Marshawn Lynch to appeal $100,000 fine


On Wednesday, the NFL fined Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch $100,000 for failing to comply with the league’s media policy.  On Thursday, Lynch’s agent informed PFT that Lynch will appeal the fine.

Agent Doug Hendrickson told PFT by phone that Lynch, who was so banged up after the first half of the game that he didn’t go to the locker room, was even more banged up after the game ended.  Lynch changed quickly (as he always does), and then he went to the team bus and laid down.

Lynch, according to Hendrickson, then realized he had skipped out (as he usually does) without talking to reporters.  So Lynch immediately called Hendrickson.  Here’s the conversation, as recounted by Hendrickson.

“Dude, I screwed up,” Lynch told Hendrickson, referring to the failure to talk to reporters before leaving the locker room.

“Go back in,” Hendrickson replied.

“I can’t even move,” Lynch said.  “My back’s killing me.”

Lynch then suggested talking to Mike Silver and Michael Robinson of NFL Media as an alternative to returning to the locker room.

In the end, Lynch’s interview with Silver was far more meaningful than any perfunctory remarks he would have made while trying to get out of the locker room and to the bus.  That point surely will be made during the appeal.

Another point that should be made will be that, routinely, the things players and coaches say during mandatory media availability are meaningless.  From “on to Cincinnati” to “day to day” to “I’m just trying to be a good teammate” to “focusing on San Francisco,” the spirit of the media policy routinely is violated.

Perhaps in the end the NFL will once again suspend all or part of the fine, with a commitment from Lynch that he’ll comply going forward.

That’s what happened after he was fined $50,000 last year.  The league deferred collection of the amount, but vowed to reinstate the fine and to add another $50,000 if he violated it again.

43 responses to “Marshawn Lynch to appeal $100,000 fine

  1. What’s odd is that he could just choose not to behave this way and the entire mess goes away.

  2. Just stand up there and say “I’m getting ready for (name of your next opponent)” to every question like Coach Bill did and this players being forced to talk to the media crap will end very quickly.

  3. Kinda respected Lynch for his not wanting to talk to the media, but these lame excuses are some what childish. So beat up he couldn’t go to locker room, but he could play and play effectively in the 2nd half and now this. Sounds like a petulant 8 year old. What a punk.

  4. 1) forcing a person to speak with a media base that will criticize anything remotely outside the boiler plate cliché us a ridiculous practice. I am a fan on the NFL NBA and MLB, but truth is I care little about hearing what these athletes have to say.

    2) if physical injury is involved and he is listed on the injury report than the NLF should be sued for fining players over after game procedures.

    Personally I love the NFL less and less each year. I didn’t even watch last Sunday. I look forward to the day that the league pushes one of these issues to far and a cease and desist order stops operation

  5. The circus that the NFL Commissioner’s office has become certainly does not enhance the image of the NFL but, just as with politicians that shut down the government, there will be no long-term impact and the owners will just keep doing it. Why? Because it is all about keeping players, especially minority players, in their place. In corporate America, we use to call this the “bad dog” treatment. It is always implemented by some corporate lackey. In this case, the overpaid Goodell.

  6. I thought the NFL had a policy against bullying? If you have a problem with public speaking and it panics you? Sports was not a good career choice.

    Not many of us like public speaking and we panicked in school when requested to speak. Forcing someone to stand in front of a microphone seems to be a form of corporate bullying. Whether the job requires it or not you can still be frighted when a dozen people shove recorders 3 inches from your face.

    Leave the guy alone. There are plenty of jabber mouths to misquote standing around in towels looking to have there egos stroked.

  7. It is just unreal, the heavy handed manner in which Roger Goodell runs the NFL…

    …players fined $100Gs if they don’t talk to the media.

    He sure has a way about him, making the players like him and his ways… OR ELSE!

  8. Being too banged up to walk and talk, but still being able to play are not mutually exclusive.

    Go look at some of the KC Chiefs’ tapes when Willie Roaf played–he would literally drag one leg back to the huddle, but on the next play moved like a gazelle.

    Of course, he did not have a rep for sullen attitudes as does Marshawn Lynch…just sayin’.

  9. What a baby! It’s part of the job. If you don’t like it retire. Some younger player will gladly take his spot. He’s going to wish he had that 100k+ when he out of the league in 2-3 years.

  10. Who cares just appeal it and see where you get? You are a spoilt baby who doesn’t want to follows the rules, that everyone else on the team has to follow.
    Go and lie on the bench at halftime, and not go to the locker room.
    Who do you think you are?? Can’t speak either, what a shame, something wrong with your voice??? What a looser.

  11. I saw Willie at the HOF…he was falling asleep at the autograph session because he (and his dad) had been up all night partying…that was his rep.

    Lynch spoke to Adam Silver and Mike Robinson that day. He spoke to the press the following day. They should either cut the fine in half or drop it altogether considering he really did comply.

  12. He should just answer “42” to every question. Or “red”… some non-sequitor. Every player should. Shove it right up goddell’s behind.

  13. The NFL contracts with the Networks must have language written into them that requires players to speak to the media. It would be the Network’s opportunity to milk every penny of value out of each game & player.

  14. I don’t think that Roger and Co. will let him off the hook based on the notion that he was too banged up to speak to the media the way Roger mandate it. I am no mental health expert, but it’s clearly visible from his interviews that he is very very uncomfortable and deals with some sort of anxiety. He not trying to dodge the media, as he phoned in to give the media something. He doesn’t have a track record of being a diva. I hope the NFL gives this man a break before he reveals something (possible metal heath disorder) that he is hesitant of. I guess next up for lynch, Roger Goodell’s confession booth.

  15. Everyone has an opinion but I’d be most interested in hearing what Ryan Leaf and Clinton Portis have to say on this.

  16. I get that he has a history of dodging the media, but to his credit if he was truly trying to be non-compliant, he wouldn’t have called members of the media to make himself available. The guy screwed up and then tried to fix it. Give him some credit here for owning.

  17. Lynch is as talented a football player as they come but oh my god look at how much time and energy it takes to appeal this. You could have just stood in front of a microphone for FIVE MINUTES and gotten it all over with.

  18. Like wow this can be avoided.. just answer short. Reporter: Marshawn do think feel your team is on the same page.. Answer: Just getting ready for next week. Reporter: Why can’t the Seahawks score. ANSWER: Im just focused on next week. I’m sure they will get pretty tired of that and he can keep his money. SMH

  19. Everyone on this site always wonders, “why can’t so and so just shut up and play the game?.” The answer is that if you do you get a six figure fine.

  20. Asked by the media to comment on the $100,000 fine, Marshawn Lynch stood silently and said nothing, prompting Roger Goodell increase his fine to $200,000.

  21. Those are the words of a nonconformist and a scam artist. This one just happens to be good at football. He just wanted to do things his own way. It’s really no different than someone who exaggerates how bad they hurt in order to avoid work. He did it when he stayed at the bench for halftime and he did it again here. Fine him and ignore the excuses. Next week, fine him more if he fails to comply or blatantly retaliates with nonsense at the podium

  22. He needs to take a page out of the Rasheed Wallace handbook on post-game interviews: “It was a good game. Both teams played hard.” Lather, rinse and repeat…

  23. Wow! Corporate bullying? thats so laughable it almost hurts.

    It is part of his job to talk to the media.

    Thats like saying a manager of McDonald’s is bullying an employee to salt fries in the fry pit.

  24. To the Rocket Scientists who say stuff like, his job is playing football not talking to the media, or another good one, if he doesn’t want to talk just leave him alone (Waahh): It is his job actually to talk to the media. ALL players are required to talk to the media both during the week where they practice and after games in the locker room.

    He’s pretty good but not great back. He’s also a moron’s moron. Fine him 50K every week he violates the policy.

  25. It’s a stupid rule in the contracts that should be changed, and this fine is absolutely ridiculous, but it’s a rule all the same.

    Complain about it after you do the interview that you’re legally contracted to do. Contact the NFLPA then. With a powerhouse corporation like the NFL, you will never win by just straight up not doing what they say you have to, and have you legally bound to, or get any change enacted because of that.

    Again, totally against the ruling and the fine. But at the same time, you can’t just *not* do what you’re contractually obligated to do, especially when you make millions of dollars a year.

  26. This isn’t right to make players talk to the media.
    They should have a choice without any penalties.

  27. NFLPA should just negotiate out this rule – make it mandatory for a team to make a certain number of players available for interviews, but not mandatory for everyone on the roster. this is such a silly storyline. no fans care whether Lynch gives interviews or not. not sure who the NFL things they’re protecting here.

  28. The media has twisted his words for years. It’s no wonder he doesn’t want to talk to them. I wouldn’t either. If you’re going to require football players to talk to the media, it should also be a rule to require reporters to ask question ONLY about the game of football. As it stands, the NFL is allowing the media to dissect the players’ personal life, promote rumors, and stir controversy.

    Stand strong Beast! The 12’s all have your back.

  29. What really matters is that he loves the game so much that all he wants to do is play it. He doesn’t want to waste his time talking to all these people. This is why I love him so much! He wants to do what he loves and that’s football. So please just leave him alone.

  30. This guy busts his butt every game. Leave him alone and let him play football. He doesn’t like to talk to the media. Can’t blame him because the media blows everything out of proportion.

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