Adrian Peterson thinks “maybe it’s time for me to get a fresh start somewhere else”


If running back Adrian Peterson had been able to return to the Vikings this year, he would have had an opportunity to determine whether he and his family would be able to stay in Minnesota for the rest of his career in light of the events that derailed Peterson’s 2014 season.  As it stands, he won’t have a chance to test the waters — which may result in Peterson seeking an opportunity to play somewhere else in 2015.

Peterson tells Tom Pelissero of USA Today that he would return to the Vikings if the appeal of his suspension results in a reinstatement between now and the end of the regular season, and that Peterson has given extensive thought to the possibility that “maybe it’s best for me to get a fresh start somewhere else.”

Time is working against Peterson and the Vikings having a reunion in 2014.  With five weeks and three days remaining until the end of the regular season, Peterson faces an uphill climb to secure a successful appeal and play in Minnesota this year.

“I would love to go back and play in Minnesota to get a feel and just see if my family still feels comfortable there,” Peterson said.  “But if there’s word out that hey, they might release me, then so be it.  I would feel good knowing that I’ve given everything I had in me.”

There’s actually no “word out” that the Vikings might release Peterson.  The Vikings have been adamant about their belief that Peterson is a Viking.  If anything, the Vikings would want to trade Peterson in lieu of letting him walk away.

Ultimately, the Vikings control the outcome because they control Peterson’s rights.  If the Vikings refuse to let him go, he’ll have to decide whether to play for the Vikings or no one.

At a compensation package of $13 million in 2015, it’s hard to imagine Peterson walking away.  But that may not keep Peterson from trying to force his way out.  He expressed a general, vague belief to Pelissero that the support for Peterson in the organization is not unanimous.

“I would have to get back in the community and get a feel,” Peterson said.  “I know who loves me. The coaches and the players, it’s not going to be a problem. I’ve felt so much support from those guys.  The organization, I know there’s people in the organization that support me and there’s people that I know internally that has not been supporting me.”

Peterson did not identify any persons with the team who he believes are not supporting him.

The interview, Peterson’s first since being indicted on felony child abuse charges in September, contains extensive comments from Peterson regarding his resolve not to use a switch when disciplining his children, his reasons for not attending the hearing/meeting at the league office last Friday, and his desire to meet with Commissioner Roger Goodell.

86 responses to “Adrian Peterson thinks “maybe it’s time for me to get a fresh start somewhere else”

  1. Come to New England, we’ve got a great rotating backfield. Plus handing out discipline to a child, what 70% of kids even from the 90s experienced, and probably 90% of inner city athletes, is not really a big deal, and does not require you to be hung in the public square, nor is that going to change culture overnight.
    Come watch us in action this February and see what you think.

  2. Nice…outside of this controversial issue, he has been the best thing for this and us fans over the last 7 years…certainly the last 4. If we lose AP because the Minnesota Vikings have let Grand standing individauls tear this situation apart….I give up. Take a look at all the posts since this has taken place AP….the majority of fans support your coming back!!….it’s just that the media puts FRONT AND CENTER all the negative publicity!!!!
    VIKES MANAGEMENT…don’t fall for this crap!!
    That said…if AP is moving on in his mind..then there is only one mistake bigger that this club could make…CUTTING him and not getting anything!!
    Why would nothing suprise me!!

  3. When do we get to hold the owners accountable? Roger is a direct representative of the owners. These players make them hundreds of millions of dollars they should not be entrapped into a discipline scheme.

    You need counseling as well mr.Goddell

  4. I wouldn’t have done the same, but, this has been blown WAAAAY out of proportion. Anybody remember Donte Stallworth? Or how Josh Brent killed his teammate? The NFL messed this all up with Ray Rice and is now taking it out on AP… Shame.

  5. Dallas is the most logical location. Murray looks good but is in a contract year. With the AP ordeal the Cowboys could probably end up signing AP for 6-7 mil a year maybe where Demarco could be demanding 12 mil a year.

    AP is still the better back and has never had an offensive line like the one in Dallas right now. AP has always wanted to go there and Jerry has always expressed interest in AP as well…

  6. The only way he can get a “fresh start” is to go to some country that has never heard of him. Given the national moral outrage in this country, Peterson is now unemployable in ANY profession in ANY city in the US. Fortunately he’s made enough money that he never has to work again.

  7. Hey, AP, know what the players in Minn would love more than having you back… Having that 15 million you are eating off the cap to spend on other players.

  8. Viking fans right now: “trade the bum to Dallas, we’re done with him.”

    Viking fans after he rushes for 200 yds and 3 TDs week one next year: “We never doubted you AP! Best RB and Viking of all time!”

  9. If he continues to fight this suspension, his days in Minnesota are numbered. Second chances are the norm for many people in this country, but some genuine remorse and self improvement must occur.

  10. With the development of Murray this year, normally you’d think the Cowboys wouldn’t be interested. Then I remember Jerry Jones and go, oh yeah, right. Never mind. Match made in heaven.

  11. I’ve been a lifelong Vikes fan and AP fan, but AP do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut. Every time you talk, you make yourself sound worst and worst. You have been on a paid vacation earning millions this whole season, just going to court and smoking weed. Now your starting to think you need “a fresh start somewhere else,” just remember you did this to yourself, no one asked you to beat your kid.

  12. So with Demarco Murray having a good season, will Jerry sign Adrian still? Of course he will, he enjoys a circus as long as he’s at the center of it! The Lions would be a better fit.

  13. Can’t wait to see that new stadium open, with half the seats empty. Number 28 is gone, Minnesota. Jerry Jones already made the phone call. Your pathetic state spent half a billion dollars for a new stadium, and your league MVP from 16 months ago, whom you valued enough to reward with a $100 million dollar contract, just told you goodbye.

  14. He just needs to get back with the team and get back to football. This whole mockery of discipline and professionalism during roger godells term has left a bad taste in everyones mouth whether you support adrian or not. From what I’ve seen, the greater majority feels he should return to the field immediately yet somehow the hate sprayers cries ring the loudest. I disagree with the commissioner and believe adrian has shown contrition and remorse for his actions. Unfortunately when bad media rains, it poors and bandwagon companies and fans like to pile on the negativity. I just want this nightmare to be over already im sick of the rollercoaster.

  15. Hahahaha, the Vikings don’t care about you anymore, crybaby child abuser!

    How DARE you put everyone in this position with your selfishness and uncontrollable anger!

    Your comments smell of unapologeticness and you’d better watch it, because the league is watching EVERY word that comes out of your low-IQ mouth.

  16. Bye, bye and don’t let the door hit you in the ass! Dirtball! You should have a lifetime ban! If you come back and ever play again, hope you get CRUSHED! Dirtball!!!

  17. Spare the rod spoil the child….
    My mom use to make me go pick the switch out myself before installing my whoopin’….& the smaller it was the more I got…
    I think this is being overplayed by the media but that’s what Internet has done to today’s society
    I don’t see this as a case of child abuse but the term child abuse is different for everyone…. Maybe a little excessive in terms of punishment but it’s not like he used a wrench or baseball bat or closed fist…. Didn’t lock him in a closet or basement…. I think it boils down to intent & the intent was to disapline the child not scar humor hurt him for life…. Mistake on force that he needs to be more aware of when addressing corrective measurements but again I believe it boils down to intent & history/patter of actions
    I always he’d marks left behind but i never felt abused or unloved by my parents…. I screwed up & usually deserved what I got & trust me I learned my lesson
    I know this comment will be frowned upon by many but there are much greater forms of “abuse” out there that don’t leave physical marks….

  18. Come to buffalo. Were going to get cam in free agency. You a.p. cam and Sammy. Will draft all offensive linemen this year to clear the path for you. Are d is on the rise. Super bowl 2015

  19. A month ago the name of the Washington team was such a big issue that if we didn’t change it, civilization as we know it would collapse. Now it hasn’t been in the paper since who knows when. He paid his debt to society. This will pass once he is back on the field and moving the chains just like that did. Everyone let’s not let the chest thumpers and flag wavers wreck this. They have short attention spans.

    Look… someone ran over a squirrel in Montana. Go get ’em!

  20. As much as Ray Rice was under punished at first, Adrian is being over punished. There is no rhyme or reason to the moving target that is the punishment of the NFL’s conduct policy. If it seems like they make it up as they go, that’s probably because they do.

  21. AP: million dollar talent, ten cent head. What a pity. This is why we shouldn’t worship athletes: they all have feet of clay, are human, and make mistakes just like the rest of us. I’ve enjoyed watching AP play for the Vikes, but now it’s time to move on. He’d be better off elsewhere, and the franchise is retooling anyway. If anything good has come from this mess, I hope it would be heightened attention to the systemic problem of child abuse.

  22. I don’t blame him. While a great majority want him back, there is a loud minority that don’t believe in second chances. I wish nothing but the worst for those people.

  23. If Adrian Peterson would leave it would be a sad day for this huge viking fan. Management cannot let him go anywhere. Restructure his contract have him do some community work within the twin cities and let the guy finish his career in Minnesota. I believe that this team is very close to being very competitive and I would love to see him raise that Super Bowl trophy as a viking and not for any other team.

  24. Step 1: Get big signing bonus.
    Step 2: Get cut
    Stpe 3: Sign with new team, get big signing bonus.

    That’s mo’ money, Mo’ Money, MO’ MONEY!

  25. This is a great example of how “NOT” to run a football team. Draft a RB with the 7th overall pick in the draft, have that RB dominate pro football over the span of 7 years, overpay that RB and screw up your salary cap, mismanage a PR story by trying to bring him back too early, then piss him off so that he leaves the team without getting anything in return except for a lump of money that you had to pay for no production and dead money in the salary cap once he is gone.

    This folks, is your Minnesota Vikings.

  26. I think his bigger problem will be community. The newspapers and politicians are all wildly far left. He has been daily trued in the court of punluc opinion by EVERY single paper. And smear articles with incorrect information. Given that background can only guess how he, his wife abd children would be treated in Minnesota.

  27. The reality is even without the off the field issues Adrian Peterson was a long shot to return to Minnesota in 2015 given that the team is rebuilding and he carries a massive cap hit at age 30. I know this isn’t popular thinking amongst some Vikings fans but it’s the truth.

  28. @conormacleod No way the majority of Vikings fans want this loser back! Not one of my many friends or family that are Vikings fans are supporting him. I’ve yet to see even one person wearing his jersey to the sports bar since he was exposed. He may deserve a second chance, but he doesn’t deserve here in MN. Make a stand Vikings, we don’t put up with beaten children bloody! I can’t wait till he is traded or cut. Time for everyone to move on!

  29. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion. If this came out last season it would have been a slap on the wrist and maybe suspension for a game. I highly doubt AP is some kind of child beating monster- he made a mistake he didn’t knock his wife out or shot guys off at his party or beat his pregnant wife.

  30. @Robert831, please Rob, don’t put words in other peoples mouth. I have a large family of mostly all Vikings fans, the rest Packer fans, but that’s just the way we are geographically placed Ha ha! Anyhow your opinion is just that, YOURS. You are in the vast minority of fans in the way your thinking. We all want him back, he’s learned his lesson,
    And learnt it harder than any other NFL’er before him. This whole situation has caused major black eye for the league. Put it this way Robert, I have family that are ready to stop watching football if Peterson isn’t brought back. These are 60+ year old men, who live the game. Most of us are just shocked. Roger Goodell needs to be sued and Peterson needs to be compensated (but how do you give a guy a year of his life back?)

    And please don’t say he deserves what he got, he made his own bed BS??!!! The punishment was way over the top for the mistemeaner charge.

  31. Truth is it comes down to age. If Adrian was on the younger side of 30 all of the Vikings organization would be behind him. Paying him nearly $1 million a game next year makes it easy for those in the organization that look at the Vikings as a business to want him out.

    Personally I think, based on how he was raised, he did what he thought he should. He has since learned (harshly) that he needs to change the way he disciplines his children. Missing 10 games already and the rest of the season no doubt, along with at least 5 game checks is beyond excessive. If this had happened last year before the Rice incident he would maybe have missed 2 or 3 games.

  32. I feel bad for the Vikings fans if AP leaves. I mean, looking back at all those great Super Bowl memories that he carried the team to victory and those incredible playoff runs! What a disaster it will be if this one overpaid child abuser were to bring his beating skills to another team.
    Keep him in Minnesota if you really want to punish him. He will never get close to the playoffs there.

  33. I don’t care who’s supporting AP. He’s not the victim. I care more about who’s supporting his son. Judging by the fact that he hasn’t seen him in 5 weeks…I’m guessing it’s not AP.

  34. Vikings Fan here. I am understanding that Peterson made a parental mistake and should be held accountable for that mistake….But Goodell went overboard. There should have been consideration for “time served”.

    As for the future with Minnesota. I was one that believed (even before All of this legal stuff) that Adrian was probably playing his final season in Minnesota. And now I firmly believe the organization will not be paying him the salary within his current deal.

    So– It’s probably best that both go their seperate ways. The local (liberal) media in Minnesota isn’t ever going to get past this episode… It’s simply amazing how unforgiving liberals can be.

  35. Ever think that maybe he really does want to be released so that he can go to a contender to get a ring before his talent dries up? He knows a championship is not in the vikings future any time soon. This makes sense.

  36. I agree 100% with Penvik. The guy deserves a chance the guys have done completely and totally worse things that got just a slap on the wrist.
    There is a huge following here in T. Bay Ont. and if this guy is allowed to leave it would be disheartening to a fan base here in Canada.
    A.P. has been the face of this team for a few years now and especially since that awesome year where he almost broke Dickerson’s record, he should be with out a doubt not allowed to leave.
    Again restructure his deal and have him stay.

  37. I don’t get why Cowboys fans are so big on bringing this guy in. Jerruh must be seeping into their brains. That team has multiple, glaring holes, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Not to mention Romo is getting old, and doesn’t have the best health history. So they want to get rid of Murray, one of the best players on the team, for an older AP?

    Plus, the Vikings won’t cut him, although he could be traded for. So you are losing Murray, plus something else. That does not leave much room to fix those problems on defense

  38. You should not be fired from your job for disciplining your kid. He grew up with it! He didn’t know it was wrong in some peoples minds. This is the worst action Goodell has ever taken. He is simply trying to make up for his massive screw ups by punishing Peterson. I hope Peterson sues Goodell for all he is worth. This is a larger punishment than some of the guys in the past who have actually KILLED people!

  39. What a moron AP is.

    He thinks, that he needs to play to see if he can feel comfortable in Minnesota?

    How about using this time off to go back and live there. Ya think?

    Because 180 minutes every other Sunday (or 1800 minutes or so a year) determines if you can live in Minnesota the other ~524,000 minutes of a year.

    Lets see, he has ~54,720 minutes left before the end of the regular season to live in Minnesota. Go to stores, live your life, do whatever to figure that out.

    But Adrian, like the moron he is, thinks the only way he can possibly know if Minnesota is in the future, is if, consequently, he gets his wish to play immediately.

    Hey Adrian, I’ll let you in on a tip since you are such a moron. You are mistakenly putting that wall in front of yourself by desiring it to be there. You can tear down that wall anytime, yourself… and yes we can see through your idiocy and know you are full of it regarding that.

  40. Going to be an interesting free agency at RB:

    Demarco Murray
    Adrian Peterson
    Marshawn Lynch

    All 3 would be monsters behind that Cowboy O-Line

  41. While there are some (actually very few) Vikings fans that want him back, the majority DO NOT WANT HIM BACK!

    To those that say he deserves a second chance, would you feel the same way if it was YOUR child he whipped with a switch? I didn’t think so…..

    Watch for the Vikings to trade Peterson but they won’t get any high draft picks for him. I predict Dallas would trade Bryant even up…..The Vikings **MIGHT** trade him to Detroit for Megatron or Suh (more likely Suh), a trade to Seattle makes sense if for Lynch and a draft pick or two…..Peterson will need to restructure his contract for any trade to work.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if no one wants him and he ultimately retires from pro football for at least a season. I wonder what the cap hit for the Vikings would be if he did retire…..anyone know?

  42. kissbillsrings says:
    Nov 21, 2014 7:13 AM
    Spare the rod spoil the child….

    A quote from the same book which advocates slavery subjugation of women.

    I think I’ll get my parenting lessons elsewhere, thank you very much.

  43. I don’t particularly care about the discipline issue in respect to him returning. He went too hard, it got blown up, oh well. I want him cut because Mc has looked pretty good behind an AWFUL line, and we have a lot of holes we could plug with 13 M.

  44. Funny. By the time Vikings even get competitive, he’d of retired anyway. But you still whine and want him back at all cost because you got no one else. He was it. All you had… he’s not young anymore. Easy to replace and not waste a fortune on. I don’t like the Vikings. Obviously. Cause I like Packers. But even I know they are better off WITHOUT AP. He’s a lot of dead money even without all this going on.

  45. I’d like to apologize to Mr. Peterson for the rest of the united states of reality TV. It’s ashamed that we see the crime rate and percentage of moral-less people on the rise and this man is persecuted for disciplining a child in the same way he was disciplined as a child. They’re both still alive and turn out to be decent people but damnit we need TV and something to talk about.
    Political correctness, liberalism and all of the down trodden entitiled “victims” have ruined our country.

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