Broncos open as slight favorites at Kansas City

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As was the case when the clubs met in September, the Broncos are favored over the Chiefs next Sunday night.

However, the Broncos aren’t favored by much.

Several Las Vegas sports books have installed 8-3 Denver as a 1- to 1.5-point favorite at Kansas City. If the line holds, it will be the 10th time in 11 regular-season games the Broncos have been favored.

Still, the line suggests the gap between Denver and Kansas City (7-4) has narrowed over the course of the season. When the Broncos hosted the Chiefs in Week Two, Kansas City was a 13-point underdog off a disappointing season-opening loss to Tennessee.

The Broncos would prevail 24-17, but the Chiefs did beat the point spread, and they have won 7-of-9 since falling to 0-2. That said, they come off a loss at previously winless Oakland, while Denver grinded out a 39-36 win vs. Miami.

For the record, the Chiefs are 8-3 against the point spread this season, per “The Linemakers” of Sporting News. The Broncos, however, are 5-6 vs. the number after failing to cover the seven-point spread vs. the Dolphins.

10 responses to “Broncos open as slight favorites at Kansas City

  1. As a Chargers fan, I normally love the Chiefs and their fans, being the only other respectable team and fan base in our division, but lately their fans have gotten yappy, so that Raiders game was a lot of fun to watch. Welcome back to Earth, you might be the only team this year to lose to the Raiders.

  2. supposed to be slightly windy (10-15 mph) on Sunday night in KC, Elway’s worst personnel move during his tenure – getting rid of Prater – will kill that team in 35+ yards range

  3. The Chiefs are tough at home. Why any gambler would lay points to KC at that madhouse is beyond me. Denver can win the game, but they shouldn’t be favored. I would expect early money to come in on KC and this spread to flip.

  4. The Chiefs can win this game if they have a decent sized lead late. If they’re down in the 4th, Alice Smith won’t get it done, again. He just has no clutch gene, has happy feet, and refuses to throw to WR’s. Too bad Andy Reid is the only person on earth to realize that Jamaal Charles is this teams real QB. Feed the beast, and let Alice watch a real football player in action.

  5. Chiefs are always good about helping a bad team feel better about themselves. They are 1-4 against 0-fer teams over the last 15 years. But I digress…

    Can the Chiefs beat the Broncos? Yes.

    Will Alex Smith lead them down the field with less than two minutes for the game-winning score? Well…he has been in that exact scenario in 3 of their 4 losses and hasn’t got the job done.

  6. Chiefs fans before you start saying that this is a easy win for your team, here’s three things to remember:

    1. You loss to the then winless raiders

    2. The broncos under manning are 5-0 against the chiefs, 2-0 in their house.

    3. This team relies heavily on Charles, take him out of the picture and the chiefs are nothing.

  7. Broncos fans before you start saying that this is a easy win for your team, here’s three things to remember:

    1. You loss to the BIG to the Patriots who lost BIG to the Chiefs

    2. This is a division rivalry, current records mean nothing.

    3. This team relies heavily on Manning, take him out of the picture and the Broncos are nothing.

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