Rob Gronkowski plays bouncer on Sergio Brown, threw him “out of the club”

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Rob Gronkowski knows a thing or two about bars, and perhaps getting thrown out of them.

So it’s no surprise that he played bouncer on Colts safety Sergio Brown.

Brown’s bad night was underscored when Gronkowski picked him up and threw him into an NBC sideline camera.

“He was just yappin’ at me the whole time,” Gronkowski said, via “So I took him and threw him out of the club.”

He was tossed as Gronk was blocking for Jonas Gray’s fourth touchdown run, drawing a penalty after the play.

The two were teammates in 2010-11, but have other history. Brown was the guy Gronkowski was blocking when he broke his arm on an extra point in 2012.

Brown clearly got the worst of the deal last night, finding out that Gronk was healthy again, and that arm is much stronger than a velvet rope.

32 responses to “Rob Gronkowski plays bouncer on Sergio Brown, threw him “out of the club”

  1. Gronkowski is the antidote to all the negativity surrounding NFL players and the NFL code of conduct.

    His enthusiasm for old school football is refreshing.

  2. If only 30% of my comments get posted, how many times does pft poet and logical voices post? They have published comments on every story says:

    Am I the only that loves watching the sideline interactions between Rob Gronkowski and Bill Belichick?

  3. Gronk plays schoolyard football style, loving the contact and throwing bodies around.
    Just a big kid at heart.

  4. You keep talkin crap and you make Gronk angry. You won’t like Gronk when he’s angry. You were being pummeled. Shut your mouth and play the game. Here’s an idea, make a play and get back into it before you open your mouth. Someone get Marvin Harrison back in that locker room.

  5. best skill position player. gronk was a huge factor in the running game. not many tight ends can block at an all pro level. then the td he scored was just ridiculous.

  6. Lol looked like the scene in the movie Blind Side where the Michael Ohr character pushes the kids into the bleachers.

    Hey Sergio, talking crap all game long when you’re losing all game long is embarrassing to you and your team.

  7. Not a Colts or Patriots fan, just enjoy football. If you saw the entire thing Brown was pulling and pulling on him and then Gronk just went with it and shoved him in the same direction Brown kept pulling on him. Watch the entire thing. They were both at fault

  8. cmsfl says:
    Nov 17, 2014 7:44 AM
    Gronk should be fined for that hit. Brown’s head hit the media truck. Love Gronk but that was unnecessary.


    Go ahead, fine Gronk…He will laugh, and do same thing, only worse next time.

    Sergio Brown a punk…they ran him out of NE fast. Maybe hitting his head on media truck knocks some sense into him and he keeps his mouth shut when getting slaughtered…

    Not to mention, that damn truck was 15 yards off the field..he just lit him up.

  9. Even if Gronk gets fined it is sooooooo worth it. Man… That was so funny. It’s like a chihuahua yipping at a pit bull. I keep wishing somebody would do such a thing with such annoying pests. Gronk is nice but never forget he is a beast.

  10. Face mask grabbing, dropping him way out of bounds. At the least this should cost Gronk a large chunk of change and he should be suspended. But then, so should have been that guy who took out the Raven coach.

  11. I actually said, “Oh, you poor fool” when that other Colts player started doing his robot TD dance or whatever that was. The wheels came off after that real fast.

  12. This yet again proves that the NFL is so pro-Patriots it’s disgusting. Any other player would have been heavily fined if not ejected from the game, but because he has a Pats logo on the side of his helmet, he gets a pass.

  13. when that other Colts player started doing his robot TD dance

    Really. I wish the Pats would have all started pointing at the scoreboard, like some team did to a Cardinals doof who did a similar routine back in the 90’s.

    Situational awareness.

  14. Sergio Brown is a Legend In His Own Mind. He was a weak link in the secondary when on the team and they made no effort to resign him in the off season. Good riddance tough guy, your are a loser.

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