Vikings want Peterson back

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It’s unknown if/when the NFL will allow Vikings running back Adrian Peterson to return to football.  It’s becoming more and more clear that, whatever the NFL does and whenever the NFL does it, the Vikings are ready to welcome him home.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there’s indeed no rift, internal battle, or schism regarding Peterson’s status with the team.

A report emerged nine days ago suggesting that the Vikings aren’t on the same page about Peterson.  One source told us at the time that the report was hogwash (or something conveying that sentiment, with the same bovine reference coach Mike Zimmer made on Sunday about the clock operator in Chicago).  It’s now becoming more clear that the Vikings are indeed in agreement that Peterson, perhaps the greatest player in team history and one of the best running backs to ever play the game, will be embraced, once he’s eligible to play.

Another report emerging nine days ago suggested that the team has concerns about Peterson’s mental and physical status.  Again, that’s hogwash — or stronger.

Peterson is ready to go; the question is whether the NFL will let him go.  Another question is why the NFL didn’t drop the hammer on Peterson on Monday, when multiple reports indicated it was coming.

Either way, answers are coming soon, with a ruling on Peterson’s status under the Commissioner-Exempt list possibly coming by Wednesday.

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  1. What he did was wrong. Anyone with a functioning brain will tell you that. With that said, he deserves another chance. He’s missed every game this season, take some game checks and let’s move forward.

  2. Would this conversation be happening if AP was a 3rd string nobody?
    Of course not.
    The NFL will allow anyone back into the League as long as the crime is just short of killing someone..

    Oh wait. Josh Brent.


  3. If this was anyone other than a “franchise” player that could bring more wins (read: money) to the team, then he would be labeled a child beater and never play again. Such has become the nature of the NFL; win at ANY cost. Even if it means sacrificing your own integrity to do so.

  4. “Another question is why the NFL didn’t drop the hammer on Peterson on Monday, when multiple reports indicated it was coming.”

    They didn’t because they know they can’t. There is nothing but a fine for a misdemeanor that would be permissible under the CBA.

  5. Filed under “duh”. Did any really think they were going to pay him 7-8 million dollar to sit at home for 10 weeks without the intention of bringing him back the second the NFL is done fumbling this situation?

  6. Sounds like a Spielman smokescreen. Kinda like when he had no intentions of trading Percy…

    Adrian can’t block or catch. He makes our offense even more one-dimensional and predictable. That was okay a few years ago, but his ypc has diminished with age. He’s 30 in a few months and commands a massive amount of the salary cap. He has enormous character flaws that negatively impact public perception of the team and new stadium, which is already a touchy public subject.

    What did we ever win with this clown anyway? One good year with Favre and lots of forgettable losing seasons with him blabbing on about personal achievements, being the greatest, and comparing the NFL to slavery.

    Good riddance to Adrian Beaterson. Hopefully this story just means the Vikings are wise enough to trade him rather than cut him.

  7. Why wouldn’t they. No reason to give him up for nothing and then some other team gets him for free. What’s the difference if he plays in Minnesota or Dallas.

  8. Free AP! Oh my Gosh the Vikings actually acknowledged Adrian may be the best player in team history…maybe they are not so boneheaded after all?

  9. This decision should have already been made — this is pure BS to keep a team and a player in limbo. It really is time to strip some of the powers from Goodell, these kind of decisions shouldn’t be left up to one person.

  10. Peterson: great football player, lousy father. I hear he can be a really nice guy, but I’m betting that the 4-year-old he terrorized, humiliated, and beat bloody might have some other thoughts about how nice he is. I’ve loved watching Peterson play running back, but it’s hard to simply let his child abuse go and enjoy him as a football player now. Have you seen the pictures of what he did to that little boy? It’s disgusting and appalling.

  11. The court says he’s safe to be running around. Now get him running around between the sidelines and end zones!

  12. AP isn’t even close to being one of the best backs of all time.
    In no particular order: B Sanders, E Smith, J Brown, & W Payton all have better resumes. Add in very few playoff games and wins & no SB??????

  13. Question…. Assuming that Peterson’s actions are found to have violated the personal conduct policy, wouldn’t those actions be subject to discipline under the original policy standards? I keep reading that there is a 6 game suspension for violations regarding domestic abuse, but this is a new policy that was put in place due to the fall out of the release of the Ray Rice video. I would think that if Peterson were to be suspended for 6 games under the new policy that would be a retroactive enforcement of a law/rule. I’m not a lawyer but, per my understanding, that has pretty much been a no no since feudal times. I would think that getting that suspension overturned would be an almost trivial matter at that point. Just curious.

  14. Why wouldn’t you want him back? The man can flat out change a game… Just end the drama NFL we all know you have a double standard and you’re not kidding anyone.

  15. AP is mentally ill and needs treatment.

    From crushing people’s hands when he shakes them to abusing his child after another one of his children was beaten to death, this guy is either very stupid and clueless or very sick.

  16. If the NFL doesn’t reinstate Peterson they are pretty much violating the new CBA. Peterson hit his kid, and I understand that he was made an example of due to the NFL’s own negligence with the Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and McDonald cases, but his case is resolved. Whether you agree with what Peterson did or not doesn’t hold any weight at this point. He reached an agreement with the courts and it has been resolved. Does the NFL not abide by the judicial system?

  17. Just think this whole thing could have been avoided if AP was smart enough to realize there are better more constructive ways to punish your child besides beating them. And if anyone thinks it is acceptable for a grown man, never mind an NFL player, to beat down a defenseless child it’s time for a reality check. And don’t give me that BS that this is how Adrian was raised, time to change with the times.

  18. Just let the guy play. All these people bashing him are liars. Cast the first stone! Ever committed a misdemeanor crime? I’m a father of two and don’t agree with what he did, at all. But you can’t unring a bell, so move forward, don’t do it again. Forgive and forget. Everyone trying to play God, including GODell is getting old. Love the doer, hate the deed! #APFOR200SUNDAY

  19. Why not?, this franchise is as morally corrupt as Peterson, even more so.

    How do you accurately portray a NFL franchise where the owners are convicted for fraud, leads the NFL in player arrests (not by a little but by a wide margin for the 2nd place team) and are single handedly responsible for introducing into the vernacular of American sports culture such terms as Love Boat, Whizanator, and head coaches making extra money scalping their Superbowl tickets.

    This is your Minnesota Vikings.

  20. Don’t believe Vikings front office wanted him back at all. Coaches, yes, Wilfs no. They didn’t want the bad pub and sponsors (Radisson, et al.) bitching. So they act like they wanted AP back then let Goodell do the dirty work for them. Which is actually his job, anybody that thinks Goodell isn’t in lockstep with the owners is unrealistic.

  21. Of course they would like the employee they have been forced to pay for no production earn some of his money. But it’s not going to happen.

  22. so your saying murder and punishing a boy by his father is one of the same where do you live lets see if you agree

    sounds like something that natzi goo dell would say
    but if you get 10 weeks for murder and more for pleading no contest for a mister meaner then clearly everyone should know it is not OK to punish your kids just murder them insted

  23. When the coach and the players want Peterson back, that’s one thing. When the owners are running scared and peeing their pants at the thought of bringing Peterson back, that’s another.

    When it comes down to the players vs. the management, guess who will get their way………

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