Report: Rex Ryan fined $100,000 for use of profanity after game

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When Jets coach Rex Ryan was walking off the field at the end of last week’s victory over the Steelers last weekend, cameras caught him sharing a piece of his mind with someone who wasn’t on the screen.

One of the words Ryan chose to express his thoughts has reportedly gotten him in hot water with the league. Ryan was seen saying “f— you” and Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that he’s been fined $100,000 as a result.

It’s not the first time that Ryan has landed in the league’s crosshairs for the use of profanity. He was fined $75,000 in 2011 for directing the same expletive at a fan, which likely played into the decision to go six figures this time around. Ryan also was fined $50,000 by the Jets for flipping the bird at an offseason MMA event in 2010 and Mortensen reports that fine was also taken into account when the league handed down this punishment.

Ryan expressed dissatisfaction with the officials during and after the game, drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the second half, because he felt they were not as protective of Jets quarterback Michael Vick as they were of Ben Roethlisberger.

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  1. Players are constantly seen saying what appears to be the “F” word. Matt Ryan’s “Get the “F” off our field” and I can’t even count on two hands I’ve seen other QBs say it after a bad play in a critical 3rd down…

  2. 100k yeah,

    But the third time around is why it is so large.

    Different type of business that would be a trip to the unemployment line.

  3. I think any qualified lipreader could tell Rex was saying “Hug You” — shorthand for I want to hug you.

  4. But where is the appeal? Oh, NFL coaches don’t have a UNION so they get screwed for doing the the same stupid crap that players get away with.

  5. The people on Park Avenue now see themselves as the morally righteous protectors of the “shield”. Meanwhile, the game is going downhill on the playing field.

  6. This is pathetic. Who cares what these guys say on the field? If someone has a problem with a microphone catching on field language than maybe the microphones should be removed. There is no justifiable excuse to be fined that much for saying any word.

  7. As a Patriots fan I have many reasons to dislike Rex and the Jets but this is just absolutely pathetic, it’s a mans game and a game of much passion. If people are sensitive to expletive words go watch the Disney Channel!!! Roger it’s really time for you to go you have lost all sense of all things football related right now.

  8. jets82jets says:
    Nov 14, 2014 3:04 PM
    After that call the F bomb was fairly tame. The refs enforced two personal fouls for 15 yards on a single play against the same team.

    In defense of the refs, they cant exactly enforce personal fouls for less than 15 yards… And if it was more than one personal foul on the same play against more than one team, it would be off setting and they replay the down… So, not sure where we are going with this

  9. His only mistake was not slapping the nearest female before dropping the F-bomb. Then it would have been OK with corporate.

  10. Fine Goodell for ruining football under the guise of ” protecting the players”. What a load of crap….more defensive penalties= more throwing= more scoring= more commercials=more money. We fans are getting lies crammed down our throats every Sunday.

  11. I imagine that everything in Rex’s coaching history was taken into account in assessing his fine…up to and including his profanity laced speeches on Hard Knocks a few years ago.

  12. Rex Ryan gets fined $100,000 for cussing

    mike tomlin gets fined $100,000 for interfering with the game.

    Someone got unfairly heavily fined and/or someone got off easy.

  13. I knew the moment he said it was fine time big time.

    Let’s not forget he was also hit with an unsportsmanlike penalty during the game for language toward the officials.

    He is a senior member of the Jets management team. If he had been caught on national TV saying that working for my company he’d be toast.

    Although he is going to miss that 100k when he’s unemployed.

  14. Words only have the power you allow them to have. You do not have to allow “naughty” words to have power over you. It is just a word. Seriously.

  15. Did Jim Schwartz get fined when he yelled “Learn the f***in’ rules!” at the end of the game? Cameras and microphones picked it up.

  16. The jets circus continues…

    What’ll it be this week?…Idzik arrested for indecent exposure???….Or Wooddy, that poor lost soul,,raining Johnson $$$ in a strip club? Or Harvin for conspiracy to dogfight???

    jets need to move to London..they’d be popular there.

  17. At first glance, I’d agree that fine was excessive. But there are two things that change my mind: First, it was caught on camera. It was clear as day what he was saying (I saw it live and laughed my a$$ off). Secondly, he does have a history of profane outbursts. As much as I don’t care about it, you do have to remember millions of kids are watching these games. It’s not the kind of thing the NFL can allow.

  18. The NFL has a LOT of bigger issues they need to be worrying about other than language. 100K is way too excessive regardless of how many times he’s done it.

  19. Profanity in the NFL-shocking! But if it had to happen better him than me, based on what I make it would take me 100,000 years to pay the fine off…………….

  20. 100,000 dollars for saying f you? Wow I’m no fan of Rex Ryan but the NFL seems a bit out of touch with reality considering the fact that pretty much every player has said that phrase in some form or another. Morality police strikes again.

  21. That’s a lot of dough…

    I’m sure whomever Rex was talking to was an adult and could take it…

    How many f-bombs are dropped on the field every game???

  22. He said it in Jersey, where it’s like “aloha” in Hawaii. It means hi, bye, how u doin’, and does your wife have cute feet?

  23. How many times during the weekend do you see a coach or player say something “profane”? I bet at lease once a week I can make out a choice word or two, does it really matter? I can explain to my 5 year old the difference between adult words and kid words, if the NFL wants to protect kids, how about doing something about commercials for scary freaking movies played during the games. I have to keep one hand on the remote just in case.

  24. After that call the F bomb was fairly tame. The refs enforced two personal fouls for 15 yards on a single play against the same team.

    One was a foul on the play and one was a dead ball foul. Legal double penalty and deservedly called.

  25. Rex Ryan gets fined $100,000 for cussing

    mike tomlin gets fined $100,000 for interfering with the game.

    Someone got unfairly heavily fined and/or someone got off easy.

    Well, Rex interfered with the game when he walked out onto the field to curse at the official when he drew the 15 yard penalty. Technically, he had 2 offenses in 1 game.

  26. 100,000?? For swearing and saying what fans already know about NFL officiating? Seriously NFL? Grow a set. Maybe instead of fining this coach, you might do well to put your energy to signing back the real referee’s and ending this experiment with the replacements.

    Oh? Ohhhhhhhh.

  27. “wnstonchill says: Nov 14, 2014 4:04 PM

    Thank you NFL. It would be excessive if it was anybody BUT Rex Ryan. The guy is an A 1 TOOL and deserves every bad thing that comes his way.”

    —-Signed, A Steelers fan.

  28. I seem to remember quite a few F-bombs during this years installment of Hard Knocks and wondering why they included those clips …. but I realized it was HBO and there it is OK …

  29. In a Country that is rooted in Free Speech and NFL being one of America’s biggest past times. I find it ludicrous that the NFL can Fine Coaches for profanity.

  30. He isn’t really being fined for the language. He is being fined because it happened to be caught on camera and that is embarrassing to the league. If he is directing it towards an official or a fan then fine him, otherwise let it go NFL.

  31. baltimoresnativeson | Nov 14, 2014, 4:02 PM EST
    I miss the old NFL.

    I guess you mean when the stars were guilty of obstruction of justice and people died? Yup, those were the days!

  32. Don’t really like Rex Ryan, but this is absolutely, positively ridiculous. I recall a televised Miami Dolphins-L.A. Rams game in 1976 where you could hear Don Shula using a cuss word and/or taking the name of God in vain every other sentence. The announcers were trying desperately to talk over the foul-mouthed language. No one got fined. No one got hurt. Today’s priorities are not to be believed: it’s terrible to use the f-word, but not totally unacceptable to impart violence on another human being. Sick, sick world.

  33. Wow.
    Sometimes you wonder if anybody in the NFL front office has ever gone into the stands, or down on the sidelines during a game.

  34. wrdtoyrmama says:
    Nov 14, 2014 5:23 PM
    Sometimes you wonder if anybody in the NFL front office has ever gone into the stands, or down on the sidelines during a game.
    Yep, but the NFL is money oriented and sponsors are fickle and fear the general public (who are as hypocritical as any entity on earth)

  35. This is another reason that Ryan will be canned at the end of the season. Apparently heavy fines have not taken care of his “bird flipping” nor his excessively potty mouth. What an ***hat and not and asset.

  36. This is supposed to be a “profession”. Can you imagine what would happen in anyother profession is someone in authority had a mouth like Ryan’s? None of the Ryans have ever been professional.

  37. I’m glad the NFL fined him. He’s a vulgar bully who can’t coach.
    His old man had no class, his brother has no class, and he has no class.
    Rex Ryan has convinced many people he’s a great coach by patting himself on the back all the time. He says it all the time. But the fact is, he’s not even a good coach. What he is is a loser.

  38. Again, the NFL is insane. Some guy cusses, probably after he was cussed out, and they fine him some ridiculous amount. Too bad he didn’t just beat some woman half to death, he’d of got off for less. Especially if he had a union.

  39. I went out with a deaf girl. An avid lip reader, you’d be surprised at what she told me. Really, 100k for the effbomb? What did the other guy say? Someone who hits late or twists the legs gets in the 5-20k range……say a bad word and you cough up 5yrs of most of our paychecks. Grow up NFL…you aren’t the pristine examples of morals you think you are. What’s next……fans swearing in the stands lose their sodas/

  40. doctorrustbelt says:
    Nov 14, 2014 3:19 PM
    Rex Ryan gets fined $100,000 for cussing

    mike tomlin gets fined $100,000 for interfering with the game.

    Someone got unfairly heavily fined and/or someone got off easy.


    Shocker that you’d chime in on this — can’t believe you didn’t incorporate Dr. Rydze somehow.

    Meanwhile, the Bengals will amount to nothing for the 20-something (or is it 30-something?) year in a row. Enjoy you life as an eternal PFT troll.

  41. electricboogalo says: Nov 14, 2014 2:58 PM

    $100k for swearing? Imagine what would happen if he had a nip slip. Morality police are coming for you.


    Actually, a Rex Ryan nip slip probably would be approaching the level of obscenity.

  42. i’m a jet fan and love rex. and 100k is a lot. but at some point you have to learn to shut up in moments like that. that’s what grownups do. they learn a little self restraint. you DON’T get to say everything that comes to mind.

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