After CAA firing, Ben Dogra hires Rusty Hardin

Getty Images

The details regarding CAA’s decision to fire agent Ben Dogra for cause remain unclear.  It’s becoming clear that a legal fight is looming.

According to Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal, Dogra has hired lawyer Rusty Hardin in connection with the termination of Dogra’s employment.

“They are basically trying to figure out what the cause is now, because they didn’t have any,” Hardin told Mullen.  “They were afraid he was going to leave.  They tried to pick the exit strategy that would allow them not to pay him.”

Hardin, who represented Vikings running back Adrian Peterson in his recently-concluded criminal prosecution in Texas, added that CAA owes Dogra “millions” for the two remaining years on his contract.

Dogra represents a large group of high-profile clients, including Peterson, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, and Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III.  Under NFLPA rules, Dogra remains the agent for those players, regardless of Dogra’s employment status.

CAA’s decision to fire Dogra has created shock waves throughout the agent industry, along with rampant speculation regarding the basis for it.  Hardin told Mullen that CAA has yet to give a specific reason to Dogra.

The development points to a potential legal battle for the balance of Dogra’s contract with CAA.  If litigation ensues, CAA eventually will be forced to articulate the reason(s) for firing Dogra — and to support those reason(s) with adequate evidence.