Pete Carroll laughs off thoughts of Moss or T.O. in Seattle

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Randy Moss said last week that the Seahawks reached out to him about coming out of retirement last year. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll found that amusing.

Asked about it on Wednesday, Carroll said the Seahawks had no interest in Moss.

“Thanks for asking that. That never happened. That never happened. Nobody asked that question, and, you know, that’s never happened,” Carroll said.

Carroll did indicate that Terrell Owens, who spent the 2012 preseason in Seattle, had shown some interest in getting another shot.

“I won’t say that I didn’t get a call from T.O., though,” Carroll said with a laugh.

Suffice to say, the 40-year-old Owens is done in the NFL. And although the 37-year-old Moss has mused about coming back for a chance to play with Peyton Manning in Denver, it’s safe to say Moss is retired, too.

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  1. ““Thanks for asking that. That never happened. That never happened. Nobody asked that question, and, you know, that’s never happened,” Carroll said.”———————Hey, Pete Carroll’s word is beyond reproach. This guy has never lied about football matters before. I believe him….

  2. NFL is secretly planning to unveil a 33rd team, the Hawai’i Hasbeens, they got Brett Favre at qb throwing to Randy Moss and TO.
    They’re also planning to make some changes to qb contact and thursday night scheduling. These changes will lock in an SB for the Hawai’i team.

  3. Peyton Manning would pull an Aaron Hernandez on Randy Moss the first time he decided to half ass a route, I’m pretty sure. You know that country boy knows how to use a gun.

  4. Moss could contribute in the right situation. T.O. not so much. Moss is a freak, and could probably come off the couch and still burn young DB’s.

  5. Wow! I wonder if Carroll will make Moss or TO go back in the game if they get knocked out on the field like Carroll did to JR Sweezy.

  6. Moss was great the first 2 years in New England and sucked whenever he played since that point.

    Throughout his career when Moss felt he was the center point of the offense and playing well he cared and put out the effort. The rest of the time he stank it up and didn’t even put out a half assed effort.

    The way he played and talked himself out of New England, and then did less than nothing with the 3 teams silly enough to give him an opportunity since then says it all. He’ll never see an NFL field again.

  7. Everytime there is a post that mentions the Seahawks we get the same old PED comments, and the same Pete Carroll is a cheater comments.

    Help me out here…

    In the past 2 years there have been 66 PED suspensions, 3 were Seahawks, and only 1 of them (Bruce Irvin) is still on the team. Your team probably has more PED suspensions than the Seahawks.

    And as far as I understand it, Pete Carroll is accused of being a cheater for helping some of his college players score $8/hr internships (God forbid!). Nothing to do with the game.

    Some dumb narratives will never die.

  8. Rumors from the haters. Keep throwing rocks at the throne, we laugh as they bounce off. Your team keeps imploding every post season as of late

  9. The NFL should bring in TO, Moss, and Chad Johnson as prime examples of why being a diva and burning bridges during your playing days is an AWFUL idea. You may not like your coach or teammates, but at least be professional about it. Someday down the road…. you just might need a job. People have long memories, and in a small close environment like the NFL, people talk and share stories about cancers. Those old guys you trashed? They control the purse strings and will last a heck of a lot longer in the league than you will.

  10. TO is done, but Moss would easily be the best receiver in Seattle or New England. I dislike Seattle so I don’t want to see that happen, but I’d love to see Moss get a ring with Manning or Brady. Dude is the greatest receiver of his generation by a long shot and second all time to only the GOAT (Jerry Rice). I just want to see someone get Moss’d again. lol I love that verb.

  11. Seattle should have signed him. This team isn’t the same since the league changed the rules not allowing them to hold receivers. Plus the loss of golden tate in which they haven’t replaced. One year wonder team. Poor Seahawk fans time to go back to mediocracy

  12. the rule change is not what is effecting the Seahawks.
    More like a rash of injuries than anything else.

  13. Randy moss was the most physically gifted WR we will ever see in the nfl. If he had Rice’s demeaner and drive, he would have shattered every record in the book. It’s crazy to think, with the resume he currently has, it could have been so much better.

  14. I think it is more probable that happened (Carroll calling Moss) than individuals within the United States government being either responsible for or knowingly complicit in the September 11 attacks. I guess I am opposite of Petey on both beliefs.

  15. I am UW Husky fan and I always liked Pete Carroll when he was coaching at USC. I lot of people around here felt the same way about him then as all you jealous haters do now. But I watched those USC teams that were so big, so fast, so arrogant, so confident, so good, and all the while having so much fun, and I thought (especially during the Ty Willingham years), “I sure wish Pete Carroll was coaching the Huskies.”

    A lot of people say anyone could coach at USC with all the great players they are able to recruit. But I wonder then, what happened between John Mckay and John Robinson in the 1960’s and 70’s and Pete Carroll in the early 2000’s? Ted Tollner, Larry Smith, John Robinson again and Paul Hacket. 25 years of futility until Pete Carroll brought them back to national prominence.

    When the NCAA started to investigate USC it reminded me so much of the nonsense that brought Don James’ successful run at UW to an end. Total garbage on both counts. Like Don James says. They restrict the Head Coaches access to his young players to 20 hours a week during the season and O in the off season and then wonder why he has no idea what his players are doing. And worse, what the boosters are doing behind the scenes with his players when no one is looking.

    I’m so excited for what Pete Carroll has done with the Seahawks. Taking them from a 5 win team in 2009 to a Superbowl 4 years later. Amazing. And now they are so big, so fast, so arrogant, so confident, so good, and all the while having so much fun. I love it.

  16. dukeearl says:Nov 13, 2014 12:27 PM

    the rule change is not what is effecting the Seahawks.
    More like a rash of injuries than anything else.


    Almost every team has a rash of injuries. That’s part of the sport. To repeat a team has to do it despite injuries. A relatively healthy season like the Seahawks had last year is an anomaly.

  17. Seahawks have a tough road the rest of the way. Seven games remaining, 5 of 7 against their division. 4 of 7 on the road. They are 2-2 on the road so far this year.
    The only break is against the Rams BUT the Rams have already beaten the Seahawks this year so even that one is not a gimme.
    Their remaining opponents are a combined 38-23. Very possible they don’t make the playoffs.

  18. What’s amazing about Moss is how many believers there still are out there. He hasn’t stepped onto a field since 2012 and his last good season was in 2009. Yet every time his name comes up there’s posts talking about how he could still be a number-one receiver.

    I remember back in 2012 when he was with the Niners there being a PFT article almost every week predicting a huge breakout game for him…which never came but never stopped them from predicting it again for the following week. Great player in his time, but funny how resistant some are to admitting that time is long past.

  19. Comparing a 37 yr old and a 4o yr old to a bunch of 50, 60, and 70 yr olds is really not all that funny. Kind of lame really.

  20. I think its important to understand players like Calvin Johnson, Randy Moss , A.J. Green ect are not easy to find and we have had a hard time finding a big WR no doubt. I think it’s all important to see what’s out there. Seems there are only 1 or 2 big productive WR’s that come out of the draft each year. Hawks won the SB without a big WR so I think the team has more issues than a big WR. The loss of depth have hurt us this year and it shows. Simply not the same team and thus RW has had to run it and we have had to rely on Beast Mode even more on O. Defense is banged up so by the end of the month we will see where this team is at good or bad.

  21. A relatively healthy?? Seattle got healthier for the playoffs but lets no act like they didn’t overcome anything to win a Super Bowl.

    There was point for 4-8 weeks they were missing 3/5th of offensive line LT, C and RT.
    Wagner/Wright missed games, Browner was taken over by Maxwell due to injuries. Slated # 1 and 2 WRS Harvin/Rice were done for full season and 8 games.

  22. “Thanks for asking that.”

    In PR, you’re often trained to say this when you don’t like the question.

  23. Love how people say T.O. would be Seattle’s best reciever. He sure wasn’t the best reciever in 2012 when the Hawks gave him a shot. I believe he played in a few pre-season games and did nothing but drop the ball when targeted. Not saying Seattle has much for recievers now but T.O. isn’t a starter on any team (you can put Moss in that category too).

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