DeMaurice Smith: NFL makes it up as they go along

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Adrian Peterson has been suspended for at least the rest of this season, and his union isn’t happy about it.

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said on Mike & Mike that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell simply isn’t handling player discipline appropriately.

“The process that the NFL has employed since the beginning of the season has been arbitrary, inconsistent, uneven and inconsistent with the Collective Bargaining Agreement,” Smith said. “You get the feeling over the last few months that the National Football League has simply been making it up as they go along. That’s something that is not in the best interests of the game, certainly not in the best interests of the players, and I know not in the best interests of our sponsors.”

The NFL Players Association released a statement shortly after the NFL announced Peterson’s suspension, and in it the union said the league lacks the credibility to appropriately handle player discipline. Smith said the players have lost confidence in Goodell.

“There is a growing gap between the players and the league office, and that shouldn’t be,” he said.

In other words, while the NFL says Peterson’s season is over, the NFLPA says it’s fight against the NFL’s form of discipline is far from over.

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  1. Really? You mean the NFL doesn’t have a set punishment for every new crime a player commits? So a player can commit crimes, abuse women and children, but your complaint is that the NFL isn’t being consistent and fair to them?

    Easy solution. Player commits a crime, out of the NFL for life. That’s consistent. Is that what you want?

  2. How is this a punishment?He doesn’t have to play for the Vikings the rest of the season that’s as good a reward as I can imagine.

  3. Goodell Must Go! Goodell Must Go! Goodell Must Go! Goodell Must Go! Goodell Must Go! Goodell Must Go!

    Goodell has lost all confidence of the players and the fans. I used to be one for Goodell’s biggest supporters now he must go.

    Goodell Must Go! Goodell Must Go! Goodell Must Go! Goodell Must Go! Goodell Must Go! Goodell Must Go!

  4. Maybe… you should say something about the NFL players who got in trouble.

    If you keep your nose clean… you don’t have this problem.

    ACCOUNTABILITY – (noun): the quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions

  5. I really don’t see how Goodell survives all of this. He probably will but it will be an embarrassment to the league after he bungles another high profile issue a couple years from now.

  6. Never thought I’d say it, as I’ve been on the fence on many issues between the league office and the NFLPA over the years, especially with discipline, but this has to be the line in the sand moment. There is no way that the NFL should be able to do whatever they feel like without repercussions any more than the players can do it, employee or not.

    As a Lions fan, I’m blown away that they decided to further punish Peterson. What he did was terrible, but even the courts have decided to move in the way of parenting classes to understand that what he did isn’t appropriate in any way and community service. The league should not be able to rule with an iron fist whenever they see fit.

    Go Peterson and go NFLPA. It may be time to take the NFL to court soon. They aren’t following their own CBA anymore.

  7. golforepar says: Nov 18, 2014 9:21 AM

    Did the NFL “make up” the FACT that AP beat up his 4 year old?

    – – –

    I’m truly saddened that there are mouth-breathers out there who would immediately give this statement a negative rating. AP deserves every single bad thing that will happen to him for being a child abuser. Let him burn.

  8. voiceofrealism says: Nov 18, 2014 9:22 AM

    Really? You mean the NFL doesn’t have a set punishment for every new crime a player commits?


    You think domestic violence is a new crime among NFL players? Still believe in the tooth fairy too?

  9. DeMaurice is trying like heck to try and fix the CBA he agreed to. Its not gonna happen. He let Rog have total control over discipline and by doing so DeMaurice failed at his job. Every time he cries about player discipline he has nobody to blame but himself. DeMaurice needs to go away permanently.

  10. Did they “make up” the fact that he beat his son? No. Did they make up a policy that we are going put you on an exempt list until you get this settled with the law? Yes. They Goodell just look at the AP situation and decide “you know what I just don’t like how he handles himself”? Yes.

  11. He’s correct. The next step is having the union sue the league. There is a process, and Goodell ignores it. He’s paid $44 million to handle these kinds of thorny problems, and he has been bungling them badly.

  12. I’m all for getting goodell out but AP deserves this. Simple solution bro, don’t beat your kids, or at least don’t make them bleed. It’s that easy.

  13. Ahh yes…D-Smith in his element. He is never better than when he makes blustery speeches. I hope you’re all enjoying this for all it’s worth because it won’t amount to much when it comes to practical results.

  14. How about the NFLPA doesn’t allow bad people to be in their PA? It’s hilarious that killers, criminals and Peyton Manning are all in the same PA.

  15. Ever notice how the players who don’t break the law, take drugs, beat the crap out of their 4 year old, and punch people out in an elevator have no problem with NFL discipline? Why are we complaining. Let’s get a 1 strike policy and clean this league up. There are plenty of quality players who never have run-ins with the law. It’s really not that hard to live a decent life.

  16. Hard to argue his point. There is ZERO consistency and they go on what the public opinion says and what the media catches them in.

  17. Goodell has lost control, and it’s his own fault. He set out a written “policy” after Ray Rice, re printed on this website, that states in pertinent part:

    “Effective immediately, violations of the Personal Conduct Policy regarding assault, battery, domestic violence or sexual assault that involve physical force will be subject to a suspension without pay of six games for a first offense, with consideration given to mitigating factors, as well as a longer suspension when circumstances warrant. Among the circumstances that would merit a more severe penalty would be a prior incident before joining the NFL, or violence involving a weapon, choking, repeated striking, or when the act is committed against a pregnant woman or in the presence of a child. A second offense will result in banishment from the NFL; while an individual may petition for reinstatement after one year, there will be no presumption or assurance that the petition will be granted. These disciplinary standards will apply to all NFL personnel.”

    Goodell did not follow his own policy and therefore has lost all credibility in dealing with player discipline. He needs to resign.

  18. Dear Dee–

    While I applaud your support of the player. This isnt a winning issue for you. Ignore the trolls on here that give it all a thumbs down. You will lose in the Court of Public Opinion. This is a losing battle-whether the NFL makes it up or not.

    You cant beat your wife or your kid.

    Move on. Get the AP help. Get the other unnamed players help. That would be doing your job.

  19. This is the NFLPA’s fault that Goodell still is able to dish out punishment, and no one else! If they addressed this in the CBA, with clear guidelines, Goodell making it up as he goes along would not be an issue. The problem was that Smith knew he would not win election in future years if the players took less $ then and lost paychecks and he buckled. You need to give something up in negotiations to get something you want. Everyone knew that the money was going to go to about 50/50 when the lockout started, but instead of focusing in on issues he potentially could win, he kept trying to hold onto every dime until he was backed in a corner.

  20. Some are missing the point here. The NFL has every right to create and enforce any rule that they collectively bargain. But you can’t just make rules up on the fly because you don’t want to alienate the fan base. Create a rule (that has some teeth) where 1st time abusers (of children, women, animals etc.) are suspended a year and when that rule is enforced–no one can gripe about it

  21. Does this mean the NFL will agree to stop profiting off AP in terms of jerseys, DVDs, etc etc etc until April?

  22. This is kind of ridiculous. And to those of you who are saying he beat his kid and that the NFL didn’t make him do it, that is trying to deflect the issue. The issue isn’t whether he should be punished, the issue is the severity of the punishment. The guy is basically serving a one year suspension for excessively spanking his kid. That’s basically the same punishment Brent got and he killed a teammate while driving drunk. The NFL is violating it’s own CBA with this suspension, not because Peterson deserves it, but because of fear of fan and sponsor backlash and that’s not right.

    How would you feel if you did something wrong that would normally entail say a fine or 30 days in jail, only to have the public freak out and force the judicial system to give you 20 years in jail? That wouldn’t be fair. You can’t let public pressure determine policy. Especially in the NFL where most of the people who are chanting for AD’s head are just fans of other teams who don’t want to have to face him (or as with cowboy fans, are hoping the vikings cut him so their team can sign him).

    This is all pretty messed up if you ask me.

  23. While i don’t agree with AP actions, at all, the punishment does not fit the crime by a large margin.

    What i don’t understand is how Roger Goodell can slap Jim Irsay on the wrist for something that might be worse than what AP did. And in the press, Goodell proclaims that he fined and diciplined Irsay as much as he could under the confines of the collective bargaining agreement. Which EVERYONE knew was complete bogus!
    But for AP and his misdemeanor according to the law, Goodell is double punishing him and going way over the top of what the collective agreement is and the agreement agreed upon specific to his case.

    It goes to show that Roger Goodell is incompetent at best in his position. And should be fired immediately.

  24. I agree with Mr. Smith, they are making this up as they go along. Whatever policy is implemented it should NOT have been a revelation to everyone on 11/18, it should have been in place months ago and agreed to by all parties. This is so one sided. Goodell and his entire team need to be fired! I urge the NFLPA to do what it can to reverse this decision.

  25. Until the NFLPA does something that will make the owners hurt, (strike or walk out), neither the owners, nor Roger Goodell will refrain from further encroaching upon their civil rights; and this IS a civil rights issue. There aren’t, in my mind, too many other scenarios where the ACLU would not be involved, as clearly, the employer, (in this case, the NFL) has over-reached their authority in an attempt to appease sponsors. Let’s be clear here. This has nothing to do with the fans. For every fan that claims they’ll refuse to watch an NFL game again should Adrian be allowed to resume his career, there are ten who’re about ready to bail on the league for their continued mishandling and overzealous approach to player discipline. The fact that the NFL is even involved in this case or disciplining players disproportionately to that which the court system has determined reasonable, is the reason the league is on the verge of implosion. The NFL must be put back to a place in which they excel; hosting football games on a Sunday afternoon. Playing judge, jury, and executioner is not something they do well; nor should they try.

  26. For the sake of the players and the sponsors and the fans of the game, it would be helpful if the NFL and the NFLPA (on behalf of the players) and the owners could get on the same page through cooperation and agreements so that there isn’t so much confusion and disagreement as to how various issues are dealt with.

    Between the officiating issues, the discipline issues, and how the money flows around, there are a lot of issues that currently could be improved for the best interests of the game, the players and the sponsors, and the people in power get paid good money to work it out. There seems to be a major disconnect between all of the parties in power in general.

    The good news is that the current climate of controversial concerns could serve as a catalyst for positive future changes. Every situation has an upside perspective if you just search for it!

  27. So demaurice thinks the NFL discipline is overly harsh and too painful for Peterson?

    Kinda karmic eh?

  28. If Maurice had any cajones, he’d call an emergency meeting of all team representatives and hold a vote to walk out, effective immediately. This week.

  29. Splitting hairs and taking advantage of semantics has not kept the baggage from catching up to this guy, and deserved I might add.

    The comparative crime withstanding, the circumstances (only) are kind of like OJ getting off with murder, but his other “crap” catching up to him and putting him in jail anyway.

    Why should reinstatement “rules” be ironclad for Peterson’s benefit, but the “rules” for him getting off with a simple $4,000 fine and a wrist slap be perfectly OK? None of us would get off that easily.

    The end justifies the means. Good riddance.

  30. “How would you feel if you did something wrong that would normally entail say a fine or 30 days in jail, only to have the public freak out and force the judicial system to give you 20 years in jail? That wouldn’t be fair. You can’t let public pressure determine policy.”

    Well that’s not what is happening here. This is a private(non-profit) media organization. There are plenty of instances where individuals from CEO to pizza maker are fired for activities outside of work. The CBA basically gave Goddell the power to do anything he wanted, and he is.

    Basically, the players (like most of the general public) have no special protections of their jobs when they commit a crime. The judicial system is not the same and private organizations have no reason they need to follow the judicial system.

  31. If these players and Union President had ANY brains, they would all protest abd sit out until Goodell is fired or removed. This clown is ruining football. AP served his time.

  32. This is the first punishment he received, he has been getting full pay until now. The Vikings have been punished for not having his services at least now they’re off the hook fo the remainder of his season.

  33. AP has already been ordered by the courts to get help, and I hope he does, because wheter or not he ever plays in the NFL again he’ll still be a father. But what the NFL is effectively doing is saying is “We won’t follow our own policy that says 6 games for the first domestic violence offense, and it’s better that you try and hide any domestic violence because if we find out it’ll probably be your career.”

  34. Can we stop talking about the NFL punishing Peterson “further”? He got a two month PAID vacation to deal with personal problems. If anything, that’s the opposite of a punishment; I’m sure not getting that from my employer if I find myself in legal trouble.

  35. Cowards hit kids, Cowards deny responsibility and avoid accountability….my god people he made his 4yr old son bleed and bruise with a stick. Do you realize the force it would take and can you even imagine the pain. Whip yourself and try to draw blood. There is absolutely no justification for it but This coward believes he was justified despite what the law states. This coward is more worried about getting on the field then resolving whatever issue he has that makes him believe a child deserves this type of punishment. Collective bargaining or not, like or dislike Goodell, belief in physical punishment for children or not this is atrocious, disgusting and cowardly for any man or woman to do this to a child. You can hide from the law behind a plea deal Adrian but your still a child abuser and until you are ready to admit it you shouldn’t be playing football. The child is your priority not football.

  36. I am a Vikings fan till I die and he has missed over half the season already. I am not saying the best solution is to have him come back to the Vikings (although we won’t say no to him coming back), but let him back to play again. He has more than served his time. He has been punished by the courts and isn’t that enough?? Roger Goodell needs to go. I have always been a fan of his but not with the way he is handling RR or AP.

  37. By the way I can’t believe the people on this post are more worried about Goodell than the child Adrian beat. Pretty sad that you would ever defend him after seeing those photos. I just had my second child 3 days ago and she has been in a nursery hooked up to 3 different machines. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to take her place. The idea that anyone would defend this barely human being is insulting and heartbreaking.

  38. You beat and bruise a 4 year old child and you deserve severe punishment.

    However, that is not the point here. The point is that whatever comes before the NFL as a violation of, well, anything … no one ever has a CLUE about what they will do. I was a Prosecutor for 25 years and any of us and any defense attorney could look at the facts of just about any case and tell you, within about 5%, what the punishment would be if the Defendant was convicted. I can’t even remember ever being surprised by a Sentence in a case.

    The NFL? Someone needs to take away Goodell’s darts and dartboard.

  39. It just hit me as to what is going on. The NFL has no courage to stand up to the public (opinion) or to NFL sponsors so it does the easiest thing possible, suspend Peterson for the entire year. The NFL has now appeased those groups. Now, if the NFLPA wins their appeal the NFL will state that they support the appeals process and accept their decision. Doing it this way gives the NFL and out and all parties win. Peterson probably has to pay a fine of six game checks and then this entire thing will be over. This seems to make some sense, but then again who knows.

  40. Look at What really matters to the league…ratings are dropping every season. How does the league gets its young fans, right now a young kid with mild interest must think the NFL is a criminal league and why would you want to watch or be involved in that.

  41. Has he taken Irsay off the exempt list and kept him out of the league for a year yet? No? Oh yeah, he’s an owner not a player. And they can do whatever they want.

  42. NFLPA looks really worthless. Why would players pay dues for something that offers zero benefit when they need it. NFL can just make the rules as they go and there’s nothing the PA can do.

  43. Sorry that the CBA doesn’t specifically spell out what will happen when union members ABUSE CHILDREN!!!

    I think the NFL should be allowed some lattitude on this one. If you don’t like it…STOP BEATING CHILDREN!!!!!

  44. Did he also comment that “water is wet”?

    I have no sympathy for Peterson. What he did was horrible, and the worst part to me, is that he doesn’t seem to recognize that it was wrong.

    But, it’s clear the NFL is making this up as they go, in an attempt to appease sponsors and fans – in other words, to prevent a loss of revenue.

  45. I feel public opinion has changed from what it was when we first learned of the charges. Take a look at the comment tallies when this first happened the thumbs up/down tally’s were overwhelming in support to suspend him, kick him from the league etc.. Today looking at the multiple stories, many of the thumb tallies are reversed showing a sign of forgiveness, to let AP play, the NFL has no idea what theyre doing and fire goodell.

    Obviously what he did was wrong, but the state of Texas did not take away the child from AP. if this truly was child abuse, there is no way they let the child near AP. 2 months paid vacation does not mean much to a player in his prime looking to set NFL records and perhaps he doesnt deserve to be able to. but regardless hes not going to play for a full year or more because of this incident.

    Like most on here i didn’t think there was a chance that AP would play again, 9 weeks later was enough for public opinion to sway the other way, including mine. The NFL missed the boat once again.

  46. The players won’t stand together and the owners would shamelessly trot out scabs in their place so what’s the union going to do? Look at the process in the Jim Irsay case as exhibit 1 in unequal discipline.

  47. Not a Vikings fan but this is beyond ridiculous. Josh Brent=murder=10game suspension, Peterson=15 game suspension. I wish the NFLPA could get the players to immediately go on strike in protest.

  48. If Demaurice doesn’t do something about this he should be fired…..this is a disgrace what Goodell has done to this game I can not believe the way the NFL has handled this or the Rice situation….both guys were wrong and should be punished but what Goodell is doing is trying to save his own butt….I never thought in a million yrs I would have sympathy for anyone of those guys but Goodell was able to accomplish that….I believe in punishing these guys but it has to be fair and consistent….its like someone commits a crime and should be 2-4 yr sentence but the judge decides to give him 40 yrs because he gave a light sentence to someone yesterday and the public was upset with him, so this was his make up….

  49. It amazes me the uninformed jargon I read from posters here. What Peterson did is disgusting in my opinion. However, what he did was discipline his child the way he learned when he was brought up. That doesn’t make what he did right but it doesn’t make the guy a terrible monster as some of you are saying.

    What he did was wrong and he should hopefully learn from it. Where Goodell and the NFL makes their mistake is the fact they didn’t abide by the agreement, they didn’t abide by the CBA either. Agreements are made with months of negotiating and it does appear Goodell makes crap up as he goes along.

    I will be the first to admit I am glad AP is suspended because I want him to seriously learn from this. However, the punishment is not warranted for the charges. The fact that Goodell is saying he can’t even apply for reinstatement till April 2015 is absurd as well. It should be a suspension of a certain amount of games and that is it. As a matter of fact, he should have had to pay back money for a certain amount of games he missed. Even prisoners get out with “time served”. AP is certainly not a prisoner and he’s not a monster as some of you are trying to say. You don’t know the guy personally. He is a person that has made mistakes. Albeit a terrible mistake but it doesn’t make the guy a terrible person.

  50. So what is it we get for 44 million a pom-pis ass who can not figure how to handle a thing other then making sure his hair is perfectly combed. The man dose not have a clue… He will eventually destroy the game. Making it to boring to watch…

  51. De … YOU negotiated this CBA. YOU rep the players.

    It’s on YOU.

    I’m guessing you and your brethren took more money in exchange for giving the NFL more leeway with regard to player conduct.

    You can’t go back now and whine.

    You and the players signed off on this.

  52. DeMaurice Smith is delusional. The reason the NFL is ‘making this up’ is because they’ve never faced a situation like this before.

    The NFL has every reason to do to Adrian Peterson what they please. His employer is the NFL. He committed a crime and shows no remorse and thinks he did nothing wrong. He has been very combative in this whole situation with the NFL. Peterson seems absolutely clueless at this point. If he could just admit that he went way too far and apologize, that could have gone a long way. But instead he chose a far more aggressive option.

  53. You can be happy Peterson isn’t going to be playing and still understand Smith is 100% correct. The NFL has a crisis in leadership. Thanks to their bungling of the Rice incident they’ve completely backed themselves into a corner. Now, any high-profile case gets whatever off-the-wall punishment Goodell thinks will help with their PR damage control. Problem is you can’t have a disciplinary policy that is totally made up as you go along.

    Beating a child is terrible, but so is beating a spouse, hurting people in a DUI, etc. Are they going to be this tough on everybody, or will it be just a few high profile cases? I don’t think Goodell and company have thought that far ahead.

  54. This what happens when the NFL tries to pick punishments based on pressure from the public. Just come up with a standardized system for issuing suspensions and fines. with all the eggheads in NY, you would think this should be done in a week.

    NFL is looking really bad. First they suspend ray rice for 2 games based on their “system”. then the video comes out and there is backlash, so they just decide to re-suspend him, and not for a set time either.

    Then AP’s case and its just random again.

    NFL somehow made me feel bad for these idiots, which says a lot about the NFL.

    Hey Roger, grow a pair! just suspend these idiots based on a written system and stick to it. It the public doesn’t like it, let them complain about it. they will quickly find another issue to take to social media and distract them.

    grow up

  55. Some of you sound like those bitter women on talk shows who boo everytime the host introduces the cheating boyfriend. Peterson’s case has been settled and he’s sat out 11 weeks. Paid or not, He hasn’t been able to practice his profession or help his team. He’s been punished. The Vikings have been punished. The only reason Goddel suspended him for the rest of the year was because he was afriad of dealing with backlash from special interest groups. It has nothing to do with policy. He caved to public pressure with Ray Rice and he’s doing it again.

    And the NFL is not his employer. The Vikings are. They have every right to cut him if they so choose. The NFL’s ability to suspend him should be based on collectively bargained guidelines, not the whim of a frightened puppet, who’s starting to realize he bit off more than he can chew with his ‘judge, jury and executioner’ role.

  56. Blame your union member for beating his 4 year old… Not the employer who was forced to act by an angered public.

    While the above is mostly true, it is that employer that said after the legal process was done he would be reinstated.

    You also need to know that this case was originally looked at by a grand jury and was going to be dismissed on a Monday or a Tuesday. The day before that happened the Ray Rice video came out.

    This then forced the Grand Jury to look at it again they decided to move forward with the case. So originally there wasn’t even going to be charges on this.

    I’m sure Peterson agreed to a no contest plea as well under the assumption he would be re-instated, he was supposedly told that by a league official.

    The NFL is becoming a reflection of the rest of the society. Powerful CEOs are able to do whatever they please to the workers with little to no reprucussion to their actions.

  57. It’s not the NFL’s fault for making up a punishment; it’s AP’s fault for finding a loophole in the CBA that allowed him to beat his child.

  58. What would happen to you if you beat your 4yr old? Would you still make millions?
    Life is more then your fantasy team!!!!!
    Playing football in the NFL is a privilege not a right

  59. Are you kidding me PA? Since when do all personal conduct violations have a set punishment? The NFL is completely within their rights to punish him for his violations as they see fit based on the circumstance. He signed the conduct agreement. What he did to his kid was FAR worse than the spat between Ray and Janay, and Ray is out for life.

    He has also NOT been punished for violating the NFL drug policy, regarding his admitted marijuana use during his “exempt” status.

    Today was the first day AP was handed a real punishment. Being paid millions to sit and do nothing sounds like a sweet gig. He could’ve done things to have the NFL look more favorably on him, like show up to the damn hearing on friday, or make donations to domestic abuse non-profits. He’s shown zero remorse, and he thinks he is above the law. He’s lucky he got paid this season at all. I would’ve done like the patriots did to hernandez if I were zygi, and cut him loose without paying him a dime of “guaranteed” money. He forfeited that money when he committed a heinous crime.

  60. What do you people want? He gives Ray Rice two games and that’s too light for everyone. He gives AP six games (because the Vikings deactivated him for the first ten) and everyone loses their minds at the severity of it. And DeSmith arguing about this is just ridiculous because the justice system in place is the one HE and the players negotiated in the last CBA! You can’t bargain for a system and then complain about the system that you put together.

    You think it’s easy to be in Goodell’s position? He’s screwed either way because this is such a polarizing issue, and it comes on the heels of Ray Rice’s controversy. I’m not saying Goodell is perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but all you people whining about how he has to go: what do you want from him? If he doesn’t suspend AP, the headline is that the NFL doesn’t punish child abusers (because the Vikings “punished” him initially, not the league). If he suspends him, then Goodell is a tyrant. There’s no way for him to win here

    Do I agree with AP out for the full year? No, but I’m sitting here feeling bad for him because he got paid millions to take ten weeks off from his job. Playing in the league is a privilege, not a right, and you better be willing to abide by the rules or that privilege can be taken away from you. Don’t break laws and you’ll never have a problem with the league office

  61. I’m no fan of Smith but in this case he’s 100% right> The NFL is a making up the rules case by case based upon public opinion. If they reinstate Rice look for them to do it on Thanksgiving day when less folks will be around to vent outrage.

  62. The mother wants AP still in his life. if the Child is truly scarred for life he would have had a restraining order on him and he’d be in jail.

    the NFL has not had a single word with the mother or child to determine how scarred this child really is. They have no idea, We have no idea. But somehow Goodell knows the mind set of this child.

    Goodell is determining the punishment based on assuming the worst. How will he be able to determine if Peterson is making progress if he doesnt even know where the bar is at right now?

  63. Goodell has no idea what he is doing. He can’t hand out consistent and predictable discipline and he makes up the discipline process as he goes.

    Most parents learn that effective child discipline requires clear rules, established consequences for breaking them, and integrity in administering any punishment. But Goodell himself-daddy of the NFL–had no clue what the consequences should be for a player whipping his child. So he “punts” and parks Peterson on the player-exempt list. Then he ignores the letter agreement with Peterson, unilaterally creates a new non-CBA hearing process and indefinitely suspends Peterson subject to successful counseling. Every 9 year old recognizes this behavior–it’s Roger the schoolyard bully changing the rules in the middle of a game he is loosing. Unfortunately the NFL is the only game in this school yard and players can’t just walk off the field and stop playing. Any bully would love this game.

    Goodell is paid tens of millions a year and this is the best he can do? His “discipline” of Peterson lacked predictability and integrity. Player personal conduct won’t improve with this ad hoc “parenting.” It’s a joke and the “laughs” won’t stop coming until the owners decide the Commissioner’s job description includes more than increasing the League’s revenue with lucrative television contracts.

  64. You mean cutting a limb off a tree, removing the leaves and stuffing them in a 4 year old’s mouth, then beating him bloody with it isn’t what everyone does?


  65. Didn’t hear this guy spouting cries of inconsistency the day Ray Rice was suspended a measly two games. It took the fans igniting the media to get anything done about it.

  66. He’s right and in this case, I don’t see how you can even question that. Ray Rice gets 2 games when the public hasn’t seen the video, then essentially a lifetime ban when we get to SEE what happened, even though we and the league knew it all along. While the crime warranted the larger suspension from the beginning, the video getting out showed that Goodell is far harsher with his punishments when he can’t cover up what a player did anymore. Visual evidence of an already admitted offense shows that both the initial punishment and the follow-up were grossly mishandled.

    Before the Rice video being made public and the perception was that the league was not being harsh eough on Rice (which was true), Aldon Smith gets 9 nine games for 2 DUI’s, a bomb threat at an airport, and owning a gun that is illegal in the state he lives in. Certainly he should be punished, but 9 games for these offenses vs 2 games for knocking a woman unconscious? Then days later when the Rice video comes out, Ray is suspended indefinitely. This shows consistent inconsistency of suspension lengths not based on the crimes, but the current state of public opinion for the last suspension given. In a court, the punishment fits the crime. You don’t let one guy off easy because you threw the book at the last guy or vice versa.

    Now Peterson (who is very high profile) commits a crime that is highly offensive to a lot of people, Roger is predictably saying they will keep him suspended for the rest of the year. He can bide his time and wait to see if the players union wins their case, and if union wins the league can say “Well, we tried,” and save face with the public and sponsors. A nice convenient spot for them.

    It would really be nice if there was a clear outline of offenses and an exact number of games that players would receive for them – like the drug policy. Until then, expect the all powerful Goodell to keep making up the rules as he goes along, which is bad for the players and the league.

  67. DeMaurice Smith should be buried in the north endzone of Giants Stadium….scratch that, the south endzone, the north end is already occupied by some other union leader leech.

  68. jimbo1966 says:
    Nov 18, 2014 12:08 PM

    I’ll sum up in one word what the players need to do…STRIKE. Just walk off the field.

    It is always an option


    How’s that job search coming along, Jimbo?

  69. Its simple. Goodell has to act equitably. He is all over the place and this makes his act tiresome. The player in question has been convicted of a misdemeanor. That’s it period,,,end of story. The field is covered with players charged with past felonies and even convicted of felonies. By all account Peterson has made a solid case for understanding his behavior and the court ruled as the final arbiter that his behavior did not require additional punishment. The NFL had a deal in place. As usual the NFL messed that up and again is left with egg on their collective face. Time to move on and if you want to have a policy that deals with off-field misdeeds then put something understandable in place and enforce it on ALL PLAYERS ALL THE TIME. Otherwise we will just wait for the next NFL driven screwup.

  70. I’m always on the side of the owners….

    I don’t follow players, I follow the team….and if most of these half wits weren’t on the field they’d be selling popcorn in the stands…..

    That said, the NFL does appear to be making it up as they go along….

  71. It’s just a shame that people like Peterson are allowed to procreate in the first place.

    But, nonetheless, Union Joe is right – Adrian “Whoop That Boy Bloody” Peterson followed due process – he should be reinstated.

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