidwill taking over the day-to-day football operations from his dad. He was able to placate the politicos and naysayers to get UofP Stadium built, not just sitting on a board in an architect’s conference room.

    The second: moving on from Rod Graves and hiring Steve Keim as GM.

    It really is that simple. These are not the cheapskates that played in both St. Louis and at Sun Devil Stadium. Keim is a football guy, through and through. Bidwill trusts in him to guide the football operations and gives him the people and support he needs.

    The future (and present) is bright.

  12. “with the cardinals playing into Feb.”

    I did not know the NFC was that bad….after all ther is the 4-5 saints sitting in first place.

  13. Love this move. And if the rumor is true about he not interested in Head Coaching, that makes this deal even sweeter. Go Cards!

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