Dolphins bring back cornerback R.J. Stanford

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The Dolphins are short-handed in the secondary at the moment, so they brought back a familiar face.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins have signed cornerback R.J. Stanford.

He was with the Dolphins in 2012 and 2013, and has also spent time with the Panthers and Bengals.

The Dolphins are short there, with Cortland Finnegan struggling with an ankle injury and Jamar Taylor expected to miss some time with a shoulder injury.

7 responses to “Dolphins bring back cornerback R.J. Stanford

  1. We NEED a defense that can tackle, pass rush & ball hawk!!! Philbin needs to FIRED!!! The IDIOT has no clue about good players!!! 4 of the 5 losses were 4th quarter meltdowns against good teams!!! 8-8 will be almost impossible with Philbin he needs to be fired!!!

  2. Nothing wrong with signing a Veteran who knows the system, but this is purely for depth while we get through the injury bug.

    @iamkillerfin. You need to relax! The Dolphins have made critical errors in very close games, but they have improved in every game and over Philbins few years. It takes time… We are capable of beating any team in the league. It takes consistency and that takes time. Firing the Coach and starting over is a 3 year step backwards. Seriously, watch the Jets carefully over the next few years. Also, what Coach would you hire… Don’t start with the Bill Cowher stuff or Gruden either. Next thing you and others like you will be whining to start Moore over Tannehill again. BTW- Tannehill is the #8 QB in the NFL. Not bad for a guy who the “doomsday fair-weather Fins Fans” wanted Benched. It takes time!!!

  3. I agree ncfinsfan!! We have a very good team. We can compete with the leagues best. you could not say that for a long time but we can now!! No matter what happens this year barring career ending injury to RT we will be a threat for the Superbowl next year. Still could happen this year but probably not. This year is our learning curve. We have assembled a very good team and our weaknesses are few. For the first time in years we find ourselves in a position to go after playmakers at any position through free agency and or the draft. We can now tweak instead of rebuild. We have a darn good GM. We have our core in players. We have our coaches in place and we have a system in all three phases of the game in place. This team is on the rise!!! This team is going to be a force to recon with next year!! This team will unseat the Patriots reign in the AFC East!! This team is THE MIAMI DOLPHINS and I am proud to be a fan since 1970!!!!!!

  4. The thing that stood out the most to me in the Denver game was our very poor tackling. The offense played surprisingly well. I projected before halftime we would need 42 points to win the game because it was a shootout at that point, and we were not getting the job done with proper tackling.
    It was amazing watching Peyton because he seemed to always get the ball off within 3 seconds or so, and that doesn’t give our defensive ends time to get to him.
    I still think the Dolphins are a much better team this year than last, but I hope the coaches will emphasize getting back to the basics this week in practice, and vastly improve the tackling. Go Dolphins and smash the jests!

  5. All true fans knew the schedule was going to be killer. So far there is only one team that is below .500, and they had to travel to Detroit and Denver. This is a good team, not a great team. But a lot of the greatness has been sapped because of injuries. Tannehill is really making a statement for being a franchise QB. He doesn’t hit the long ball, but he’s more than just a game manager, too.
    5 greatest Dolphins
    Dwight Stephenson
    Zack Thomas
    Dan Marino
    Larry Czonka
    Mark Clayton

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