Dominic Raiola says he has no fine and no regrets


Lions center Dominic Raiola took a cheap shot at Patriots defensive tackle Zach Moore on Sunday, but Raiola says he hasn’t been fined and doesn’t have any regrets.

There’s no fine,” Raiola said, via Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News. “It’s during the game. I don’t know about regrets, I don’t live life with regrets. I didn’t intentionally try to hurt anybody. I didn’t try to do anything out of the ordinary. I would’ve gotten a FedEx letter [from the league office regarding a fine]. So, just play the game. I didn’t make it a big deal, everybody else did.”

Patriots coach Bill Belichick ripped Raiola the day after the cheap shot, pointing out that Raiola was probably sore at the Patriots because he’s been in the NFL for 14 years and has never beaten the Patriots. Raiola declined to get into a war of words with Belichick.

“I don’t really care what he said,” Raiola said. “Not a lot of people beat those guys. I didn’t make it an issue. I just finished the game.”

Raiola may say he was just finishing the game, but he was also taking a cheap shot at an opponent. Just because the NFL says he didn’t technically break the rules, that doesn’t change the fact that what he did was dirty.

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  1. Remember kids, when things get hard, lash out and hurt people.

    The More You Know.

    NFL is a little hypocritical when it comes to enforcing their players be role models eh? I was all for not fining this guy when it was just a pathetic outburst from his “victory” position but after seeing him punch a player twice I’m wondering why the NFL wouldn’t punish that.

  2. Continues a sad course… I’m embarrassed.

    JUST SHUT IT DOM… ‘no comment’.

    How about taking out those frustrations by creating some better RUNNING HOLES this Thursday, eh?

  3. I hope he doesn’t start crying when someone takes his knees out. Then his regrets may begin.

  4. Were it not for the personal foul on CJ Mosley the Pats would not have had a chance to score that last touchdown, so he should have went after Mosley’s knees.

    I hope Caldwell reigns this two buffoons in before they revert to the crap they were known for before his arrival.

  5. Don’t talk to the Media-$100,000. Be a sore loser and intentionally try to injure your opponent-$0

    Keep up the good work NFL

  6. This is could be the biggest joke of goodells horrific track record. He tries to injure a player admits it and punches the player in te head and gets no fine. So I’m guessing this move is legal and when a player commits it next time and ends another players season and/or career they also should not be fined, as not only did this guy do it but continues to admit it. Looks like goodell just sanctioned bounty hate again and now it’s legal.

    Wish someone would dive like that at goodells legs and put him on the IR list

  7. I’d be OK with the NFL easing up on the holding rules and getting rid of cutblocks all together.

  8. Some players think running up the score is dirty. Not that it technically breaks the rules.

    People are weird, there are enough examples to prove it, daily.

    At least we are the normal one’s.

  9. I hate this guy.
    But no he doesn’t deserve a fine.
    For some reason the NFL says that technique is ok against linemen on the box.
    Pats fans want to say “we shouldn’t have to worry about scoring late in a blowout”…’s the other tams responsibility to stop us. IE: keep playing until the final whistle….
    So why can’t this idiot?
    And every Pats fans on this site griping about cheap shots applauded Gronk for his cheap shot well out of bounds two weeks ago……so what’s up with that? (rhetorical…..I don’t really care)

  10. Did anyone see the film of the cheap shot Vince Wilfork gave the Lions longsnapper on one of the field goals. You know, the same type of hit CJ Moseley got flagged for a personal foul for but Wilfork didn’t.

  11. He also wasn’t flagged for it. You want to know why? Because he didn’t do anything illegal. Bring on the chorus of whiners who don’t even know the rules regarding what they’re whining about.

  12. “Just because the NFL says he didn’t technically break the rules, that doesn’t change the fact that what he did was dirty.”

    If it’s legal, how can it be “dirty”?

  13. I think he’s bitter because he’s on the very tail end of his career and part of a brutally bad offense with no excuse…10-6 at best, here comes their division rival.

  14. ivanpavlov0000 says:
    Nov 25, 2014 4:16 PM
    Team with the most penalties in 2014: Denver (New England is 2nd)

    Personal Fouls: Baltimore
    Unnecessary Roughness: Chicago
    Roughing the Passer: 4-way tie NO, PIT, SD, WAS

    Team whose opponents are penalized most: WAS

    Most likely to be falsely labeled as dirtiest: Detroit


    You stats are great, way to defend the dirtiest team in the NFL. There were almost 10 articles on here yesterday alone about shady football play and fines and Detroit Lions football player!

    Garbage football for garbage people(Hyzers) : Detroit Lions!

  15. James Ighedibo of the Lions said after the game the game plan for Detroit was to stop NE’s run game.

    He said Caldwell felt after watching Jonas Gray run for 200 & 4td’s they thought NE would try the same.

    Freakin’ Lions.

  16. What I wouldn’t give to see the rest of the season, anytime the Lions go into the “kneel down” they get blown up on a massive full blitz from the opposing team just “finishing the game”.

    Maybe that would cause Caldwell to grow enough of a pair to discipline his players, and the NFL to discipline themselves.

  17. What a lions player dirty and taking cheap shots?
    They have all been doing it for 10 years and you just now caught on that they are low life scum? If you think he’s bad check out some donkeykong suh’s plays.

  18. This is the only thing people will ever know or remember about him, so at least there is that.

  19. Rule 12, Section 2, Article 1 (a)
    All players are prohibited from:
    (a) striking with the fists

    Rule 12, Section 2, Article 8 (e)
    There shall be no unnecessary roughness. This shall include, but will not be limited to:
    (e) unnecessarily running, diving into, cutting, or throwing the body against or on a player who (i) is out of the play or (ii) should not have reasonably anticipated such contact by an opponent, before or after the ball is dead;

  20. How many Lions defenders got cut on the unnecessary TD drive at the end of the game? Unnecessary is unnecessary. These guys are men, if they don’t want to get hit legally, unnecessarily or not, don’t line up expecting to get hit.

  21. I dont understand people defending him playing the game to the end. The rest of the team was in kneel down formation and not playing so to have one guy unexpectedly cut block on a kneel down is a cheap shot.

  22. I got chop blocked in 1986 from a cheap shot… I suffer today because of it…What a classless piece of work coming out and saying that

  23. He tried to take another player out of the game–to end another player’s livelihood. And he has no regrets. That’s sad.

  24. Detroit is LUCKY Patriots took foot off gas pedal in 2nd half…or they could have thrown 50+ on them easily. Edelmans return called back on cheap call, and Gronk getting held in end zone eliminating another TD.

    Last drive Raiola is sobbing about, NE ran the ball…and ran it when Detroit knew they were going to. Maybe they should have played w/9 guys on offense, then Lions could have tackled them.

    Funny, Wendell…smaller sized guard…ate Suh up also, never heard his name, ate him up.. Perhaps, Raiola should watch tapes, and learn how to play.

    In pop warner, they have mercy rule..maybe they need that for teams that beat Detroit big.

    I WISH, I could say NE will pay him back next time they meet…but a 2nd meeting, not going to happen, as Lions may make playoffs, but not advance long. Detroit has no shot vs. Green Bay..who will do same to them that Patriots did.

  25. Understand that I am NOT condoning Raiola’s or any other Lions player’s actions on Sunday, but I have been watching the Patriots run up the score on teams for YEARS. When will the media start harping on that ?

  26. So he lays a shot to the guys head, then dives at the guy’s knees because he felt they were running up the score ….. but he wasn’t trying to hurt him.

    Right . 😉

  27. The Patriots are not likely to enact some sort of revenge “lesson” as a consequence of this, because (like any other game) they have already moved on, and they are better than that. But I have some suspicions that there are many other players in the league that may be wondering if he has been taught the proper lesson and provide their own sense of justice.

    As a Patriots fan, I would condemn that man and not be happy about the injury to Raiola. But, I would not lose any sleep over his missed games.

  28. As a fan of one of the softest teams in the league, I’m sorry to say nobody on the Bears will be giving this jackass the treatment he deserves. But I hope someone else does.

  29. rmc1995 says:
    Nov 25, 2014 8:24 PM
    How many Lions defenders got cut on the unnecessary TD drive at the end of the game?

    Zero Lions got cut on the Pats final drive. Zero Lions were sucker punched on the Pats final drive. Zero Lions were head-butted by Patriots on the final drive, as CJ Mosley of the Lions did to a Patriot to extend the drive. And yes, Mosley is a DT on the Lions. There were, however, two unnecessary timeouts called by Jim Caldwell during the Pats final drive. If Caldwell does not call those timeouts, the Pats would have run out the clock with no FG or TD on that drive.

    Again, if Mosley and Raiola did not want the Pats to score on the final drive, they should have stopped their Coach from calling timeouts. If Caldwell called the timeouts to see what kind of character his team had, he found out that at least some of his players have no character.

  30. If it’s legal, how can it be “dirty”?

    Once upon a time, Conrad Dobler was the self-admitted dirtiest player in the game.

    This act would have been beneath Dobler.

  31. Yeah just like what the Packers did to them the first time they played this year, right? Gotcha

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