Steelers promote Josh Harris after releasing Blount


The Steelers have filled the roster spot once occupied by LeGarrette Blount with a running back plucked from their practice squad.

The team announced that they have promoted Josh Harris to the 53-man roster for the first time in his professional career.

Harris signed with the Steelers as an undrafted free agent this year after completing his career at Wake Forest. Harris ran the ball eight times for 41 yards and had three catches for 12 yards in the preseason.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the team has no plans to add another veteran running back from outside the organization, leaving Harris and Dri Archer as the backups to Le’Veon Bell in the backfield. Bell looked just fine carrying a heavy workload on Monday night, but any injury would leave the Steelers thin on experienced help for their running game.

23 responses to “Steelers promote Josh Harris after releasing Blount

  1. ‘Bout time they are incorporating some young studs into the lineup instead of a washed up set of legs.

  2. I would rather have Bell smoking weed than beating his wife and kids.
    People need to get over themselves.

  3. The ‘blunt’ wasn’t what gave Blount the ditch from the ole’ roach clip; was his lousy attitude. When the locker room starts talking about a disease among their own it leaves the coaching and owners little room for fixing the problem. I’m sure he’ll find a home with the Raiders or the Bungles. The Browns may even give him a ‘fix’.

  4. Remember when Blount signing with them was seen as a great move, and that the Patriots should have kept him because they have no ground game, bla bla bla… Things can change in a hurry in the NFL, huh?

  5. When we have a flashback or look back into the past on Thursdays, it’s “Throwback Thursday.”

    Today, it’s “Trash Tuesday” because that’s where Blount is.

  6. Some people just can’t help but continuously screw up their own lives. Blount had a REAL shot to be part of something big when he came to Pittsburgh. He was told what his role would be, then later had the chance to run back kicks. He should have understood that he wasn’t brought in to compete with Bell, but to complement him and if need be, replace him in case of injury. But no, in the end, it’s all about him. He’s a perpetual child, stuck in a world of self-importance and immediate gratification. He needs to find a mentor who can alert him to the very strong possibility, that if he runs himself out of the NFL, he could be in for a lifetime of “what could have been”.

  7. Blount blew it in college and the Bucs gave him a shot. He blew that. I heard he couldn’t wake up to come to work so Raheem made him hire a driver to wake him up and drive him in. He didn’t like working under Schiano….gone. Didn’t fit in with the Patriots. Gone. Smoking weed with the Steelers, somehow felt the privilege of being allowed to be on an NFL at all was too small for him. Now he’s gone. Maybe he and Josh Freeman can start a yoga college.

  8. Blount stomped off the field during a game because he wasn’t getting enough attention. He generated negative energy after a win because it wasn’t all about him. You don’t need that in the locker room. Better to gamble on a young, hungry guy who realizes how blessed he is to have the opportunity.

  9. Really pisses me off how Marcus Lattimore grinded for two years giving everything he had to get a shot while this loser Blount basically quit on his team. I’ll never understand why so many professional athletes will just never realize how blessed they are, especially the ones that completely piss it away like Blount….smh

  10. I would like to hear more about this new kid Josh Harris. Blount was ineffective (last 10 carries zero yards I believe?) Let’s move on and hear about Josh Harris.

  11. When they showed Tomlin in the locker room congratulating the team, it looked mighty quiet. It makes sense now knowing the Blount drama happened right prior.

  12. Opinions will vary and the wise guys will take their usual shots but the bottom line is “you never walk out on your team” period ! The teams with pride,winning or not do not tolerate some clown poisoning the locker room.He was signed as a back up,know your role and live with it or retire.

  13. It’s medicinal you know, for that injury yearly in the year. It does not matter what year, lol. Hey when the DEA did that drug sweep over the weekend where did the 49’ers hide all that “red bud” in the wheel compartment of the jet they fly?

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