Russell Wilson hoping to break out of midseason slump


While the Seattle Seahawks have won their last three games against the Carolina Panthers, Oakland Raiders and New York Giants, it has been on the shoulders on quarterback Russell Wilson.

The third-year quarterback is currently mired in the first significant slump of his NFL career.

Wilson has had three straight games – and four of his last five – with a passer rating of less than 80. The only game where Wilson has played well in the passing game in the last month was when he completed 23 of 36 passes for 313 yards and two touchdowns in a 28-26 loss to St. Louis.

“I think my accuracy has been a little bit off for whatever reason,” Wilson said Thursday. “I keep believing in myself. I’m not going to doubt myself. I’ve played a lot of great football at times and I just believe every time I get the ball in my hands I’m going to make something happen.”

The typically accurate Wilson has been noticeably off in recent weeks. Wilson missed a wide open Cooper Helfet for a touchdown in Carolina and overthrew Jermaine Kearse on another potential touchdown last week against the Giants. Three of his five interceptions have come in the last three games, with two against the Giants last week.

Wilson has thrown just five touchdowns in Seattle’s last six games.

“Sometimes you go through a downward slump but as long as you can find ways to win, that’s all I care about,” Wilson said. “Finding ways to help our football team win. And once I get back in my groove, which hopefully it will happen this week, I think it’s going to be really hard to stop us.”

Wilson is returning to Kansas City this week for the first time since wrestling the Seahawks starting job away from Matt Flynn in the 2012 preseason. The Seahawks have a gauntlet of games coming up against the Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles and home-and-home matchups with the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals over the next six weeks.

Maybe the return trip to Kansas City will be the jolt Wilson needs to find his stride. The Seahawks will need improved play from Wilson over the remainder of the season to have a chance to defend their Super Bowl title in the playoffs.

20 responses to “Russell Wilson hoping to break out of midseason slump

  1. There is not another player–nobody–that I have more confidence in to be able to pull himself out of a tough slump than Russell Wilson. He will do it. He knows how to come through at crunch time, and guess what? The next 7 games are crunch time.
    Go Russell!
    Go ‘Hawks!

  2. No dice. He is facing strong opponents the next few weeks. he will be in a late season slump. If he is slumping against patsies like the Giants, Panthers and Raiders, he will be in trouble against the Chiefs, Eagles, 49ers and Cardinals, his next 4 opponents.

  3. And the Seahawk facade comes tumbling back to earth, leaving the 12th man alone and crying in a watered down beer. One year wonder.
    Gone Hawks!

  4. Russells Slumps Are Bettor Performances Than Most of the top 5 teams quarterbacks in the league! Russ will the first player in the league this year to get a rushing touchdown against K.C.’s Defense! As a matter of facts he will have 2 rushing t.d.’s against them! Most of you non seahawks fans look at every little thing to avoid admitting just how good of a team that they are! More than likely ya’ll Hawk Haters have no clue that they are a much bettor Defense than the Chiefs! You do not have to believe me just go on and ask the 1935 Chicago Bears! #GoHawks #HustleLikeRussell #Pete & #RePete lAST TIME EY3 CHECKED W3 WERE THE #SuperBowlChamps

  5. This is so simple..The offensive line stepped up big in the run game last week for sure. But pass blocking they have been letting more hits than any year I have seen before well maybe not as bad as Hasselbeck last two years with us.

    There are occasions were a linebacker and lineman are running free and Justin Britt and Sweezy are blocking air. Bevell’s twice a game naked bootleg right into the free rusher isn’t helping matters. I noticed it game 3 Russell Wilson was seeing ghosts, after that the footwork has taken a step back leading to inaccuracy.

  6. Seattle RainDry says:
    Nov 14, 2014 8:26 PM
    Seattle has played 45 straight games without losing by more than 7 points, tying an NFL record

    Uhh, we lost to the Chargers by 9 in week 2.

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