Peterson ruling could come by Wednesday

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As expected, arbitrator Shyam Das conducted a hearing on Monday regarding the effort to reinstate Vikings running back Adrian Peterson from the Commissioner-Exempt list.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the hearing was conducted and fully completed on Monday.

By rule, a decision must come by Saturday, November 22.  The source says a ruling likely will come within two days.

If so, it will give Peterson an opportunity to practice with the Vikings in advance of Sunday’s game against the Packers.

Meanwhile, the NFL has taken no action against Peterson under the personal conduct policy.  Multiple reports indicated that the league would be suspending Peterson on Monday as punishment for his no-contest plea on misdemeanor assault charges in Texas.  The league’s failure to act invites speculation that the parties could be engaged in discussions aimed at resolving Peterson’s status.

47 responses to “Peterson ruling could come by Wednesday

  1. This just needs to end. The league has done an awful job of handling this situation among others. Goodell is making 40 mil a year to do his job, 40 mil too much if you ask me.

  2. So the NFL is going to suspended him after they have basically suspended him already.

    He has been punished already, everyone involved with the case is ok with the result. LET HIM PLAY ALREADY.

  3. There is no action necessary under the personal conduct policy except to determine the appropriate fine for a first offense misdemeanor.

    Enough with the delays. Make a decision and move on.

  4. The sooner the Banned For Life ruling comes down the better.

    There is no reason an evil child abuser should have the privilege of employment with America’s best entertainment company, the NFL.

  5. back off now AP plead no contest there is a differance keep judging you will be judged also

  6. or Thursday, Friday or Saturday

    …something tells me Saturday and then the league will impose a 6 game suspension to shut him down for the year.

    btw who picked the arbitrator? Roger??

  7. packerfansareinbred says:
    Nov 17, 2014 8:46 PM
    Can’t wait for AP to put up 150 and 2 TDs against the Packers causing their fans to make the switch from hard liquor to paint thinner on Sunday.


    And, as a Vikings fan, you’d celebrate that despite the 55-14 final score.

  8. I don’t understand the Viking fan’s support for Peterson. It seems to me that the Vikings finished in last place with Peterson and by the looks of this season, they are capable of finishing in last place without him.

  9. The NFL needs to fine him for 6 games that he’d be suspended for under the new policy and then reinstate him to play this Sunday. The fine takes care of the he was paid during his suspension argument and gives him time served. SIMPLE!

  10. AP won’t be back for the packer game sunday. Roger will make sure of that. He wants to help out his little darlings as much as possible.

    23 consecutive seasons of Hall Of Fame starting QB’s and all they have is 2 measily super bowl victories? Really?

    Pack fans, you can run around and chant your 5323 world championships… But your garbage for having 23 consecutive seasons of HOF qb play, and 2 super bowls.. That’s Pathetic! You should have way more than that!

  11. Most Vikings fans don’t want him back this year or even at all. He’s a garbage human being. I hope he never plays for the Vikings again. He should be suspended indefinitely, sent to consueling, then phscologically evaluated, and then if conditions are meet reinstated at some point next season at the earliest. This is far worse than what Rice did.

  12. I hope none of you every make a mistake, and if you do I hope your vilified and banned from your job. AP made a mistake owned it and has been suspended over half the year. If ray Lewis can kill a guy and play I think AP is ok. The nfl is turning into a joke.
    The idiots will call AP evil and everything else buy you know nothing about him except for a mistake he made. You all are truly pathetic. Grow up and get a life losers.

  13. @rightwingguy. This is not a mistake. It’s a disgusting crime against a little innocent child. He’s a monster that should go to prison like anyone else that did what he did. Just cause he’s rich, famous, and plays(ed) for my favorite team doesn’t change what he did.

  14. he will come back for sunday and run for 400 yards against the Packers and score 5 touchdowns,but Vikings will still lose. Book It!

  15. bobnelsonjr says: Nov 17, 2014 7:42 PM

    The sooner the Banned For Life ruling comes down the better.

    There is no reason an evil child abuser should have the privilege of employment with America’s best entertainment company, the NFL.

    bridgeh2o says:

    Nice to hear from the packer trolls!!!!

    If I were you, I would not want to see Peterson either…….he is the official packer annhilator!!!!!

    See you Sunday,All Day!!!!!!!

  16. bobnelsonjr says: Nov 17, 2014 7:42 PM

    The sooner the Banned For Life ruling comes down the better.

    There is no reason an evil child abuser should have the privilege of employment with America’s best entertainment company, the NFL.

    if i was you i would be terrified also go home packer fan no one wants you not the NFL not the human race

  17. I issued my opinion on a similar post regarding Adrian Peterson last week and that was, there has been a conclusion in the matter. There has been for several days now and I was under the impression that the NFL would act swiftly regarding this mans status.

    With regard to him personally, he has court appointed help resolving his personal issues and discipline style. He has( to the best of my knowledge) remained true to his word and that of the court. So therefore he should be given the green light to resume his career. The NFL claims to have policies in place for all players regardless of race, creed, gender, salary, years played BUT. It seems as if the NFL treats everyone differently and does not follow their own policies. Ridiculous.

  18. Can’t help but shake my head at the rabid Packer fans that yell that he should be suspended for life and/or in prison. There is ZERO evidence that what happened occurred more than one time. What he did was bad, he owned up to it, and he was sentenced for his crime. He has sat over half the season, which is more than players have previous gotten for killing people. His kid, his baby mama, the courts, and everyone else who should count are fine with the outcome in the courts. Let it go, retroactively suspend him for games missed (so it comes with the requisite loss of cash), and reinstate him. Anything outside of that will likely lead to a court order to allow him to play and get Goodell’s panties in a bunch.

  19. I guess the Vikings fans really want him back for their “Super Bowl” and that’s fine… but wow are some of you guys sour.

    I guess if my favorite teams season was pretty much over before I got my celebrate Thanksgiving with the family I would be pretty upset too.

  20. He is a criminal and only a degenerate fan base would support a child abuser but yet protests a teams name.

    As far as him possibly playing the Pack, like it has made a difference in the last 9 out of 10 games which were all losses for the queens. You would think the posters after being perennial losers year after year would realize running teams went out in the 80’s. They are the only fools paying a rb twice as much as any other team, clueless!

  21. so your saying murder and punishing a boy by his father is one of the same where do you live lets see if you agree

    sounds like something that natzi goo dell would say
    but if you get 10 weeks for murder and more for pleading no contest for a mister meaner then clearly everyone should know it is not OK to punish your kids just murder them insted

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