Harbaugh compares Vernon Davis to an olive jar

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Iconoclastic 49ers tight end Vernon Davis has been called many things.  He can now add olive jar to the list.

That one comes courtesy of coach Jim Harbaugh.

“I just feel like he’s ready to break out,” Harbaugh told reporters on Friday regarding Davis.  “I really do.  You use the old olive jar analogy.  The olives are packed in there real tight and you open up the lid and you can’t get any to come out.  You can even dump it upside down and it doesn’t come out.  But if you get that one to come out, then they just want to all come out and plop out.

“So, I think that’s the case and I think it’s going to happen soon.  Hopefully this weekend.  Get that one big one and then they start coming out.”

(We’re still talking about olives, right?)

Davis generated a mere 44 yards in Week One against the Cowboys.  But that still represents his regular-season high.  Over the last three games, Davis has 34 yards.  In all three games.  Combined.

That’s not the way to earn the contract he held out of offseason workouts to get.  Maybe the lesson going forward is that guys who want new contracts should show up for offseason workouts.

Especially when they also decide to become human corporations with a stock price that hinges on their performance.  From a high of $12.50 in April, shares in Vernon Davis, Inc. have plunged to $7.10.

It’s enough to trigger an aggressive order to sell! sell!

34 responses to “Harbaugh compares Vernon Davis to an olive jar

  1. Has anyone seen the clips of Vern fighting w b Lloyd n Stevie in huddle ? everybody knows Kaepernick won’t throw him the ball , cause of personal issues. Expensive blocker w bad body language, lol ! Skol Vikes

  2. Kapernick has much to do with Vernons decline.
    He gets to happy foot in the pocket and second guesses his targets.
    If Vernon played with Peyton, Rogers, or a great read QB, Vernon would be blowing it up.

  3. Or the olives can all pop out at ones when you’re shaking the jar and fall all over the floor instead of into the bowl.

  4. Vernon Davis has no luck at all…

    First, the initials are bad enough.. then he gets Alex Smith, who can’t utilize Travis Kelce right, either, and then CK7 who doesn’t throw it to him, either.

    Burnin’ Vernon might be a little crazy but you can kind of see why.

  5. So the league wants to block sports betting because they are afraid it will entice players to throw or shave games that they bet on.

    But a player can sell stock in himself that includes options. He could buy up all of the put options and tank thereby increasing his options values and killing his shareholders in the process.

    The league really has a skewed way of thinking.

  6. The guy doesn’t even attempt balls thrown at him it’s
    Kind of sad.

    He really needs to put more effort into his routes and maybe kaep will target him more.

    Washington will be the perfect place for our offence to step it’s game up. I wana see at least 40 points put up.

  7. Vernon is good but he has a few bad habits like hopping every time he catches a ball rather than just keeping his stride. Even if he doesn’t catch a lot of balls he is useful because he draws a lot of coverage. Many teams scheme the 49ers by focusing on stopping the run and VD. So, if teams are going to do that, the offense has to go elsewhere…

  8. Vernon “alligator arms” Davis needs to go. He acts as if he’s afraid to get hit. Once the fear is there, the player is done.

    Trade Davis now.

  9. I’d bet he talks crap about Harbaugh all the time (source of locker room turmoil) still smarting for when his buddy Alex got benched. He needs to go. Harbaugh needs to go too. And Greg Roman. And Trent Baalke. Keep Fangio.

    Lost faith. Lost respect.

    Left embarassed.

  10. SanFran are the Puxatawney Phil of the NFL. We didnt hear about them for two decades, then they pop up out of their gopher hole for the last three seasons to sniff around success, certain to slumber for a while again after this season.

  11. The issue isn’t Vernon Davis
    It’s Kaep
    Kaep is getting worse
    Run the ball in the first and run the ball in the second half
    Spread the ball around when you throw: Davis, Boldin, Crabtree, Lloyd, Johnson and McDonald
    Focus on running the ball, but pass too

  12. Hahaha blaming Kap… Vernon has outright dropped or made zero effort for more balls than he has caught. Manning couldn’t fix that problem. Vernon’s mind is too occupied with painting, beef jerky, Jamba, and Fantex. Speaking of, I still think Vernon is purposely tanking to get Fantex to terminate his contract LOL.

  13. He has been slowed by injuries, but he was also injured last year. There was one play in which he did not tuck the ball away and Brandon Lloyd yelled at him. That is a mental mistake. So, it is possible that he may be unhappy and therefore not concentrating on the game as much as he should. Not sure if he is pouting or just lacks concentration. Certainly it does not help him when he is negotiating for his next contract, either with the 9ers or with another team.

  14. VD would be better if he had future hall of famers P Manning or Rodgers throwing to him? That’s some serious football knowledge.

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