Eagles do not appreciate Aaron Rodgers’ amusement

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The Packers had plenty of fun on Sunday against the Eagles.  The Eagles think they had too much fun.

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers allegedly laughed too much for the visiting team’s liking.

“Hell, yeah.  That sh-t pissed me off,” linebacker Brandon Graham said, via Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com.  “I wanted to get him.  But at the end of the day, shoot, he was doing his job.  More power to him.  I guess we would be laughing if we were sacking him.”

“[H]e was smirking,” cornerback Nolan Carroll added. “He’s always been like that.  You’ve seen it many times.  He’s just one of those guys that jokes on the field.  Whatever you present to him, whatever you show him, it doesn’t surprise him much.”

There’s a simple solution for it.  The Eagles could have shut him up by beating him.

“It’s just one of them things where you want to smack that smirk off his face,” Graham said. “But I mean they definitely came to play.  I’ve got to take my hat off to him.  That’s the first time I have ever seen that.

“We started talking about it toward the end.  We were like, ‘He’s been laughing at us all day.’  He’s a good quarterback, man.  I would love to see him in the playoffs.”

Apparently, Rodgers would love to see the Eagles in the playoffs, too.

179 responses to “Eagles do not appreciate Aaron Rodgers’ amusement

  1. come’on guys

    you guys sucked. did’nt do your jobs.

    Thats just ARod…he is always smiling, joking, laughing….see his comedic commercials ?!

  2. It actually sounds like they understand why he was amused and instead of being angry with him they are upset their own play was poor.

    But that doesn’t make for a good story, so here we are.

  3. Wow, what a bunch of little girls. They don’t like that Rodgers was smiling? Are you kidding me? I’ve never heard of such immature, unprofessional whining from a football team before in my life.

  4. There is such a thing as a sore winner. Someone in show business once said, “Be nice to the people you meet on the way up because you meet the same people on the way down.”

    Act like a jerk in victory and you’ll get it back in spades when you’re on the other end. Jus’ sayin’.

  5. They don’t like that he smiles but every defensive player that gets a sack acts like they won the lotto, married a super model and captured the Lombardi EVERY TIME

  6. If anyone follows Rodgers as closely as a Packer fan likely would, you’d see that just about every other aspect of Rodgers is so serious and driven by analysis, that his only outlet of joy is when all the hardwork pays off on the field. I really don’t think he’s laughing or smirking AT the other teams, he’s reaping what he has sown. In a way, because is so serious and dour (as far as football goes) the rest of the time, I’m glad he revels in something. Otherwise he’d be another Peyton Manning, who never seems to enjoy anything, anytime.

  7. It’s hard to smile when you’re picking yourself up off the turf. Put him on his back and he won’t smile. The Eagles didn’t do that. Smile on, Aaron!

  8. Only one way to wipe the smile off his face, guys. And what are you doing allowing these reporters to bait you into saying dumb things? Didn’t you study your cue cards for stuff like this?

  9. The Eagles can cry if they like or they can bear down and play better. Shady McCoy is a guy who could work harder. Dude’s lazy now that he bought into his own hype. There are certainly others.

  10. I suppose looking across the field at Rodgers laughing, while Sanchez is curled up in the fetal position or eating a hot dog or whatever he is doing on the sideline is upsetting to the rest of the Eagles.

  11. Instead of worrying about Rodgers laughing at them, they should be more concerned about that performance they had. Everyone was laughing at them, they were pathetic.

  12. You got whooped. And thats how all packers fans act anyways, I mean all Packer owners have that smirk like theyre better up there in GB or something. Nothings changed with that crass organization. 1 and done as usual.

  13. But at least the eagles have all those Lombardi trophy s to take solace in. Oh never mind… How many of u have seen the flyers win a cup ????

  14. For all the guys that take things WAY too seriously, it’s hard to hate on a guy that can laugh while working.

    And think about it, he has an entire Statefarm advertising campaign that is built around making fun of himself, so have a laugh.

  15. I like that Cheeser…. Not a GB Fan…But Aaron out there…playing like that and smiling at the Eagles “D”…like the cat that ate the canary….Right On Bro… Now just shake that Discount Double-check crap and get a decent commercial son…..

    Big John Gruden

    Serpentine Son…Serpentine…

  16. Not a fan of either team but damn this was blown outta context. Of course they didn’t like it because they’re competitors but they also gave him his props. And even acknowledged that they would do the same if they were sacking him. They never killed him for laughing they just said they didn’t like it.

  17. Eagles players and fans are in perpetual misery due to their close proximity to the foul, cursed city of Philadelphia. They don’t know what happiness or joy looks like – even when good things happen they wear a scowl.

    Watch the Packers enough and you know that Rodgers is a laid back California dude and Lambeau field is always a cheerful place so there’s a lot of smiling going on. You don’t need to take offense and react with anger just because you don’t understand something.

  18. Come on phillysports1. Nobody hates the Eagles. We pity them and are amused by their incompetence. No hate….

  19. Rodgers has alway been insanely smug

    But he’s a great, great player

    So beat him like the 49ers always do and then he’ll be quiet

    Iron Sharpens Iron

  20. Seriously? If you’ve watched his career at all you would know that he is always clowning with everyone, even after a bad play, a clean sack, an incompletion, etc. (No, not every play) Dude has fun out there. And from the sounds of it, the Eagles are more pissed at themselves than Aaron.

  21. It’s almost like half of the commenters didn’t actually read the article. The Eagles recognized that Rodgers was smiling because they weren’t doing their jobs well and he was. They tipped their cap to him but that doesn’t mean they can’t be pissed off and eager for another shot to wipe the smile off his face.

  22. During the panthers eagles game, I remember being annoyed by Sanchez and other eagles doing the same thing. Every team up by a lot of points does this. It only bothers us when it’s happening against the team we root for.

  23. Ain’t nothing like them sheagles feeling butthurt because of the loss! Too funny! Believe me aaron, we were laughing with you! Cowboys!!

  24. shaggytoodle says:
    Nov 18, 2014 6:02 PM
    I suppose looking across the field at Rodgers laughing, while Sanchez is curled up in the fetal position or eating a hot dog or whatever he is doing on the sideline is upsetting to the rest of the Eagles.

    I nearly fainted reading this hahaha

  25. Y’all had a whole game to do something about it…..but didn’t.

    Who’s fault is that?

    Philly fans blow

  26. I am not a big fan of rubbing it in; but the eagle DB’s should get the tape out of the 2013 game when Boykin intercepted the ball in endzone, the nobody (who was QBing for Rodgers after the injury) threw to the wrong spot. The Eagle DB’s acted like they won the Superbowl so as another poster said “Smile On AAron”

  27. I am still laughing. Nothing against the Eagles, a pretty good team, but I enjoyed seeing Sánchez with that dumb look on his face.

    One thing I dislike about the media and some fans, is that they have the tendency to hype players up when they so clearly don’t deserve the credit. Sánchez was talked up for years even though he makes horrible decisions on the field. Sánchez isn’t the only one either.

  28. He LAUGHED too much?! “He was SMIRKING.” THESE are the issues PROFESSIONAL football players find crucial during a BEAT DOWN?! JEEZ, I wonder if AR arranged to have their BEDS short-sheeted as well? It’s hard to imagine a former Eagles HOF linebacker who SINGLE-HANDEDLY knocked out Frank Gifford for an entire year THINKING, much less UTTERING something along these lines.

  29. Rodgers grin does not even touch the worse grins in NFL history.

    Aaron’s grin can not hold a candle to the conceited horse teeth grin, of ole John Elway in his day.

    Elway is the only guy in NFL History who could bite the icing off the back of his own birthday cake.

    Do I hate him.. Yep! I hate him.

  30. Dream teammmmmmmmmm they hate us we the beast of the east

    Hahahahaha last i check the saints spanked green bay an Afroud looked average. Like I said it was an any giving sunday we didnt show up but play us again or in Philly an we would make him average no worries. As far as the division the team’s just can’t keep up with us they

    Call us PAPA!

  31. It’s the NFL everyone… The Packers are only three weeks removed from Drew Brees laughing and smirking at them…

  32. Aaron laughed Jared Allen out of Minnesota. Unfortunately for Jared, he ended up in Chicago and the laughter just continued. Viking fans are already thinking about what they’re going to post if the vikes somehow hold him to under 45 points Sunday.

  33. pfffft

    Anyone who’s ever seen Rodgers before (gee, Brandon, watch any film?) knows he wears that grin anytime he’s clicking with Jordy and Co.

    Pouting/whining about how mean he is is just silly. Take the character build and move on.

    (and this from an Eagles fan)

  34. @ theteop says:

    “Say what you will, Mark Sanchez didn’t give up 53 points”.

    No, he gave up 14 of the 53 on the INT return for a TD, and the botched snap that he should have fell on immediately .

    So, Sanchez gave up 14, and the D gave up 39 points. Either way, the Eagles were manhandled and had zero answers on offense or defense. It was laughable, and Rodgers apparently agrees.

    There, you happy?

  35. Everyone takes a beaten once in a while. And we got beaten by arguably the best QB in the NFL. We weren’t ready plain and simple. But there’s a good chance we get a rematch in the playoffs, and I guarantee its not going be a lopsided game. Eagles have no Super Bowls but that doesn’t stop fans from being passionate for their team. We have been the best team for the last 20 years in our division despite no rings.
    We bleed green !

  36. Who will be smirking on Sunday? Click up for Rodgers or down for Bridgewater. Assume it’s in the first half, because Rodgers might not play in the 2nd half.

  37. Sounded like the Eagles players were more upset that their play allowed him to enjoy the game so much rather than the belief that Aaron was in some way disrespectful. Amazing how haters find things to hate. I think its fun to watch when we see players enjoy playing football. One of my favorite games ever was a snowy night at Lambeau where Favre led a comeback against the Seahawks. The snow was glistening in the lights and Favre was throwing snowballs during the commercial breaks. How can you say you love football as a fan and then get angry seeing a player show that they actually enjoy playing? Weird.

  38. It’s hard not to smile a during a game like that… They don’t come around very often so I don’t think there is anything wrong with “enjoying the journey”!

  39. These guys are getting millions of dollars to play a game for a living.

    Shouldn’t they all be laughing at those of us responsible for the millions they are making?

  40. did you see Sanchito on the sidelines ? he had a scarlet A on his forehead…worst body language in the league…he’s no more a leader, a winner than he was in NYJ

  41. AS an Eagle Fan:

    Man Up!!

    Who cares if they were laughing, the only way to shut them up is to beat them.

    We would be laughing and having fun too at the other teams expense, look at Carolina and NY. I’m sure they weren’t happy we were having a good time.

    Talk the Talk Walk the Walk.

  42. I think half the country was laughing at the Eagles last Sunday. So much so, that FOX flexed out to the Lions/Cards game after the first half because the game was becoming such a laugher! 😀

  43. Used to be when a team got embarrassed by another team, the losing team turned it into energy for the next game. I guess now the acceptable thing is to cry that the other team was too happy in victory? $25K fines for illegal smirks?

  44. “Apparently, Rogers would love to see the Eagles in the playoffs, too.”

    I’m sure he would, considering that he has a 3-0 career record against the Eagles which also includes a road victory over the birds in the 2011 playoffs.

  45. If you don’t like it, don’t let him hang 50+ points on you. If I wasn’t an Eagles fan I would’ve been laughing to.

  46. djvh2 says:
    Nov 18, 2014 6:46 PM
    “Who will be smirking on Sunday? Click up for Rodgers or down for Bridgewater. Assume it’s in the first half, because Rodgers might not play in the 2nd half.”

    Could you imagine the numbers Rodgers would have if he played the whole game (and brakes weren’t applied) against Minnesota, Chicago, Carolina and Philly?

  47. he smiled and had fun against the Dolphins and the game was close all the way until it was decided with 3 seconds left …

    he wasn’t smirking, but having a great time playing quarterback in a very competitive game …

  48. theageofquarrel says:
    Nov 18, 2014 6:59 PM

    When you spend a good amount of time in Wisconsin you do become stupid and/or fat.
    I’ve been in Wisconsin and I’ve been in Philly. Trust me, Wisconsin is better.

  49. I mean, none of this seems to me like they’re actually complaining about it… They’re acknowledging the fact that he was smirking and laughing while beating them soundly, and acknowledging that it sucked to watch and pissed them off. Not pissed at him, just pissed off, because they know he’s good and he earned the right to laugh, and they would have done the same… I don’t see the story here.

  50. Sounds like most of the commenters read the headline and not the article.

    None of the Eagles quoted were “whining” about anything. They just mentioned that they noticed it and that he played great and if they want him to stop they have to make him stop.

    Of course why spend 30 seconds reading the article and digesting what was actually said when you just skip to the comments and write whatever comes to mind.

  51. Just a thought, if Greg Jennings were still a Packer, he would be having fun and laughing while scoring touchdowns. Why would he go to Minnesota to be miserable, money is nice but at the end of the day winning is better.

  52. Are these the same guys that had a party in Charlotte the previous Monday night at the panthers expense……they danced all night and now they are complaining when they get the butt whooping……

  53. just so many Rodgers haters but about 30 other teams wish he was their QB. Plus the 27 teams that passed him in the draft I bet don’t do much smiling.

  54. did anyone in Philly watch what the Pack did to the Bears two weeks ago????

    Aaron Rodgers was mocking the Bears all night…as he should!!

  55. “money is nice but at the end of the day winning is better.”

    Yeah, because when hes 55 that 12 win season back in 2014 will be better than having money in the bank. He can live off the memories!!! smh…

  56. “He’s a good quarterback, man. I would love to see him in the playoffs.”

    No, Brandon Graham…I don’t think you would like that…because it will mean elimination (again) for the Eagles.

  57. Sorry Brandon and Nolan … but truthfully, I was laughing at you too. No disrespect really, it’s just that it was 30-3 in the second quarter … with no real end in sight. Have to admit – it was fun. Not exactly what I expected to see from a team coming into the game at 7-2.

    *But here’s a little hint for you … the next time you play the Cowboys … if it’s 30-3 in the second quarter – all of them will be laughing at you too.

    And the Redskins …

    And the Giants …

  58. AAron Rodgers is the best QB out there right now, and you play like the Eagles played, he has a right to laugh. Please, Mark Sanchez v Aaron Rodgers is a non starter.

  59. Give me a break! Rodgers is total class. If he wanted, he could have stayed in that game and put up 30 more points. Instead, he was on the sidelines for most of the 2nd half. Yeah, he was smiling and laughing with his teammates. So? What’s wrong with that?
    I saw Eagle players jumping up and signaling first downs when they were trailing by 40 points!! Talk about dumb!!
    The Eagles are coming off as big babies with this nonsense. If they’re so worried about Rodgers having a little fun and relaxation on the sidelines, maybe they should have gotten to him and put him on his butt a few times during the game instead of watching his laser accurate passes going over their heads to Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.
    The Eagles haven’t won a championship since 1960, when they beat Vince Lombardi’s Packers for the title. Lombardi said after that game he’d never lose another title game and he didn’t. He won 5 championships in 7 years, a feat which has never been equaled.
    Meanwhile, the Eagles have never won another one. Instead of worrying about Rodgers, they better start preparing to play this week and then for the Cowboys, or they could find themselves in their usual spot — out of the playoffs.
    Whoooosh!!! That was Aaron Rodgers throwing another TD against the Eagles!! Ha ha.

  60. NFL….It’s like paying for filet mignon but getting a hot dog….They should give Vikings fans the option to get their money back….Vikes front office is WEAK, Zigy, please sell the team to someone w balls, and I don’t mean footballs.

  61. TIME OUT !

    Rodgers was out. Matthews was out.
    Wallace got hurt hurt
    ^ other starters on IR or not playing.
    And Desean Jackson Scores a TD and acts like its the Super Bowl.
    Including his gang signs.

    Eagle fans have short memories…..
    brag when you beat a beat up team

    Classy Philly as always


    I heard Rodgers just threw another Touchdown against The Eagles……..aka THE DREAM TEAM ….

  63. Packers fans talking smack but watch the Packass go 1 and done in the playoff then let’s see the fans and Rodgers smiling and laughing on the side line again. LOL!!!!

  64. The Dude loves to play … to compete … whether he is up by 40 or in a tie game … he enjoys the moment.

    The game needs about a 100 more like Rodgers.

  65. As a Packer fan, I have no issue with anything they said. Without Foles the Eagles aren’t the same team, just like the Packers weren’t without AR last year. Proud players don’t like getting smirked at, good for them. I wouldn’t want guys who were ok with that playing on the team I follow, and would just as soon not see the Eagles again with Foles back.

  66. Stop saying we’re going to hang 50 on Minnesota. Minnesota isn’t a very good team but any team can soldier up the power to win. I hate Minnesota and their fans, cause no matter how crap they are, no matter how many times they are proven inferior they still talk smack like they won. But I’m not going to call any game against a division rival a gimmie, they aren’t beat until we beat them… period.

  67. I like the cheese heads , but I watched Rodgers did the same thing when they were piling it up against the Bears. I thought it was a tad smug. But then I also watched Rodgers during the hand off kicking his legs about like a flamenco dancer when they were losing against the Saints. It’s almost like he’s on a verge of tantrum. He wasn’t happy. I thought that was weird and funny. I felt bad for him when they said he was hurting. Well he can have fun when their winning big time. The best thing to do for the losers is to play well next time to wipe that smirk off his face and make him dance the flamenco. — besides I’ve seen worse exhibition than laughing. Rodgers is red hot right now. He can do whatever he darn wants and the losing side just have to put up with it.

  68. Wow. The Vitriol of some of you people.
    Aaron Rodgers is a generational talent. Enjoy it.
    Oh no! We have to be the usual internet people and be cynical and hate everybody!
    Dude is sweet.
    When he retires in 7-8 years everybody will be all about him.
    Enjoy a great athlete when you can.
    Even if he’s an opponent.

  69. I like how the article talked about how he was smirking before he called a timeout.

    The cameras/mics were focused on Rodgers when this happened. As best I can tell the Packers were late getting their line calls sorted and they burnt a timeout as a result. It looked like Rodgers had smirk of “we messed up” since they were lined up ready to snap for 20 seconds and still had to burn a timeout.

    If the score wasn’t 24-3 he probably would have been throwing a fit about it.

  70. And in bizarro world, people are expecting Philly players to be happy to see their opposing quarterback smiling the entire game.

  71. Favre did the same thing all the time. So does Peyton. Get over it, or beat him. Whining is so Minnesota. You’re better than that.

  72. this headline is misleading and now a bunch of idiots are gonna comment about how the eagles players are sore losers etc…none of these quotes said that they were upset with his body language. they both state that on the field it made them angry, but that he was performing in a way that forced them to take it on the chin. bottom line is the guy is a surgeon and whether he was smiling and laughing or not, they should be embarrassed with the way they played on sunday

  73. Uh-oh.
    Don’t let Roger Goodell see this.
    Otherwise laughing and smiling by any player at any time for any reason will start to be fined.

  74. He was not laughing playing the Dolphins during the game only at the end. Probably shows what a good defence we have or just that the Pigeons suck who knows all will reveal its self come January. Anyway back to Rodgers what funny man he is, both Rodgers and the Gronk are hilarious.

  75. I love all of the ViQueen Trolls commenting on this post. Just keep on with all of your trash talk, you have 4 days left to enjoy the ONLY enjoyable thing about this season. I can only imagine how huge the a$$ whooping is going to be this Sunday. It’s a shame that Trolls only show up on here the days prior to the game, and then slither back into the sewers after the Packers stomp the crap out of their team. We won’t hear from them again until fall 2015.

    GO PACK GO!!!

  76. @joker65
    My point is: Jennings resigns with the Packers for 10 to 20 percent less money than he gets with the Vikings. It is not like he will be broke at 55 if he makes 4 million a year instead of 5 million. With the Packers he scores touchdowns and wins games, with the Vikings he plays with QB’s who can’t get him the ball and loses games. His legacy is nothing and his chance to make it into the HOF is zero. Sometimes choices are about more than money. That is why Jordy Nelson signed a team friendly contract a couple of years ago.

  77. As a Viking fan I have no issues with Rodgers smiling and laughing. He’s out there having fun which is the way the game should be played. In my opinion he’s the best QB in the league right now hands down. As the article states, the way to make him stop laughing is to sack him and beat him.

    That being said the Vikings play the Packers this weekend and I will be cussing him out if he’s laughing at the Vikings. Just being truthful but at the end of the day if he’s laughing he deserves to be because that means he’s doing his job and the Vikings aren’t.

    Keep doing your thing ARod. Love the way you play the game even though I hate the fact you’re a Packer :).

  78. “I would love to see him in the playoffs”? Really? Must be into watching playoffs on tv.BTW..Can’t wait to hear from viking trolls after this week.

  79. Rodgers and Jared Allen always used to clown on each other when Allen was in his prime as a Viking. Just like Favre with John Randle and Warren Sapp. It’s part of the fun in watching greatness, and you better enjoy it now before the No Fun League bans “acts of enjoyment of any kind.”

  80. So now smiling and having a good time is not allowed because it might hurt the itty bitty feelings of the opposing players?? Give me a break, stop being babies, this is pro football, not pee wee ballet!! And for anyone who pays attention every week, he smirks when he gets beat out by a good defensive play as well. He appreciates good play and has a good time. You often see him smiling and slapping an opposing defensive player on the back after he’s been beaten out by a play or sacked. Get over it and find something legitimate to complain about. It makes you all look like wussies.

  81. Aaron Rodgers arrogance has always been an issue to me but at the end of the day, he backs it up and that is all that really matters. Until he doesn’t, he can do as he pleases.

  82. Maybe the Eagles should do a little research on QB’s who show disrespect. Mark ” The Sanchize” Sanchez , when with the Jets , remember that{ sure you do he played like he was still with them on Sunday 4 TO’s, ate a Hot Dog on the sideline DURING a a game…Did they have a problem thinking he would bring those ” Same Bad Disrespectful Habits ” to the Eagles?…LOL No Eagles complained there LOL

  83. Now that we have reached this level, the Eagles will now get participation trophies so that they don’t feel left out and have “self esteem” issues.

  84. I find it interesting that with all the gesticulating and posing after touchdowns and sacks, by players around the league, the one thing that got the Iggles all worked up is a guy with a little smirk…

  85. Rodgers isn’t arrogant… God forbid someone enjoying their job.

    He loves proving people wrong, whether its teams that doubted him and passed on him in the draft, people saying he wasn’t good enough to replace Favre, Media ripping GB for not getting together during the lockout, or people getting on him about the teams slow start this season.

    You know what they say about Haters though…

  86. If you don’t like it, do something about it. The Eagles just did not come to play. When you are playing for a division title and hopefully a first round bye and home field advantage in the playoffs, you cannot show up in Green Bay and not be ready to play.

  87. If I was Rodgers, I’d file away that tidbit of info for the next time they meet. Then I’d be smiling again. If all it takes is a smile to get under the skin of an opposing team, I say get happy! Maybe put on a smiley wristband or something…

  88. OM*FREAKIN*G the NFL and its players SMH!!
    *Grownmen getting bullied
    *Unsportsmanlike to run up the score
    *Stop Laughing So cause your kicking our butts
    *No more slurs or Coaches using profanity
    *Can’t express true feelings bout the Referees
    *They can’t hit hard on the field anymore
    So they do it at home now (⬅Ridiculous)
    And the list goes on.
    This is becoming a very laughable
    Expensive TV Series😂 what a joke👼

  89. I loved the look on his face when the Bears broke his collarbone last season. If you can’t win a Superbowl seeing GB punished is a fine consolation prize.
    Kickin’ It Old School.

  90. Ah, so it’s true. People really do just read the article title and comment on that alone, rather than actually read the article itself.

    I mean, this is currently #1 on PFT Most Commented? This “story” hasn’t even been a blip on the radar here in Philly all week.

  91. C’mon, a DT sacks a QB and rushes into the open field, presumably to be the center of attention, then beats his chest like he’s a combination of Hercules and King Kong..and these are the same guys that are complaining about a smirk??? Maybe Rodgers should do a chest beat when he throws a TD pass against them. How would that go over?..smh…

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