Ben McAdoo defends Giants play-calling down the stretch

Getty Images

The Giants raised a lot of eyebrows when they ran three straight fades from the 4-yard line last week, but offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo wasn’t backing down.

I’m not going to stand here and apologize for the play-calling,” McAdoo said, via Kevin Armstrong of the New York Daily News. “I have faith in the perimeter players to go up and make the plays one on one.

“I would take those matchups any day. I took them last week and I’d take them again this week.”

McAdoo pointed out that Eli Manning checked out of a pair of runs during that series. And none of them were the five interceptions which were probably a bigger deal. But nothing about the Giants offense has been consistent this year, McAdoo’s first with the team.

“We took a step back,” McAdoo said. “Unfortunately, those [turnovers] happened in bunches on Sunday. We need to clean those up. . . . When it’s decision making, we need to eliminate those.”

The Giants have only looked like a smooth offense for about a three-week stretch, but otherwise have looked like an old dog learning new tricks. Whether they can fetch anything out of the last six weeks remains to be seen.