Giants LB played nearly three quarters with concussion


While the NFL has plenty of work to do to improve the process of spotting concussions during games, no procedures will completely eliminate the possibility of a player still playing after suffering a head injury.  Especially if the symptoms don’t emerge immediately.

Via Jordan Ranaan of, Giants linebacker Jacquian Williams played nearly three quarters with a concussion in Seattle on Sunday.

“There was nothing any different talking to him, communicating with him, talking to him on the sidelines, so no, we couldn’t tell anything during the ball game,” Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said Thursday, via Ranaan.

Per Ranaan, a Giants spokesman explained that Williams didn’t develop symptoms or say anything about the injury until the team returned home from Seattle. On Monday, Williams said he was experiencing headaches.  Ranaan reports that several teammates noticed nothing different about Williams.

Absent evidence suggesting that Williams was dazed or disoriented, there’s no reason to not give the team the benefit of the doubt.  Still, it’s hard to imagine someone suffering a brain injury one day and having zero symptoms until the next day.

Whenever Williams is cleared to play, he may have to worry about opposing players trying to cause more concussions.  That’s precisely what Williams said nearly three years ago regarding former 49ers receiver Kyle Williams, who had two key miscues in the 2011 NFC title game.

“The thing is, we knew he had four concussions, so that was our biggest thing, was to take him outta the game,” Jacquian Williams said after the game.