NFL announces Adrian Peterson suspended without pay rest of year


The Vikings apparently won’t be getting their wish this year.

The NFL just announced that running back Adrian Peterson would be suspended for at least the rest of the year, without pay, for violations of the league’s personal conduct policy.

He will not be considered for reinstatement before April 15, 2015.

The league’s full release, including discussion of the requirements Peterson must fulfill for reinstatement, can be read here.

In the league’s letter to Peterson, commissioner Roger Goodell said: “The timing of your potential reinstatement will be based on the results of the counseling and treatment program set forth in this decision. Under this two-step approach, the precise length of the suspension will depend on your actions. We are prepared to put in place a program that can help you to succeed, but no program can succeed without your genuine and continuing engagement.  You must commit yourself to your counseling and rehabilitative effort, properly care for your children, and have no further violations of law or league policy.”

Peterson has three days to appeal the decision, and based on previous stances taken by his side, you can count on that.

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  1. wow im not a Vikings fan and thats BS. He has already missed considerable time and the system is supposed to be based off what happens in the courts. That is settled. Peterson is going to sue.. watch






  3. The league and the commissioner are starting to win me back with decisions like these. I was calling for Goodell’s resignation just a few weeks ago. This buys him a stay of execution with me. Finally got something right.

  4. I am not really sure how to feel about this. On one hand I appreciate the NFL taking a stand and telling a superstar and the rest of the league that you cannot stain the reputation of the league and think you are going to be allowed back without repercussion. However, on the other hand I am wondering why is the NFL coming down on Adrian Peterson harder than our own legal system?

    Consistency is the key with these situations and I think the NFL, at least I hope, learned there lesson with the Ray Rice incident.

  5. But Aldon Smith, Josh Reed, Terrell Suggs, and Josh brent are allowed to play? Goodell is a complete moron. Brent killed his freind. SMith has multiple offenses, Reed has more than one offense and Suggs is just a creep in general. There will be alot of wives getting big diamonds for Christmas from NFL players to keep their mouths shut. Goodell is a joke.

  6. I can’t wait for the suit from peterson. Which will make the owners realize that the nfl/godell believe they are above the law and are a liability. Which will result in the removal of godell.

    The NFL has clearly exceeded their power!!!! An unprecedented decision by the clowns running this circus. Enjoy football while we have it. The next holdout over cba language will offically end the the NFL.

    FREE AP!!!!

  7. This is some ballsy power move. If the NFLPA and Peterson had visited Goodell at HQ I’m willing to bet Peterson would’ve been playing this Sunday.

    This is only going to polarize both sides more.

  8. Goodell is trying to save face.
    If this is overturned on appeal, he can throw his hands up and sanctimoniously say, “Well, I tried to give him a big suspension..”
    I just hate that they are making this up on the fly.. you have a policy, follow the policy… if you don’t like the policy, vote to change the policy in the offseason.
    As much as I despise Peterson for what he did, the NFL isn’t examining this issue in a fair manner.

  9. A lot of people say that AP is the greatest RB of all time… But so far as I can tell, he only had 75 rushing yards in the entire 2014 season…


  10. Wow……absolutely no consistency with penalties…. Drive drunk and kill or beat your spouse take or sell drugs…rulings by the weather network! Godell you are a joke and the NFL is becoming much of the same….As for AP you had something coming for what you did to an innocent child

  11. Listen, we all know this was a terrible thing he did to his child- unacceptable to anyone with any common sense or the most basic of parenting skills, but I am beginning to believe that this is a case of the punishment not fitting the crime.

    This is the NFL and the Vikings not wanting to deal with this until the off season to make sure the negative pushback doesn’t affect their season.

    And that is wrong.

  12. The NFL just set precedent. They are idiots. No NFL player will ever agree to a paid suspension again to help the NFL save face. They have completely overstepped their boundaries on this decision.

  13. Finally, both a decision and a decision that I will agree with. Child abuse is a very serious crime and in an image driven league like the NFL, you can’t take a deranged individual that is seriously lacking in judgement and put him on the field.

    Let’s deal with this straight up, Peterson clearly needs professional counseling and the only way he is going to take this seriously is for the NFL to suspend him and then force him into the counseling.

    A quote from last year, “Something funny happens when you put on the purple uniform” We just didn’t realize the depths of depravity that emerge when you finish in last place year after year.

  14. So the NFL wants Peterson to do what the court already mandated him to. What a bunch of crap.

    Special thanks to the DEA adding another glaring media freak out to scare the NFL even more. The next person charged with a misdemeanor or domestic violence better be out an entire year too.

  15. Nice! The league is better for not having this scum representing them. I hope he spends the offseason getting fat and slow, and most importantly, not terrorizing children.

  16. I got the feeling the Vikings’ “wish” was for Peterson to go away for this season because of his high level of toxicity. And for the league to banish him so they dont have to take the heat or make (another) hasty decision. I think they got their wish. Pending appeal, of course.

  17. Seriously? The NFL has officially become a joke with this personal conduct stuff. 100k for an f bomb and a year suspension for spanking a child?


  18. I won’t spend another penny on NFL again. Such a ridiculous penalty. Millions of dollars and a year out of a RB’s career.

    Answer me one question, AP bashers. How does this penalty help AP’s children? Even the justice system is geared for rehabilitation, not just punitive penalties.

  19. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable discipline, if you ask me.

    Let’s face facts – he has been off the field for 10 weeks, but he has also been receiving his full paycheck. This whole idea of “time served” really doesn’t hold water. He has served zero time – he was given a paid vacation to tend to the mess he created.

    Effectively suspending him for five regular season games without pay seems perfectly reasonable, if not a little light for what the proof shows he did. Further requirements that he take his treatment seriously and avoid further issues with the law also makes sense.

  20. Here’s some simple advice – Don’t hit any women or kids. Not sure why that even needs to be advised.

  21. “You must commit yourself to your counseling and rehabilitative effort, properly care for your children, and have no further violations of law or league policy.”

    –that is how this will help his children.

  22. Congrats everyone that wanted AP gone the rest of the year.

    Now….What are you going to do though when he comes back next year? lol

  23. Sorry, guys. This is too harsh for me. Out of proportion. He’s caught up in the Ray Rice storm, and the pendulum has swung too far. Court of public opinion has gained too much power.

  24. Fire Goodell

    The league is a joke rife with double standards and knee jerk reactions. The hypocrisy shown by its leadership is beyond obscene.

    Now they punish without due process, punish too lightly when evidence can be hidden, and over punish when public sentiment might be against them.

    Good thing the legal system is slightly less determined by the mob. The nfl certainly has no rules but the subjective whim of its tyrannical leader

  25. The NFL will still be here in 20 years WITHOUT adrian peterson.

    So… the NFL can carry on without him.

    No loss.

  26. A years suspension for a misdemeanor? Really?
    The only thing I can think of is this is all political cover for the nfl with its sponsors.
    Make ap and the players union take the fall.

    Well see what happens with the appeal

  27. Dumb people do dumb things… And those dumb people doing dumb actions are getting penalized

  28. @mrbigass

    He didn’t “spank” his child. He whipped a 4 year old with a switch so hard that he had welts and cuts on the FRONT of his legs and his genitals. That is NOT spanking…that is child abuse.

    AP has made millions in the NFL so I think he can pay for his multiple children…and he IS being offered help and support.

    Those of you who are only worried about his playing and how unfair this is are despicable human beings. Look up the pictures!

  29. Good. Not really sure that counseling will make AP see the error of his ways. Not really sure the NFL has any clue what it’s doing. But I feel no sympathy for AP at all, and I am glad he is gone for now.

  30. “How does this penalty help AP’s children?”
    Hopefully this will trigger AP’s brain to NEVER EVER even CONSIDER picking up a switch to discipline any of his children in the future.

  31. What a bunch of crap. For a good chunk of this country getting punished with a switch or a belt or even just a hard spanking is part of disciplining your kids. Why is the NFL deciding the best way to raise kids now? This who thing is just a huge dumpster fire and Goodell just keeps throwing more trash on it.

  32. for once Goodell showed some great judgement. He made the right call in punishing somebody who deserved to be punished, it showed the Union he’s not going to be pushed around. Peterson deserves to be suspended for beating the crap out of that kid, and he also needed to know he didn’t have any clout in the situation like he thought he did

  33. The 2014 Minnesota Vikings have the 12th ranked RUSH Offense WITHOUT adrian peterson.

    I SAY: get rid of him and spend the money on improving the quality of their 29th ranked wide receivers.

  34. Bad actions on Rice case and equally bad actions on Peterson. COMPLETE LACK OF CONSISTENCY on the part of the NFL. Sorry.. the consistency is the lack of consistency. Overreaction AFTER a Court decision… the NFL Personal Conduct policy is an utter joke.

  35. Why are so many of you against punishing a player who beat up his own child??? If you ask me, this year’s pay should be withheld! NFL players seems to be getting in more and more trouble! After the legal system, the NFL should then deal with it.

  36. For a misdemeanor. No matter what the hyperbole and fanciful claims of mayhem…the actual “crime” AP was charged with and did not contest was a MISDEMEANOR. He has already been out 9 games, and now the rest of the season. At his age, as a running back, it may be the end of his career. If I searched for NFL players the league had disciplined for for a misdemeanor…do you think I would find any suspended for a whole season?

  37. Seems a little much with the courts already ruling this a misdemeanor. Think the NFL may be going a little too far with this one due to the Ray Rice backlash. Shouldn’t our legal system take precedent here?

    No one likes child abuse, but i’m not sure on this one.

  38. for once Goodell showed some great judgement. He made the right call in punishing somebody who deserved to be punished, it showed the Union he’s not going to be pushed around.

    Peterson deserves to be suspended for beating that kid, and he also needed to know he didn’t have any clout in the situation like he thought he did

  39. This is great news. It’s important to drop the hammer on vile child abusers. I don’t ever want to see this scum wearing the jersey of my favorite team.

  40. conormacleod says:
    Nov 18, 2014 9:00 AM
    “Answer me one question, AP bashers. How does this penalty help AP’s children? Even the justice system is geared for rehabilitation, not just punitive penalties.”

    Because when Peterson is reinstated depends on when, and how successfully he completes a treatment program developed by someone who actually has experience in improving the parenting skills of those who are as deficient in that area as Peterson is.

    It gives him the clear message that “job one” is to better himself as a parent and that football will have to wait until he has accomplished that.

  41. I’m on the fence on this one. SUre he missed 10 games already but he was paid for those. He also has not indicated that he won’t beat another child in the future. He has injured more than one of his children using corporal punishment. He just got caught with this one. The League does not want to deal with the fall out if he does it again and everyone is asking why is he still playing in the NFL.

    On the other hand, why can’t he play and attend counseling. Suspended sentence that if does get in trouble again, he gets the new suspension and this one? That way if he really has learned (it’s only a concern he will do it again, not a fact), no problem. If he hasn’t he is gone.

  42. Obviously what AP did is bad and he does deserve to be punished but the NFL cannot take each incident on a case by case basis because that’s not what the league and the players union agreed on.

    If the NFL wants to change that in the future then lock out the players until they get it done. Until then a misdemeanor is “x” amount of games regardless what the player did even if he pleas down. The NFL can blame the crap legal system until then.

    Case by case basis gives the commissioner too much power and Goodell doesn’t need that going to his giant head.

  43. conormacleod says:
    Nov 18, 2014 9:00 AM
    I won’t spend another penny on NFL again. Such a ridiculous penalty. Millions of dollars and a year out of a RB’s career.

    Answer me one question, AP bashers. How does this penalty help AP’s children? Even the justice system is geared for rehabilitation, not just punitive penalties.


    First off, yes you will spend many more pennies on the NFL. Especially when your beloved terrorist returns next season. Secondly, perhaps his children will be helped because he actually received a strong message that his behavior will not be tolerated. Someone as deranged as AP might look at the “punishment” doled out by the justice system, and say to himself, “That wasn’t too bad. My child is being annoying again, I should probably do the right thing and shove leaves into his mouth and beat his testicles until they bleed” But that’s probably just me being an “AP Basher”.

  44. The fact remains, he hurt a child and does not seem to understand the severity. Let us not forget he had another child die at the hands of another male due to domestic violence. There is a serious problem that is not being addressed in Adrian Peterson’s life & mental awareness.

  45. Nothing but public lynching by the NFL and media. Same with Ray Rice. The decline of the NFL continues. Next up, players strike once the CBA expires.

  46. Goodell has got to be more consistent with these types of things. AP has already missed 9 games (albeit with full pay), so why not just fine him and let him play?

  47. Good move. The guy is a borderline sociopath. He needs to focus on getting his head in a place that meets where the rest of civilized society is, not football.

  48. supra23 says:
    Nov 18, 2014 8:58 AM
    They should of let him play until the trial was resolved then.


    Technically, he wasn’t “forced” to sit. The team offered to give him paid time off and he took it. If he wanted to play, he could have refused the offer and forced the league/team to suspend him, which may or may not have happened, we’ll never know. And if it did happen, he would have had a chance to appeal.

    But in reality, he accepted the offer to sit and keep the money flowing.

  49. Surprised how split the opinions are here.
    Not a vikes fan, just to clarify.
    What AP did was wrong.
    But compared to other players suspensions for murder, wife beating, drug use repeatedly…this is a joke. I hope AP sues League.

  50. I 100% support punishment for these actions but this make it up as you go punishment system is ruining the NFL.

    This is his first issue with the league in any way and he’s already missed most of the season. Time served and a fine isn’t enough here?

    The NFL clearly has no idea that the stances they take to make themselves look like the moral arbiters of this world make them look ridiculous…and they do it every time they have an issue like this.

  51. This is absolute bovine excrement. The man plead guilty to misdemeanor, and has already missed most of the season. Fine him the game checks he missed if you see fit, but a suspension for the rest of the year?

    Roger Goodell did this for one reason: he’s worried about being seen as soft on “domestic violence”. In Goodell’s mind (what there is of it) Peterson would have been better off getting nailed for a DUI homicide.

    The empty suit at the Commissioner’s office strikes again.

  52. After 40+ years of watching the NFL, it no longer is fun. Second rate QB’s can have monster games. Rules are set for points. The Cardinals are in 1st place and I have no excitement. To see a real game of football, Friday nights at the local high school, passion, fun and no money involved. Time to stop feeding the beast, cancel Sunday ticket, and enjoy Sundays fishing or a relaxing game of golf.

  53. I really want the person who leaked the case file to serve time. Not because the file tainted the whole Peterson saga, but rather it destroyed the whole process of the legal system that could effect anyone for any crime. Goodell used everything in that file to justify his overreach.

  54. I know this will get a lot of thumbs down, but I agree with the punishment. REASON: I do remember articles with AP being quoted that he would continue to discipline his kids in that manner, and likewise has shown no remorse for the significant injuries he inflicted on his son.

  55. I am satisfied. I would never beat my children with a switch. I truly hope he never play again. I believe in 2nd chances in most cases, but not for child abuse. He is a bad guy, and it is not like this is the first time he used corporal punishment on his children. I think the NFL and Commissioner Goodell got this one right. Start by suspending him the rest of the season, without pay, then on April 15, if he has made progress, attended counseling, and actually shows remorse for beating his children, then maybe a reinstatement might be the right move.

  56. “The NFL will still be here in 20 years WITHOUT adrian peterson.”
    I don’t think so…based on the latest concussion studies linking them to violent behavior,The NFL may die a slow death.
    Last month’s Real Sports episode on head trauma should have been a wake up call.

  57. mrbigass says:
    Nov 18, 2014 9:00 AM
    Seriously? The NFL has officially become a joke with this personal conduct stuff. 100k for an f bomb and a year suspension for spanking a child?


    Are you serious?????? Spanked?????? He beat his 4 year old child with a switch until he was bleeding, and put leaves in the child’s mouth so he wouldnt hear him cry. He was 4 and his crime was pushing his older brother. Simply wow.

  58. The NFL has backed itself into a corner and doesn’t know how to get out. But long-term they’re going to continue to have problems with their domestic violence policies. They’ve moved into territory where their discipline is completely detached from the legal system, plus they’re more concerned with public opinion and bad press than developing consistent policies.

    Guaranteed in the very near future somebody will be accused of worse than what Peterson did but will get off far lighter simply because the press and the public will have moved along to something else. Goodell’s successor will have a lot of work to do to put things in order.

  59. Stunning that Goodell continues to fail to get it right. Clearly people who are much better suited to examine the incident made an educated judgement that justice was served by the plea agreement. This is a misdemeanor now, Probably half the teams in the NFL had players charged this week with a misdemeanor. Peterson has been kept off the field which is a huge cost in terms of the career time he has to play. He has already served a half season sentence while players charged with felony cases and convictions are playing every day. This is just a sham. Peterson did wrong. He is paying an appropriate price as determined by a court and not the kangaroo version of the NFL.

  60. I think the main lesson is that if you’re going to misbehave as an NFL player, make sure there are no video cameras around. You’re good to go then. Videos are just too damning and will be treated waaaay harsher than misbehavior undocumented.

  61. I don’t especially agree with what he did to his son, but Peterson doesn’t strike me as a sociopath, or a person who can’t learn and be better. This decision is a joke and the NFL has no idea what it’s doing with these suspensions.

  62. misdemeanor plea of no contest, not a guilty plea to a felony. I hope this gets Goodell fired finally.

  63. First, the NFL did not suspend him, the Vikings management told him to get his legal matters sorted before they would allow him to play again. The Vikings petitioned for the Commissioners Exempt status. He got paid this entire time. The Vikings could have very well had him deactivated too the entire time, but they didn’t want him around the facility. So just because a player may never agree to Commissioner Exempt status, it still doesn’t prevent the FO or coaching staff from simply deactivating the next player to commit a crime. It also isn’t double punishment, since he was never punished by the league, but simply told to sort his life out before returning by his own team. Now the league is going to pop him for the remainder of the season as a first time offender, which is the same as 6 games for a first time offense.

  64. 15 Game suspension?? Compete BS. Goodell has to go as he is ruining this league. There is not one aspect of the game that he has improved. Can’t hit, can’t celebrate, can’t touch. Give me one thing he has improved??

    Peterson deserves punishment, not a question about it. But enough is enough.

    I am a huge football fan and live for Sundays in the fall and winter, but this is getting to be to much. One person should not have the power that Goodell has. no-way. I wish the players throughout the league would STRIKE this weekend. Stand up for one another.

  65. This ruling comes as no surprise to me. There had to be a reason why they took so long to make a decision, and dragging their feet for a week allowed them to enforce the new 6 game suspension that conveniently covered the Viking’s remaining schedule. Had they actually made a timely ruling, he’d still have made it back for their final game. And now the Vikings get to cry foul and say they really want him back when it’s clear they want as little as possible to do with him and the PR dumpster fire this has become. As for AP, I’m not a fan of the Vikings or of child abuse (duh), but it’s disgusting that he’s also become a victim in this situation. Aside from punishing his kid he has fully cooperated with everyone to settle this issue quickly and painlessly, yet the NFL still won’t allow him to play. Cowards

  66. The guy beat a child. He didn’t get caught j-walking.

    AP beats a child off camera, and people say the punishment is too harsh. Ray Rice beats a woman on camera, and say the punishment is not harsh enough.

  67. nflnfl13 says:
    Nov 18, 2014 9:10 AM
    “How does this penalty help AP’s children?”
    Hopefully this will trigger AP’s brain to NEVER EVER even CONSIDER picking up a switch to discipline any of his children in the future.
    Many answers here of; “he can get counseling to take care of his children”.

    Um, ok. That was already going to happen as per the plea agreement. Are you all saying that everybody in all of society should have to stay unemployed while they get counseling? It’s not possible to do your job and attend counseling simultaneously?

    Let’s face it…if this was a Walmart employee, you wouldn’t care. But, AP is rich and famous, so he should be punished much more so, and millions of dollars should be taken from him.

  68. I disagree with your opening statement. I truly believe the Vikings organization did get their wish and won’t have to pay Adrian’s salary the rest of the year. They are out of contention and have some good young running backs on their roster who would benefit from playing time. I also don’t believe Mike Zimmer wanted to deal with the ongoing circus and negative attention from having Peterson on the roster. I applaud Roger Goodell for having the b*lls to stand up to the NFLPA.

  69. Vikings fan here….

    He hasn’t been punished at all…..he was sitting on his butt – getting paid for 9 weeks to do nothing – made over $10,000,000.00. Got fined a couple thousand dollars and community service….for beating a child…..what a country.

    Good bye AP….I bet you never make the ring of honor.

  70. Looks folks, he was paid for the time missed up until now. He made a TON of money for being suspended.

    Now he is facing the reprecussions for CHILD ABUSE. I dont care how you relate to punishment of your child, however using switches from a tree / bush to smack your childs testicles is ABUSE. You are literally assaulting a child who cannot defend themselves to any degree. Yes, I believe in punishing your child, taking a switch to their behind, but you start hitting a child in the nuts and you deserve the stiffest of the stiff penalties.

  71. Do we even have to list the countless felons, starting with Ray Lewis.
    Certainly AP’s misdemeanor comes no where near what many many players have done. 15 week suspension really?

    goodell, the nfl, and all u AP haters are all hypocrites!

    What’s gonna happen when one of your star players gets a misdemeanor and misses a huge part of the season?

    The precedent has been set, no?

  72. Straight BS. He is not an abuser period. NFL is really starting to get on my nerves. How did they allow Ray Rice a 2-4 game suspension when they knew from the first video he knocked his wife out in public. That is straight abuse. The NFL is sorry, no good POS. Roger Goodell needs to GO.

  73. For all of you Adrian Peterson sympathizers out there……He got suspended for 10 games, WITH PAY !!! Not many working class folks out there have the luxury of that happening at their jobs. Peterson needs to count his blessings and take his lumps. End of story!

  74. I’m pretty sure that most of the people who are upset by this just hate Roger Goodell regardless of any outcome/decision.

    It’s really not that hard to understand. The league is fighting against an image that its football stars are abusive while the cameras aren’t rolling. Adrian Peterson beat his child to the point that medical treatment was needed. The league had to issue a punishment and didn’t want it to be seen as too weak, nor to be seen as too harsh. This is a 6 game suspension (since he wasn’t technically suspended this year by the league). It is similar to Ben Roethlisberger’s suspension that was issued without any conviction. It keeps AP off the field for the rest of 2014 and gives the fans some time to get over the issue. It’s the most logical outcome in this case.

    To all of the AP apologists out there….I assure you, if you sent your child to school in the condition that AP left his son and a school official found out about it, you would be arrested and your employer (in most states) would have the right to terminate your employment for conduct at home. You are able to raise your children any way you want, but we, as a society, demand that you be punished for child abuse. You can claim that there is a gray area, but one qualifier that can’t be disputed is the result of an injury. If you can’t figure out how to spank your child without leaving cuts and bruises, then you probably should figure out a new method of discipline.

  75. Let’s all take off our “NFL Fan” hats and look at this from a different angle — look at the pictures of that little boy who was ‘disciplined’ at the hands of his own father and tell me this: how would you feel if someone did that to your child? Hitting them over and over and over again leaving welts and marks, to the point of bleeding?
    I can’t imagine you would consider a 5-week suspension from their job as an appropriate and fitting punishment.

  76. Not nearly enough… He should be kicked out of the NFL forever, and should then be prosecuted, and jailed for several years. Furthermore, he should NEVER be allowed to be around children again.

    This type of abuse does unbelievable emotional damage. I know. I’m a victim. Yes, I know some kids get through it, but others are destroyed by it.

    If he did this to an adult, he would be brought up on assault charges. What he did was WORSE, and should be punished appropriately. He’s a monster.

  77. Then millions of americans, particuarily from the south, should be fired from their jobs as well, since cutting a switch is a COMMON FORM OF CHILD DISCIPLINE in some walks of life in this country.

  78. Something tells me that Ray Rice is going to come away with this scott-free!

    And here I thought David Stern was the worst commish in all of sports.

  79. “Then millions of americans, particuarily from the south, should be fired from their jobs as well, since cutting a switch is a COMMON FORM OF CHILD DISCIPLINE in some walks of life in this country.”

    That isn’t discipline. It’s abuse, and it does horrific emotional damage to some children. I know. I’m a victim. And yes, anyone who does it should lose their job, their children, and their freedom. They should be jailed for assault – period. If it isn’t legal to do to an adult, it damned sure shouldn’t be legal to do to a child.

  80. Well that is done, can we all get back to focusing on the great football season being played?

    He brought this upon him self in going extremely overboard his actions. It is no ones fault but his own. I don’t care what you do in life, if you cram stuff in in another persons mouth against their will, to prevent them from screaming. Whether they are 4 or 44 years old, you are in the wrong.

    I hope he gets the help he needs to allow him to become a better father and person. Best of luck AP See you at the start of next season.

  81. Goodell finally got one right. I hope this pansy never plays another down. Even if he does, he’ll be 30 this spring and his best days are way behind him. Have fun going broke over the next 5 years AP.

  82. It’s now official, Peterson will never play another down for the Vikings. He will be cut from the team before next year

    (and he won’t be going to Dallas either)

  83. bchap17 says:
    Nov 18, 2014 9:28 AM

    There’s no consistency with any of the league rulings.


    Agreed ! The league is so consumed with counting revenue profits that they cannot clearly focus on what SHOULD matter !

    All about the mighty $ ! So, if a child of a player is abused, meh !

    Sad !

  84. so the NFL looked the other way for the past 10 years on guys beating their wives, and now Adrian Peterson gets to made an example of? That’s a crock. 16 games for a switch? Crock …

  85. As I said about a dozen times here, Goodell would not let Peterson play again this year. Don’t get why so many people are surprised.

  86. This is really simple. A felony conviction for manslaughter, literally for killing another person, in this case your teammate, was punished by the NFL as follows:
    1. 8 games away from team activities
    2. No play for 10 games
    3. No pay for 10 games

    For abuse of a child
    1. 9 games (to date) no play
    2. 9 games (to date) no participation with the team
    3. Suspension for at least another 6 games with no pay.

    You cannot value human life at 10 games and punish someone for child abuse for 15 games (at minimum). In this case its really Simple, Goddell is the Master and Peterson is the boy, and Peterson better not forget it.

  87. @jimbo…you can value child abuse, like this one, as more severe than manslaughter.

    This kid is more than likely damaged for the rest of his life. 60…70…80 years of living with what his dad did to him. Society will be lucky if he doesn’t end up abusing his kids later in life.

  88. howdy, I disagree (really dead is not as bad as a beating???). My dad used a belt on me. Its not what I choose to do with my kids, but I turned out fine. It is all about Godell as Master. This will end up in court. It will cost the NFL $.

  89. @jimbob….using a belt is a whole lot different than damage to the testicles and stuffing leaves in the mouth. Discipline is one thing, abuse is a totally different monster.

    And child abuse can be worse than death. Manslaughter is generally by definition unintentional. There was nothing unintentional in what AP did to his kid. You can easily get more jail time for felony child abuse than manslaughter. The fact that AP was allowed to plead to a lesser crime because it was his first offense is immaterial.

    And nonsense, the NFL won’t lose a dime in court on this case, it will never even get to court.

  90. Child abuse is not what AP was charged with. Child abuse was one of the claims those against AP made, among other claims, but when the BS is pushed aside, the court charge was a misdemeanor. You can say “murder is terrible, he should be suspended”. But he wasn’t charged with murder. He was simply charged with a misdemeanor.

    He has clearly payed enough suspension time from the NFL. Fine him comparatively to other NFL players who have committed misdemeanors, and let him return to his job. All you armchair legal experts better sober up: If he sues them, all the wild claims will not be part of it. Only the misdemeanor. He has no other crimes to point to…not one thing. If I were AP I would sue the league…and win.

  91. It’s baffling to me that people still do not grasp the concept of “intent”.

    If you accidentally hit and kill a dog while driving, the punishment (if any) is less severe than hanging or drowning a dog.

    Why? The result is the same; you are directly responsible for killing a dog.

    The answer is “intent”.

    Accidentally killing someone while driving, whether drunk or sober, has a terrible outcome to it; the loss of a human life. But there was no intent to harm in that instance.

    Conversely, AP very much intended to assault his child.

    So you must separate the result from the intent. Is a dead human more unfortunate than an abused child? Obviously, yes. But the child abuser willfully committed a crime, unlike the drivers you’re trying to compare him with.

  92. Absolutely appropriate given his crime (yes he took the plea deal, because that was better than what a Judge would have given him). He hit his child with a stick until the child bled, knowing full well what he was doing. I can not understand how one single person thinks this is even close to being OK.

    This whole horrible episode has given the league a black eye, and his reinstatement would have opened a PR nightmare for both the Vikings and the NFL.

    I have no love for Roger Goddell, but he is absolutely right on this one.

  93. Wow. The hate is palpable.

    Step back and let it sink in that what he did was a crime for sure, but then consider how crimes off the field have been handled in the past by the NFL.

    We are entering into a new era where you essentially have double jeopardy for NFL players where, in many cases, the NFL is punishing the player more severely than the legal system.

  94. hitting a child on the legs and buttocks with a stick to correct any behavior is ABUSE. I will never watch AP play another down of football again. The Vikings made themselves complicit with their initial wishy-washy response – scratch them too from my viewing list.

  95. marttizzle says:
    Nov 18, 2014 11:10 AM
    Straight BS. He is not an abuser period. NFL is really starting to get on my nerves.


    so, hitting a young child hard enough to make the child bleed while stuffing leaves down the child’s mouth isnt child abuse to you? i’d hate to be one of your kids….

  96. I can’t help but notice that many of the most condemnatory statements toward Peterson are coming from the “cheese” or “packer” name tags. I wish I could trust that people were talking through this based on justice, rather than a football rivalry.

  97. That’s amazing to me that he was suspended the rest of the year for pleading no contest to a misdemeanor.

    On the other hand, I’m a Packers fan, so Bravo!

  98. BS suspension, I got several whippings growing up and it taught me that there is consequences to your actions. That’s what’s wrong with the majority of these kids today! Timeouts don’t work for everyone, I never once told my parents to shutout or got out of pocket like I see a lot of kids do today. This is just posturing for the public after he screwed the pooch with the Ray Rice issue.

  99. Welcome to the world of No Cred Red. This has NOTHING to do with taking a stronger stance against child abuse or domestic violence in general. Guess how many games he would be serving without those pictures??? If it was only her word and the child’s statements. I will give you two guesses and the 1st two don’t count. NONE. Not one game. This is only about public outcry, spin and appearances. Yes, what Peterson did was awful, abusive and beyond explanation–still No Cred Red is ruining the game. He still got paid for those games, so who really suffered? Let’s see–his child, the child’s mother, the fan base, and Peterson’s brand. Roger, thy name is pure mud.

  100. “On one hand I appreciate the NFL taking a stand and telling a superstar and the rest of the league that you cannot stain the reputation of the league and think you are going to be allowed back without repercussion. ”


    Would that be the same NFL that for decades ignored and fought tooth and nail against acknowledging concussions, and the harm concussions were to its players?

    What about the staining of the “NFL’s reputation?” What “repercussions” has the NFL had to come to terms with for placing profit over the long term health of its players…again, for decades?

    Can’t have it both ways NFL….pointing the finger at others while you’ve got greed demons of your own to come to terms with…hypocritical much?

  101. Hey we’ve all made mistakes or messed up
    At some point and sometimes we get caught
    up in our mess. So AP just take like a man and
    hate to say it but this is not the 60s 70s 80s and
    the 90s… and technology is everywhere.
    (Just ask Ray 😠 smh!!!)

  102. A great defense attorney could take Adrian’s side here and make them both hundreds of millions of dollars.

    The NFL has screwed themselves good in the way they went about this.

  103. Hows it feel to you fans who can’t wait to get AP on the field. All of you must support a super rich
    dad who teaches his son with the crack of a whip.
    Its all cool as long as he plays football, right. Sucks when your hero turns out to be a whole lot less.

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