Steve Young: Coaches have told me RG3 doesn’t put in the time


Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young says he knows the problem with Robert Griffin III: He doesn’t work hard enough.

Young said on the Michael Kay Show that he has spoken with coaches who have worked with Griffin, and those coaches told him that Griffin simply doesn’t spend the long hours studying film that an NFL quarterback needs.

“I’ve talked to his previous coaches, people I really trust and admire, that know quarterbacks. He doesn’t put the time in,” Young said.

Young didn’t mention any of those “previous coaches” by name, but it’s not a leap to infer that he’s referring to Mike Shanahan, who was Washington’s head coach for Griffin’s first two seasons. Shanahan was the 49ers’ offensive coordinator from 1992 to 1994, when Young was having his three best seasons as the 49ers’ starting quarterback. Shanahan and Young have been close for years.

According to Young, it’s the mental side of the game that makes a good quarterback in the NFL, and Young believes that Griffin needs to spend more time developing the mental side of the game during the offseason.

“Success is really about expertise,” Young said. “May, June, July work, and going to school.”

Much like Griffin, Young was once an athletic quarterback who needed time to learn how to be a pocket passer. Young thinks it’s harder for great runners like Griffin to develop as passers because they always assume they can fall back on running if they need to.

“Guys that can use their legs, it’s like they’re not desperate. Guys who can’t use their legs are more desperate so they’ll put more time in,” Young said.

And according to Young, Griffin isn’t putting the time in. That’s what’s holding him back.

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  1. How are coaches and other players not in his face pleading him to put the work in every day? Something is definitely wrong in DC. Again.

  2. RGIII went to Washington and was crowned their QB of the present and future.

    How many people on Shanahan’s staff at that time suggested out loud that he needed to hit the books?

  3. It’s unbelievable to me that qb’s don’t learn from Mike Vick.
    Vick had all the talent in the world, but when you are a qb and you are not the first in the building and the last one out on a daily basis… you will fail. Vick is still not committed to working hard, but the Jet’s apparantly don’t care. It looks like we will be adding RGIII to that list as well.

  4. Yeesh, talk about pouring it on. All we hear in the local media is how much work RG3 puts in. Sounds like Shanahan is just trying to kick someone when they are down – seems petty more than anything because it goes against everything we’ve read about the guy in the last 3 years.

  5. Steve Young also sat for a while under arguably the greatest QB of all time. He is one of the all-time greats, definitely a top 10 QB. Even if RGIII put the time in, he would never approach Steve Young’s success.

  6. If this doesn’t indicate IN FULL the kind of puppeteering that Mike Shanahan is capable of, nothing will. From Scheffter to Young, it proves that Shanny can’t stand being out of the conversation.

  7. This may be the case but even if he is in the film room 23 and a half hours a day he still needs an O-line to protect him.

    He was sacked six times against the Bucs and four of those sacks were under 3 seconds. Tom Brady couldn’t operate in that pocket.

  8. I’m not denying this. We have no way of knowing. But this is what drives me nuts. His first year all we heard as Skins fans was he was the first one in the building and the last one to leave. First one on the bus and gave everyone a pat on the back and welcomed them even if it was just the guy that taped ankles. We repeatedly were told he was always studying film and was in there even before coaches.

    His rookie year this was said religiously, not by local media outlets but by the announcers of every one of our games.

    Which is it? When we won he did everything right off the field. Now that we are losing we’re being told he never does things right. Were we just being force fed info so people could create a false icon? This is what drives us nuts about the media, they’re all over the place with everything.

    Once again, not denying the validity but then why all those false reports earlier?

  9. That’s one thing that has never been questioned about RGIII. Work ethic? That’s always been what people said was special about him. Now the results may not be there. But, that’s a different deal.

  10. RG ME lost the locker room as a rookie when he sat in his locker crying and had his dad there coddling him. Possibly most hated teammate in the league not named Jay Cutler

  11. I do agree with the concern that it’s coming from the Shanahans, but he has a colleague at ESPN that’s also a brother of the current coach.

    Not to mention, that colleague and Steve Young travel together for ALL MNF games.

    RGIII not being boring at press conferences makes me believe that he lacks that mental preparation and Wash. Post’s Kent Babb’s belief that he’s focusing on being a quote machine for post career purposes.

    Life after football may come in a few years because he’s a bad player and not looking like a dedicated one.

  12. mutohasaposse says:
    Nov 18, 2014 1:02 PM
    Which is it? When we won he did everything right off the field. Now that we are losing we’re being told he never does things right.
    Um, it sounds like it’s both. He was drafted, worked hard, and was successful. Then he got injured and lazy, and doesn’t do the work, which results in losses.

  13. mnesmith77: You are correct, he needs time regardless of how ‘special’ a runner he WAS. Funny how people forget the o-line is the foundation of a good offence.

  14. rg3 is a terrible qb, it’s that simple. he’s also very sensitive and arrogant. he thinks he’s peyton/aaron rodgers. dude, you had one good year..that’s it. athleticism only gets you so far…

  15. We all know what RGIII’s problem is. Health. We saw what he can do 2 seasons ago. Maybe if he weren’t in constant re-hab mode, he would be able to put in the “time” to learning how to play the position.

  16. Waiting for RGIII next press conference when he states that he needs the other 10 guys on offense putting the time in to study extra film, he can’t be the only one putting the extra time in studying film and be successful even though he’s the leader, the QB, and the guy who runs the offense and needs to know where every player is at all times. When you are anointed the franchises savior and given the job you become entitled. And when you become entitled you think that you have already accomplished everything you need to do and everyone else now just needs to do their jobs for you to be successful. In that case if your not successful it’s everyone else’s fault.

  17. There are lots of QBs who put in tremendous time that don’t become elite QBs. It’s not just putting in time, but how well that time is spent in learning the logic of proper decision making.

    The formula for becoming an elite QB is a function of Quantity of Time combined with the Quality of Time. The second part is the most important part and requires an astute coaching perspective. Any coach or player can potentially come up with the first component, but not necessarily the second.

  18. He has a whole bunch of talent and good talent around him. The problems are is that he doesn’t have the body to take a few big hits. He’s always gonna get hurt. And the other problem is he really can’t read defenses and that’s the bigger issue……

  19. Here is How the NFL needs to work,
    The better you Play the better you get paid. GAME BY GAME.
    I’m sick of Hearing the Comment. WOW He’s Playing Great this year, It’s a Contract Year..
    There is a Lions Defensive Player that comes to mind quickly..
    The Heart of the NFL has switched areas, it gone to Players Heads..

  20. I’ve never seen a guy go from hero to goat so fast in my life. Who did he beat, rape, or kill again? I don’t pretend to know what’s going on in the locker room, but the head coach’s press conference sure did throw his star QB under the bus. I think it’s more about team dysfunction as a whole and less about one guy. It wasn’t that long ago that a drafted QB had more than 15 games to prove himself. Patience and support are obviously dying characteristics, especially in our nation’s capital.

  21. I’m shocked.

    Of course, when you’re doing commercials and redesigning your logo, something has to give.

  22. Coaches have told me RG3 doesn’t put in the time
    That’s because according to RGMe, he’s already ‘arrived’. That’s the only way of explaining his not taking responsibility for the team’s failures…SMH (it’s never his fault)

  23. Well he can take advice from a Hall of Fame super bowl winning qb or just get proud and dismiss what he has to say. I hope for the fans sake he at least considers this free advice. Less weight room, more class room RG!

  24. Where’s the QB coach in all of this? If he can’t get his guy prepared, it’s time to bring in someone who will.

    I understand that time is not the only component here, but when ish isn’t working you have to at least look like you’re trying to fix it. The QB is supposed to be (one of) the team leader(s) but it’s hard to feel good about that when he’s not working harder than everyone else. Like it or not, it’s the most important position in the NFL and if your guy isn’t maximizing his odds of success, the whole team suffers for it.

  25. He is a ‘victim’ of hero worship. I mean can you blame him, those idiots in texas put up a statue of him. It can’t possibly be anything he is, or isn’t doing! (tongue firmly in cheek)

  26. I hate when people make remarks like this. The Shanahans always praised his work ethic and now all of a sudden he didnt hit the books. Stop it. You can say maybe he hasnt developed to our expectations or that he playing bad, but to randomly put this out there is unreasonable. By all acounts up to now rg3 was considered a hard worker on the practice field, during rehab, and in the film room. People just need to face the facts that the Redskins are a horrible organization. I call them raiders east.

  27. Truth rings loudly…

    In retrospect, an utter misplay by Washingon Brass. They should’ve backed Shanahan’s “tough love” the first 2 or 3 years with RGIII. Mighta been a totally different result now than this circus…

  28. Washington was bad before RG3 and will bad long after he is gone. I think everyone needs to look a little higher up the ladder for the root of the problem here.

  29. tmcb7 says:
    Nov 18, 2014 12:57 PM
    It’s unbelievable to me that qb’s don’t learn from Mike Vick.
    Vick had all the talent in the world, but when you are a qb and you are not the first in the building and the last one out on a daily basis… you will fail. Vick is still not committed to working hard, but the Jet’s apparantly don’t care. It looks like we will be adding RGIII to that list as well.


    Michael Vick has had a long and very lucrative career, it just hasn’t worked out very well for the Teams, fans, or owners.

    Michael Vick was in the midst of a $100 mill contract when he got arrested. There’s no reason to believe that he wouldn’t have finished that contract in Atlanta. Every excuse was made for Vick. Roddy White was considered a bust while Vick was a QB because he’d check to see if Alge Crumpler was open and if he wasn’t he’d run.

    He never went through his progressions because he didn’t know how to but the receivers were blamed for that.

    A number of owners put style over substance. They would rather have a player who is on ESPN highlights than one who is dedicated to his craft. That was Arthur Blank and Michael Vick. Blank wanted to be Vick’s best friend as well. Always over for dinner, etc.

    As a consequence, there was noone, even if they wanted to, to hold Vick accountable.

    History repeats itself in Washington.

  30. I guess Steve Young wasn’t putting in the work his first 2 years in the league (with Tampa Bay). He had a 53 completion percentage, with twice as many interceptions as touchdowns. Everyone forgets those TAMPA years

  31. “but it’s not a leap to infer that he’s referring to Mike Shanahan”

    Yes it is a leap to infer that-

    First of all Steve is smart and classy enough to be talking about somebody CURRENTLY in RG’s presence, not somebody from two years ago.

    Secondly if Shanahan really wanted this information out I would think he’d have done it while he was coach and not after the fact like a jilted 13 year old girl.

    Shanahan may have confirmed it but it’s somebody currently in the locker room

  32. Steve Young and Terry Bradshaw were two QBs who made it abundantly clear just how much they each vehemently despised and resented the external (“unfair”) pressures put on them by the media — and yet Young and Brad are two of the biggest offenders, and thus hypocrites.

  33. you’d think it’d be fairly easy to find time to study tape when you’re on the shelf for the majority of every season rehabbing various leg injuries

  34. Unless they think a public shaming will change Griffin’s work habits, why would coaches be sharing this sort of thing with Steve Young? Washington seems prone to this counterproductive behavior from both their players and coaches. And tomorrow there’ll be a story about they can’t understand why there’s no team unity.

  35. Shanahan and his staff very well could have been telling RG3 to hit the books and work harder… but maybe there were complaints to higher up and that’s another reason why Shanahan isn’t there any more.

  36. Too busy with his five dollar foot longs. When the media declares you are a superstar before you really are one, it’s tough to go back to being a humble worker bee.

  37. And Shanny has no reason to be bitter or anything.

    This is why most outlets draw a very clear line between an analyst and a reporter. Warren Sapp once freelanced and tried to cross that line, and he almost lost his job because of it.

  38. But But But, Logically this guy RG3 is suppose to bring many titles and SB victories to Washington for many years to come! He is arguably the best QB since Elway. Period!

    Right, all the people donning RG3 is proven wrong and he is nothing but a bust that Dan wont swallow his pride and face the fact!

    MeSean miss us yet?? -Chip

  39. Welcome to media narrative 101. Go read all the reports from 2012, absolutely nobody questioned his work ethic. RG3 as bad as he is, hasn’t changed. What’s changed is the results and our perception of him. He’s always been the self-involved, self-annoiting, social-media bible-phrase tweeting guy. But lots of people who are now chirping chose to ignore those signs back then. When RG3 was voted as captain in his rookie year, everybody marveled at his leadership qualities and all his teammates loved him. Now he’s accused of throwing them under the bus after every loss.

  40. Griffin gets sacked every 7 pass attempts. That is 4 times the rate of other quarterbacks in this league. By comparison, Kirk Cousins was sacked once every 25 attempts. This tells me that it is not the offensive line that is the problem.

  41. Lifelong niner fan who admires Steve Young but I also understand He is a lawyer that passed the bar because he enjoys studying not to ever actually work as a lawyer. I imagine he would say Montana didn’t put as much time in as he would say is required so id take everything he says with a grain of salt.

  42. This stinks as to somebody in the Redskins’ org. sending info to Young…

    Could this be the way to get rid of RG3 after the season and save face with the faithful?

    It’s right out of Danny’s playbook, remember how he started the rumblings about Shanahan? Then POOF! gone the next season…

  43. Oh come on…didnt take a genius to see RG Me doesn’t take this seriously at all…..thinks hes going to throw the team under the bus and then his coach….just like the good ol days of Shannahan..good to see the coach struck first when he said RG3 is lazy and should stick to his own critique before passing judgement on his team. RG ME is an Azz who should have been punched out by somebody a while back to knock him off his high horse.

  44. Bob seems like a pretty smart guy who is hard working. Maybe it’s his ego which prevents him from accepting constructive criticism. It doesn’t sound like he’s a very good leader either with the way he deflects blame to others. His ego certainly prevented him from properly rehabbing his knee so he played hobbled all year. His limited mobility should have made him change his style of play to a more complete pocket passer but that didn’t happen as he still took off running only to be easily caught from behind. Steve Young is correct as usual as is Shanahan. Study study study

  45. It’s obvious RGIII cannot read a defense (any kind of defense). All you need to know is RGIII does not prepare enough. For example, watch a Manning or Brady (presnap) and see how they check out of a play, call out blitzers, sometimes audible to another play etc… all before they snap the ball!! Then watch RGIII before a snap and he does none of the above. In other words he does not know how to read a defense. That’s lack of preparation. Kudos to Steve Young. That is what the Shanahan’s were saying all along. Despite those articulations they were fired.

    This time (another year has passed) RGIII has a new coach but the same results (same lack of reading a defense). He has already started to throw his teammates under the bus (like last year) and will soon start bashing Gruden and blaming him as well. The RGIII story is getting old really fast, so I for one, do NOT expect him to be around after this or next year certainly not for $18 Million per yr.

    RGIII cannot continue to put all of the blame on his coach or his teammates. His cover is completely blown. If I were Gruden I would bench him to third string and give Colt Mccoy or Kirk Cousins another shot. It’s time for the Redskins to move on and never ever look back.

  46. Did Cousins or McCoy also “not put in the time”.

    How about McNabb?

    Are the O-Line or the perpetually last place D putting in the time?

    What about Alfred Morris?

    Is DC just a civil service culture?

  47. The worst thing that could have happened for RGIII was his overwhelming success during his rookie year which ended with a devastating injury in a game he shouldn’t have even been playing in. Since then, he’s pushed his body too quickly to return after every injury and he is staking his claim to a short career. As an Eagles fan, I for one think it is a shame. I don’t know his practice habits or film study habits, but I do know he is talented but puts too much pressure on himself to be the “savior” for the franchise when he should simply let his injuries heal and move on to a franchise that can actually handle him professionally. He has too long of a leash in Washington, which starts with his biggest supporter, Dan Snyder.

  48. RG3 works hard and puts in the time. You don’t come back from injuries like his without dedication. What has been said as far back as last season – possibly leaked by the Shanahans – is that he doesn’t like to watch game film of his mistakes. I don’t know if that’s because he is defensive and doesn’t like to be criticized or if he somehow only likes to focus forward in the belief if positive thinking. Or its a lie. I think he struggles with the offense and he feels coaches handcuff him so he doesn’t want to hear he can’t just wing it on the fly. Like, literally.

  49. I’m glad the skins and vikes are helping take some of the attention off of the dallas front office and coaching staff circus this year. Hopefully they keep the big tops up as we go through december.

  50. dameeze says:
    Nov 18, 2014 12:56 PM
    “My sources wears uniforms,suits and ties. #Truth”

    oh wait

    Actually the article said,

    ““I’ve talked to his previous coaches, people I really trust and admire, that know quarterbacks…”

  51. Anybody would think that reading a defence is rocket science. I can read a defence most of the time it’s not that hard especially when you have all the tech’s and coaches around. The hard thing is knowing what to do with the info you have gathered. Throwing the ball requires the receiving players to be able to read defence as well they are a team it’s not all on RG. I think his biggest problem is he says to much after games. Keep it simple.

  52. tmcb7 says:
    Nov 18, 2014 12:57 PM
    It’s unbelievable to me that qb’s don’t learn from Mike Vick.
    Vick had all the talent in the world, but when you are a qb and you are not the first in the building and the last one out on a daily basis… you will fail. Vick is still not committed to working hard, but the Jet’s apparantly don’t care. It looks like we will be adding RGIII to that list as well.


    I think the bigger issue here is that a lot of these young guys coming outta college grew up idolizing Vick, not seeing him as a tragic figure. As today’s culture becomes more and more self-centered, so do a large percentage of NFL rookies. They look at Vick and think “man that guy was sick with his ability and plays and speed” and don’t think “he hasn’t won anything, no rings, no legacy”

    This is the real problem. Highlights and $$$ now triumph rings and character.

  53. That is too bad, the kid has all the natural ability in the world. This isn’t college, he can’t get by on talent alone. Maybe he can be salvaged by a different team, different coach, different system.

  54. OK, RG3 can not read D-coverage right now…if ever….agreed.
    Steve Young…tool. Hey Steve, how good were you in Tampa Bay…2-14 in 85 & 86…you never had a passing % better then 53% when there.
    Then you are traded to a Super Bowl caliber team, ride the bench behind a Hall of fame QB for 4-5 years.
    My point, different time in NFL when Young played. Today you are expected to be great NOW!
    The Thiesman’s & Young’s, etc., who played in a much different time have soooo much insightful knowledge of todays QB’s.
    You NFL grandpa’s know no more then us coach coaches, stop the speculation, go with facts…idiots!

  55. For all the Bob supporters- I don’t think anyone is doubting that he works hard. He just doesn’t work very smart. It has been said that he doesn’t like to watch film of his mistakes. If he doesn’t then how will he correct his mistakes and not repeat them? I have no doubt he rehabbed hard and spent a lot of time coming back from injuries fairly quickly. However, maybe he should have spent a lot more time studying film and defenses instead of filming commercials and creating brands.

    I think Young is right on point. Bob may work hard, but he doesn’t put in the time doing the things that will make him a better quarterback or a better team leader. How else can you explain his penchant for making the same mistakes over and over again. Whether it be bad reads of defenses or the way he acts in his interviews. He can’t stay off twitter, always lashing out at the “haters”. His skin is too thin to make it in this game. He is just not cut out for it.

    He is overhyped and in the media much more than he needs to be. But he also brings this on himself. People aren’t out looking for ways to bring him down, he does that all by himself because he can’t just shut up and (try to) do his job.

    Guys like Eli are in much bigger media markets but they find a way to stay out of headlines. They don’t read their own press, don’t spend time on twitter and facebook. They credit teammates when they win and take the blame for losses without making excuses. They are usually easy to find because they are either on the practice field, in the film room or sleeping.

  56. What I don’t like is how does RG3 get the Subway and other marketing deals without accomplishing anything in the NFL? Don’t you have to accomplish something first before all the companies sign you up to be their spokesman? Seems like Subway jumped the gun here. They look ridiculous now. So quick to lavish praise on someone who clearly did nothing to warrant it.

  57. Am extremely happy that the Indy Colts took Andrew Luck with the 1st pick in the draft instead of RG3….Felt the same way when they drafted Manning instead of Ryan Leaf way back when…..

  58. The problem really is that the guy cant read defenses but the bigger problem is this dysfunctional organization is more dysfunctional than I even thought. Maybe its the pressure of being a first year coach but to throw your quarterback under the bus on national TV is unreal. Even Jay Cutler as horrible as he’s playing is still being supported by his coach and team mates. This is the only place where the fans cheer you today and throw your behind to the wolves tonight.

  59. With all due respect to Young, people said the same thing about Alex Smith before Harbaugh came along. Now look at him. He may need the same type of mentoring and help as Smith (and Kapernick) has gotten. I think the raw material is there. It just needs to have work done on it to turn it into a good product.

  60. BAYLOR adoration! That’s what’s wrong with Bro. Griffin. He helped them dedicate a beautiful, life-sized statue of him outside their stadium. He can do no wrong there, but unfortunately, he played at Baylor under the Briles strategy, some call it The Baylor Way, of scheduling schools like Wofford and Buffalo and Lamar and Incarnate Word and Liberty College. Griffin expects some of his NFL games to be like this, and he hasn’t learned that ALL games, are hard. Tampa Bay (NFL) may be in last place, but they’re not like Incarnate Word institute.

  61. I saw this coming when he was drafted. RGSlll was living in a bubble that he didn’t blow. Lol. I saw the set up coming. There was more people that wanted him to fail compared to people who wanted him to succeed and I am not talking about players. He thought he was loved and wouldn’t listen to people like Mcnabb. SMH

  62. This shouldn’t be any surprise. Running quarterbacks learned how to play the game on the fly. Improvisation is how they make plays, not by studying and reading defenses.

  63. Steve Young is in a good position when he talks about the growth these running college quarterbacks have to make to succeed in the NFL because he was a running quarterback, failed dismally in Tampa Bay. He was not happy riding the bench behind Joe Cool, but he eventually learned the exact lesson he’s saying RG3 and the leagues other run-oriented qbs need to learn.

    Tampa Bay doesn’t show why he shouldn’t make the comments, it shows that he actually knows what he’s talking about. Was he my favorite QB? Not hardly. But he expresses this point with personal experience, commitment, and from a position of real knowledge.

  64. There is hope for rg, even Heath Shuler is making commercials after his “success” as a starter for my Redskins. Rg just wait your turn will come

  65. Hard to believe Steve Young’s just making this up. And if I’m RGIII, I hope this is true, because if he is spending all that time watching film and is not processing it, well, what does it say about his intellectual ability? Better to be thought of as lazy than not smart. At least the former can be fixed.

  66. I’m no fan of Griffin and I thank the Rams for taking the Washington deal over the Browns offer, but Steve Young mentored behind THE Joe Montana and played on some of the greatest 49er squads in NFL history. He had probably one of the greatest coaching staffs ever put together and HoF players on his team. If Young was such an astute man of the game, why didn’t a downtrodden Tampa franchise keep him to bring them to glory. Sometimes players just don’t mesh in their environment, be it themselves, owners meddling, shoddy coaches or lack of talent. Get this guy in the hands of an actual coach and he may yet prove to be of some value.

  67. FireMelTucker says:
    Nov 18, 2014 4:08 PM
    So what’s Jay Cutlers excuse?
    That is exactly why we aren’t reading stories like this about Cutler- because he doesn’t go around making excuses. If he has a problem with the way a teammate is playing then he addresses it on the spot with him, man to man, not after the game in the press. Cutler calls audibles and can clearly read a defense, something most starting quarterbacks can do after their first year in the league.

    Washington has had to dumb down it’s offense for Griffin so it reduces the decisions he has to make, yet he still finds ways to make the wrong decisions anyway.

  68. It’s not difficult, stay off social media, stay away from the nightclubs, sack the advisors who have got you into this situation, keep your head down and work hard. You want to be mentioned alongside Brady, Manning, Brees, Luck then you have to work like them. Unfortunately, my guess is that he doesn’t listen and he thinks that natural talent alone will take him far, the only place it looks like it will take him is far away from football.

  69. Like I have said before. He is a spread quarterback playing in a west coast offense. It does not fit him. He needs to go to a place that runs the true spread. Not the read option, but a run and shoot style spread. That is the bases of our offense here at Baylor. He would understand those concepts and elements better. There is too much of a thought process that goes on with the west coast especially the one hat both Gruden’s run. Not only do you have to read the defense, but you have to regurgitate ridiculously long plays that tells everyone what to do; you have to time your drop back with the routes, receivers have to run predetermined routes, and you have about 5 reads. He has to do all this on top of having an offensive line not built to pass protect. He does have issues holding the ball to long. He needs to just let a rip; but honestly he wasn’t ready to carry a bad organization. People put to much on him and in fairness he put way to much on himself. I think he was feeling himself just a little, but not as much as it was portrayed; after winning the Heisman and then rookie of the year. He probably thought that he would be able to handle saving a dismal organization. But many great qbs don’t have to. As bad as the Colts were people forget the year before they tanked that they made it to the second round of the playoffs. Indy top to bottom was a solid organization when Andrew went there. To make it even more easier on him, the colts brought in his offensive coordinator from Sanford, so he is practically 7 years into the offense that he is directing. He is comfortable because he knows it in and out. That was not the case for Rob. And many would say well the Shanahan’s installed the read option for Robert to get him comfortable so that’s a wash. No they didn’t. Many don’t understand that Rob didn’t run a read option offense in college. Art Briles offense is not a read option offense. It is a run and shoot hybrid offense with receivers running option routes versus the way the defense is lined up. Quarterback and receivers on the fly determine where to go with the ball and what route to run based on coverage. And there for the pass opens up the run. If you look at stats except for his freshman year Rob didn’t run the ball for more than 650 in a season. That was on par with Luck at Stanford. The Shanahan’s used Nevada’s offensive formation (read option) Rob’s rookie year. I know this is long but I am passionate about my bears and seeing them do well in all their endeavors. He needs a change of scenery particularly in a place that has a small media market with a solid organization top to bottom from players, coaches, front office, and owner. He needs a place that runs a spread offense that allows him to make easier pre snap adjustments without heavy progressions and verbiage and will allow him to get in a rythym becaus he is a rythym thrower. And preferably a place where he can sit behind a veteran qb for a couple of years, rest his body, and learn. A place where he doesn’t have to be the guy. Denver is a small market city that meet these criterias. New England as well. In fact they have a rookie qb behind Tom Brady that ran our offense for Coach Babers at Eastern Illinois. That’s how closely aligned the Patriots offense is with ours. It’s not as eccentric and elaborate as ours (there is only one Coach Briles and one Baylor offense) but it is a run and shoot offense so it embodies the same base principa

  70. It’s obvious he doesn’t study. His mechanics, footing, reads, throws-everything is off, which translates to more losses than wins. RG3 seems to believe that he will succeed by improvising and relying on his “natural talent” instead of studying and developing his skills.

  71. Understand Snyder is in talks with Jared from Subway to replace RGtree. Likes his work ethic and putting in the time losing all that weight.

  72. Steve Young shouldn’t just put things like this out there. RG3 has issues he needs to overcome, but Young is not helping with this bit of pile on. Maybe Young should offer to help RG3 if he’s that concerned.

  73. What does this say regarding the “professionalism ” of those in the NFL. None of this information should be coming out, especially at the time a player is still employed. NFL is gotten like the WWF , phoney as can be

  74. mnesmith77 says:
    Nov 18, 2014 1:00 PM
    This may be the case but even if he is in the film room 23 and a half hours a day he still needs an O-line to protect him.

    He was sacked six times against the Bucs and four of those sacks were under 3 seconds. Tom Brady couldn’t operate in that pocket.

    It has nothing to do with the O-line. Robert can’t slide left, he brings his eyes and the ball down when he is flushed, he can’t hit receivers on timing routes. The play call will be a 3 step drop and the play/read is there but Robert doesn’t get the ball out. His o-line can’t block all day when the play call is for a quick release and the quick release isn’t executed. Colt and Kirk were sacked a total of 13 times in 7 games. Robert has been sacked 15 in 3. It isn’t the o-line pal. It’s the poor play of an ego maniac who isn’t a QB.
    Robert did put time in the weight room but not in the film room. He can’t read defenses, doesn’t trust his arm in his progression and is a bad QB. Shanahans being run out of town by RGME was the worst thing to happen to the skins since Marty being shown the door. Snyder is the worst owner in pro sports hands down.

  75. ncobears there is no true spread in the NFL. Furthermore three step drops are a “rythym” offense. Robert just is t very good is what it comes down to. He may have been good at BU, but BU isn’t the NFL plain and simple. He is done in this league. He won’t even get a second look.

  76. Don’t know whether Griffin puts in the necessary work now. He seemed to have a good work ethic when started in the league. But when Young talks about getting his info from Griffin’s previous coaches, that certainly suggests Shanahan. And Shanahan wouldn’t be the most objective source. Seems like he’s just being bitter and Young is just being his mouthpiece.

  77. @nco4bear, Dan Snyder should have brought in the Baylor OC to help RG3, instead of hiring Gruden. This is the only way to save his career. RG3 will never be a pocket passer. He can succeed in the NFL being a running QB (ie, Russell Wilson). The only thing he needs to master is to know when to slide or run out of bound so he won’t get hit. That’s something R Wilson, Rodger, Alex Smith did all the time when they ran.

  78. I believe Steve Young. He was the only person in the media who did not believe in JaMarcus … he started laughing saying he can throw the ball 100 yds on one knee.

  79. I still don’t know what to make of RGIII. He has talent, sure, but he doesn’t seem to be progressing at all. Washington has a tough decision to make because they have so much invested in him.

    Plus, these “new model” QBs who run so much are never going to be a long-term solution if they don’t learn when and how to slide. Taking a hit may be the “manly” thing to do, but that guy hitting you is trying to take your head off. I don’t see how guys get up from a good chunk of the hits dished out in any given game.

    Don’t try to prove anything, just SLIDE, dammit!

    It will be interesting to see how Mallett does in Houston, because I’ve read the same thing about him – he didn’t mind collecting a check to hold a clipboard, and didn’t do much to move beyond that.

  80. The same was said about Alex Smith until Harbaugh came to SF. He was a disaster and some might have wondered if he could even be an NFL QB. Now look at him. Some still say he is just a game manager but he is having lots of success with KC and his good at what he does.

    Kapernick is sort of going through the same thing with Harbaugh and I think he will do fine if he works hard at it. I still see a diamond in the rough in RG3 and I would sit down with him and ask him if he is willing to spend every day he has to get better. IF his answer is yes then I would pull him out of games and get a good QB coach to mentor him.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day and in this case, neither is his pursuit of being a good NFL QB.

  81. nco4bear- that is not how the NFL works. You are either an elite QB who can run a professional offense in any situation or you are holding a clipboard/ looking for a job. There are only 32 starting jobs in the NFL and Griffin clearly isn’t one of the top 32. If he needs to run the only offense he knows, can not adapt, can not read defenses, can not grow as a player and can not handle the media spotlight then NFL Starting QB is not the job for him.

  82. Ha, I had forgotten about the time he cried in his daddy’s arms after a loss in the locker room. I think that was the time I realized that he was a bum. Who has their parents in an NFL locker room to cry on after a loss? A weak child, does.

  83. johnnyballsack…..I agree he is not ready for a starting QB job and putting him there will only hasten the end of his career. Too much was expected of him to begin with. He needs to and can Develop his skills, just like any other profession, but trying to learn while playing is too much for him.

    Trying to learn on the job is too hard, esp in the NFL, where people want results now, the season is only 16 weeks long and the QB is in the spotlight. As I said before, he needs to study and be on the Practice field more but if he isn’t willing or able to do that then he should look for another line of work. That is just my opinion.

  84. Maybe RGIII is distraught about his team being named the Redskins and it’s racial implication (sarcasm).

  85. @johnnyballsack: I agree with you. I didn’t say it was. But the offense we run at Baylor is relevant to what teams I mentioned in my post run albeit slightly different. Most people think of RG3 as a runner but it was never about that even at Baylor. We do not run traditional options and rarely run read options. We are a throw first run second offense. But the play develops at the LOS and not in the huddle. You can call it in the huddle, but it is going to change 90% of the time at the LOS. Since RG3 is a rhythm thrower he cannot just drop back and throw to a spot on a predetermined route. It’s about giving the WR the OPTION to change that route and as soon as he does Robert will see it and deliver. He’s just not going to be successful in Gruden’s (either one of them) style offense unless he undoes his game and reinvents himself which is unlikely to happen. Young’s comments do not speak of what I know to be true of Robert, however, we’ll talk to him at the end of the year and get a feel for what is going on. I certainly do not want to take a stance until we hear from him in Waco in the offseason.

  86. nc04bear says:
    Nov 19, 2014 9:59 AM
    @johnnyballsack: I agree with you. I didn’t say it was. But the offense we run at Baylor is relevant to what teams I mentioned in my post run albeit slightly different. Most people think of RG3 as a runner but it was never about that even at Baylor. We do not run traditional options and rarely run read options. We are a throw first run second offense.”

    LOL these people see “black qb” and automatically call him a running qb. The guy completed 72% of this passes for 4,200 yards his last year at Baylor yet he is not a passing qb.

    Please understand what is going on here. Now RGIII is not displaying good pocket presence and some of these sacks are definitely on him.

  87. cri33 and nco4bear….
    points well taken and I agree that he was thrown to the wolves in a way. I think he would have been better off going to a team where he could sit for a year or two and learn. Most people think Manziel not playing this year is the end of his career. I think it is the best thing that could have happened for him and his future. Instant results are not going to happen for most coming out of college. I think it is too late now for that to happen for Griffin. After tasting the spotlight his rookie year I am sure he now considers anything else a failure, as do the fans and critics. I think that sitting for a year or two also could have helped his media skills, took a lot of pressure off him and allowed him to develop the professionalism and leadership that it takes to succeed. He went to the worst possible place and with the worst possible organization.

    I am not a fan of his and he rubs me the wrong way, but I do feel a little bit bad for him. I would feel worse if he wasn’t already financially set for life. I actually liked him coming out of college, I thought he was a breath of fresh air. But then he opened his mouth and started believing all his hype.

  88. Forget what Shanahan is saying (he’s unemployed)…..listen to Gruden. RGIII was taking the wrong drops on plays. How do you take the wrong drop at this point? Are you confused? Do you understand the play and the required drop on each call? Someone doesn’t know the playbook. Dude. I assume you don’t know the playbook and I’m afraid to ask about the defense you think you see. Hail?

  89. I laugh when I see Steve Young and Trent Dilfer yelling over each other on MNF with Ray Lewis in the middle trying to correctly pronounce athlete.

  90. Here it is in a nut shell,he cant read de s he comes to the line and hikes the ball goes through his check downs too slow and isnt smart enough to be a passing qb.WAS A GOOD RUNNING QB but now the league caught on its over next qb in washington should be a pocket passer who can read de s.Oh ya as long as snyder is calling the shots and hires all these puppets as coaches washington will continue to think walsh,parcells.and all the great coaches will have the owner tell them who to start.Get real.

  91. RG3 is sounding like the second coming of Jamarcus Russell. I recall a story about Russell…when he was struggling…the OC gave him a DVD to study, told him it contained the game plan for the next game. After a few days, the OC asked him if he had watched it. Russell said yes. The OC had given him a blank DVD!

  92. It’s obvious RGIII cannot read a defense (any kind of defense). All you need to know is RGIII does not prepare enough. For example, watch a Manning or Brady (presnap) and see how they check out of a play, call out blitzers, sometimes audible to another play etc… all before they snap the ball!! Then watch RGIII before a snap and he does none of the above. In other words he does not know how to read a defense. That’s lack of preparation.

    both played in a pro style offense in college the reps in that style helps . if i wanted to play pro qb, i would not go to a spread school

  93. If there is one thing RG3 could do for himself it is find a way to get out of DC. Gruden is not much more of a coach than RG3 is as a player at this point. But the days in DC “should” be over. I know it is not popular but it is simply untrue that Griff cannot read defenses. It is true that the injuries have prevented him from consistently being on the field. Many people said this about Aikman, Young, etc. The reason Brady, E. Manning, Rodgers are so darn good is that they HAD to sit for a few years meaning they could study, take care of their body’s, get a feel for the NFL, and then go out and take charge.

    In DC, Griff never had that chance. You had people calling him Black Jesus, and he looked like a miracle worker his rookie year when he boldly predicted at 3-6 they would win the division/make the playoffs. So he began to believe a lot of his own thinking which led him to believe he could start the next year w/o taking a pre-season snap.

    I don’t fault him entirely as the Shanny’s had much to do with letting his call the shots on playing. The Colts OTOH, brought in the Standford OC, drafted OLinemen out of Stanford, and gave Luck the keys to a care he had already driven for 4yrs. So Luck has been running the same O for 7 years…not an excuse but just true.

    The sad part about this for me, as part of the Baylor coaching staff, is that Robert did not get the heads up on what was about to happen, and continued to think he could save this abysmal organization. So more power to him for trying. Skins fans at least a division title out of him and were up 14-0 on Seattle when the injury kicked in and from then on it was a no win situation. Not really Griff’s fault, but exacerbated by his comments and subsequent performances. However, neither Shanny or Gruden have handled the situation admirably. Griff should have never never started his second season. In fact, he probably should have only been called on to mop up games. But the threshold had been set so that did not enter the powers that be.

    He will visit with us in Waco after the year and get a feel for where his head is and go from there. We hope he does get to sit somewhere for a year or two because his talents are unique, but we’d like to watch him workout according to some of our metrics. We do this for a lot of our draft picks and NFL aspirers. We like Colt as well, but we thought the Skins wasted KC’s draft pick and that should have gone to an O Lineman. What little I have seen of the Skins this year leads me to believe the O Line we have now at Baylor could play as well as what they are packaging on the field now. That is not a good sign no matter who you put at QB.

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