NFL threatens Marshawn Lynch with six-figure fine


Jets coach Rex Ryan was fined $100,000 last weekend for using profanity.  Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch faces an identical punishment for not using profanity.  Or any other words.

Per a league source, the NFL has threatened to fine Lynch $100,000 if he fails to speak to the media after Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

The amount comes from the $50,000 fine that was imposed then suspended last year for failing to speak to the media.  When the NFL lifted the fine, it also warned Lynch that future failure to cooperate would result in reinstatement of the fine, plus another $50,000.

While the requirement that players speak to the media is aimed at allowing the media to serve as the conduit to the fans, fans typically side with players who are fined for refusing to speak to the media.  That’s likely what will happen in this case, too, especially since the NFL has spent much of the season unable to get out of its own way on matters such as the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson cases.

If someone is going to be fined $100,000 for bungling the Rice investigation or reneging on the agreement to reinstate Peterson, then go ahead and fine Lynch for not talking to the media.  If the door isn’t going to swing both ways, then let Lynch stay silent if he chooses to do so.

122 responses to “NFL threatens Marshawn Lynch with six-figure fine

  1. Maybe the nfl should look into his mental health instead of trying to light him up. Folks close to him have stated that he is nervous/ shy when talking to the media. Help the young man with his mental health instead of fining him.

    If he’s found mentally sound and able to talk to the media, then fine him.

    They should stop stepping on their dicks about abuse in the league and leave the small fries alone.

  2. I’ll be the fan that doesn’t side with the player. He’s a nutjob of the Randy Moss caliber. But not Randy’s talent level. So he’s not good enough to get away with this behavior. Fine him the 100K. If he talks for 5 seconds and disappears, go ahead and fine him still. He’s a child and a idiot. Teach the moron a lesson.

  3. Although it is required for players to be open with the media on behalf of the Shield, this situation could easily be handled in-house.

    No reason to publicly shame someone just because he has nothing to say. Some of these guys aren’t the most eloquent speakers and if it is something that affects him, why put him through that? It’s not like they don’t have other good representatives of the team.

    Hope Lynch does a Belichick the rest of the season and replies for all questions with “We are moving on to (insert team here)”.

  4. At this point you’d think the NFL would look to reward players smart enough to keep their mouths shut. Fining a guy that much money for not wanting to give token media answers when they are obviously uncomfortable doing so is kinda weak.

  5. Also, if this is an offense worth fining, why shouldn’t bill belechick be fined then for giving the same exact “we’re focusing on X team we play next week.” answer over and over again?

  6. Unbelievable. How much will they fine Goodell for not speaking to the media after the Rice hearing? Tell us what your testimony said, Rodge.

  7. Why don’t they fine the media for spreading malicious, defamatory rumors about Lynch and then never retracting their ridiculous unfounded articles. Small wonder he doesn’t want to talk to them. Yet it is supposedly in the players’ contracts. If he doesn’t speak to them and the NFL does fine him the 12s will probably take up a collection to pay the fine. My advice is to give them a one liner to anything they ask. Job done.

  8. This is going to sound crazy, but I’d be willing to take a $100K fine if someone wanted to pay me $30 million over 4 years to run around in tight green pants on fake grass.

  9. That’s really hypocritical of the nfl to impose a fine on lynch for not speaking to the media when roger Goodall refuses to speak to the media regarding his role with the Ray rice case. I’m not not counting the staged interviews with nfl friendly media such as his cbs news interview. If goodell wants to be transparent with the media he would sit down with the following journalists Harvey Levine of, Keith olberman, chuck Todd of meet the press, Bryant gumball, Rachel Nichols with no ground rules and a stipulation that all questions be sent to him beforehand so that his handlers can craft talking points for him. Of course this will never happen because goodell is a coward and above everyone else.

  10. In this country we have the right to speak freely or to remain silent. The Players need real leaders in their union.. that last CBA should have gotten De Smith fired immediately.. but given the fact most football players are meat heads.. doesn’t surprise me they were convinced to stay the pay me to pimp you course De Smith has them on.

  11. So……the NFL is against the “1st Amendment” of our Constitution?? We have “freedom of speech” which originally was directed at preventing “truthful newspaper articles” being written about a corrupt individual, now you can be persecuted for “refusing” to talk to the press?? Amazing. Clearly, “God-dell” holds more power than our “Legislative branch !!”

  12. The NFL & Goodell is a joke. Pick your battles. Worrying about whether a player talks to the media while the NFL actually has real problems, big problems, is like changing the headlight on a car that is completely totaled. It doesn’t make sense.

  13. “If someone is going to be fined $100,000 for bungling the Rice investigation or reneging on the agreement to reinstate Peterson, then go ahead and fine Lynch for not talking to the media. If the door isn’t going to swing both ways, then let Lynch stay silent if he chooses to do so.”


  14. What they’re going to get is a boom box with rap turned all the way up and a bunch of bs answers. Beast mode is a hell of a lot more intelligent than most believe. He’ll give enough to not get fined and no more. Totally worth it

  15. Why is he so (insert word) that he can’t talk to the media. Wants the money and the fame- just not the rest. Sorry dude but that is why u make the money uou do….
    Step up and media up

  16. sometimes you just can’t win, you say the wrong thing you’re fined, you don’t like talking, you’re fined

  17. The fans like Marshawn Lynch being the quiet tough guy that’s “all about that action, boss.”

    So many stupid huge fines for things that just aren’t important whereas plays that are made to intentionally injure players only merit a fine but a fraction of 100k.

  18. I doubt anyone really wants to talk to the media after a game, but it’s a minor inconvenience that comes with the paycheck. If he wants to pay the fine, whatever, but jesus man…just give cliche answers like everyone else does for 2 minutes seconds and donate the money to a charity instead of the NFL’s pockets.

  19. If he doesnt want to talk leave him alone, i am sure the official mouthpiece of the Hawks has something and everything to say, well unless they loose then thats a different ball game.

  20. Marshawn should be permitted not to speak to the media if he doesn’t want to. This is just another abuse of power by the Commissioner – by threatening to fine him a large amount. Goodell doesn’t want a player to create a precedent of being allowed to avoid the media.
    Marshawn is a footballer who hates speaking in front of a camera. The freedom of speech should permit him not to speak if he doesn’t want to.
    I guess the basic rights for any person don’t apply to the NFL.

  21. the same media that falsely accused lynch of doing harm to a woman? The same media that is calling lynch’s introverted behavior “cancerous” to the team?
    the same media that is saying Lynch will no doubt be gone this season?

    Why would he want to talk to those a-holes?

  22. He knew what the league was about before he joined the nfl if he doesn’t like talking to people then maybe he should pick another perfection. He is a entertainer and the people who pay his contract wants him top entertain it’s time for him to grow up and not be such a baby about making millions of dollars to play football AND talk to people

  23. Actually he needs to be fined for flipping off a KC fan the other day. I really could care less what he has to say after the game, but his behavior on street was just rude and uncalled for.

  24. They won’t fine Belichek for no comment/lies on player injuries and zero in effect statements about games, but will fine Lynch for not producing the usual drool.
    What a league.

  25. OMG! Seahawks are a Dynasty…
    u know cept for the fact they cant pay all the premadonnas to be there each year…
    Its not about the money, its about respect..
    blah blah…

  26. i disagree that fans usually side with the player on the guessing this is a journalist injecting his personal feelings into the matter resulting in a bold claim, but fans get pretty damn pissed when players dont speak, which is also possibly why it makes headlines. when a player doesnt speak, it is bound to bring out a vocal minority of people saying leave that man alone blah, but i think more fans are upset they couldnt hear what they had to say.

  27. $100,000 for not talking.
    $11,000 for celebrating a TD.
    $3-8,000 for hard hits.

    Yeah, that sounds right.

  28. The dude plays hard, real hard. You see a lot of guys dogging it out there in every game, Marshawn gives it his all and does his talking with his game.
    NFL: Why not just back off him & find something else to obsess on?

  29. The NFL ought to pay most of the players NOT to say anything.
    Because most of them are so bad with the English language that it’s embarrassing.
    Seriously, though — the NFL is right to enforce this. The money these guys make is because of the publicity they get through the media. Like it or not, they need to be reminded of that.

  30. I find it amazing how on a team full of rich personalities like Russell Wilson, Michael Bennett, Doug Baldwin, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, etc, the media obnoxiously insists on harassing the most reluctant player on the roster to give interviews. Not every football player is cut out to be a future broadcaster or analyst.

  31. They said he had to talk to the media, they never said how many words he has to use or questions he has to answer. He should go in there and take one question, answer I don’t know. and walk out.

  32. When your employers is paying you millions of dollars every year you should follow the rules set forth.

    Lynch isn’t anything special. If other players can speak to the media, then he can too!

  33. Maybe if the media didn’t always ask the same asinine questions every time, people might actually be interested in hearing responses from the athletes. But, then if anyone says anything interesting or somewhat controversial, they’ll get fined by the NFL. So, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  34. Marshawn Lynch pleaded guilty to reckless driving to avoid a trial on DUI charges. The NFL has yet to punish him for his personal conduct. Now the NFL is just threatening him with a fine, instead of fining him. Is there a double standard or what?

  35. Another toothless NFL policy that has backfired on them. The more they try to control every little thing, the more they look like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. If someone doesn’t want to talk to the media, they aren’t going to tell us anything substantive or insightful anyhow. Does anyone look forward to, or derive anything from Bill Belicheck pressers? Really.

  36. He should answer whatever number of questions he has yo with one word answers. Yep. Nope. Dunno are the only words he should say.

  37. Football players are to be seen, not heard ! This is what the NFL needs…more silent players.

  38. It is a part of his job. The one that pays him 30 mil! No body is askin this guy to quote hamlet just to answer a few dumb questions, suck it up! In the real world when you refuse to do what is asked of you by your employer, you end up looking for another job. Enjoy being cut in the off season.

  39. NFL is right to protect and promote their product. Playing in the NFL is a privilege not a right. If he doesn’t want to speak that is fine but he is going to have to take some of that Skittles money and pay the fine if he wants to keep silent. This is same guy who didn’t show for preseason because he was throwing a temper tantrum, it’s also the guy who threatened to not show because they cut Harvin. How much would seahawks fans love him then? Guy is like a spoiled two year old who is willing to throw himself on the ground kicking, screaming and crying cause he didn’t get his way and fans are like the grandparents who try to protect the bad kid from punishment. I think we should just let Adrian Peterson handle this out of control kid. He has experience.

  40. Marshawn Lynch;
    Is a punch drunk player compliments of the NFL. The best thing the NFL can do is NOT to put him in front of a microphone. Let the guy alone.

  41. Dude is willing to make an appearance on The League (for a fee) but won’t talk to the media as part of his full time job. It is part of his job.

  42. Lynch never spoke to the media in Buffalo either. That stems from one time when he did, the printed words did not match the spoken words.

  43. This is a CONDITION of his EMPLOYMENT.
    If he does not adhere to the policy, like all other players do, then he is subject to DISCIPLINE.

    Why is this employer-employee relationship absolutely foreign to you people? it seems like employers have ZERO rights or protection from the actions of employees but the same employees have every imaginable right and protection and can do whatever they want.

    THIS is what liberalism does to a society.

  44. Has anyone not recognized the guy has a phobia of speaking in public? And they keep trying to force him to do it? Just leave the guy alone. He’s socially awkward but a great player. That should be enough for the vultures.

  45. For sure speak so the media can twist words and make Lynch look like a bad guy. It is time the FCC start reigning in these little cowards!

  46. How about if we fine the kickers too? They never speak to the media. Or maybe the third string center? Haven’t seen any of them getting fined for not talking! Does the media want to talk to Lynch is because he’s a star player on a championship team? No! They want to talk to him so they can ambush him with personal questions that have nothing to do with football. I wouldn’t talk to them either!

  47. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with this. Lynch and every other NFL player are contractually obligated to speak to the media. He has already refused once and they suspended the fine. They told him what would happen if he refuses again. Sounds to me like he’s getting ample warning.

    Not sure why anyone thinks he’s being singled out or treated unfairly. He’s violating the terms of his contract. You expect the team and the league to just shrug their shoulders and let him do it?

  48. How much does a player have to say to fulfill this obligation? One question? One word? Whatever Goodell fells like that day?

  49. I agree with Lynch doing a Belichick. Give the media an answer that has nothing to do with the question or have fun with the media like Clinton Portis used to do and go to the press conference in costume

    I don’t even know why the media even interviews Belichick any more

  50. Screw it. No players should talk to the media. Have league wide blackout. On top of that, let’s just get rid of press conferences. Not like we want to hear what the players and coaches have to say after a game. They’re millionaires for playing a game. They shouldn’t have to be required to talk to anyone. We have to take in to account their feelings, and they might not feel like talking.

  51. It’s part of the CBA that he has to be available for comment…
    I have absolutely no issue with the fine whatsoever…
    It’s up to Lynch to talk or pay the fine…

  52. I hope to see him talk today about who is is gonna fine rodger for messing on ray rice then just get up and walk off

  53. I have no love for Lynch at all but this is ridiculous NFL what a bunch of crap if you fine him here.

    Rodger we the fans do not like this!!! get your house in order don’t take things out on the players who are why we even like this game you idiot!

    you have had owner and coaches and dare I say the league office itself tarnishing the shield and all we see is the hammer coming down on the players…not cool dude. MEMO to the league we love this game for the players and teams figure this out and don’t ruin our game.

  54. Nfl’s message :

    Rex, you speak too much-esp frm the heart, here’s a 100k fine
    Marshawn, you don’t speak enough, here’s a 100k fine.

  55. Usually I side with players on most issues, but he knew the rules when he signed on the contract. Part of being an NFL player and making the amount of money they do is that after a game they have to make themselves available for a few minutes of media time. If you violate that contract, you should be subject to discipline.

    The comparison with the Ray Rice/AP situations are comparing apples and oranges. One is a contract violation, one is just being bad at your job. Its not like they are fining him for fumbling or having a bad game.

  56. So all he has to do is present himself, say no comment, and walk away. He would have then talked to the media by saying no comment. This is no trial, he doesn’t have to answer any questions – is this a courtroom where he is under Oath or the NFL? Maybe its the NifL.

  57. This isn’t a freedom of speech issue, or a freedom to not speak issue. It’s in his contract! It’s a requirement of his job. Fine the poor little baby 100,000 a week every week till he’s paying the NFL to play.

  58. Some people really are extremely shy and don’t like to talk to the press. Other guys are words smiths and masters of double talk. instead of forcing player to talk pay them.

  59. It is a condition of employment so the initial fine is justified because he chooses to ignore the rules. If his “silence” is just another attempt at personal “branding” then double the fine. Just tell him he can pick up his check at the podium after he answers media questions

  60. This kinda dumb. Doesn’t Sherman make up for lynch’s silence? Not everyone should be forced to speak to the media.

    On the other hand…I’m sure the NFL made it clear to him what the consequences would be. If he did this again. And since playing in the NFL is a priveladge and not a right you have to play by the rules of the league.

    So until the NFLPA cares enough about outliers to address this in the next CBA. Your choices are talk or pay.

  61. Un-freaking-believable. The NFL has some messed up priorities. Let’s turn a blind eye to players beating up their girlfriends/wives/etc until it shows up on TMZ but automatically fine someone for not wanting to talk to the media ( who do such a great job at twisting words around).

    Just let the damn man play his game…the fans in Seattle don’t care if he speaks to the media – why should anyone else. He knows we got his back.

    Besides, who wants to the hear the same cookie-cutter responses that everyone gives. I’d rather hear someone say something real (yes, like Sherman after the NFC Championship game last year) other than what the league wants them to say. Oh wait….they get fined if they do that too.

  62. No fan of the Seahawks but this is a bit ridiculous if a guy decides not to talk to the media then it is within his right to do so. NFL isn’t about the media it’s about the players.

  63. If it’s within the rules of the NFL that all players must respond verbally with the media then do so Mr. Lynch. Otherwise you lose a chunk of cash. Pretty simple.

  64. If the man wants his privacy, let him have it. We now live in a world where you can’t say anything unless someone tells to to say something. If you say something without permission, you are fined. If you don’t say something, when told, you are fined. Time for Goodell to step down!

  65. He should just show up and answer in one or two word “sentences”. “Maybe”, “Possibly”, “I don’t know”, “Could have”, etc to make Godell happy.
    But to me, he doesn’t look like the sharpest spoon in the drawer……just sayin’.

  66. There are many more important things the league should be worried about, but if I’m Lynch my answers to all questions are:

    Q1: Yes
    Q1 Folllow-up …Yep
    Q2: Yes
    Q3: Nope
    Q4: I’ll have to get back to you on that
    Q5: Nope
    Q2: Yes

  67. Everything here needs to be considered in spite of how poorly the NFL has handled just about everything this year (and remember the officiating strike last year?).
    If you let guys speak (or really not speak) to the media whenever they feel like you set a precedent.
    Don’t sign the million dollar contract if you don’t like the requirements for the media. The reason you get paid millions is because of the popularity of the game which happens to be related to press coverage… But the fine is too much$

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