Le’Veon Bell on LeGarrette Blount: “There’s some things you can’t do”

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Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were teammates, but they were more than that.

They hung out together, smoked weed and drove to the airport together, were largely unpunished for it together.

So they have a bond.

Bell said he’s talked to his dismissed partner, after Blount was cut promptly by the Steelers after leaving the field before the game was over last week.

It was surprising because I didn’t see that coming,” Bell said, via Scott Brown of ESPN.com. “There’s some things you can’t do. He pushed those buttons, and that’s what happens.”

Blount wasn’t happy with the fact he wasn’t getting any action, even as Bell went for over 200 yards against the Titans Thursday. Blount meanwhile had five carries in the last two games.

No one put in a claim for Blount, which means he’s a free agent with a little over a month left in the season.

“He’s doing good,” Bell said. “Obviously he’s not in the best [place] but he understands he made a mistake. But it is what it is.

“He made his decision and he has to live with it.”

While veteran backs are devalued anyway, veteran backs who commit mutiny on a good team are even more devalued, so it will be interesting to see if anyone gives him a chance to redeem himself.

19 responses to “Le’Veon Bell on LeGarrette Blount: “There’s some things you can’t do”

  1. I’m not your mother and you’re not 10 years old, so I can’t tell you who to be friends with. But just do yourself a favor and stay away from stupid people, Le’Veon.

  2. I remember how Titans fans got bent out of shape when Jeff Fisher cut Blount at the end of his promising rookie preseason. I’m sure it was difficult to put up with the running back’s nonsense when the standard had been the focused and hardworking Eddie George for 8 years.

  3. Bell is playing as well as any RB in the NFL at the moment, his 204 yards against the Titans was incredible and a big part of Pittsburgh winning the game, but in cutting Blount, the Steelers now don’t have a strong physical backup as insurance. They are one injury away from a disaster.

  4. Bell went on to say, “You can rape and sexually harass women and the Steelers will stand by you. Beat up your wife? No problem. Do drugs, drive drunk or take PED’s? The Steelers don’t have a problem with any of that. You’re a convicted felon like Plaxio Burress? No problem, the Steelers will sign you.

    But there’s some things you just can’t do.”

  5. The Bungals were established 46 years ago. Also, they have never won a Superbowl in 46 years. May the Andy Dalton era continue forever. Enjoy your day!

  6. Goes to show what type of person Blount is. Your teamate and friend has a great game and you walk off the field. If my buddy got such an achievement i’d be happy for not only them but the team. If you dont buy into the team aspect of football you’ll end up being a headache. Just ask Harvin who got traded. Or TO back then.

  7. He’s already been picked up by none other than the Pats. Now he’s free to walk off the field, punch people out, and if he really gets upset he can just go shoot someone. Bilicheat has so much class.

  8. so his partner in crime is giving him some sage advice. he sure the heck didn’t have any wisdom when pulled over while baked. ah well, Blount is back in NE so maybe it’s a blessing for him.

  9. Some of you people are so jealous because your team doesn’t have BB as your coach. You would jump over backwards to have him. Well thankfully the Pats do!
    Right Rex

  10. The fans create more drama than the players these articles are written about.I can’t believe some of the stupid, jealous,non football related comments peeps write.Hey ! but what a country huh ?? lol

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