Jay Gruden really has faith in RG3, unless he doesn’t

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Jay Gruden’s a football coach. But when he’s been talking about the future of quarterback Robert Griffin III lately, he’s parsing words as carefully as a lawyer, making sure to leave himself plenty of wiggle room.

From saying he had “every intent” to keep RG3 on his as starter, the Washington coach has continued to leave a trail of bread crumbs that seem to be pointing out the door.

During an interview with Chick Hernandez of CSN Washington, Gruden was asked how much time he can allow Griffin to get comfortable.

“Well, we want to beat Indianapolis,” Gruden said, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “We want to win every game. And I have to put the people in there who [are] gonna help us win those games. And we’re gonna seriously go down and look at this film, look at last week’s film, look at Minnesota’s film, look at Houston’s film, and try to put a plan together that will help him succeed. Or we’ll have to find out if somebody else is there that can help us beat Indianapolis instead.”


Sort of like, I guess I’ll play him, if I have to, unless something better comes up?

Gruden continued to talk about the many facets of offensive problems, working hard to make it not about one player. But it just doesn’t sound very convincing.

Asked if he planned on making a change, Gruden replied: “At this time, right now, Robert’s my guy, right now.”


The fact of the matter is, Griffin’s not playing particularly well right now, but Washington’s stuck with him. And until they can have an offseason to get him right or get him gone, these last five weeks are an exercise in treading water until they can find an answer Gruden’s more comfortable with.

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  1. I and every real Redskins fan still believe in Robert Griffin the 3rd. He’s the best overall Football player and QB since John Elway period. The problem is the coaching staff and offensive line not the QB. It shall be fixed and then we’ll see who’s laughing. #HTTR

  2. It sounds like Gruden is giving a very high priced, high profile player every chance he can to succeed.
    I don’t get the sinister implications this story is suggesting.
    Or was this whole story to show everyone you can right a story about Washington without using the word Redskins?

  3. What is the Redskins coach supposed to say? He’s stuck with very few options and has to figure out if RGIII has any upside left. We will need to see how he does against the Indianapolis team this week.

  4. I am a fan of Colt McCoy. I remember watching him in his début game at Heinz field. I saw him in his last game in Cleveland, sent back in after Harrison knocked him into lala land. He is one tough customer.

    But Redskins fans, Colt is not that good.

    RGIII is messed up, no question about it, these last two years have been awful to watch. He hasn’t caught on to the schemes and he doesn’t have that fearless run. He needs games and coaching.

    But, Robert is that good.

  5. Come on Jay, as a life long Redskins fan and an RGIII supporter even I see this guy is no pocket passer, has no pocket awareness. This experiment needs to end…you can’t and the powers above can’t do this to the 80+thousand fans who show up and the countless many others watching on TV as well as the other 52 guys on the team continue to go through this debacle.

  6. griffin’s record, 12-21. that’s is all anyone needs to know. The O-line was good enough for colt and KC. If griffin still had his speed, (he doesn’t) he might be able to be a change of pace gimmicky qb. He can’t read defenses, doesn’t understand a 3 vs. a 5 vs. a 7 step drop, and if his first option is covered, he ducks and runs. doesn’t step up in the pocket. Niles Paul was open all day. Garcon too…. face it, the investment didn’t work out. move on already…..

  7. Please keep him as the starter for the rest of the season. I don’t want Colt playing against Dallas again.

  8. I’m looking forward to Sunday and seeing the first 3 draft picks from 2012 playing for their respective offenses: one on the track to being a franchise QB, one on their way out as a QB, and one as a barely serviceable running back (at least he can block on third down). This is the reason there is an NFL rookie pay scale!

  9. The stench this wretchedly bad franchise is leaving across the league this year would kill an elephant at 20 paces.

  10. It’s time to move on. Anyone with two eyes can see that RGIII cannot read a Defense (prior to a snap) let alone during a real play. Watch any QB (Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers etc…) and see how they check out of a play, read blitzers coming, tell lineman what to do, audible into another play and Griffin does NONE of this. That’s before the snap of the ball!! The rest is history after the snap.

    Gruden himself has said all of this last week. RGIII cannot even do a 3 step or 1 step drop and pass. If a QB cannot read a defense then the team has no chance to win the game. It’s really that simple. Last week the Redskins won the turnover battle against San Francisco 3-1. Yet the Redskins only managed to score 3 points off of those turnovers. They still managed to lose the game. RGIII had aroud 116 passing yards for the entire game. In today’s game with the rule changes etc… if a QB cannot reach 250 in passing then the team has a real problem at the QB position.

    It’s been 3 years now and it’s time to cut bait. Time to admit RGIII is not the answer. Don’t look back and move forward with another QB. The rest of the team is owed that much. It’s about 52 players not 1 player. The sooner Gruden realizes this (Snyder and Allen as well) the better.

  11. Everyone keeps talking about it being the o-line’s fault. It is true that a qb can’t be very successful without it. But Cousins and McCoy played behind the same line, and consistently moved the ball, scored more, and were sacked less. All while Morris was having subpar games. They flat out performed better.

  12. Bench the bum!!! Hes not an NFL quarterback….great guy,great athlete, lets move on without him and snake oil salesman Bruce Allen!!! Snyder go play golf and stay out of the football business !! You never played a sport in your life!!! Just write the checks!! HTTR

  13. RG3 has to prove any faith is warranted.

    So far that hasn’t happened.

    If Donald Trump instead of Daniel Snyder owned that Washington franchise, RG3 would be at risk of being fired.

  14. The interesting aspect of this drama is how the next scene unfolds. I can’t picture the Redskins retaining Griffen. Too much water under that bridge. So he will go somewhere else.

    And now the new scene, Griffen playing for say Lovie Smith in Tampa or Jeff Fisher in St. Louis (wouldn’t that be ironic),or maybe Arians in the desert if Palmer is not recovering.

    Meanwhile Washington starts its next Franchise Quarterback plan.

    Being a fan of the Skins is not for the faint of heart, LOL.

  15. The fact of the matter is, Griffin’s not playing particularly well right now,

    Really, you wrote that with a straight face?

  16. Logicalvoice pleeeeeeeeze. Best qb since Elway. Enough already guy stinks can’t read a defense can’t go through progressions can’t get his drops down and now can’t run. All this equates to is a guy that can’t even be a backup let alone starting qb in nfl. Skins need to cut their losses and move on. Only problem is Snyder won’t which means skins are basement dwellers for another decade . It’s a shame but truth.

  17. Some coaches are better at driving a car that someone else built (Harbaugh). Some are better at building the car but don’t drive well (Dungy). This guy seems like neither.

  18. Is it possible that we could have a story about QBs where someone DOESN’T bring up Tim Tebow? That ship sailed a long time ago. He isn’t even considered a better option than RG3rd String. Thanks.

  19. Logical, it’s time to warship McCoy. Heck, it happens… My daughter went from loving Bieber to One Direction.

    Go McCoy!

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