Odell Beckham: I hope it’s not my greatest catch of all time

The Cowboys won the game on Sunday night and the Giants’ long-dormant hopes of doing anything meaningful this season were officially and mercifully euthanized with the loss, but those things will recede from memory over the years.

You won’t remember all those details when you catch a replay of Odell Beckham’s one-handed touchdown catch in five years or when you’re pulling it up on the web to show your grandkid one of the most remarkable individual efforts in football history. Beckham hopes it isn’t the only one that you wind up remembering.

“I hope it’s not the greatest catch of all time,” Beckham said, via ESPNNewYork.com. “I hope I can make more.”

Beckham left plenty of people impressed. His coach Tom Coughlin said that the rookie has “a gift” and safety Antrel Rolle marveled at the athletic ability that Beckham has displayed in his brief NFL career.

“For him, it’s just another day in the park,” Rolle said. “For us, it’s, ‘Wow.'”

The Cowboys were victimized by the catch, but just as blown away by its brilliance. Safety Barry Church called it, via the New York Post, “just ridiculous,” Jerry Jones went with “man among boys” and Dez Bryant referred to his fellow wideout with the term “monster” that plenty have used to describe Bryant over the years. LeBron James, Richard Sherman and others weighed in with similar takes on Beckham’s feat.

The Giants season has mostly been a disaster and they lost on Sunday night, of course, but Beckham’s arrival means that 2014 hasn’t been a total washout for the team. Now they just need to get to work on making sure that his future highlight real entries don’t come with the need to forget the outcome of the games.

29 responses to “Odell Beckham: I hope it’s not my greatest catch of all time

  1. Amazing athletic feat for sure but I liked that in his presser he was more concerned with the fact that they lost.

  2. For anyone that didn’t see this catch….it really is worth watching.
    It was as miraculous as Tyree’s “Helmet Catch”, except involving skill.

  3. I think that was the greatest catch I have ever seen in 43 years of watching football…just awesome. Maybe, someone will refresh my memory for a better catch, but for now, I am in awe.

  4. I’m not gonna be ignorant and just blanket the entire history of catches but as far as I’m concerned in my viewing years…that is by far and way the greatest catch I’ve ever witnessed

  5. You can see on the replay that he went to put his other hand on it on the way down, then purposly decided not to. Typical me first player that would rather look cool even if it meant costing his team a TD. Coming from a fan of neither team.

  6. That catch was sick. Probably the best I’ve ever seen in over 40 years of watching football.

  7. It’s kind of crazy that Mike Evans and Odell Beckham make people forget that Sammy Watkins was the can’t miss WR in the draft.

  8. It is kind of funny that when Beckham was injured (his back) that one of the trainers immediately taking off his gloves. Something fishy going on here.

  9. I thought it was the best catch ever until the gloves issue came up. Now I am not so sure. Really tacky hands can make a big difference. Look up Lester Hayes.

  10. Extremely sick catch. Only one I can think of that comes close is JJ Worton from UCF’s diving one-handed catch in the endzone vs Temple last year to win the game

  11. Beckham seems to be humbly aware of his skills, as he is more concerned with the team losing than him making the highlight reel. That’s exactly the kind of players the Giants need. Although they are done for this season, perhaps they can put it all together next year with the spark that he’s obviously created.

  12. Who’s the moron who called him a me first player for “purposely catching it one handed”? If you think that’s what he did at that speed with that much velocity on a football coming down from 50 yards away… Then you have never played a sport in you life!

  13. The rebuild is on fellow Giants’ fans. We suck right now but the future is bright with this kid. Two more drafts…hopefully all OL and DL in this one and by 2016, we’ll be a force again. It’s been that way for 30+ years. The Eagles and Cowboys better win something this year or next otherwise you won’t hear boo from them for another 7 years like always.

  14. Beckham, Jarvis Landry, Jeremy Hill, Mettenberg. Did LSU win the national championship last year? Is Cam Cameron really that good? Geaux Tigers!

  15. My wife could care less about football, but I called her into the room to watch the replay and she was simply amazed and made me rewind to watch again and again. Greatest catch I can remember and hopefully there’s more of that to come from him.

  16. Awesome Catch for sure.. Maybe not the biggest “clutch” catch of all time, but as far as athletic awesome-ness whilst making a catch.. best Ive seen ever and haven’t missed a weekend watching football since 1976.. I remember a great one hand catch by Anquan Boldin against the Giants 4-5 years ago on the sideline on a back shoulder fade, and some awesome catches making the grab and getting your feet down, etc.. but to catch a bomb down the sidelines, while getting fouled, making an over shoulder, back handed, one hand grab with 3 fingers, fighting through the penalty, and concentrating enough to keep your body party inbounds, and making it into the end zone.. just Absurd.. Sadly, that catch may have saved Jerry Reese his job.. LOL

  17. Best catch ever? I don’t know. There have been so many great caches. For one, Gronk had a one-handed catch a few weeks back with defenders all around him. I think that was just as impressive as this one.

  18. Great catch.

    Even greater that he PRACTICES this type of thing.

    The catch was so great that no one is talking about how he committed Offensive Pass Interference by throwing Brandon Carr out of the way.

    Seriously, look at the film.

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