Junior Seau, Greatest Show on Turf among 26 HoF semifinalists

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A strong first-year eligible class of players including Junior Seau and four members of the Greatest Show on Turf are among the 26 players announced as semifinalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame tonight.

In addition to Seau, the first-year eligible players include Rams teammates Kurt Warner, Orlando Pace, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt.

Also on the list are the five players who were in the final 10 of last year’s voting but not among the five elected: Linebacker Kevin Greene, defensive end Charles Haley, running back Jerome Bettis, guard Will Shields and wide receiver Marvin Harrison.

The other 16 names to make the cut to 26 include running backs Roger Craig, Terrell Davis and Edgerrin James, wide receiver Tim Brown, offensive linemen Joe Jacoby, Mike Kenn and Kevin Mawae, linebacker Karl Mecklenburg, cornerback Ty Law, safeties Steve Awtwater, John Lynch and Darren Woodson, kicker Morten Andersen and coaches Don Coryell, Tony Dungy and Jimmy Johnson.

From that group of 26 names, the group will be whittled down again to 15 finalists, who will then be up for debate and election the day before the Super Bowl.

A maximum of five players from that group of 15 can be chosen.

The committee will also vote separately on seniors nominee Mick Tingelhoff, and two contributors, former General Managers Bill Polian and Ron Wolf.

Those three need 80 percent of a yes-no vote, and do not impact the five modern-era slots, meaning the maximum class this year would be eight.

89 responses to “Junior Seau, Greatest Show on Turf among 26 HoF semifinalists

  1. Class should be:

    Kurt Warner
    Marvin Harrison
    Charles Haley
    Jerome Bettis
    Tim Brown
    Jimmy Johnson

  2. Seau should get in. Idk about first ballot, and idk if his stats qualify him, but as a fan of the game watching him play in his prime, and even past his prime in NE was pure joy. The man exuded everything you thought a linebacker should be. Nobody fit the definition better than Junior. Unfortunately some of that hard headed tough guy attitude probably led to his early demise. He was taken to soon, but here’s a chance for his legacy to live on forever in the hall.

  3. A complete farce that Tim Brown is not in the HOF yet. You would think this has to be the year. The only guy on that list you could possibly, possibly make a stronger argument for would be Seau, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Back in they day at Jack Murphy stadium, the scoreboard would flash, “Say-Owwww” every time Junior laid out an opponent.

  5. No Zach Thomas?
    Too bad, thought he would at least make this list. Frankly, the guy who averaged more tackles per game than anyone else would at least get a look.

  6. Of the big names I’ll be in the minority because Kurt Warner doesn’t belong in the HOF. Winning 1 SB doesn’t make you a lock. I didn’t look at his career stats but those numbers aren’t going to be high enough on the food chain to get him in either.

    Of the lesser names: Tim Brown ? Why? Edgerrin James ? Why in the hell would you put him in? Neither is remotely qualified to be in HOF.

  7. Kurt Warner, Junior Seau, Tim Brown, Morten Andersen and Don Coryell…

    Only QB to take two teams to a Superbowl…

    Greatest MLB of his Generation…

    Greatest Receiver in the NFL not named Jerry Rice; also, he didn’t have the benefit of having Montana/Young throw to him…

    Greatest Kicker…Ever…And It is Called Football…

    Don Coryell gave us the modern passing game and it’s amazing he hasn’t been elected to the HOF already…

  8. Junior Seau, Orlando Pace, Jerome Bettis, Will Shields, Marvin Harrison, Tim Brown, Kevin Mawae, John Lynch and Darren Woodson are all deserving. Glad I don’t have to weed thru that group.

    If I had to whittle it down to 5. Seau, Pace, Shields, Lynch and Harrison.

  9. Jerry Kramer and Alex Karras need to be in, especially Kramer. He is the only member of the first-50-years team that is not in the HOF, and there are lesser guards from his era already in (i.e., they were not on the first-50-years team). Not sure what the media has against him, but this is a grave injustice.

  10. Greatest Show on Earth. Faulk is already in and deservedly so. Warner has got to be next. Those were the two that made it go…Warner came within one play of winning with Arizona too, and would have been the only QB to win SB with two teams.

    The Rams didn’t win enough to get more than two in HOF. I would rank them Bruce, Pace, and Holt after that, and would put them in the Hall of Very Good, but not the Hall of Fame.

  11. Seau, GSoT, Roger Craig, Tim Brown, Kevin Mawae, Haley, Ty Law, Atwater, Lynch, Woodson, Will Shields, Kevin Greene.

    That’s 15 who definitely deserve it in my eyes. It’s going to be a log jam in the next 3-5 years getting in. -_-

    With that said, I don’t care if my greatest show on turf don’t get in this year, I’d just like all four in. Torry Holt should be first ballot for sure. Only player in NFL History to get 1300+ receiving yards AND 90+ receptions in 6 consecutive seasons? Amazing. Orlando Pace, one of the, IF NOT THE, greatest LTs to ever play the game.

  12. Interesting. I always thought a maximum of 7 (and no less than 4) met the annual “requirements.”

    Which stinks. MLB has it right: if no one is qualified, no one is inaugurated.

    However: Shields, Harrison, Brown, Atwater, and Law should be shoo-ins for the 2015 class.

  13. Kurt Warner
    Isaac Bruce
    Junior Seau ( Only 1st ballot due to sentiment)
    Jerrome Bettis ( Shouldn’t just yet. Prefer Kevin Greene or Don Coryell)
    Steve Atwater (Many have forgotten him)

    Ron Wolf
    Bill Polian

    Joe Jacoby(if need of lineman selected. Orlando Pace would be next in line.
    Ty Law, then John Lynch is Atwater passed.
    My opinion. What are your selections/opinions?

  14. I don’t understand how Edgerrin James has got further in this process than Will Shields?

  15. My five would be

    Kevin Greene
    John Lynch
    Junior Seau
    Tim Brown
    Jerome Bettis

    Also Tony Dungy since he doesn’t count against the five

    I probably just jinxed them all….sorry

  16. This shall not be a popular post.. However it needs to be discussed.

    Should Hall of fame busts be about recognizing hero’s who set examples for the youth of today and tomorrow.

    Should we really reward and glorify a person who took the easy way out?

  17. Don’t understand the arbitrary limit of 5, if they’re deserving, they’re deserving.
    Junior Seau- yes
    Kurt Warner- no
    Orlando Pace- yes
    Isaac Bruce – no
    Torry Holt- no
    Kevin Greene- no
    Charles Haley- no
    Jerome Bettis- no
    Will Shields- yes
    Marvin Harrison- no
    Roger Craig- no
    Terrell Davis- no
    Edgerrin James- no
    Tim Brown- yes
    Joe Jacoby- no
    Mike Kenn- no
    Kevin Mawae- yes
    Karl Mecklenburg- no
    Ty Law- no
    Steve Atwater- no
    John Lynch- no
    Darren Woodson- no
    Morten Andersen- no

  18. King Kurt surely has to be in. The guy has the three highest Super Bowl QB ratings of all time.

  19. Jr Seau in the HOF is a joke, the guy over ran almost every play he saw.

    Then he committed suicide and screwed his kids.

  20. Charles Haley deserves to go in ahead of any of these guys listed. The missing piece to the Cowboys Dynasty. Playmaking, not likeability should get you in the Hall.

  21. All four four members of the Greatest Show on Turf should go straight in, no questions asked. We still have not seen an offense as prolific and probably never will. That is why as a St. Louis Rams fan, no matter what happens no one can ever take that SB or the memories of those years away from me. They were the greatest and they did it the right way.

  22. Compare the careers of Kevin Greene and Charles Haley and explain to me how Haley gets more HOF love? I guess Greene should’ve hopped from stacked SB contender to stacked SB contender too.

  23. It will never happen, but I would love to see The Greatest Show on Turf go into the hall together.

  24. I have no problem with Bill Polian or even Ron Wolf. However if Wolf is going in, then why isn’t George Young enshrined. He won one more super bowl than Wolf and had his team in the playoffs just as many times.
    Just wondering?

  25. I’d be willing to bet that Jimmy Johnson gets in. Along with pretty much the St. Louis Rams offensive roster listed as well, save for Pace, but I could be wrong. They were prolific and it was fun to watch.

    I’d love to see Junior Seau get in, but I hope the whole lawsuit thing doesn’t muddy the waters.

  26. Tough class. Lots of deserving players. Ty Law should be in. Played great in the regular season. Played even better in the post season.

  27. Charles Haley should already be in the Hall of Fame. That is the problem with media members holding all of the control of who gets into Canton. A guy like Haley didn’t play nice with media and now they hold it against him. Meanwhile they roll out the red carpet for their buddies like Michael Strahan.

  28. I for one think that Warner’s “great” years were too few, and his career too short, for him to get into the Hall. That said, with people like Namath and Sayers in there, it’s hard to argue too much against his eventual induction.

  29. Dungy won 1 superbowl while riding the arm of the greatest QB ever and has continue to ride that into over rated stardom. He doesn’t even deserve to be a finalist in the HOF voting but if he does, maybe John Gruden should be thrown in there as well? The Dungy love-fest is crazy.

    Kevin Greene, Charles Haley and Darren Woodson should be in. If Strahan got in, those guys, who were fare more dominant should be too. It’s a crime they didn’t go in before him.

  30. Dungy doesn’t even deserve to be a finalist. If they are going to consider him, they need to consider other 1 ring HC who won without the best QB ever. Maybe Gruden.

    Haley, Greene and Woodson should all have gotten in before Strahan. They were far more dominant and far better at their positions.

  31. My 5 would be:
    Warner, Pace, Seau, Brown and Haley.

    Kurt deserves it based on taking two dumpster fire franchises to Super Bowls.

  32. Seau should be a lock.
    Warner and Dungy will get in bc they work in the media.

    think it’s not true? The HOF are media hogs and want attention.

    Strahan and Steve Young shouldn’t be in.

    After that I would say Bruce because how long he played.

  33. shackdelrio says: Nov 19, 2014 8:58 AM

    Charles Haley should already be in the Hall of Fame. That is the problem with media members holding all of the control of who gets into Canton. A guy like Haley didn’t play nice with media and now they hold it against him. Meanwhile they roll out the red carpet for their buddies like Michael Strahan.
    Or Lynn Swann

  34. ncbengalmike says: Nov 18, 2014 10:19 PM

    Dungy, Really? 1 SB victory?

    Brought consistent winning to Tampa and is the only coach to get Peyton Manning a Super Bowl ring.

  35. 49ers fan here. Give Tim Brown his due. Others that belong are Don Coryell, Seau, Orlando Pace, and Will Shields.

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