Rams pull off big upset, upend Broncos


In one of the biggest upsets of this NFL season, the Broncos are heading home from St. Louis licking their wounds, having suffered an ugly loss and having lost some key players in the process.

Injuries to tight end Julius Thomas, running back Montee Ball and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders significantly slowed down the Broncos’ offense, which over the last couple years has been the best in the NFL. Today, a previously mediocre Rams defense shut the Broncos down, and St. Louis won 22-7.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning topped 300 passing yards, as he so often does, but the Rams got to him in many of the game’s biggest moments, sacking him twice and intercepting him twice. This was one of Manning’s worst games as a Bronco.

Rams quarterback Shaun Hill, who was given the starting job when Austin Davis was benched last week, did what the Rams needed him to do, playing efficient and turnover-free football. Hill was also efficient when handing off to rookie running back Tre Mason, who had his first 100-yard game. Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein went 5-for-5 on field goals, and his 55- and 53-yard kicks in the fourth quarter helped the Rams put the game away.

The Rams are probably too far out of it to make a run to the playoffs, but give them credit for a big game today. The Broncos, on the other hand, are still in the lead in the AFC West, but this loss could hurt them going forward. And it has to be a concern in Denver that over their last three games, the Broncos have played well only for one fairly short stretch, against the Raiders. After looking like a great team for much of this season, the Broncos now look like anything but.

79 responses to “Rams pull off big upset, upend Broncos

  1. 22-7 doesnt tell the story. The Broncos were just flat out embarrassed and dominated. Overrated for sure.

    Game could’ve changed on that horrible Sanders call, glad it didn’t.

  2. I’m surprised that Manning never get’s any blame for hanging his receivers out to get killed. Actually, no i’m not, he can do no wrong.


    peyton manning. 3 sb appearances, 3 td’s/4 int’s. 5 td’s if you include the two he threw to the other team.

    better than brady/montana? LOL

  4. This game will be rebroadcast in IMAX on Peyton’s forehead, starting this afternoon at 4:30pm, 8:00pm, and 11:30pm, Mountain Standard time.

  5. Hate to say it, Denver fans: but the Broncos are not even a lock for the playoffs.

    1. Kansas City looking pretty tough (they get to play Denver at home)
    2. San Diego knows they’re going to have to claw tooth and nail to get in (and they get to play Denver at home too).

    Denver could be the odd man out in the AFC West. Honestly, with how soft they looked today, it might be for the best.

    Elway had better be on the phone with Icognito asap; the Broncos offensive line was a complete trainwreck that was flat-out dominated by the Rams.

    Rams fans have a lot to be proud about today; their team showed up to play.

  6. In this game, with two of his main receivers hurt, peyton got a taste of what Brady has been dealing with for the last few years….no decent receiving targets. Sucks, huh Peyton?

  7. John Fox shouldn’t be allowed to get on the plane home. Can him before the team leaves St Louis

  8. Wow. Times like this I’m glad there’s no place for me to bet on sports where I live.

    Every time I watch football, I realize how little I know. Looking forward to tonight’s game, y’all.

  9. @Bostonian 13, just remember last year. You know, when super Tom got sent packing yet Denver fans stayed classy. Any TRUE Pats fan doesn’t want to play us in the post season. Grow up, it seems as though the Pats have been over rated for years.

  10. This is a joke. I am a huge Broncos fan but Manning will not get it done. I always thought he did well against a good defense but this year he has choked when playing good defenses. May be always, and that’s why he has the worst playoff ranking for a great QB. It is time we all realize Manning is not going to get done without a good running game. It was not the defense that did not score points in SB last year. With no running game, we suck. It’s time Elway starts to think about that. I hate to be down like this but my heart aches.

  11. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but as I look at the upsets from week-to-week this season, it does leave one scratching their head. Anyone who gambles on this season might as well just flush their money down the toilet.

  12. I love Peyton Manning as a person, player…..but recently I have firmly come to believe that Brady is a better player than Peyton…

    Peyton needs a good cast around him to be successful, brady does’nt

  13. Broncos flat out struggle on the road. Why are they shuffling the line around? Why does the defense seem to be out of position all the time? Fox didn’t have the team ready at all, like the Super Bowl, and like all ther road games they appear weak. Manning should be accountable, but Fox just sucks.

  14. The same problem from last year – especially in the Super Bowl – showed up again: the Broncos can’t run the ball and, as a pass-heavy team, struggled against a suddenly strong Rams pass rush. The defense is proving to be just above OK as well. Overall, NOT a winning formula in the playoffs.

  15. Manning lost a couple targets, still had a couple of decent targets in there and flat-out sucked. Any fewer than 3 receiving threats and he becomes a mediocre QB. His career would have ended long ago if he had to work with Brady’s receivers.

  16. When Peyton is finally inducted into Canton, he had better hope that the temperature is above 40 degrees. Otherwise, he couldn’t handle it.

  17. motleytrap says:
    Nov 16, 2014 4:04 PM
    Rams have beat both SB teams from last year.
    (And SF)

    Yet they lose to teams like the Vikes. It’s why Fisher is waaaay overrated.

  18. soundsofsuccess7 says:
    Nov 16, 2014 4:15 PM
    John Fox shouldn’t be allowed to get on the plane home. Can him before the team leaves St Louis

    This game hurts as a Broncos fan. For Denver to be able to win a SB, they need a coach with enough clout to be allowed to get onto Peyton and a bit of aggressiveness from the coordinating staff. This team is starting to develop an identity based on the glaring weaknesses of Peyton & Fox: finesse & play not to lose.

  19. Picked the Rams cuz of the spread but Manning folded after he lost his arsenal of weapons thats he ALWAYS has. Like his whole career. No JT or Sanders and he choked. Still had Thomas and Welker tho. Dont blame Fisher for going to Hill. Rams are still not out of this. Manning will not do anything on the road for Denver in the playoffs btw

  20. denverscott says:
    Nov 16, 2014 4:15 PM
    @Bostonian 13, just remember last year. You know, when super Tom got sent packing yet Denver fans stayed classy. Any TRUE Pats fan doesn’t want to play us in the post season. Grow up, it seems as though the Pats have been over rated for years.


    First how did that win in Denver help them vs NE this season?

    We saw what happened when the 2 teams are evenly matched. Brady dominated the HEAD wet the bed.

  21. soundsofsuccess7 says:
    Nov 16, 2014 4:15 PM
    John Fox shouldn’t be allowed to get on the plane home. Can him before the team leaves St Louis

    BTW- JDR & Gase should be stranded in STL too.

    For Denver to be able to win a SB, they need a coach with enough clout to be allowed to get onto Peyton and hold him accountable and a bit of aggressiveness from the coordinating staff. Think Phil along the lines of Kobe & MJ. This team is starting to develop an identity based on the glaring weaknesses of Peyton & Fox: play a finesse style & play not to lose.

  22. 54 passes, 10 rushes. Hard to win with that kikind of ratio. Also, why do the Broncos even carry a kicker? I thought coach Manning effectively neutered him when he waved him off at New England a few weeks ago and he did it again today. Bet they regret letting Matt Prater walk.

  23. laurinaitis4mvp55 says:
    The Rams aren’t a bad team. Haven’t been for a while now.

    Consistency+quarterback is what we still need.


    Agreed. You guys have great talent at most positions, except for QB. An above-average QB on the Rams would make a world of difference, and would make the NFC West even crazier. They have to spend their first-rounder on a QB this offseason, right? (Absent a trade or big FA signing, of course.)

    – A Cards fan.

  24. If it wasn’t for the inept scoreboard operator. The broncos could have won the game.

  25. Watch how Lord manning won’t get any blame for this loss,and St. Louis won’t get an ounce of credit. Are you going to yell at the road scorekeeper? Keep scripting and practice those celebrations, golden boy, you’re looking more and more ridiculous…what rules is he going to change now? G.O.A.T. my foot.

  26. I don’t know why people want Coach Fox fired, he’s just doing to what Peyton and Archie tell him to do. And how dare anyone suggest that Peyton had a bad game, that’s ridiculous. Here’s how it works, when Peytons team wins it’s because of Peyton carried the whole team. When Peyton’s team loses it because of someone else – the O-Line, the coaches, the scoreboard operator, the officials. Peyton cannot be accountable loses, not ever, that’s not how it’s supposed to work in the Manning family.

  27. No legit receivers for Peyton today? – (except for 2007 and Gronk), welcome to Brady world for the last 14 years.

  28. And they have to play Miami D next week after them having an extra few days to prepare and get healthy. Not gonna be a pushover for Denver to beat Miami next week.

  29. leatherface2012 says: Nov 16, 2014 4:10 PM …
    atlanta in first in nfc south at 4-6….watch the division winner be 6-10 and host a playoff game
    Yes, and any 11-5 wildcard team that can’t beat them on the road doesn’t deserve a home game anyway. Take away that home game and you may as well eliminate divisions.

  30. You Manning Haters must be a joy in real life. Always looking for the bad and when the good does happen always looking for the bad in that. I pity your relatives.

  31. Manning is by far the best QB in the NFL… for the preseason and the 1st half of the regular season. In the 2nd half, and especially in the playoffs, he never fails to disappoint his fans.

    His only SB victory was likely a fluke year, never to be repeated. Brady is and will always be a better QB even blindfolded compared to Manning.

  32. Any TRUE Pats fan doesn’t want to play us in the post season

    Been with them since ’77 – guess that makes me a true fan.

    The Broncos aren’t scaring anybody right now, you might want to just shut up for a week or two.

  33. I’m a Pats fan who absolutely wants the Pats to play Denver in the playoffs in Foxboro. That’s why that loss to the Rams was so big. There is no way that Manning will ever win a January game in Foxboro.

  34. Pats schedule is pretty brutal in comparison. Broncos and Indy could still get the #1 and #2 seeds. Wouldn’t want the Pats to play in Denver if I’m a Pats fan…and I am.
    Been there, lost that. First round bye is huge.

  35. I was there. I must admit, I’m happy to see the Rams rewarded for playing a game with plenty of effort and minimal mistakes. But, I’m a little disappointed in seeing PM. I expected much more of a future HOF player. Observations; PM has average arm strength at best. PM threw some “ducks” that allowed the Rams to close on the receivers and crush them. His receivers are pretty good at running routes, but why don’t the refs call all the “pick” plays? The run/pass ratio for Denver was embarrassing. Denver players seemed confused with PM’s hurry up calls. Denver fans were really polite and hate NE more than STL fans!

  36. beastmode5150 says:
    Nov 16, 2014 4:13 PM
    Remember when some of you made fun of the Seahawks for losing to the Rams?


    Remember when we made fun of the Seahawks for losing to the Chiefs?

    Or when we made fun of the Seahawk fan for saying that as far as playoff hopes there is no difference between being
    6-4 and 7-3, as long as the lose is to an AFC team?

  37. Not sure why all these patriot trolls are on here comparing brady vs manning in a game where they both didn’t face each other. Give it a break…patriots are pretty average away from foxboru also lets not forget they got destroyed in Kansas City and then got saved by playing Buffalo then 3 straight home games now their great again. There has been a trend this year with home game blow outs.

    I think the Broncos away from home have been under prepared. Peyton manning deserves a ton of blame, but how about the timeouts not being called for Fox to get the ball back in the first half? Why did they let go of Prater if their kicker can only kick from 40 yards? Monte Ball is a bust, but u had Moreno, who was solid why let him go? They had one bad game last year and their doing all this shuffling around in the line and really it was their defense that needed to be tweaked. Delrio is just mediocre, that unit isn’t imposing will on no one. Fox just seems to do nothing. I understand people demanding Peyton taking all the blame but blaming all the problems on him isn’t passing the eye test. They have great players on defense and should be dominating. They miss tackles, their special teams is horrid. That’s coaching right? Is it Peyton’s fault teams are making him start at the 10 yard line over and over?

  38. I have been a Pats fan for over 50 years. Pats fans and Broncos fans need to stop acting like they are the only two teams in the NFL. I know that’s not the way Belichick and Brady think. Any team can beat any other team on any given week. The Rams earned this victory and the Pats play a very tough Colts team in Indy tonight. Teams that do not respect their opponent lose.

  39. Peyton during the post-game “We need to score more than 7 points…”

    And the first thing I thought was, what about 8… 😉

    Seriously, though, even as a Pats fan, does anyone actually think the Broncos and Peyton won’t make the playoffs and probably the AFCCG? Come on. He’s too good and that team has too many weapons to not make it. Even with a surging KC. I mean, something similar happened to the Pats at KC, and look how they’ve come back. I fully expect Denver and Peyton to figure this out.

    Hopefully Sanders isn’t out for the season. That was a brutal hit, although I would think probably legal. Certainly the defender looked like he was trying to get his helmet out of the way.

    Nice wins Rams! Hard fought, deserved. And this Pats fan says thanks for providing us a tiny bit of cushion given the schedule the Pats have over the next 5 weeks.

  40. The Broncos have a favorable schedule the rest of the way, but now need to worry about both New England and KC.


  41. Once again they have no offensive balance…. This week 54 passes and 9 rushes (not going to count the run by manning) it was a close game through three quarters, need to be more balanced so the d can’t just tee off and rush the qb

  42. This game was a perfect example of why you need a running game. When you pass the ball 50+ times, the chances of throwing picks increase drastically. Peyton was not on his game today, and give him 50% of the blame for this loss (the other 50% goes to the Denver coaching staff). Manning made some bad throws, 2 of which were rushed and resulted in interceptions, sure there were some dropped passes, but Manning needed to adjust to this. Now the coaching…where to begin? Why does the Denver secondary always give receivers a cushion? Del Rio obviously is terrified that his secondary is going to get burnt on every play…BE A MORE PHYSICAL DEFENSE AND MAYBE YOU COULD SLOW DOWN SOMEONES PASSING GAME!! Second, Fox is such a conservative coach…he has no killer instinct at all, which makes arguably the best offensive team in the game a bunch of pansies. I have been a Peyton fan since he played at Tennessee, so I am not a bitter Broncos fan, just a frustrated football fan. The game is too soft now, and the defense that Denver is playing (with star-caliber players) is embarrassing…this team should be dominating, not losing to a 3-6 team (although the Rams played a great game). As for Peyton, I am still a huge fan, but he and the coaching staff need to step it up if the Broncos have any shot at winning a SB, or making it to the post season.

  43. Hats off to the Rams. Fact is, the Broncos do not play defense on the road, are consistently ill-prepared, make zero adjustments when things do not go there way, and have little passion to turn the tide. It starts and ends with Fox. This entire team needs an attitude adjustment or there will not need to be any discussion about playoffs

  44. Thousands of Broncos fans leave St. Louis disappointed. Dozens of St. Louis fans celebrate.

  45. As a Chiefs fan, i would like to send a BIG Thank You to our Football brothers in St. Louis.

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