Darrelle Revis: We’re sharks, we smell blood in the water


On Sunday afternoon, first place teams from Denver, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit and New Orleans all lost games that at least loosened their grip on their leads.

On Sunday night, Indianapolis joined them but the team from New England did not. The Patriots joined the Cardinals as the only first place teams to defend their position and they did it with an overwhelming second half performance in a 42-20 victory. As a result, the Pats are in the top spot in the AFC and in position to be the top playoff seed if the winners of six straight games continue to take care of business over the next six games. Cornerback Darrelle Revis says that’s just what they’ll do.

“We’re sharks,” Revis said, via ESPNBoston.com. “We smell blood in the water. Each game like this is another step closer to our goal.”

When they play the way they do on Sunday night, that goal feels totally obtainable. The Patriots gained 501 yards with near total balance, held the Colts to 322 yards inflated by meaningless late gains and they probably would have won by even more if not for an ill-advised Tom Brady throw before haltime that turned into an interception and eventual Colts touchdown.

And they did it all on the road against a team that’s heavily favored to win their division, which only serves to further support contentions that they are the best team in the AFC and/or the entire league.

49 responses to “Darrelle Revis: We’re sharks, we smell blood in the water

  1. I thought the Pats started Sanchez in the first half. Good to see Brady play the second half

  2. I’m thinking that when PFTs power rankings come out this week, it’ll still be Arizona #1 and New England #2, and even though I’m a Patriots fan and definitely biased, I’ll still disagree. I thought #1 and #2 shouldve been flipped last week.

  3. The most overated , overhyped , and overpaid cornerback of all time. The only time he smells blood in the water is for the next sucker dumb enough to overpay for his services

  4. Revis seems like he’s found a home in New England. It would surprise me if he and the Patriots did not work out an extension.

  5. At this point I think only the Cards could give the pats a run but I still don’t think they would come through at the end. The Patriots do what every team should do but all but them are too proud to do, and that is game plan to specific opponents. Not “finding an identity” and sticking with it as so many have done before, but finding your opponents weakness and exploiting it.

  6. IMO, the Red Zone channel is garbage. They spent too much time on the Packers game, when they were up by multiple scores, and not enough time on the Raiders/Chargers game. It seemed like forty-five minutes went by in the second half without a Raider update. There were only three late games, how is that possible?

    Sure that Raider games wasn’t very good, but at least it was competitive.

    The NFL needs to do a much better job when it comes to refereeing consistency. There seems to be some teams that get away with a heck of a lot more physical play on defense than others.

  7. few weeks ago omg patriots worse team in the league retire tom brady he sucks lol i love the nfl makes people look stupid and any team can go from top to bottom in a few games

  8. I really hope Revis is getting Winning Fever and doesn’t go to some schmuck team for the top dollar in the off season. Its not a coincidence that the Patriots defense has become borderline elite once he stepped on the field. the last 7 years Pats D has been a joke this only proves that they can’t do it without a top CB. just look at the difference the last 2 years with and without Talib

  9. What impressed me the most is the play of the OL, if they can maintain that level of play they can win it all.

  10. Ive been saying it for over a month. The Pats are the best team in the league this season. I hate them with a passion but damn it, they can beat anyone at will, in multiple ways. They excel in every phase of the game. There is not one team out there that can stop them but themselves.

  11. In a year that the refs are supposed to be placing an emphasis on defensive holding and illegal contact, why are Revis and Browner allowed to do it on almost every play?

    Cant stand the Colt’s, but it was pretty obvious in the last two or three games that the patriots Db’s can do what they want but if you even look at a patriots receiver its a flag.

  12. I felt a great disturbance in the NFL, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

    What? Oh no the Pats are on top AGAIN?

    “Maybe you have heard of me. Jonas Gray”
    “Aw come on man…Jonas Gray, RB from Miami, and Baltimore?No? ok fine”
    199 yards and 4 TD’s later.
    “J O N A S G R A Y.”

  13. HAHA at the Indy whiners… You’ll have your day with Young NeckBeard SkyWalker….

    Once Tom Brady leaves and gives it to you….

    I hope Andy doesn’t suffer from Peytons shrinkage issue… He seems legit….

  14. there must be a mistake here.. TB12 & the Pats are washed up & cannot win without spygating, right???

  15. I sometimes wonder if Belichick has his defense play loose between the 30s to encourage long throws and pick them off. The Pats defense looks completely different and 10x better in the red zone.

  16. Lol at the Miami fans. Yeah you won your Super Bowl against the Pats earlier this year. Meanwhile the Pats have massively improved and the Fins have struggled. You’ll get crushed in the next game.

  17. If the Pats think they are going to have it easy over the next few weeks they are nuts KEEP TALKING

    “Sssshhhhh .” We know. Let em keep talking. We all know how this is going to end. Only makes it more enjoyable

  18. The Patriot haters must be just quivering in a corner right now watching this tide come in. The is what the Patriots would have looked like the past 5 years if they had a defense. Now they have one and this is the result.

    3 rings, 5 Super Bowl appearances/8 AFC Championship Game appearances in 14 years…and the beat goes on. No matter how much the haters kick and scream about some intern holding a camera, nothing will change the fact that the Pats have had one of the greatest Dynastic runs in history and have another ring in their sites this February.

  19. igotgamenj says:
    Nov 17, 2014 9:51 AM
    Miami D > Pats D

    NE’s D held Denver to 21 points. Let’s see what the Fish can do.

    And clearly this isn’t the NE team the fish beat in week 1 or at the end of last season. But we get it, it was there SB.

    And what happened both times they beat NE, they followed it up with loses.

  20. Every time I listen to Revis speak he is thoughtful and complementary to others. He didn’t say this to be arrogant. He said it because it was the best analogy he could come up with to describe what he is seeing. I trust Revis understands the game better than anyone responding to this thread.

  21. On the contrary LOSERS… The Pats never think ” they are going to have it easy over the next few weeks”. They never under estimate their opponents and always praise the other team’s players and strong points. They are cast as the underdog and always strive to prove everbody wrong. Even us fans worry a lot because we don’t have star players aside from Revis that other teams like the broncos have. Our best players are cultivated not pre- packaged. Look at Jonas Gray. It’s hard work AND never thinking that opponents are easy that makes the Pats win. They respect them and tailor-fit their game plan accordingly. So haters keep on talking. You can even skip dinner while talking because you are eating your words at the same time. New England crow chowdah anyone?

  22. “Revis Wonderlic was a 10 tigerlilac.”

    I don’t care what Revis’ Wonderlic score was or wasn’t. The guy impresses me as a very sharp individual. Certainly, no one doubts his ability to play football at a high level, certainly not the teams that have met his salary requirements. I love the commentators who say Gisele Bundchen is unattractive, Belichick is a terrible GM, Brady is a system QB, and now Revis is an arrogant guy who isn’t very bright. Those four people are at the very top of their respective professional positions. Maybe the people critiquing them are wrong. Ever think that might be the reality?

  23. Love the Pats but there is a loooong way to go, folks. Revis and Gronk are both fragile and if either of them goes down you can forget about the superbowl.

  24. and even though I’m a Patriots fan and definitely biased, I’ll still disagree

    Let the Cards have their due, they’ve earned it.

    This Pats team is legit, they’ll be there soon enough.

  25. So what if Revis is a mercenary? That’s the best kind. He relies on his skills for his market value. He does not feel entitled. An honest way to make a living.

  26. cubancigar10 says: Nov 17, 2014 10:31 AM

    What mammal do sharks fear? The Dolphin. Keep talking like you are still a Jet
    The Pats may have been a skinny little blue shark in week 1, but they are the top of the food chain now. Great Whites eat dolphins.

  27. God, I hate Pats fans.

    It’s their condescending and arrogant attitude that makes me want to see their team lose every week.

    That having been said, if my team was as successful as the Pats have been over the past 13+ years, I might be just as condescending and arrogant.

    But, it doesn’t mean I’m wrong for hating them.

  28. Revis wonderlick may have been 10, but his FB IQ is about 195. He’s always been from the Ty Law school of get the most money, and I don’t blame players for thinking that way, sometimes. But, when you’ve already made a ton of money, winning has to count for something. Law has admitted he made some mistakes in that regard. Wonder what Mankins would say if he had a do over. The weather in Tampa is nice, at least. Hoping Revis drinks some of the koolaid and realizes they might have something special going on here. He’ll still make big money if he stays, but is it worth it for him to go to, say, the Raiders for a few extra mil? The Pats are still getting better. Pretty scary for opponents. Pretty exciting for Pats fans.

  29. The Pats will HUMILIATE the Fish in Foxboro, and will completely crush their puny playoff hopes. Can’t wait.

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