Bills will host Jets on Monday at Ford Field

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For the second time since December 2010, a snowstorm has resulted in Ford Field hosting two teams who don’t play in Detroit.

Per multiple reports, and as widely expected, the Jets and Bills will play there on Monday night at 7:00 p.m. ET.

When Ford Field staged the Giants-Vikings game after the roof of the Metrodome collapsed, tickets were free.  Presumably, they’ll be free this time, too.

Also, the Giants-Vikings game was televised regionally by FOX and available via the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package.  Jets-Bills presumably will be televised regionally by CBS, with Ravens-Saints on ESPN shown nationally.

The Lions host the Bears at Ford Field on Thursday.

Darren Rovell of reports that Bills season-ticket holders will receive credit for the game toward their 2015 season tickets.  (Hello, interest-free loan.)  Customers who purchased seats for the Jets game only will receive a full refund to their credit cards.  (Hello, possibly free money if folks who purchased the tickets on the secondary market fail to turn in the tickets.)

20 responses to “Bills will host Jets on Monday at Ford Field

  1. Hey Schwartz, try to show some class in Detroit for once in your life and not “ask” to be put on the players shoulders…..

  2. If they are refunding the credit card of single game ticket buyers, people that bought on the secondary market didn’t buy thru the team so they are subject to the rules/ethics of the seller.

    In theory, the secondary market could be out their payment and the seller could have received payment from the buyer and get the reimbursement.

    I don’t know the secondary market vendor’s policy for such things. Although, I suppose the buyer could dispute the charge to their credit card if they used one.

  3. props to the Lions organization for stepping up again to provide Ford Field to the Bills and Jets like they did for the Vikings in the past.
    Classy organization

  4. I cant see why move a game 3 states over to a stadium with a roof when right down the road you have Pittsburgh & Cleveland? Our fans would gladly buy tickets to see two other teams play as its rare! And we will gladly watch the game in the cold without heat & a roof!

  5. @ramitbaby:
    This has nothing to do with “slapping the fans in the face”. It has to do with the logistics of getting the stadium ready to host a game and the local resources that would be needed. That is: law enforcement and health services and street services that would be much needed elsewhere.

  6. so what happens with the guys who worked for $10/hr + the tickets?

    will they get what they paid back? (will Ralph Wilson go and pile snow outside their homes?)

  7. Gee, I wonder why the Bills would pass up on that huge home field advantage they receive in Toronto (sarcasm). I guess there just wasn’t enough time to give away tickets.

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