Tamba Hali: No excuses, Raiders wanted it more


After the Chiefs beat the Seahawks last weekend, a lot of people looked at their upcoming schedule and jumped to the conclusion that their Week 13 game against the Broncos would be played with the lead in the AFC West on the line.

The Chiefs were playing the Raiders and there wasn’t much chance that they’d be putting an end to their 16-game losing streak, which would leave the Chiefs with eight wins and a chance to move ahead of a Broncos team that’s looked out of sorts for the last few weeks. Things didn’t worked out that way, of course, as the Raiders won 24-20 on Thursday night. The Chiefs will now need help from the Dolphins to enter next week with the same record as Denver and the Chargers could have the same 7-4 record if they hold off the Rams this Sunday.

Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali said after the game that looking ahead wasn’t the reason why the Chiefs lost. It wasn’t the quick turnaround after the win over Seattle or a rainy night on the road, either.

“You can sit here and make excuses,” Hali said, via ESPN.com. “But they played better than us and wanted it more than we wanted it. Yes, it was draining, but this is the type of business we’re in. You have to turn it around and muster the same type of energy.”

The Chiefs have five games left, which means plenty of chances to make this loss a distant memory come the end of the regular season. If they can’t take advantage, that lack of energy on Thursday night will be a big part of the downfall of their playoff chances.

16 responses to “Tamba Hali: No excuses, Raiders wanted it more

  1. Playoff positioning is very important to the Chiefs as they are much more dangerous at Arrowhead than on the road.

  2. The Raiders were probably the best 0-10 team ever. They have played a lot of teams very tough and it was just a matter of time. I am sad they helped the Bronco’s in the process of winning number 1 of the season, but I think there is a real chance the Dolphins can pull a miracle upset this weekend in Denver if J. Thomas/Sanders are limited or ruled out. Ego Man(iac)ning will play more like Eli without his stars and a struggling O-Line.

  3. Well, I guess the haters can’t say they will go 0-16. So we have that going for us. And a Franchise qb which not that many teams can say right now. Future looks bright in Oaktown!!!!!

  4. Good to finally see a win by the Silver & Black. Although this season is another unmitigated disaster, it would be nice to see at least one more W by the Raiders so that the Chargers can still have sole claim on the worst record in AFCW history (1-15).

  5. I am a huge Raiders fan, and was happy as can be about the win last night. The only sad spot is it put the donkeys back in first place in the division. I hope K.C. can whoop them good at home next week.

  6. The Raiders may have had a little more bulletin board material after Jeremy Maclin’s comment “… it wouldn’t matter if we played Oakland, who hasn’t won a game yet — they would have beat the hell out of us, too,”

  7. The Chiefs have got to start opening up with some passing on the road. Running the ball the first 12 plays of the game isn’t working against fresh d-lineman and gets the crowd in to it. Plus they know it’s gonna happen because we do it every single game. Soften them up, then start going to the body. Geesh

  8. Fair assessment. You don’t see The “Chefs” get pushed around at the line like they did last night. They looked like they were on rolling skates. Should not have been a let down game based but it was obvious after the first snap KC wasn’t up for the game.

  9. babygaga19 says:
    Nov 21, 2014 3:31 PM
    Tarzan at home, Jane on the road. Always the case.


    Funny, because if I recall correctly, the Chiefs beat San Diego on the road (when everyone was saying that they were the best team in football), Miami on the road (who at the time no one was sure what they were, now they’re considered a legit AFC playoff contender), Buffalo on the road (who like the Dolphins are a playoff contender and it’s ALWAYS tough for ANY team to get a win at Ralph Wilson Stadium)…

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