Rob Gronkowski fined $8,268 for bouncer move

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Rob Gronkowski is going to have to work a lot of weekends as a bouncer to make up for this one.

The league office tells PFT that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was fined $8,268 for unnecessary roughness during last week’s game against the Colts.

The fine stemmed from his “blocking” Colts safety Sergio Brown out of bounds and into a cameraman late in their Sunday night win.

Gronkowski joked afterward he had thrown Brown “out of the club.”

Now he gets to make a donation instead of paying the cover charge.

44 responses to “Rob Gronkowski fined $8,268 for bouncer move

  1. Totally worth it. Gronk is like a golden retriever puppy that chews up the furniture but is so happy afterwards you can’t stay mad.

  2. And I suspect Gronk’s reaction (hopefully not publicly) was, ” It was worth every penny”!

  3. Didn’t the NFL Twitter account tweet out a picture of Gronkowski with that “threw him out of the club” quote on it? And then they fine him for it afterwards.


  4. Awesomely funny, worth the fine, and I wonder how ol’ Sergio feels about being in that sort of highlight reel? Well, that’s what you get when you get your mouth and your butt mixed up.

  5. Dude flapping his gums to Gronk=not smart!! This guy is the funniest and most dominate player the league has seen in a very long time.. With a healthy Gronk Pats are definitely front runners for the Superbowl.. No doubt would have one and probably 2 of the last 3 had he been 100%!! #GRONKIN2DASHIP

  6. Gronk is one of a handful of NFL players, that has the time of his life playing football..a throwback.

    BUT, leave no doubt…he delivered a message, not only to Brown & the Colts..but the rest of NFL. His Patriots will go toe to toe w/anyone.

    Not 1 team in NFL perfect, salary cap does that to you. But, New Englands off the charts. WR, RB, DB, OL, they go 6-7 deep. Comes in handy in Nov-Dec-Jan.

    A very well put together team…and young.

  7. If you look at the play they both had a hold of each other and there feet were tangled up and they both went down. But Pats fans want you to believe that Gronky threw him down.

  8. leave no doubt…he delivered a message

    He’s been slamming guys around every since his health seems to have peaked.

    I love it. Earlier in the year, when Edelman was making all the plays, other teams were doing it to him quite a bit.

    I think Gronk may have noticed that.

  9. A club in which the members’ Super Bowl rings have a secret compartment that contains microfilm of their opponents’ practices.

  10. It’s just a matter of time until he gets fined for that TD score on the throw from Brady – unnecessary roughness indeed.

    The NFL is a joke

  11. So the All Pro Punk Gronk let a fill in safety get in his small head, and drilled him out of bounds—-a penalty even the NFL says their officials missed –and the patriot nation is ready to build a lewis like statue. Classy, organization–cheat on, cheat on!

  12. Good for him. He threw that little yapping ankle biter out of the play.
    I’d get sick of listening to all the yapping if I were him.
    He handled it.
    Mouthy DBs need to be handled.

  13. johnnycantread says: Nov 21, 2014 6:54 PM

    A club in which the members’ Super Bowl rings have a secret compartment that contains microfilm of their opponents’ practices.

    johnnycantread says: Nov 21, 2014 9:38 PM

    Win a championship without cheating, then you can crow all you want.

    vargavarga says: Nov 21, 2014 10:29 PM

    Superbowl wins since spygate: Zero


    More Jetz crybabies! Jetz Super Bowl wins since Broadway Joe – ZERO!

  14. timegambit says: Nov 21, 2014 4:39 PM

    How do you land on $8,268 for the fine?

    It would’ve been $7,500 a couple of years ago
    but then they added 5% to it, and then they added another 5% to it. Awfully nice of them to waive the 75c, though!

  15. Gronk will pay up – he just can’t be stopped and he was having a little fun. He is a truly great Patriot and serves his team with honor and pride. New England is truly blessed to have Gronk, Brady, Edelman, Revis and Vince Wilfork, et al, not to mention the best coach in the game – Bill Belichick. All are committed to giving their best.
    It’s a great feeling to know with certainty, every year that we’re in contention.

    In Bill we trust

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