Chiefs improve to 7-3 by knocking off Seahawks


The Chiefs defense came into Sunday’s game with the Seahawks without a rushing touchdown allowed during the 2014 season.

They’re leaving the game the same way and it’s a big reason why they were 24-20 winners at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. The Chiefs stoned Marshawn Lynch on the goal-line in the fourth quarter to keep their lead intact and then came up with another fourth-down stop a bit later in the quarter and a Dontari Poe sack in the final seconds to put the final touches on their seventh victory of the season.

The win is the fifth in a row for the Chiefs and it leaves them with the same record as the Broncos after 10 games. The Broncos beat the Chiefs earlier this year, but they’ll get a rematch at home in Week 13. Should the Chiefs defense show up with its impeccable sense of timing again in that game, the Chiefs will have a good chance to add to Denver’s newfound Missouri malaise.

The play of the Chiefs defense wasn’t always up to the same snuff as the Seahawks still rolled up 204 yards on the ground, but they made the plays when needed and the Seahawks can’t say the same. The game opened with the Chiefs rolling up first downs on a nine minute drive for a touchdown and Jamaal Charles broke free for a 47-yard run that helped the Chiefs jump back into the lead shortly after Seattle moved in front on a Tony Moeaki touchdown.

Charles had 159 rushing yards overall, his biggest day of the season and his two touchdowns helped make his second half fumble a footnote to the proceedings.

The loss drops the Seahawks to 6-4, which makes it almost impossible to overstate the importance of the next two weeks against the Cardinals and 49ers to their playoff chances. They outgained the Chiefs on Sunday and won the turnover battle, but couldn’t land their punches in the big moments and the game went the other way. That can’t happen in the next two weeks or the their title defense will be over before the leftover turkey sandwiches.

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  1. From a Seahawks fan it was a good game to watch. Congrats to kc you guys earned a tough tough win. Pretty upset still that the 4th and goal there was no pi when he clearly interfered but even more upset that Lynch didn’t get the ball in the first place. Either way it was a good game against a tough opponent.

  2. KC also has two Oakland games. They’re in great position but don’t really turn a corner unless they can beat Denver.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA the implosion continues. These chumps won’t be in the playoffs and all their bandwagon fans will fall off and jump on the sonics wagon next. oh wait….

    Good for the Chiefs.

  4. Headline before the season began: “How Many Superbowls Will the Seahawks Win?”

    Headline now: “Will the Seahawks Make the Playoffs?”

  5. Sweezy and Britt get whooped on the seahawks o-line. Just about every play they are getting beat….bad. With Okung and Unger already beat up, the seahawks need to improve this or Wilson will keep scrambling for his life back there

  6. I’m impressed – I expected the Chiefs to take a step back this season. I don’t know if a simple, methodical approach to offense, though, can get the Chiefs deep into the playoffs.

  7. Amazing what happens to a team when they are not allowed to cheat. Further confirming the asterisk from their win last year. This team is a joke and the most overrated team in the nfl.

  8. The Seahawks saw what it is like to play in front of a real loud crowd (aka, no piped in crowd noise).

    Alex “I just win” Smith improves to 37-14 over the last 4 seasons. Game Manager? I think not.

    Pete The Cheat’s team is as of this date, OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS. Too bad they started making the “Legion of Pass Interference” start playing by the rules.

    I am guessing Richard “Cry Baby” Sherman will skip the press conference again.

    And the Chiefs are Tied for the 2nd best (if the Pats lose tonight, the best) record in the AFC.


    I wonder if the Seattle will let Pete The Cheat abandon the sinking ship like USC did?

  9. ibrandon360 says:
    Nov 16, 2014 4:27 PM
    From a Seahawks fan it was a good game to watch. Congrats to kc you guys earned a tough tough win. Pretty upset still that the 4th and goal there was no pi when he clearly interfered but even more upset that Lynch didn’t get the ball in the first place. Either way it was a good game against a tough opponent.


    No Seattle fan has any right to complain about officiating in that game. Zero.

  10. Seattle has 2 games with San Francisco, 2 games with Arizona, St Louis and at Philadelphia left on their schedule. It’s a very difficult path to the playoffs.

  11. LOL of course Seahawks fans are on here blaming refs. Keep on crying but the reality is the hawks are pretenders this year. Puget Sound rose a full foot today from all the tears of the Since 2012th man.

  12. Not trying troll just stating this fact:

    Russell Wilson Regular Season Record
    Home: 19-2
    Road: 11-11

  13. There were bad calls, but they were on both sides. You see that in every game. This was a good hard fought game. All respect to the Chiefs. They played a great game.

  14. Hawks won’t make the post season. The team won last year with defense and if it wasn’t for KC turn overs the game would have been lopsided in favor of the Chiefs. There is no passing game to speak of for Seattle thus the reality is the team is going to finish in the 8-8 range. No way they sweep AZ and San Fran. The Eagles? The Rams? Hawks could go 6-10. Tough schedule and they seem to have lost to much talent and even more they can’t rise up. The LOB was last year and trading Harvin has made the passing game inop. Going to have to get some big WR’s and if they loose Lynch they will be in big trouble. SB48 was awesome so I will just watch that when I get depressed. Couldn’t do that before so that’s cool.

  15. scmems07 says:
    Nov 16, 2014 4:36 PM

    Amazing what happens to a team when they are not allowed to cheat. Further confirming the asterisk from their win last year. This team is a joke and the most overrated team in the nfl.

    I see this on every thread, even the ones that have nothing to do with the Seahawks. You need to let go of the hate, bro, or it will eat you up.

  16. Too many trolls on PFT these days. I’m an Eagles fan, naturally rooting for KC cause of Reid and personally like Alex Smith but implosion? Implosion is the Redskins in RGIII’s second year. Implosion is everything Raiders post tuck rule. This game wasn’t any of that. Seahawks played a good game, KC’s defense was better.

  17. Interesting that the Santa Clara Fourty Convicts fans want to troll when their team is 6-4 as well. Arizona is going to win the NFC West so you’re going to have to win four road playoff games.

  18. Its kinda funny hearing the whining about the non call on 4th and 1 in the end zone. What about the two non calls at the end of the 1st half where Seattle DBs were clearly holding. Stop whining. That cost us 3 points and field position.

  19. I am not even that mad if the Seahawks miss the playoffs. They need a big playmaking receiving and those are usually only available at the top of the draft. Too many important players are going down for the Seahawks too make a Super Bowl run this year.

  20. The 49ers are different than the Doves

    We WIN road playoff games

    The Doves are average away from home and that’s a fact

    Keep throwing dead fish across the room to impress tourists

    That’s all your good at

    Iron Sharpens Iron

  21. The haters in Santa Clara can realize our team is not the force it was last year. Oh well. The more funny thing is these guys think they are still good and complain about the refs. They barely beat the giants and saints and got a few calls in both games to save their even worse season. Let’s not forget the reports about harbaugh going to get fired. Haha, keep trolling, everyone has it better than you in the league.

  22. The Seahawks desperately miss Mebane and Wagner. The defense was helpless without a run stopper in the middle and Malcolm Smith being out of position on every running play. They need to get healthy and can’t lose guys like Unger (again) or they won’t be in the playoffs.

    Good game, Chiefs. Ran all over our defense and made stops when they needed to – assisted by Darrell Bevell’s horrendous playcalling.

  23. Oldlthrneck

    Truth hurts… hate. Too busy laughing at Dick Sherman and the “legion of boom” being owned week in and week out, and the real Wilson coming out as the average qb that he really is.

    Maybe Seattle should watch some tapes on the dolphins and kc defense, they are dominating teams without having to cheat on every play. Miami could be the #1 overall defense after this week (pending Detroit’s game) and they are the #2 least penalized team in the nfl. Last season when Seattle was #1 defense overall….also the #1 most penalized team.

  24. acehawk55 says:
    Nov 16, 2014 4:55 PM
    Interesting that the Santa Clara Fourty Convicts fans want to troll when their team is 6-4 as well. Arizona is going to win the NFC West so you’re going to have to win four road playoff games.


    You’re right about several things. We do have the same record. So not much to brag about on either side. Arizona very likely will win the division. That is, unless they take a huge fall. But remember, the 49ers have an amazing record on the road. And our remaining schedule is soooo much easier than yours.

  25. Some delusional Santa Clara fan is bragging that the Niners win road playoff games and the Seahawks don’t. What the heck was the Super Bowl genius? Seattle won the most important road game of the year last season.

  26. The Chiefs were favored, you guys know that right? Oh and Nate Silver had this as affecting Seattle’s playoff hopes exactly 0.0% win or loss. Can’t wait until we beat the almighty cardinals (that sounded funny) next week and have everyone saying the Cardinals are a fraud. News Flash, the NFL is hard.

  27. Not trying troll just stating this fact:

    Russell Wilson Regular Season Record
    Home: 19-2
    Road: 11-11


    That’s interesting and I’ve never seen that stat before.

    His home record is only going to get worse as well now that teams don’t fear playing them in centurylink anymore. Dallas went in there and took it to them. Arizona did near the end of last year too.

  28. good tough game all around. Hawks D got trampled for most of it, but stepped up to give us a chance at the end. Hawks are a solid team, but they’ve got holes now (D-line, O-line) that weren’t nearly as much of an issue as last year. losses through free agency, attrition, and injuries. it is a tough, tough road to repeat – now that it’s my team trying, I can see it up close.

    good win by the Chiefs, I knew their D was tough, but their offense was better than I’d thought.

    wish all the niners fans on here would just let it go already, yes we were on top for a year and maybe a minority of fans crowed about it a bit, but we’re just another team trying to grind our way to the playoffs this year, same as them.

  29. While not surprised you front runners would continue to troll “Santa Clara” following there win over “east ruthaford” I’m surprised so many of you are giving up on your team at 6-4 and talking draft position. I’m sure real Seahawks fans can’t wait for you to jump off the bandwagon.
    That thanksgiving game may come down to who needs it more and that might be u

  30. vancouversportsbro, why do you continue to think that everyone who dislikes the Seahawks are Niner fans?

    Face it, the Seahawks have become one of the most hated teams in the NFL. And before you say it is due to them winning the Superbowl, I do not hate the Giants, Ravens, Packers, Saints, Steelers, or Colts.

    We hate them because the bandwagon Seahawks are annoying, because they cheated all season long (Why guard a WR when you can just tackle him before the ball gets there), and because they have players like Richard Sherman who will not stop talking trash when they win, but pouts when they lose.

    It is so bad that I, a life long CHIEFS fan, actually cheered for the Broncos in the Superbowl last year.

  31. Chiefs are a good team, especially at home. They make the playoffs, but I don’t think they can win the division. It’s amazing how hard it is for teams after winning the Super Bowl. Seattle is still a good team, but face an uphill climb just to make the playoffs. Same as many teams, since the Pats repeated.

  32. Love looking back at trolls like @seahagsince2013 when explaining why Dick Sherman got owned. It was only a couple of plays said she. Qbs are NOT afraid of the Sper man. Last week it was a rookie torching him. Only a couple of plays you say? A couple of plays a WEEK I say. How many games get decided by ONE play?. Champ Bailey had a bad SB after almost more years in the NFL than Loud Mouth Dick Sperman and you want to call him the best ever, shutdown corner, best in the league even? Take your lump hagfans, you been talking it, spewing it…belly up to the trough and EAT it.

  33. dont kid yourself cheefs beat NO ONE, that game was RIDDLED with joker penalties by incompetent officials, I said it, WATCH the cheefs will do worse on defense and NO FLAGS and sure enough Baldwin is pushed in the end zone for a TD and NO FLAG


    no 2 ways about it, you guys can have it

  34. Seattle would be a threat if they had offensive weapons. Lynch is getting tired and Baldwin can’t catch every touchdown. I don’t think anyone upstairs there is sold on Kearse. Willson the last TE couldn’t catch a ball. If I was a Seahawks fan I’d be a little down on the fact that my newest productive weapon on offense is Tony Moeaki.

  35. beastmode5150 says:

    ryann252013 says:

    Legion of boom….LOL

    Allowed 108 yards.

    and still lost. so, LOLOLOLOL

  36. that was no implosion, KC had to make 3, arguably 4 impressive stops to win that game, and were fighting against the refs in the first half, fumbled the ball at midfield twice and lost it. Its pretty amazing KC pulled that game out.

    now they are 7-3? with 2 games against the raiders still on schedule. that is 9 wins if you do your job, and then just steal one game and you are a wildcard team, take two and you may sneak out a division title if denver is one of those two.

  37. Any Seahawks fan that says Dynasty is for sure a bandwagoner that has no idea that a Dynasty is impossible nowadays. If you are curious to learn something, Google “Playoff record for Previous super bowl champion” If you don’t want to, i’ll help you, its not good. Teams that win the superblow rarely win a playoff game the following year, let alone multiple.

  38. “NFL is RIGGED”

    Most fans thought that last season when the seahawks admitted to cheating then the league promptly told the refs not to change the officiating (until this year), then bailed the seahawks out of the bad saints game and niners game. For once I actually agree with a seahawks fan. The NFL sure had a big band in that sb run last year.

  39. acehawk55

    I think you need to calm it down a bit. It’s not delusion or bragging to state a fact. And it IS a fact. We have a good away record. So does Seattle. We have an easier schedule the rest of the season. Also a fact. I’m under no delusion of us playing great this season. We’ve barely eaked out a 6-4 record. Same with Seattle. Just chill out. Your 12th man rhetoric doesn’t pack the same punch it used to.

  40. I laugh at Seachicken fans brag about their 1 Lombardi to 9ers fans when SF has 5 and the Seachickens never had great QBs like Montana and Young.

  41. My teams kicker out scored my entire offense today so Im not in much of a gloating mood. I do find it strange I may find myself rooting for the Seahawks against Arizona next week and you smart seahawks fans with any football knowledge knew this would likley be a letdown season and I’d imagine all things considered it was worth it.

  42. pdway says: Nov 16, 2014 5:16 PM
    wish all the niners fans on here would just let it go already, yes we were on top for a year and maybe a minority of fans crowed about it a bit,

    This is a joke, right? Crowed about it a bit? Your team is stinking it up this year and 98% of your fans still won’t shut up. Dynasty my butt, you’re not even going to make the playoffs. Your fans are like roosters crowing at 1:00am, everyone wants to throw rocks at them! Seattle’s the closest team to me, I have family and friends there, I should at least be neutral towards them. But Seattle’s fans are so arrogant, annoying and ignorant I root for them to lose.

  43. As a Hawk fan, that would have been a terrible PI call, had it been made. I just don’t like that play call there, as Wilson doesn’t have any options on that play. Play action, read option, just something where you have an option if your first read isn’t there.

    The Hawk’s stat line looks good, but the D was so porous once Jamaal made it to the secondary. What should have been solid 12-15 yard runs were 25+ yard runs. The 4th and 1 stuff by KC was huge as well, followed up by a KILLER special teams play on the KC punt to pin them inside the 5.

    Good game to watch for anyone not a Hawks fan, but I don’t think this game was as close as the score indicates. The next few weeks are essentially their season.

    Good, tough game, and the better team won. Tip the cap to KC.

    They’re saying high ankle sprain AND knee injury to Max Unger, could be the final nail in the coffin if yet another starter ends up on the IR.

  44. Wow what a great game. If the Chiefs keep playing like this they could make a run and If Seattle can make a few adjustments on offense, this may have been a preview of February! Go Chiefs!!!

  45. Russell found out the difference the “12th man” makes when they’re screaming while you’re on the field. He was never comfortable; part due to the fans, part due to his lack of supporting cast and part because he’s just not on top of his game right now.
    Seattle’s play calling is strong, they have so much talent outside of people for Wilson to score points with (besides Lynch).
    There is no way they will get anyway without developing some receiving talent. They may be able to hold Peyton or Luck to 14 points in the play offs but they couldn’t score 14 at this pace.

  46. That sound you hear is the thud of thousands of bandwagon Seahawks fans jumping off all at the same time.

    After all the “repeat” and “dynasty” crap that got talked this offseason….. things are suspiciously quite right about now.

    Sustained excellence NFL over the past ten years has gone though Tom Brady and Peyton Manning exclusively.

  47. I only caught the second half but why didn’t the refs flag that KC cornerback at the goal line for PI? He pushed the WR in the back.


    First off it wasn’t PI. Smith turned into the receiver so it was incidental contact. Secondly since you didn’t see the first half you missed the two straight muggings by SEA on KC WRs. The Refs were probably making up for those missed calls.

  48. The Chiefs on the other hand… have Dwayne Bowe! Andy Reid you must figure out a way to get him the ball more often. Be creative, he is seriously the tool to their success at this point this season. Kelce is a great TE, and they have two strong backs. Alex Smith and Bowe develop a chemistry and the Chiefs certainly are a playoff contender. As a neutral watching them all year I can’t help but want them to keep fighting through it.

  49. realitycheckbaby says: Nov 16, 2014 7:09 PM

    Problem is none of you were around when SF last won a SB.

    And once Harbaugh is gone, the slight window closes.

    I was around before you were born, most likely before you’re Daddy was born. Hell I was around before color TV. Who you talking to Willis?

  50. realitycheckbaby says:
    Nov 16, 2014 7:09 PM
    Problem is none of you were around when SF last won a SB.

    And once Harbaugh is gone, the slight window closes.

    realitycheckbaby says:
    Nov 16, 2014 7:11 PM
    Chiefs have a problem…

    When was the last time a fat coach hoisted a Lombardi?


    Well I was around when SF won their last SB, and when they won the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that. I guess your statement kind of sheds a light on how long YOU have been watching football.

    As for when the last time a fat man hoisted the Lombardi? I am not really sure. They do not keep those stats, because that has nothing to do with the play of the game.

    It is because of Seattle fans like you and Beastmode that people hate the Seahawks.

    According to you two, the weight of Head Coach has an effect on a teams play, and a loss does not have an effect on a team’s playoff chance….if it is a loss to an out of conference team.

    But what do you expect of people who have been watching football for about a year.

  51. As a SF 49er fan of over 40 years: you win some, you lose some. Until somebody else wins the Super Bowl, Seahawks are still the champs. Chiefs are for real, in any case. This league has no mercy.

  52. LOL, I almost missed that. Beastmode5150 only listed the passing yards. He conveniently forgot to list the alomost 200 yards of rushing offense.

    Meaning the total is @ 300 yards. But to be honest, he was probably not really paying attention, as it was just a game against an AFC team. And according to Beastmode, a lose to an AFC team has no effect on their playoff hopes. LOL

    Breaking News: Did you know Seattle had a team before last year? 50% of their “life long” fans didn’t.

  53. Seahawks dominated every statistical category except the final score. If the game is played at 1PM Pacific Seahawks go home winners. By Black Friday Seahawks will be 8-4 and breathing down the House of Cards necks.

  54. I’m a Chiefs fan and I’m gonna be honest, that was pass interference. The officiating in this game was absolutely horrible on both sides, and the Chiefs were lucky to win this game. Good game Seahawks, hopefully you guys bounce back from this game and turn things around

  55. seahawkboymike says: Nov 16, 2014 8:48 PM
    Seahawks dominated every statistical category except the final score. If the game is played at 1PM Pacific Seahawks go home winners. By Black Friday Seahawks will be 8-4 and breathing down the House of Cards necks
    71 of those rushing yards for the Hawks were Russell Wilson running away from Dontari Poe and Tamba Hali.
    If you look at the RB1’s head-to-head Charles had more yards, 2 TD’s, and 8.0 yds per carry to Lynch’s 5.2.
    In terms of RB2’s Davis took that one with the rushing TD and an 8 yrd pass.
    In passing: Smith had a higher completion %, yet less yards and no TD’s so you got them there.

  56. On second thought Alex Smith has a phobia of throwing the football so in terms of passing the Seahawks definitely dominated this one.
    But in the running game? No way.

  57. mklass15- the issue with that assessment is that Charles Was your ENTIRE OFFENSE as where Marshawn was equal parts the Seahawks offense with RUSSELL WILSON. Your comparing the only person to have a good game against one of two players for the other.

    Give credit where due, the Seahawks out performed the chiefs in every category except pts which matters the most. Stop being bitter because you won but want all the credit in the world. The issue with many of these scrubs on here is that If seattle beats a team, they either got lucky or the team sucked, If they lose it somehow means the opponent who beat them is now legit. You cant have it both ways, either seattle is still a legitimate team and if they recover from injuries (which they are the MOST injured team in the nfl) or they are just average which means beating them at home with a fourth qtr late goaline stand which was very questionable was not all that impressive.

    If you beat the hawks enjoy it us hawks fans eat crow like anyone else. Its the tiresome trolls acting like seattle cheated to a sb or got lucky. The Seahawks have simply been biten majorly with the talent bug and have not responded well to having every circumstance going on behind the scenes become some public scrutiny session. The Seahawks are one of if not the most talented team in football and have been missing at any point in time 4-5 pro bowlers, not just them but even some of their backups. We played some late rd rookies and rookie free agents. I fully expect those guys to struggle, every team has injuries but you cant find another team who has had more key injuries than seattle, now remember they have a winning record just lost to the hottest team in football on the road and have a good shot late in the 4th qtr.

    Seahawks just going through some growing pains and the haters are on full blast. Your jealously reeks , kicking a team while down will only make it worse when this team gets healthy and makes the wildcard and instantly becomes the team to beat despite all season of your team playing pretender.

  58. Giving up “only” 108 yards passing to a team where passing is maybe the 2nd, if not the 3rd option, is no big feat unfortunately.

    Getting gashed on big runs is killer, and if I were to pin the loss on one factor, that would be it. Last year’s D was huge on the bend but don’t break philosophy, and limiting the big plays. This year, they just don’t have the D line depth in order to contain the ground game, which in turn exposes the secondary.

    Runners like Jamaal and Demarco are going to get their yards when you play them, that isn’t going to beat you. But when you give up the 25+ yard chunk runs, that makes for a long day.

    Hawks already much thinner this year on D line talent. Mebane was having a career year in the middle, and losing him to the IR is/will be a huge catalyst for the defenses lack of success.

    Comparing this year to last, injuries were a huge factor in both years. However, these close games where they had a chance to win at the end, they managed to pull out victories last year. Average point margin over the 4 losses? Only 5.5 points. That average drops to less than 5 points if you take out the borderline meaningless FG with 0:20 left in San Diego after the failed 4Q drive. Last year, they simply pried victory from the jaws of defeat (think @Houston). This year, they’re o-fer in those situations.

    If they want to make the playoffs, it’ll take sweeping their remaining division games. I’ve been watching the Hawks since Dave Kreig was under center, and I’m a fan till the end, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

  59. Some of you are funny. A few things from me… There were a few missed calls on both sides. Maybe a PI on Berry once, a block in the back on KC, maybe, maybe contact in the end end zone on that silly fade into the sun. Why wouldn’t Sea just run Lynch up the guy? Or run Wilson on a naked boot leg? No, they throw it up into the bright sun.

    And yes, there was PI on Bowe, then the next play Kelce was hugged with nothing called.

    Incredible plays by KC ST late in the game. But if not for those two fumbles, I think KC wins by double digits. Wilson has been struggling throwing the ball most of the year. Without Harvin and Tate, the Hawks have become one dimensional with an occasional throw to their TE. Twas a good game though.

  60. @allidoiswin55… First off I’m not a Chiefs fan, I said before I am a neutral but like seeing them succeed.
    Second, Charles was the dominate back in this game. Lynch did not have his usual explosiveness and looked like he was in some pain after getting up at times. As a team there is no way you could say the Seahawks out ran the Chiefs, that was not a running domination. At best that was a draw in that aspect.
    Lastly, no jealousy here, I am just analyzing as an amateur prognosticator in my free time. 🙂
    Relax Seahawks fans. Some of you are on here acting like your team never lost before.

  61. I was torn on this game. The Chiefs are a rival of my beloved Broncos, but I’ve never seen more obnoxious fans in my life than the Seahawk fans. I really hope Lynch becomes as big of a cancer as Harvin, and they lose the rest of their games.

    43-8. LOL…..6-4.

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