Jerry Hughes not happy with officials after Thursday night’s loss

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Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes has a history with referee Walt Coleman and his crew.  While nothing approach tuck-rule level yet, Hughes has drawn a couple of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties from Coleman’s crew this year.

The first came in New England on October 12.  The second came a month and a day later, on Thursday night at Miami.

Hughes was flagged while protesting the failure to call holding on the Dolphins.  The penalty wiped out a sack of quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

“I’ve never see a holding call missed at the point of an attack like that,” Hughes told reporters after the game, unprompted.  “I’m at a loss for words.”

The foul came after Hughes made contact with the official, which should have drawn an ejection and likely will result in a fine.

“I did yell because I did get held on that play,” Hughes said, via Mike Rodak of  “I made sure I yelled, ‘Holding.’  Whatever else came after that, I really don’t know.  I don’t know.”

He may find out if he gets a letter next week from the league office explaining that a large chunk of his future pay will be withheld.  The going rate for contact with an official by a player?  $27,562.

25 responses to “Jerry Hughes not happy with officials after Thursday night’s loss

  1. The Dolphins were holding like their lives depended on it, but pro players still have to maintain focus.
    Bumping an official will always get you 15.

  2. The refs were bad this game(Gilmore’s PI was a joke) but the Bills failed to take advantage while moving the ball well early, and after Landry fumbled a punt around midfield. You can’t blame the refs for settling for 3 instead of punching it in for 6.

  3. The refs were bad this game(Gilmore’s PI was a joke) but the Bills failed to take advantage while moving the ball well early, and after Landry fumbled a punt around midfield. You can’t blame the refs for settling for 3 instead of punching it in for 6.

  4. Bad call, it appeared his shoulder just brushed the ref, also that call on Gilmore..I have stated before why have DB’s anymore or even more so why pay DB’s any more when ever throw is going to be a flag. Its sports there is going to be some contact regardless.

  5. I had money on the Dolphins last night, but even I could see how terrible the officiating was and it all went against the Bills. Intentional grounding is never called when I qb throws up and the receiver reads it differently and breaks the other way. The pass interference on the next dolphin drive was equally bad. The nfl should be ashamed of their refs performance on their national game.

  6. Plain and simple he was an idiot to argue with the Ref. The Bills already made the Sack on 3rd and long and were getting off the field. If he understood the situation as a Team Player- it was mission accomplished. Instead he was selfish and wanted the sack himself. I agree the Holding was not called or else Vernon and Wake would have doubled their sack amount as well. Bad calls all around, but it is NOT why the Bills lost. They could not stop the Dolphins offense and the Defense held them on every 3rd down conversion in the 2nd half. The Bills had plenty of time to get their act together and did not. It is not like the Dolphins won by 2 points.

  7. The refs were bad last night but the Laundry fumble was also a bad call, knee was down.
    But you have to credit the defense when you have 4 drives in scoring position and end up with 9 pts.
    That is what ultimately decided the game.

  8. There was one questionable call and that was the PI. But that call goes for or against someone’s team every week. How about the missed face mask when the Dolphins player was tugged by his face mask out of bounds? or the PI call that should have went against Hogan on one of his third down receptions. The safety call was absolutely correct and so was the penalty on Hughes, you don’t touch a ref on your way to complain about a call or to get in an opposing players face, that’s just stupid.

  9. I had respect for the Bills and the fans, but I have never seen such whining before. You did not lose this game by 2 point or even 9 if “the Refs gave that away”. The Bills were holding and tackling Cameron Wake the entire game! Hogan pushed off on many plays, 2 facemasks not called. Landry’s knee was down on the fumble. Too many to call here. It absolutely WAS Grounding! Orton was not even looking and was trying to throw the ball out of bounds AND it went out which means it is Grounding because he was not out of the tackle box. Case Closed!!! Learn the Rules Sore Losers. The only questionable call was the PI and he make contact on Wallace before the ball got there. I agree that it was close and in most games does not get called. You lost, so move one and try and fix your stagnant Offense. The Dolphins beat you on every single Stat except sacks and that is because Tannehill is a moron sometimes. We had a bunch of backups on the Oline and we still ran down down your throat. We could use the injuries as our excuse, just like you use the Refs for blame.

  10. Hughes was fired up…clearly so fired up he can’t even remember what he said. But he bumped right into the official, making no effort to avoid him. And he didn’t complain to the official, he went to go jaw at the Dolphins player. Stupid move – bump an official to negate a sack.
    Yes, by some miracle of fate the Dolphins were on the BENEFICIAL end of some bad calls, but even removing the safety and the TD after that PI call (totally bogus call), phins still win that game 13-9.

  11. refs are the only reason why the best team in the NFL is 5-5 instead of 9-1. Dolphins should have been called for holding on every play.

  12. Bills held Wake or shoved him to the ground all game. There were missed calls on both sides. I believe the PI on that deep ball to Wallace was a bad call. BUT, to be honest, I think some teams do that week in and week out to just draw the PI. Cutler, Manning, Rodgers, they all do it. They hope the Receiver catches it, knocks it down or gets a PI. So, we did get away with that one, but a lot of other teams do to. It was a close game, but our defense held and Orton wasn’t sharp last night. If he hit Watkins on that one deep one, that would have been a TD and momentum shift.

  13. @phuzball
    RE: C’mon man…Cam Wake gets held every play. Watch the tape!

    Wake , if not held, gets basically pulled down or tackled.
    Yes…So so true.
    Without a doubt.
    So obvious.

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