Jets-Bills game could be delayed due to snow


Nearly four years ago, a major blizzard that hit during what would have been game time forced the NFL to move a Sunday night game between the Vikings and Eagles to Tuesday night. Now, a series of snowstorms could delay Sunday’s game between the Jets and Bills in Buffalo.

Per a league source, moving the 1:00 p.m. ET kickoff remains a possibility, with a potential window from Sunday night through Tuesday night.

One factor favoring a delay would be the inability of the Bills to practice. Expecting the Bills to play with little or no preparation would create a dramatic, and possibly unprecedented, disadvantage.

Of course, delaying the game until Tuesday would create a disadvantage for both teams in Week 13. The Bills host the Browns five days later. The Jets would have an extra day, since they face the Dolphins the next Monday night.

No decisions have been made, and the developments of the next day or two will surely help shape the final plan.

80 responses to “Jets-Bills game could be delayed due to snow

  1. Stop turning football into baseball, heck even the sissies that play soccer will play in the snow. The game is on Sunday at 1pm, this is zero percent chance of snow at that time, so clean out the stadium and play. If the stadium can’t be cleaned out, play – have people show up with shovels and tell them to clean out their seat – but stop this catering to women nonsense and play the game.

  2. bobnelsonjr says: Nov 19, 2014 8:09 PM

    Football is always played no matter what the weather!!!!
    Your feet need to be on something where you can at least feel the ground…

  3. People are losing their lives up here. It’s not about playing football in the snow, it’s about the safety of peoples lives. So the comments about oh it’s just snow and get the snow out and play. You don’t live here, you don’t know about being stuck in your car for 30 hours, you don’t know what 6 feet of snow looks like or feels like. Grow up.

  4. It isn’t about the conditions on the field, but more so the roads leading to the stadium from other parts of WNY and the surrounding parking lots.

    I live in Buffalo and the areas south of the city (such as Orchard Park where the Bills play) got absolutely drilled and received several feet overnight with more snow expected throughout the week.

  5. @rodvmunchiii

    It’s not a “sissy” issue. It’s a “There’s 440,000,000 pounds of snow inside the stadium with another 220,000,000 on the way not the mention the travel ban” issue.

  6. Why would you delay a football game because of snow?

    Football is supposed to be played in all types of weather!

    Quit babying the million dollar players!

  7. As a Miamian who spent years living in Chicago, Boston, and Vermont, I can believe the game might need to be moved. Nobody who actually has a clue about what 6 feet of snow means would suggest this is a reflection of some kind of modern-day cultural softness.

    18 to 24 inches of snow over a weekend is a major blizzard. 6 feet? I’ve never even heard of that. People can (and, sadly, probably will) die.

  8. briang123 says:
    Nov 19, 2014 8:13 PM
    The NFL is probably trying to sell the game for Tuesday night for $100 million.

    Probably True. I’ll gladly PPV!!

  9. head1994 says:
    Nov 19, 2014 8:27 PM
    Ravens-vikings steelers-Dolphins games last year????

    I’m a Dolphin fan and you have got to be kidding with that comparison. “Snow” isn’t the problem. “6 feet” is.

  10. I live 15 minutes away from the stadium and I have 5 feet of snow outside my door – it’s like that everywhere between my house and the stadium.

    Yes, it is still a few days away but they are predicting more tonight. If that happens it’s going to take another couple of days to dig out.

    It is virtually impossible to travel anywhere around here. You can’t play anything if the guys playing can’t even get there. Just saying.

  11. Those making thoughtless comments should stop and think about the massive amount six feet is. Fun fact: Average male height is 5′ 9″. Wrap your mind around that for just a moment. SMH

  12. Backpack blow torches. Problem solved

    Nah, that just turns it into 4 inches of rock hard solid ice.

    Don’t ask how I know this.

  13. @miamatt “18 to 24 inches of snow over a weekend is a major blizzard. 6 feet? I’ve never even heard of that. People can (and, sadly, probably will) die.”

    7 reported deaths so far, most likely more to come once people can finally dig their ways to some of the cars and houses that are buried. 6 feet of snow over 2 days with more to come is a major problem.

  14. They just pulled a dead guy out of his car covered in 10 feet of snow. I think that is 6 or 7 now, but I bet there are many more that have not yet been discovered.

    Dig out the people dying before worrying about the stadium. MOVE IT TO TORONTO FFS.

  15. I wish Buffalo could send all that snow to California.
    L.A. could use the moisture a lot more than an NFL team right now.

  16. Sad that there are more people concerned about a stupid football game when there are people losing their lives cause of the snowstorm(s)!


  17. I’m a Jets fan and I will tell you that if Buffalo can’t make it happen Sunday at 1pm it won’t be from a lack of trying. These are hard core people and they don’t bi*ch .

  18. Monday night would be fun, as I can’t remember the last time the Bills had one. Cleveland 2007? Anyways how in the hell do the Redskins and the Jets each get two Monday Nighters? Heck, the Titans got one. The Bills are at least competitive and with their D would be a much better option. Not to say that those teams didn’t show up, the Titans and Jets nearly beat the Bears and the Steelers. Never mind the Bears still suck.

  19. play the game the Friday before wild-card weekend … neither of these teams will be in the post season and we get a three day extravaganza …

    be safe and smart Buffalonians …

  20. Rescheduling this should be easier than just about any game due to the close proximity of the teams. No need for anymore loss of life just to line the pockets of 30 billionaires.

  21. When a 300 horsepower front end loader has trouble moving 90 inches of snow, I think delaying the football game is a GREAT idea. But what do I know..

  22. I’ve lived in Western New York most of my adult life and caught BillS fever in the mid-eighties. I started seasons in 1987 and have sat through some crappy weather and even crappier teams, but I’ve never seen a storm like this during the season. I live 85 miles south of the stadium and we have viritually nothing. My buddies close to the stadium can’t open their doors let alone find their cars…
    If they can open the roads and people can get to and from the stadium safely I say play the game. If people are risking their life traveling and you know they will…postpone it.

  23. “San Francisco was leveled by an earthquake… …yeah, but the ground isn’t moving right now, let’s play football”

  24. Move the game to an unoccupied neutral stadium and give half the ticket sales profits to domestic abuse charities and the other half to buffalo recovery efforts. There is precedent for this. San Diego Miami several years ago was moved to Arizona because of wild fires. Several charity originations benefited

  25. The NFL has a stellar record when handling all kinds of problems so I’m sure they’ll figure out something.

  26. Here is where i defer to the good people of Buffalo stay safe, football comes last. And to the uninformed ignorant comments go pound some rocks.

  27. I am from South Buffalo and moved out to the south towns before I departed to live in Tallahassee. The first thing that always runs out in buffalo during bad winter weather is always that fine Canadian beer. Good luck to my good neighbors up there. I am pretty jealous I can’t be helping to dig out my people while getting sauced!

  28. I’ve seen that type of snow before. I remember watching my dad climb out the upstairs window on the porch over hang to dig down to the front door. I was easier to tunnel through the snow than trying to walk on it. They’ll be lucky if the clear the roads by the end of next week.

  29. Will Commish Rog be suspending Mother Nature under the arbitrary personal conduct policy?

  30. Tuesday night game made it so a visiting Vikings team stewed in their hotel rooms for an extra 48 hours and then came out and won a game they had no business doing so.

    Congrats Jets.

  31. We only got about an inch of snow here and Buffalo is only 1 1/2 hours away.

    It’s where Buffalo is exactly, they get the lake effect snow we don’t get.

  32. For those suggesting to move the game to Toronto. What, and sell the usual 15,000 tickets? Better start the give aways quickly.

  33. Just give both teams a “tie” and cancel the game.
    I’m sure nobody has any of the Bills or Jets players playing on their fantasy teams.

  34. It’s more to do with the fact the Bills haven’t practiced (yea we’re talking about practice, not the game, but practice) yet this week for the Jets.

    That’s why they are most likely to move the game to Tuesday, although the Toronto option should of been considered in this case.

  35. Both teams are going to have a disadvantage no matter what. One team is named the Jets…the other the Bills. They both suck.

    Heck, just cancel the game…I don’t think many will miss it.

  36. why worry about weather an dwhen playing time ???buffalo hav eto kno w an dexperience about this in city come on.when nfl strike as redskins still practice also won superbowl too

  37. Guys, heres the facts about why this is a thing.

    It takes stadium officials and 100 volunteers approximately 3 days to clear a foot of snow from an NFL stadium.

    The Bills have 3 days to clear 4.5 feet of snow from inside the bowl, and because the city is shut down with an area wide travel ban, there are no volunteers.

    So, the 3 big issues are that A, there is nowhere to play. Id like to see you run in 4 feet of snow, B, there are no fans to watch them play with a city wide travel ban in place and C, there is no team because they cant leave their homes to practice or play.

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