Teammates say Adrian Peterson “can’t wait to play” after Monday’s hearing


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is preparing for Monday’s reinstatement hearing, and he’s preparing to play shortly thereafter.

That’s the message he’s texting with teammates, who say it’s clear he’s ready to return.

He can’t wait to play,” running back Matt Asiata told Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Thursday. “He’s staying positive. He’s staying on the grind and just waiting for the call to come back. . . . He’s so competitive. He can’t wait to come back.”

Of course, arbitrator Shyam Das has five days to rule, and then Peterson could still face a league suspension under the personal conduct policy.

But Asiata, like many players, thinks Peterson should be immediately eligble, after reaching a plea deal in his child abuse case in Texas.

“Being his friend and being close to him, I think so,” Asiata said. “He’s a great person, and he’s obviously a great football player. … I just told him we miss him around the game, and we can’t wait to get him back.”

The NFL may not share the same view, or allow as rapid a return as he’d hope.

44 responses to “Teammates say Adrian Peterson “can’t wait to play” after Monday’s hearing

  1. Not even a Vikings fan but this situation is getting ridiculous. Just make a decision already and stick to it. There’s nothing more they will learn about the case that they haven’t already known from the previous few months of this going on. Suspend him for the season or let him play immediately, either way just get it done.

  2. He should be able to return right away. The incident itself happened prior to any changes in the NFL’s policy, so it shouldn’t really apply. He has already sat out half a season, go back and call those suspension games and take some salary if you must. But, I have not seen one thing that indicates the incident in question was anything more than a one time thing. I haven’t seen any reports that were was a history of child abuse. I know a few will jump on here claiming the child has been scarred for life. I don’t buy that, if it was just a one time incident and it has been brought to light. Scarring is more likely if a child goes through repeated abuse, that is covered up, and they have to live in constant fear. That child knows that AP can never do that to him again, because it would immediately be known to one and all.

  3. Ray Rice knocks out his fiance and agrees to a plea bargain. He is suspended indefinitely.

    AP whips his son’s scrotum with a stick and agrees to a plea baragin. Why should he not be suspended as well?

    I don’t think either should be suspended indefinitely but why is there such a double standard from the medai and fans? Is it because AP is more talented? Why is it so difficult to be consistent?

  4. Apparently Peterson and his teammates think that playing in the NFL is some sort of God given right, not a privilege. A privilege that you can squander by whipping a 4 year old till he bleeds.

    Self admitted child abuse is no joke, if Peterson really wants to play again, he should submit himself to professional counseling and volunteer to work with abused kids to gain some perspective into how sick his behavior really was and then maybe the NFL can let suit up again. Don’t let the Vikings make that decision, they are as equally morally bankrupt as Peterson so we all know what they would decide.

  5. Great football player. That’s it. Severe character flaws in all other aspects of his life. Its all about priorities.

  6. Obviously what AP did was terrible – nothing will ever change that. But now Goodell is again proving his incompetence by focusing solely on revenues (greedy owners) and not the social good that could come. Support AP and let him play, but with some conditions. My point – the NFL should have been working with AP and the NFL to put together educational ads, work shops, parenting tips/kits to educate and inform parents about the physical and mental damage of physically disciplining a child. If it can even help one child (and/or one parent) more good will come from this situation than just trying to bury it and pretend it didn’t happen.

  7. Do people still believe that Roger Goodell is leading the way in regards to player discipline? Especially in a case with this much public scrutiny?

    That’s just silly.

    I personally think that if the Vikings ownership truly wanted Adrian Peterson back on the field this season they would have made sure that there was a plan in place for his reinstatement once his legal issues were resolved.

  8. So Josh Brent is allowed back after killing someone, but AP shouldn’t be allowed to play again because he disciplined his son in a manner that some people don’t agree with? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense……

  9. FREE AP!!!

    This hearing has already been delayed. Adrian didn’t have to go on the exemption list but voluntarily did, to help godell. If he’s not on the field come Tuesday he will sue and the NFL will lose. Name one player ever suspended 9 games for a misdemeanor. As stated by a previous post Brent is playing this Sunday after killing a man, remember stallworth, Harrison, Lewis, etc.. The list goes on of NFL players doing far worse and not getting suspended or a lesser suspension. 9 games is unprecedented.

    FREE AP!!!!

  10. I would be embarrassed if I was his “teammate” – they should have some moral compass.

  11. They should take a page out of the “Rudy” movie and have everyone turn in their jerseys at Zimmer’s office saying they won’t play given a bad decision by the league. The Union has made a strong push for him to play so this should be a done deal. GO GSL!

  12. he should sue the NFL for missing so many games depending on how many more games he is out if any

  13. he should sue the NFL for missing so many games depending on how many more games he is out if any

    this is becoming really bad for the NFL and the NFL is at fault on this one they are dragging there feet for a reason just think of this at least AP does not have to pay taxes in the states he has not played in LAWL take that politicians you asked for this now deal with it the NFL needs to be put in there place they are out of control
    i am waiting for the first player to sue the NFL and will cause i will be here lolling at you all saying you don’t understand why there is no NFL anymore

  14. The next time any player in the nfl does anything wrong I’m hoping they handle it the same way. Jay walking = 9 game suspension. Public intoxication = 12 game suspension. Speeding violation = 10 games. And heaven forbid they do something like drunk driving or illegally playing poker with friends = forever suspension… Stupid nfl

  15. Get ready for more Goodell politics, Vikings fans. I hope AD comes back immediately, but I have a feeling that the ginger jester is about to put the screws to you again.

    See, here’s how it goes:

    Goodell isn’t very good at his job. He is only good at acting like a politician and blaming his screw-ups on other people or circumstances. It seems pretty obvious from what we heard about Ozzie Newsome’s hearing, that Goodell lied about Ray Rice (and StarCaps, and Saints bounty, and scab refs, etc.) In an effort to deflect the attention from himself and toward the faceless issue of domestic violence, Goodell has allowed more commercials during games and talked about how dedicated he is to ending domestic violence. Notice he didn’t say he was committed to ending his own lies and incompetence.

    What that means to the Vikings and Adrian Peterson is Goodell will screw Peterson by not letting him play again this season. Peterson playing again would only remind the public of the alleged child abuse and (more importantly) of Goodell’s half-witted approach to everything he does. Goodell can’t have you remembering how badly he sucks at his job, so he will keep AD off the field.

    Now that he has bought a little time (i.e. this week), he can suspend Peterson for 6 weeks under the new “tough” rule that was put in place after his latest lie and show of incompetence. That 6 week ban will keep Peterson off the field for the rest of the year.

    It is total BS, and I hope Adrian gets to play again, but I’m betting that the politics of Goodell keeps it from happening.

  16. How can people keep calling this child abuse? Over reacting to parenting spanking is not Child abuse And over reacting like some of you do is just insane. I know that you are not Church going people or you don’t read your Bible. So it must be the PC groups telling everyone how this should be and how that should be. There is 17 States that still have spanking in the school system and Texas is one of them. I know that must just burn you up that we all don’t believe in the Time Out System. Abuse starts the minute you wake up and never stops until you go to sleep. Abuse never get to the spanking stage. Verbal abuse is the worst kind of abuse there is. Being told how worthless you are and never being allowed any friends or go out side unless its school. Then having to explain bruises and why you cant play with others as you race to get home on your set time. 2 years I live like this and I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t have my whole childhood like that. There is no way that Peterson is guilty of any thing but trying to teach his son a lesson. Peterson regrets hurting his son and didn’t mean to cause any injury and this is the truth. Peterson has never lied what happen or cover up anything about this case. Peterson has told the truth and admitted he use a switch and cause the injury. That don’t mean Peterson is a Child Abuser or doesn’t love his Child. All this means you people don’t know what real Child abuse is and should stop saying it is. This DA of Texas spent all this tax payers money and the time to investigate this case. So the DA Would accept a Plea deal and not go to trial. That shows how weak of a case the DA’s Office had, Plus his whole case was leaked out by his own Office is enough to show you that he needed the Media to help win this case and when the frenzy started to die down and People started to come to their sense’s. DA office was more than happy to take a Plea Deal rather than lose in Court. Lucky for them that Peterson wanted to play so bad this year that they made that offer.

  17. I would like to ask one question, In the last thirty years have our children been better behaved? And for all of you that are hollering child abuse! Isn’t society being abused by out of control kids? Fifty years ago nobody took guns to school. How bout the next time your on a flight with an out of control child and the parent doesn’t do anything!! What would you expect?

  18. he can come back next year

    – beats kids
    – stole chairty money to buy escorts
    – smoked weed while on probation.

    hopefully Goodell gives him the long switch of the NFL policy.

    being PAID to sit out, does NOT count as a suspension….the NFL has already said this

    Sit this bum for the rest of the year.

  19. The APologists are out in full force again today. If you need to compose 10,000 word essays to try and convince folks about how he’s such a great guy and father, it appears you’re only trying to convince yourself of that rubbish. 99% of his support comes from Viking fans and fantasy owners. Quit trying to convince the rest of us that he’s anything more than a womanizing deadbeat dad who severely beats his kids if and when he sees them. #skol

    Kids (is)

  20. It really doesn’t matter what his fellow employees think…The League is going to give him 6 games. While Murray is proving his point in Dallas, Foster is disappointing yet again in Houston. Can’t wait to see what the Texans offer this off season!

  21. Coachkilla6, I’m not apologizing for peterson but as a father we have all done things wrong in the raising of our children. Peterson is catching hell for it because hes in the lime light!! Yes I want him back playing, But I don’t participate in fantasy football! We’re all quilty of things we have done.

  22. Peterson physically injured a child. He’s been on a paid vacation this whole time and you think he should be able to just waltz back out on the field? Give me a break. If the league will suspend a player for 4-6 games (or longer) for the use of PED’s and marijuana, they should suspend a player who beat a child for at least that long. Think I’m exaggerating? Have you seen the pics of his son? That was no spanking. To leave marks like that, you have to beat a kid. Peterson avoided jail time (which is ridiculous), but he shouldn’t avoid paying the price of a financial penalty. I guess the Vikings figure the heat has died down from the Ray Rice knockout video. All I can say is shame on them….and the league if they don’t suspend him. All I can say is that I am SO glad this child abusing scum bucket isn’t on my team! I wouldn’t want Peterson here in Houston if he was the second coming of Earl Campbell.

  23. Such jealously!! And lack of compassion for our fellow man! Is astonishing. There but for the grace of God go I.

  24. As a viking fan I stand behind Adrian Peterson he is a good person a great player. Everyone is taking his situation too far. You gotta understand back in the day that’s how kids got punished. Look at kids now days they hardly have any discipline. We need him back on the field and everybody who is against that needs to get over it.

  25. The NFL Commissioner’s Office is handling the case preciously the way it is intended to as set forth under the personal conduct policy.

    Legal matters have now been resolved and the case is under review.

    This doesn’t happen in a couple of days,etc as some in the media have pronounced. Just common sense…

    Whether it took 8 days,8 weeks or 8 months to resolve the legal matter it should be of no concern to the Commissioner’s office.

  26. ariani1985 needs profesional help, he cant help but make every post Packers related, face it Packers are champs and Vikings are chumps.

  27. whatjusthapped says: Nov 14, 2014 8:12 AM

    Apparently Peterson and his teammates think that playing in the NFL is some sort of God given right, not a privilege. A privilege that you can squander by whipping a 4 year old till he bleeds.

    Self admitted child abuse is no joke, if Peterson really wants to play again, he should submit himself to professional counseling and volunteer to work with abused kids to gain some perspective into how sick his behavior really was and then maybe the NFL can let suit up again. Don’t let the Vikings make that decision, they are as equally morally bankrupt as Peterson so we all know what they would decide.

    bridgeh2o says:

    The mere thought of the Pukes having to play against Peterson is enough for all packer trolls to begin to dry heave, something they are use to as Peterson is the ultimate packer nightmare.

    AD, we will see you Sunday.

    The packer trolls will be in detox.

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