Rex Ryan “stunned” NFL fined him $100,000 for profanity


Jets coach Rex Ryan was fined $100,000 by the NFL for using profanity toward an official. Ryan says the letter from the league office informing him of that fine took him by surprise.

“I was stunned by it to say the least,” Ryan said.

Reporters asked Ryan to clarify what he said to the officials, but Ryan declined to repeat it. Ryan did, however, say again that he was angry during the Jets’ win over the Steelers that he thought Ben Roethlisberger was getting more protection from the officials than Michael Vick was.

“I don’t want to get into it,” Ryan said. “We all know I thought, during the game, I mentioned before, I never thought our quarterback was as protected as I would have liked to have seen him, so that is a true statement. Really I would rather not get into exactly who I was talking too, but again I apologize if I offended somebody, it wasn’t my intention, it was meant to be a private conversation.”

If Ryan doesn’t want any more six-figure fines from the league, he needs to make his private conversations with the officials less profane.

52 responses to “Rex Ryan “stunned” NFL fined him $100,000 for profanity

  1. Rex: But we’re talking about cursing man. What are we talking about? Cursing? We’re talking about cursing, man. We’re talking about cursing. We’re talking about cursing. We ain’t talking about the violence. We’re talking about cursing, man.

  2. He gets fined 100k for a couple of words yet the POS TE for the Titans only gets 30k for essentially beating up a coach.

    Makes sense.

  3. Kind of ridiculous though, since players rarely get fines this much and stars make much more than coaches…

  4. You meant for it to be a private conversation? In the middle of a football field, in front of tens of thousands of fans and millions more watching from home? Yeah. You really are stunned.

  5. I`m certainly no fan of Rex Ryan, but the NFL ( nominal fines league ) is rapidly causing disinterest. Perhaps they should address Ryans concerns regarding the total disparity of calls , in all games not just this particular game.

  6. OF COURSE Vick should be protected less than Roethlisberger … less than ANY other quarterback, for that matter (and offensive tackle, running back, guard, tight end, linebacker, cornerback, ball boy, maintenance worker, etc.).

  7. All of the first two comments but the NFL HO is out of control with no real direction or continuity when it come to leveling fines

  8. Not that I condone profanity in what is supposed to be a professional setting but $100,000 seems extremely excessive for using language that gets used on a daily basis by thousands of people. This is another example of the NFL protecting refs who can’t do their job correctly.

  9. Dang Rex, You might have been better off giving him a forearm to the head on the sidelines.

    That’s only $30K

  10. wow. that’s a lot of scratch. shocked it wasn’t some weird amount like $99,876.58. He should call up the league office and get his 100k worth.

  11. Considering he’ll be out of a job soon, that really hurts…

    Then again, this is the Jets…

  12. Refs decided long ago that they were going to enact their own justice on Michael Vick. Ryan is getting in the way of that.

  13. Ask Woody to pay for it if you beat the Dolphins and halt their run to the playoffs. (It worked last year when Woody gave you an extension)

  14. “Please kind sir. Would it be possible for you to consider that my QB isn’t getting the QUID PRO QUO protection he deserves?” Memorize that, Rex.
    It was probably worth the fine to beat the Stool-ers.

  15. $100,00 is ridiculous. Players and coaches use profanity all the time. Unless they impose this fine on everyone, including refs who swear at players and coaches, the people in the NFL office are thieves.

  16. That’s right! 100k for swearing at a ref. Certainly that’s way (like 7 or 8 times or so?) worse than purposely trying to injure another player.

    Player safety!

    Really, I understand the need to ensure that refs maintain their control/leadership of a game, and the coach swearing at one should always be punished. However, I think it’s safe to say that most coaches swear at refs quite a lot throughout a game, regardless of sport.

    The question is, why was this one so egregious that it required a 6 figure fine? Given what we’ve accidentally heard on TV at some people yelling at refs, it must have been pretty extravagant.

  17. I’m no fan of Rex Ryan (though I loved his dad!), this seems to be a bit excessive. I don’t think players get fined as much for beating up their wives/girlfriends/etc. I think the NFL office needs to get a grip…

  18. Wow is the NFL Fine committee a bunch of idiots. Guy slugs a coach gets 30K, the F bomb is dropped 100K, really? I dont care if hes a repeat offender of not.

    And save the BS about caring about kids. There are 10-13 yo everywhere using much worse language.

    Goodell and the entire League office should be fined 50 million for their incompetence

  19. $100k for a first offense?

    I would not be surprised to learn that he had been warned for something similar beforehand. He’s a loudmouth and always yapping in the refs ear.

  20. If it were a first offense or done in private that amount would be too much. But it was a head coach of an NFL team publicly swearing at an official in front of fans and the media, after repeatedly being fined for similar incidents in the past. At a certain point Rex needs to be the one who decides to stop.

  21. Ok, so you fine somebody 100K for speaking his mind, but do nothing about what happens at the bottom of the pile after a tackle. Intention intent to injure and nothing? Hmmmm! NFL sucks!

  22. Broncos Julius Thomas fined $8268 this year for an illegal chop block. Rex must have sent this official to a mental hospital indefinitely with his venomous tirade.

  23. I want someone to investigate exactly who is handling the “NFL Bank of Fines”. It’s like printing their own money anymore. There has got to be some shenanigans going on where there’s that much cash coming in.

    They’ll probably fine me for saying that.

  24. An open letter to Woody Johnson (*giggle*)

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE extend Wrecks Ryan for five years

    We’ll even chip in to buy some PSLs!

    Signed, the very entertained non-Jets fans of the NFL

  25. The NFL is going to form a PLC Proper Language Committee. This committee will flow with Mr. Goddells wind to make sure that a completely inexplicable set of rules will be enforced by a soon to be named committee of outside hires expert in PLC. The cumulative fines will go to a fund to reduce BWU Bad Word Usage in select communities where BWU is identified by the committee as an issue seeking NFL input and guidance.

  26. He clearly used the F word toward the official twice and it was caught on the camera. he doesn’t have a leg to stand on except we all saw Brady run down an official after the game and used the same word and yet no fine under freedom of speech per God-del.

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