49ers hold off Giants with help of five Eli Manning interceptions

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Eli Manning had six interceptions in the first nine games of the season.

He almost matched that total in four quarters on Sunday. Manning was picked off five times as the Giants wasted a very good defensive effort against the 49ers in a 16-10 loss in their home stadium. Manning’s interceptions came in all different flavors — under pressure, terrible read, good defensive play, deflection — but all of them were crushing for a team trying to end a losing streak on a day when that opportunity absolutely produced itself.

The 49ers could only manage one touchdown and four field goal attempts despite the gifts handed to them by the Giants offense and they blew a chance at adding even three more points of breathing room when they botched the snap on a field goal try. They did run the ball well, although allowing 148 yards on 37 carries qualifies as a major improvement for the Giants defense. Time and again, though, the 49ers would see promising drives peter out because they couldn’t convert on third down or in the red zone.

Their defense also showed some signs of cracking in the fourth quarter when Manning finally started finding Odell Beckham and drove the ball to the four-yard line. The Giants called three straight fades that fell incomplete against solid coverage, however, and Manning’s fourth down throw wound up in 49ers linebacker Chris Borland’s hands after caroming off Giants receiver Preston Parker.

It’s been that kind of the season for the Giants, who haven’t figured out how to have multiple parts of their team playing well at the same time. The 49ers haven’t really done that either, but their defense has remained solid enough that their offense keeps getting time to figure things out. They’ll be home for their next two games, culminating in a Thanksgiving night game against the Seahawks.

Both teams have the same 6-4 record right now and there might not be seats for both at the playoff table. That should make for a pretty nasty fight at the Thanksgiving one.

59 responses to “49ers hold off Giants with help of five Eli Manning interceptions

  1. Chris Borland is a exact clone of Zach Thomas

    He is out of this world right now

    And with Aldon and Lynch on the edge our pass rush is nasty now, too

    Just keep running the ball and FINISH DRIVES with TD’s and we’ll be within grasp of another SB

    Iron Sharpens Iron


  3. At some point they need to score in the second half. This offense has not taken the leap it needed to with the defensive injuries. There’s still time but it running out

  4. Lol! Eli is a clown. Love seeing all of his 5 faces after each pick.

    As far as SF is concerned. If they had a real QB they could be dangerous. Krapernick is just not a good Qb at all.

  5. I saw the game and it’s amazing how lucky the niners are. You have beckham stretching his hands out for a first down yet they don’t call it. Fourth and inches instead so they get stuffed. Eli torches them to the goal line and they stuff him four straight times in the red zone of course. No way does this team do anything in the post season if they make it that far, they are pure luck which is why they haven’t won anything under jim

  6. The NFL needs to stick to one interpretation with intentional grounding.

    On Thursday we get told player has to be within the area and reasonable chance to make a play when hits the ground, Giants game its like the player is in the area its enough.

    Eli avoided at least two sacks just throwing the ball where no one but superman had even a chance at catching it.

    The onside kick/fumble was bizarre too. At least with Fox’s explanation. So possession with knee on the ground doesn’t count as completing the process of hte catch. At what point does it then?

  7. I was even looking for that dreaded deleyed draw, from the 4 that Giants ran for the last 8 years. Ugly loss, ugly play selection, ugly offensive line play. Lastly JPP was he even in the line up???

  8. Baffling that the 49ers have a winning record this year. The luck that this team has is unbelievable. They’re not a good team at all, but somehow keep finding ways to luck their way into wins.

  9. hahaha seahawks fans “whine” about niner fans posting on thier stories yet everyone of those “whiners” is on here trolling. You guys lost to Alex Smith HA! oh yeah how does 3rd place taste??

  10. @vancouversportsbro… I wouldn’t go so far to say the 49ers are luck-based. Cox, Culliver, Bethea and Reid are a good secondary to have behind really strong front 7… Both Smith’s, enough said. Today was the first day I truly bought into the theory that Greg Roman’s play calling is the main problem in the 49er offense. But when it gets going properly they will be red hot. Definitely in the NFC race, way over looked like the Packers.

  11. beastmode5150 says:
    5 INTs and Santa Clara wins by 6. Oh and Kapernick is still your QB. You are nervous.
    Alex smith throws for 108 yds. Tell us how you beat him..Carson palmer throws 4 int’s last yr in your dove house…tell us how you beat him too.


  12. Baffling that the 49ers have a winning record this year. The luck that this team has is unbelievable. They’re not a good team at all, but somehow keep finding ways to luck their way into wins.


    Clearly you are new to football as are the rest of the since 2012th man, but that is what good teams do. Find ways to win. You’re welcome.

  13. how did it feel getting humiliated on nationwide TV in that loss to the Broncos? We have nothing to be ashamed of in today’s game. it was smash-mouth football. hard fought and hard loss yes but done so with dignity. I’d say we have more dignity in this loss than 49ers have in their win today. How do you only score 16 off of 5…..FIVE interceptions? smh….

  14. So far this season our Niners are 6-0 when Gore gets at least 15 carries a game. And as I’m sure you can guess we are 0-4 when Gore gets less then 15 carries a game. I hope Harbaugh and Roman are paying attention to that info.

    On a side note Borland is everywhere once again. 12 tackles and 2 INTs. I’m loving this kid. Our offense still needs to step it up though. With 5 INTs we should have been able to easily run away with this game. Vernon hasn’t been involved much, I hope that changes next week.

  15. Everybody’s going to pile on Eli for this loss. He deserves blame for throwing five pics, no doubt. But he’s been solid all year, and the second Justin Pugh went out and that clown Charlie Brown went in, the line was the same bad joke that it was last year. Couldn’t run the ball for a single yard, and it was a jailbreak every time Manning dropped back. Unfortunately Manning reverted back to forcing it like he was last year. Kill Manning all you want, he has no chance behind the pathetic line that Jerry Reese did pretty much nothing to address last off-season. Charles Brown has no place on any NFL roster after that pathetic showing. He’s not the only problem on that line obviously, but any backup should be able to come in and at least get a hand on a guy. If that was my team, he’d be on the street tomorrow. That’s how bad he was.

  16. How cute. Seahawk fans are back to talking about moral victories in a loss and moral losses for the Niners when they win. What ever helps you sleep at night I guess.

  17. And to show how pathetic the 49er offense is, they still came close (but for the 5th pick) to losing that game. With 5 picks, the 49er should have won by 21 or more points.

    The only positive, I see, for the 49ers is a relatively weak second-half schedule and a stout defense that’s keeping the team in the game, despite the ineptitude of the QB and the rest of the offense (except Boldin).

  18. Marcus Martin has done a decent job filling in for Daniel Kilgore, especially as a rookie. When the O-line and front 7 are restored to tranquility the Niners will be dangerous. Possibly before then with the help of a more constructive offensive strategy.

  19. sweetnlow44 says:
    Nov 16, 2014 5:10 PM
    Baffling that the 49ers have a winning record this year. The luck that this team has is unbelievable. They’re not a good team at all, but somehow keep finding ways to luck their way into wins.


    That’s the difference between a good team and a bad team. A good team finds a way to win and a bad team finds a way to lose. We never win pretty and it’s always kind of ugly but we get it done…usually. No luck here at all.

  20. Seahawks fans talking about the 49ers winning because of “luck”? Funny because there was a lot of luck in a lot of the road wins Seattle had last season. How about the Texans who were beating them last season only for Schaub to gift them a few pick sixes to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

  21. Kaepernick = The 2nd Most Overrated QB in the NFL
    Brady = The Most Overrated QB in the NFL

    Eli is the top QB in the NFL.


  22. You know how you lose all credibility as a QB in this league despite the fact that you won 2 SB’s?

    Yeah, I know – just follow the roadmap Eli is writing for all of us.

    HOF my arse. Elite my arse. Funny thing is that NYG are stuck with him for years and years and years…

  23. seaFraud fans are so cute. Trolling on 49er blogs claiming moral victory. That’s comical.
    While the 49ers still have work to do on O, their D is getting stronger every game. Every team has dealt win injuries, and the 9ers have been working through them on the O line all season – a rookie center making his 3rd start today. Funny how seaFraud fans are just now recognizing what it’s like to be the big dog circled on everyone’s schedule – remember when your super bowl was playing the 49ers twice a season? Well every team in the league has been treating the 49ers like the defending champs for years, and come out swinging with everything they’ve got. Now seaFraud fans want to claim a moral victory when the just got iced in KC…. by Alex Smith… go ahead and circle the next SB on your schedule, seaFraud fans – it’ll be here on Thanksgiving and you’ll again be thankful for turkey and moral victories.

  24. Greg Roman needs to go. Harbaugh needs to do what his brother did when they lost to the Ravens in the SB. Fire the OC halfway through the year. This offense is significantly underachieving. It is so frustrating to watch. Pass block schemes are horrendous, play calling is baffling. One thing you can’t blame Roman for are all the drop passes. Crabtree and Boldin should not be dropping passes like they have been in recent weeks. The way the D has played this year the Niners should be at worst 8 – 2 and in great shape. I can’t see them making the playoffs unless the offense can somehow get it together down the stretch. IMO, best solution to turn that corner is to get rid of Roman.

  25. Santa Clara fans are gloating over beating the Giants? That franchise once had a great tradition during the Montana years. Now their obnoxious, bratty, brawling fanbase is kissing a bicep over this win.

  26. When confronted with a strong Offensive Left Tackle, and gets smacked in the mouth, he gives up and lays down. Just watch the game tapes. He is not what he used to be, in his promising start of his young career, and he has only been mediocre since his back issues.

  27. Manning has a Tony Romo game and all of the sudden he’s crap on this board. Played good enough to get two rings, that’s all I need to know.

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