Soldier Field: Problem with clocks has been rectified

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During last Sunday’s Bears-Vikings game, the game clocks at Soldier Field malfunctioned during the Vikings’ final drive and officials kept the official time on the field.

After his team lost, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer was upset about the problem and the Bears said technicians weren’t yet sure what went wrong. The Bears play at home again this Sunday against Tampa and the team says that the problem has been rectified.

Soldier Field spokesman Luca Serra said a team from Daktronics, the scoreboard manufacturer, was on site this week working to correct the problem. Serra didn’t specify the problem, but says the company assured the issue has been rectified.

“That was a first,” Serra said, via the Chicago Tribune, “and we’d like to say a last. But the [clocks] are ready for Sunday.”

The company ran game simulations with the scoreboards on both Tuesday and Wednesday as part of the repair process, but offered no word on whether the Bears were able to extend their winning streak in those virtual contests.

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  1. In related news, the Bears front office is now claiming that their calculators were malfunctioning when they signed Cutler to that $100M contract.

  2. Malfunctioning clocks are just another suitcase on the Queen Mary….when it comes to Soldier Field. They already had the worst playing surface, the worst looking stadium and the worst parking situation of any team in the NFL……why shouldn’t we expect the clocks to suck, too?

  3. I am sure I remember other games in the previous years where there have been problems with the clocks in Chicago but I don’t remember if it was before or after the renovation.

  4. “You know, I just made a play on the ball – I watched Teddy’s eyes on that last play, and he just put it right up there, almost like it was for me, and I was in a great position, so I made the catch, which gave us the win. But you know – Teddy was kind of off all day, and their offense only generated, what? like under 250 total yards? So, they weren’t exactly tearing us up before that play, either…and our guy, Cutler, threw for like 330 and 3 TDs, so…”

    – Malfunctioning Clock
    (in response to reporter’s questions about his role in the game)

  5. barsfordays says: Nov 20, 2014 2:32 PM

    Whatever. Its not like a meaningful game will ever be played there.


    I think you’re forgetting about the 2010 NFC Championship game.

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