Patriots give Derek Sherrod a look-see

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With a game against the Packers looming in 12 days, the Patriots have taken a close look at a former member of the team.

Per a league source, the Pats gave former Packers first-round tackle Derek Sherrod a workout on Tuesday.

Sherrod, who arrived in 2011, appeared in only 20 games in three-plus seasons, due to injuries an ineffectiveness.  His only career start came earlier this year, a season in which he appeared in a career-high nine games.

The Packers cut Sherrod on November 3.  He was unclaimed on waivers.

31 responses to “Patriots give Derek Sherrod a look-see

  1. The Patriots, as do most teams, bring in people every single week. They work them out and even thought they might not sign them, they have an idea on who to call if a current team member should be lost to injury,

  2. Fancybaseball says:
    Nov 18, 2014 6:26 PM
    Great. Now he’ll tell them about the one weird trick to stopping Aaron Rodgers.

    His idea of “protection” is that one weird trick that stops Rodgers….

  3. Unfortunately Derek will not be source of much useful information unless Bill wants to know how a turnstile works.

  4. This is probably related to Fleming getting hurt near the end of the Colts game. Pats used extra lineman when running the ball vs colts so I bet this may be insurance in case Fleming gonna miss some time.

  5. As others have noted, Flemming was injured near the end of the Colts game, so it’s likely they’re bringing him in to shore up the O-line, in case he misses time for an extended period.

    Additionally, he’s a former first round pick, who’s been in the league for 3 years. So, he’s got experience in the league, with an offense that runs similarly to the Pats, and the Pats are known to kick the tires on players with low risk, high reward chances.

  6. Bill has done this before, bringing in a recent player for an upcoming opponent, who the PATS may they want to keep, for a game or two.
    All teams do it, but Bill gets spotlighted.

  7. Belichick game plans each week, based on the opponent’s strengths, injuries, weaknesses etc., he has a lot of respect for Green Bay and takes everything into consideration, Rodgers is one of the best, he’s elite….we all know this.

    He doesn’t need to pump anyone for info, it’s called being the best coach in NFL history.

  8. Bill already knows how to stop Rogers. Cover Nelson! You can be sure he won’t be running free behind the defense.

  9. There goes Belichick, breaking unwritten rules again –

    Doesn’t he know you can’t interview a former teammate of the team you’re going to play any more than you can sign injured guys waived by other teams… It’s a well known unwritten rule!!!

    Belichick must break more non-existent rules than anyone

    All those imaginary penalties must be adding up!

  10. Sherrod was placed in a tough situation where he was essentially the last lineman on the roster, and then had to come off the bench versus Seattle, in Seattle due to a few injuries. He was terrible that game, but he was having to deal with speed rushers + having to react a bit late to the snap count due to the noise.

    He started the following week versus the Jets and was serviceable…probably due to making sure he had some help on his side.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sign somewhere as short term depth. The last OL spot on the active roster is a revolving door for most teams. They’ll sign a guy while they have a few guys banged up and then cut him lose when injuries hit elsewhere.

  11. If the Pats sign and have to use Sherrod in a couple of weeks, they’d better be sure they bring Brady’s running shoes…

  12. pats777 says:
    Nov 18, 2014 7:21 PM

    Just another first round bust for Green Bay. Seems like they’ve had a few of those lately.


    Yeah, when you draft smart and acquire several more picks than most, you can afford that. Belichek is no different.

    For the record, with every Derek Sherrod, there’s a Tebucky Jones waiting right around the corner.

    Can’t wait to see Tommy Boy acting like a hissy fit 3rd grader when the Packers bounce 40 on that “unstoppable” Patriot defense in 2 weeks too. Have you Chowders given any consideration to the strength of schedule and strength of opposing QB you’ve endured the first 12 weeks of 2014? No you haven’t, or you’d pipe it. 43-20 Packers over Patsies.

  13. Last I checked, Pats have played a couple pretty good QB’s the past two games. But they’ll lose to GB by 23 anyway, right?

  14. I felt terrible for the kid. He had big potential coming out but a compound fracture in a game aGainst KC to both the fibula and tibia was the end for Derek. And then the team ortho doctor in KC botched the emergency surgery and set the bones wrong. The Packers ortho had to rebreak them a 18 months later and redo the entire surgery. I hope he saved his money and has his degree. I don’t think playing NFL football is in his future. His leg is screwed up.

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