Oddsmakers make Patriots underdogs at Green Bay


During their seven-game winning streak, the AFC-leading Patriots have won outright as underdogs on several occasions.

And they will get another chance to pull an upset next Sunday.

The Packers have been made 3- to 3.5-point favorites over visiting New England next Sunday at Lambeau Field, according to multiple websites monitoring lines at Nevada sports books.

The Packers (8-3) have been outstanding at home this season, winning all five games. They have also been wonderful favorites, posting a 6-1-1 mark against the point spread when laying points, according to “The Linemakers” of Sporting News. The Packers first non-cover of 2014 as favorites came Sunday vs. Minnesota, with the Vikings beating the 7.5-point point spread in a 24-21 Green Bay victory.

On the other hand, the Patriots (9-2) have been perfect as underdogs in 2014, knocking off Cincinnati (-2.5) and Denver (-3) in Foxborough and defeating Indianapolis (-3) on the road. Some Nevada sports books also made the Patriots one-point underdogs at Buffalo on October 12; New England would win that game, too, rolling to a 37-22 victory.

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  1. Pats have also destroyed the other 3 teams in the NFCN this year and won about 14 straight against that division. I may come out of retirement for this one. Give the Pats points against anyone, anywhere right now? LOL.

  2. The last time these two teams played it was a pretty silly game.

    Flynn almost lead the Packers to victory, but the play that sticks out in my mind linemen on a squbb KO return, picking the ball up and marching it down field while holding the ball as farmers hold chickens.

  3. Going to be a great game. I think the patriots are the more complete team. But we’ll see, just a bit of poor play and the packers will take advantage

  4. Given the 3 points for home, I thought it might be more like -1.5.

    As a Packer fan I just don’t have that great of a feeling about this. In the past 3 weeks a lot of their opposing QBs have missed chances to hit guys that were pretty wide open or played poorly in general. Won’t have that luxury with the Pats.

  5. ok riddle me this: The pack has the 27th ranked rushing DEFENSE, what exactly do you think the PATS are going to do with Blount and Gray?
    BOOK IT: Pats run for 275 yards, Win outright,

    PATS 32 GB 17

  6. They’ve blown out a bunch of division leaders, and the LOVE playing the underdog roll.

    Would anybody really be surprised if the Patriots blew out the Packers too?

    Sure, Green Bay’s offense looks great. But the Patriots have stuffed Denver and Indy and Detroit.

    And that Green Bay defense isn’t matching up against some tomato can. Who are they gonna cover? They can’t cover everybody AND try to stuff the run.

  7. I was expecting the Packers to be 2 point favorites. They get 3 for being at home, their offenses are about a wash, but the Pats D has really stepped up as of late. I think the line will move down as the week goes on.

  8. So here’s a great opportunity for all those confident loudmouth Vikings trolls who tell us every week how bad the Packers are to make a wager on what must seem to be a sure thing and pay for that new car they’ve been eyeing.

    It’ll never get better than this, guys.

  9. This will be a great game, the two best QB’s in the game, but no one touches Rodgers for taking care of the Football. Then add to that our receivers are better then NE, but they have a great CB who can shut down who he is covering. I will take Lacy over any RB New England has. But no one can come close to touching your Tight End. Defense, while NE has played better, GB has been better at turn overs.
    This game will come down to turnovers, something the Packers have been better at, and the fact that they are playing at home.
    If this was played in NE home, I would say NE all day, but in Green Bay I have them winning by 10.

  10. This game scares me. If the Packers can’t contain Gronk and get a good pass rush going, or the Patriots can’t get their offense going, the win will be decided on who punts first.

    Don’t expect a blowout, but if either teams’ fans have Valium I would keep that bottle nearby.

    After today’s game vs. the Vikings where we clearly were trying to not show too much of our game plan (and, admittedly, played a little bit sloppy), I have some hope for a win, but it’s going to be a freaking battle for both sides, and not a blowout.

  11. Except for Brady the Patriot players do not scare you, yes Revis and Wilfork are elite players but the thing that’s scary is the players / coaches combined are like this unstoppable force. Doesn’t seem to be any weak link or if there is they hide it very well. My only hope is once the knock out competion starts and they have not got the next game as a security blanket to put things right they might tense up, but then again everything they are doing is geared up for playoff football and give me the impression that they can move up another gear if they need too. Best coached team in history.

  12. AAron Rodgers is an excellent QB, however, so is Tom Brady.
    On offense, defense, and special teams, the Pats are far superior to the Packers. This game won’t be as bad as the Lions game, but the Pats will win by at least 12.
    The Pats look absolutely unbeatable right now.
    During the 35 years that I have been a Pats fan, I don’t think that they have ever looked this good.
    It’s a weird, and awesome feeling to not worry about our secondary….isn’t it Pats fans?

  13. I don’t get this spread at all, Vegas has been off lately – 10 points for the Pack on the road against a division rival and now this against New Ringland? I’m a Packer fan, but this spread doesn’t make any sense. Hopefully the Packers get it together and wake up for this game, New England’s QB hits those wide open receivers.

  14. The Patriots almost always play with a chip on their shoulder and really relish it when they are the underdog. This bodes well for the Patriots and not so good for the Packers, although I am not so sure anyone except for the Jets (yes the Jets believe it or not) in NY can derail this runaway locomotive. I see this game as Patriots 42 Packers 27 in a game not even as close as the score suggests.

  15. The Vegas line will move and is not indicative of reality. These are the 2 best teams in football and slight edge will always go to the home team. Neutral field its a push.

    Should be a helluva game.

  16. It is going to be a quality game that NFL fans will enjoy. It will be the first time in 6 years that the Patriots have played against Aaron Rodgers.

  17. This is by far, I feel, the toughest game in the Pats schedule, given the GB play right now. I’m nervous, but feel that the Pats can go in to Lambeau and pull out a win. I’d give it pretty close to a 50-50, with the running game and the defense the things that will decide it.

  18. Point spreads are not about who is favored to win the game but how to even the money on both teams so the house won’t lose money. New England is the hot team and gets more national coverage then any other NFL team, that brings a lot of money from bandwagon gamblers.

    Keys to the game will be New England’s ability to to keep Rogers in the pocket and break up his timing with receivers.

    For Green Bay, they need to stop the NE running game otherwise the Pats will run over them like they did to the colts with a strong combination of runs and play action passes forcing the Green Bay O to be one dimensional and right into the hands of revis, browner, and company.

  19. So you’re saying it would be pick’em on a neutral field and the Pats would be favored by three at home? Sounds about right. Packers were not impressive but got the job done at Minnesota. Pats were very impressive at home against the Lions.

    But hey, the Pats have had their own “unimpressive wins” even with Gronk in the mix. See: home vs. Jets. It happens. The most important thing is the “W.”

    This should be a hellacious matchup. Looking forward to it.

  20. I am a Packer fan and I don’t like this matchup at all. The rush defense is umm not that great and they could struggle containing Gronk over the middle. Even with that being said I expect a close and hard fought game with the Pats winning by a field goal.

  21. The only chance GB has is to play totally mistake-free football, get a few turnovers and then just try to outscore the Pats, cuz our defense isn’t going to stop Bill and Tom, and I’m talking as a Packer fan.

  22. Really, Pats fans talking about October? What about the shellacking from the Chiefs? Both these teams are a long way from that. With that said, Brady and co. will really test the defense, which will need an A game to win. Go Pack Go!

  23. A given the Pats have the better head coach. Skill positions GB far superior. GB defense playing much better and create a lot of turnovers. GB covers the spread handily. If the game were played in Beantown Patriots probably win

  24. patriotsarespygaters says:
    Nov 24, 2014 12:25 AM
    bulettin board material here pats love being underdogs didnt the jets almost win at lambeau in october?
    Didn’t the Raiders almost win at New England?

  25. All you saying this is disrespect to New England is just silly. Green Bay has won all 5 of their home games by an average of almost 27 points per game. Don’t get me wrong, the Patriots are a great team but to say the Packers shouldn’t be favored by 3 points is beyond me. They are playing lights out at home. I personally can see the game being a barn burner, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see GB win by double digits.

  26. Diehard cheesehead here. Bradys gonna filet our D. No pass rush.


    You, sir. Are not a diehard packer fan. Go ahead and root for the Patriots. I hope they’re sleeping on the Packers as much as their fans are.

  27. The Pats got beat at Miami while the Pack won in Miami. The Pats barely won vs. NYJ at the Razor while the Pack held on to barely win vs NYJ at Lambeau.

    Should be a tight game and whoever has the ball last wins.

  28. As a Pats fan I have FAR more respect for Rodgers than any other QB out there. By miles and miles. He is THE ONLY QB who is on par with Brady, in my opinion. And his mobility can make him more even dangerous. — Nelson, Lacy and Matthews are fantastic as well. And Cobb is darned good. I feel pretty confidant that our secondary can do a superb job against any receivers out there right now, but when a wizard like Rodgers is at the helm I am still fearful that he can make magic happen. I also worry about Brady not being on his game sometimes; IF (as with any team) the O-line isn’t up to snuff. He is capable of looking like the best QB in history, and carving up great secondaries – IF they protect TB12. I’ve been predicting these two teams in the SB for years now, and this, finally, could be a prelude to February. This should be the game of the year (regular season). I’m friggin’ STOKED!! [[I can’t predict the outcome!!]] (praying for the THREE Pats RBs to be BEASTS) Penalties could even determine this one….

  29. It’s gonna be close.

    Both teams barely beat the Jets
    One lost to Miami

    Green Bay got home field advantage

    Being since Green Bay beat Miami and Greenbay’s stats at home are out of this world, I pick Green Bay by 10.

    Plus I can bet Green Bay has some new defensive schemes for this game. They played Minnesota real soft.

  30. Given Bill’s coverage strategy in the Patriot secondary, I’d say Andrew Quarless, Jarrett Boykin, and Eddie Lacy will all need to have good games too.

  31. The Packers should be favored at home. They’re a good team playing a good team.

    The difference is going to be in the match-ups and the mistakes. The Packers have been excellent in limiting mistakes, the turnovers and penalties more so than NE.

    The match ups are going to be interesting. Gronk can’t be covered but the rest of NEs receivers can.

    It’s going to be cold and in the cold I will take the younger QB. Those older guys tend to make more mistakes when it’s 23 degrees and blowing and that will be the difference.

  32. In the big picture that is the week in week out overreaction of football fans, this game is pretty meaningless… Alot of things have to happen for them to both get to Arizona together…

    The Patriots have a hard road to Arizona and that includes winning big playoff games… which since 2004 that has not happened!!! As a Pats season ticket holder, I wear the scars of all the playoff losses since 04 and have learned not to look past the next game.

    I am getting pretty sick of getting my guts ripped out.(IE 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 ect ect ect) … I will enjoy this weekend and win or loose … I know it won’t make a shred of difference who wins the super bowl this season. (or who plays in it)

  33. I fully expect it to be a hell of a game. The top two offenses clashing on Sunday, and I have no doubt that it may very well come down to what team has the ball last.

    That said, GO PATS!

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