Griffin is surely done in D.C.

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Well, that escalated quickly.

Only nine days ago, quarterback Robert Griffin III remained entrenched as the starter in D.C.  After nearly beating the Vikings in his return from a dislocated ankle, Griffin had two weeks to get ready for a gimme putt against the Buccaneers.

And then Tampa won by 20, Griffin looked horrible in the process, and coach Jay Gruden launched a public campaign against Griffin that laid the foundation for Tuesday’s news that Gruden had benched Griffin — even though Gruden said after a closer-than-expected game in San Francisco that Gruden had “every intent” to start Griffin at Indianapolis.

With the report that Griffin has been benched for the second time in less than a year comes the news (from the same reporter) that Griffin “still appears to be a significant part” of the team’s “long-term plan.”

Sure he is.  He’s a significant part of the team’s long-term plan because the long-term plan is to trade him for draft picks who will become part of the long-term plan.

There’s no way the bridge can be rebuilt again in 2015, not after former coach Mike Shanahan cast Griffin aside and now current coach Jay Gruden has done the same thing.  Unless Gruden gets fired after one year (it’s not as outlandish a proposition as it would seem), Griffin won’t want to return to Washington next season, where at a minimum he’ll have to win via open competition during the offseason, training camp, and preseason a job his head coach currently thinks he isn’t suited for.

So look for Griffin to quietly begin clamoring to be traded or cut.  Trading him makes the most sense, because if he’s cut it’s likely he’ll land in Philly with Chip Kelly, with a strong incentive to do everything possible to make Washington look like it made a mistake with the guy on whom Washington made a mistake by giving up three first-round picks and a second-round pick.

And if the team resists giving Griffin what he wants, maybe he’ll decide to finally share his personal opinion about the team’s nickname.

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  1. Not what we hoped for, but the question needs to be answered- can he be “The guy”, or can’t he?? At least we have an answer & can move forward.

  2. They didn’t really give up THREE first round picks for him – moving spots from YOUR first rounder to ANOTHER TEAM’S first rounder is not considered giving up a first round pick.

  3. I hope he ends up in Philly with Chip. He just needs reps with his teammates and time to really learn the playbook. The guy has been rehabbing different injuries for a year and a half. Quit talking to the media and start planning your revenge!

  4. Best redskin news I’ve heard in years.
    RG the coddling is over. Time to grow a pair for another team, and try and learn to be an NFL QB.
    Definitely time to move on, finally the team is moving in the right direction!?

  5. Griffin in Philly WILL NOT HAPPEN. That’s about as silly McNabb in Washington. He’s gonna get Tebowed out of the league and will in the future be named the worst draft trade since Hershel Walker. #fRaGIIIe

  6. Let him go to Philly. He won’t make it any easier for the Eagles. Then the NFC East will br held by Dallas for the next couple years.

    Unless NY can get Cruz back to tandem with Beckham, and do a quick fix on the Defense…

  7. This would appear as an act of charity. Facing Luck, his forever rival and draft day victor, whoever is calling the shots in Washington saved him from a polarizing embarrassment. Between Luck’s skill and Washington’s porous D…..recipe for a blowout. One from which RG would never recover from.

  8. Where is he going to start? His skill set right now won’t sustain a backup position.

    Skillset – run very well, heave ball downfield when safetys sneak up. Worked a handful of games his rookie year….and…that’s about it. It was long enough for many to fawn over him for what reason I have NO idea.
    This is neither shocking nor unexpected.

    Cam Newton – you’re next….

  9. RG3 in Philly WILL NOT HAPPEN! He’s gonna get Tebowed out of the league and will later be remembered as the worst draft trade since Hershel Walker.

  10. RG3 is the Redskins quarterback of the future. Jay Gruden did something no head coach should do. Flap his gums about a player to the media. He was supposed to be the leader and lead by example. No way Gruden coaches another year in DC. The Redskins invested heavy in RG3 so they should have taken a page from the Cowboys draft book and drafted top offensive lineman in the draft. It’s worked for them. Now they have drafted one of the dominant offensive lines in the league. All true Redskins fans have been pleading this for the past several years. Trying to blame everything on RG3 is ridiculous. Why did you wastes 12 million of Orakpo and a 4 year $17 million deal on Luavo??? Get it together Allen. Dump Jay and build this kid a line. Now Colt is supposed to be savior in DC. Lol. I like Colt but not as my every game starter. #HTTR

  11. RGIII is on the precipice of becoming the NFL’s all-time biggest bust. Yes, he’s much better than Russell or Leaf, but he also cost 3 1/2 times as much.

  12. Whoa! Stunning. One of those guys will be gone next year, and it appears that Gruden has the upper hand. About time a coach (meh) has some power, even considering that it’s on the Emmy-winning soap As the Redskins Turn (on each other).

  13. Why would anyone care if the Eagles (who actually play in Philadelphia) picked him up (which I doubt would do )? The Redskins (who neither play or practice in DC and, further, don’t use that geography in their name) are a year or two from contending anyhow. They need stability and that means ending the circus.

    No one will trade for him. It would be taking a controversial mess, not too different from Michael Sam. No one will want the circus. Teams want football players, not a circus.

    This reminds me a lot of Ryan Howard with the MLB Phillies. Can’t play him. Makes too much money. Can’t trade him. Best to just release the player and move on.

    This QB can’t play NFL caliber right now. Has pocket problems, terrible footwork, and dirtballs. Can’t read defenses quickly enough. Part of this may be from his injuries. Part of it may simply be that’ve cannot play a “traditional” QB position. This is accepted now as axiomatic and no team will take him because of these facts and the circus surrounding him.

    Now it is true that Gruden (and/or Allen) could be canned after the season. The only way I see that now is if JGibbs 3.0 happens (which would not involve a Cerrato reunion). And I could see that happening,actually,though unlikely. So this decision likely affirms that Gruden will remain the HC. I don’t think he is suited for it as I think he really is a glorified OC, but that is what it is looking like now.

  14. So do they have to take him out of the HOF now?
    I’m only asking because I remember the media putting him in there after his first 16 games a few years ago.

  15. All i want for christmas is a defensive head coach and a real GM. Get back to blue collar football in dc…draft character guys who play hard and stop with the free agent spending. Dan you have wasted almost 20 years of my life.

  16. Land in Philly? Where is that speculation coming from?? I hope its just speculation, keep him away from Philly! Someone call Doug Pederson to fill/block the potential open roster spot that I was unaware existed.

  17. If RGIII is cut duringt eh offseason, he will be placed on waivers because he will not have four years of credited service. He will NOT be an UFA free to sign anywhere. There are many teams that will be well ahead of the Eagles in the waiver wire claims pecking order.

    If he is traded, Washington is certainly not in a position of strength to be able to demand a lot in return. A QB who has been benched and who has had some major injuries entering the final year (assuming Washington does not exercise the 5th year option) of his contract (albeit a favorable one because of the rookie wage scale) is likely not going to fetch more than Washington gave up to get him. He likely will not fetch more than two picks (1st & 4th or two 2s, etc.).

    Yes, there inevitably would be some team(s) willing to give up a 1st round pick (and more), but the it’s highly unlikely that a trade will result in a bounty of picks for Washington.

    One thing is certain: it just got very interesting in DC.

  18. This is not entirely RG3’s fault. Take a look at Dalton and how uneven the Cincy offense is, this is what Gruden brings to the table. Fact is, they need to play the 2012 offense and if he gets hurt, then he gets hurt. After the season, Gruden, Allen and Haslett all need to go. Snyder has to bring in a real GM and he needs to gut the scouting department. A proven coach needs to be brought in (ie. pay Bill Cowar) what ever he wants and get the hell out of his way.

  19. It’s great that the coach in DC isn’t just a mere puppet for Snyder, but i really do feel for all of those children. I personally feel sorry for all of those young fans that purchased the RGIII jersey just a short time ago. Wearing that jersey to school could insight an old fashioned school yard beat down…..similar to the ones that are administered to the team from DC each and every weekend. #Savethechildren

  20. I hope they don’t think they’ll get even one first round pick for the kid. I think he could learn a lot by sitting behind an Aaron Rodgers or even a young QB like Russell Wilson, who studies and prepares like a veteran. I think his career is salvagable if he’s not expected to be the “savior” of the franchise.

  21. You also incorrectly assume that CKelly will be with the Eagles next year. Can’t say that until some college jobs are filled after Jan 1 when his NCAA show cause penalty expires.

  22. Someone needs to teach the Redskins how to bring along a young qb. RG3 had all the talent in the world but Gruden has messed with his head so much he most likely wants to leave anyway. Snyder has no idea how to run a team. Redskins are pathetic

  23. Thank God!!!

    Note to Redskins fans: It was better when Joe Gibbs was around. No, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl years. I’m talking about from 2004-2007.

    You had Chris Samuels, Pete Kendall, and Jason Fabini and the great o-line coach Joe Bugel. That and Sean Taylor were the keys to your playoff entries.

    Stop drafting first round QB’s. Just stick to O-Line principles because 3 different QB’s won Super Bowls behind the Hogs.

    I love Chad Dukes, but I knew he was wrong in 2011 when he said that all the Super Bowl winning QB’s come from the first round and that the Dilfer, Rypien days are over.

    Well, what did Tom Brady have in 2001, 2003, and 2004? A great o-line. Same with Aikman, Elway in 1997-98, and Kurt Warner in 1999.

    Go back to traditional ways. Bring back the Hogs!

  24. Only the Redskins would spend three #1s and a 2 on a guy who won’t play for them three years after they drafted him.

    I’ve been a Skins fan since 81, I don’t know how much more I can take.

    What a clown shoes organization.

  25. I don’t want the attention that he’ll bring to philly… Plus he can’t stay healthy so I would rather just draft a QB that chip can groom to his liking

  26. And again, thank you so much for the 2012 season RG3. Amazing 7 game win streak to end a season to win a division. Can’t remember a better run lately in NFL. I truly wish RG3 can regain his rookie form sooner than later.

  27. Not a fan of the team, but at least from afar it always seems like mixed signals are being sent from the top on down. There never seems to be any direction or plan. Just wing-it every week.

    That franchise needs leadership. From the QB and from the front office.

  28. The New York Jets have traded their first round draft pick in 2015 for Robert Griffin the Third… you heard it here first folks!

  29. Unless RG3 is willing to be a TEAM player and not look for star status… he will not fit into Philly’s program. Chip Kelly only wants players who LOVE football and will play for the TEAM not individual glory .

  30. You’re lucky you made your money in endorsements before anyone saw you play. Tough luck for a once proud franchise though. Better luck next year Skins fans!

  31. I loved Griffin coming out of college, I thought the Redskins made the right move at the right time, after they had secured a few positions on Offense & Defense. Who could argue after season 1 before the Seattle game that they didn’t make the right move? The guy seemed to have it all… the mental makeup, the arm, the confidence to let things go & come back to win the games in the 4th qtr. I think it was too easy for him after the Shanahan’s created an offense around his skillset that didn’t rely on him reading the entire field and his threat to run was sucking the LB’s & safeties out of position.

    Then, like all running, athletic QB’s they rely too much on their given ability & after Robert’s confidence was shaken by multiple injuries to his legs… Defenses were onto his liabilities as a passer in the pocket and they adapted to the read-option & started staying more at home, while bringing pressure.

    He has never adjusted all season to the pressure that is being unleashed & some will blame the line, which is horrible without Trent Williams… But there is a stat that will simply show that he is just holding onto the football because he is afraid to make a mistake because he probably doesn’t understand a WR’s route tree & is just waiting for them to be open without anticipating. Kirk Cousins has been sacked 12 times in 8 games…. In Griffin’s last 8 games, he has been sacked 39 times. THIRTY NINE… If you have a bad OL, then playcalling and adjustments at the line of scrimmage are things you can do to beat the defense & make them back off the blitz.

    It’s a shame, because I thought we had our QB for the next 15 years & now it’s back to average… I think the only chance is for Kirk Cousins to stop turning it over or Colt McCoy has a late blossoming career ala Rich Gannon… or the Redskins are back to square one.

  32. Shame. I honestly believe he can be a good QB in this league. He’s a smart guy with a bunch of talent. Maybe it’s injuries. Maybe he needs to grow up a bit. It’s probably a little of both. I do believe that in the right situation he can thrive. Philly might be the perfect situation. Especiall considering the fact that RGIII would serve as an actual running threat on those read options lol. Does anyone really stay home on those in case Foles/Sanchez decides to keep it? Lol

  33. Let’s see what colt can do. He has been a career backup and beaten by other backups who are not still backups on other teams . I think if this doesn’t work out then jay is gone . He has failed to coach up rg3.. He knew what he was getting into with respect to ownership, front office and team players.. I have read play breakdown analysis of rg3 on other sites and he obviously needs some coaching. Rg3 still performs better when jay uses Kyle’s plays but not on Jays.

    As a Redskins fan I want team to start wining.

  34. A decent rookie season. Dallas makes the playoffs that year, maybe he’s a lot more humble, and doesn’t blow his knee out in the playoffs.

    Without that playoff game, no injury allows him to get more time and thus a better understanding and better practice with teammates that offseason, all while being a lot more humble. He’d then be more receptive to his coaches (Shanahan doesn’t look nearly as much a villain as he was made out to be now, does he).

    He then comes into that next year with the right frame of mind, not one of hurrying up so that he can make his new sponsors happy, while neglecting the mental and team preparation that QB’s need.

    Fine line between failure and success in the NFL as a QB…and I honestly believe the way that Dallas choked away that playoff spot killed any chance that Griffin would progress, as his ego and media made him something greater than he was, and then the injury, and then ego/pressure he was under to replicate his season, took over and threw out all the steps necessary to become a better player.

    As far as next year, Reggie McKenize on line 2, Bruce.

  35. Of course, he had acl/mcl injury… Came back from in less than a year, then dislocated his ankle.. He is no where near 75% healthy and this needs to help him to get healthy while working on his mental aspect.. This could be the best thing for him.
    # blessingindisguise

  36. There’s only one way to fix this thing…
    Bring back the original RG3.
    Bring back Rex Grossman III.

  37. Jay Gruden had better hope that Colt McCoy is going to have some immediate success. We have five games left and we’re not all that likely to win any of them. If Gruden’s record ends up being anywhere near the neighborhood of the current three wins – with him only being able to blame at most five of them on Griffen – he very well could be done in DC.

  38. Wow what a train wreck. Anyone who thinks the Raiders are the worst run organization in pro sports, has not been paying attenion to this ongoing soap opera.

  39. 1-Jay is no John Gruden. He is unprofessional even if he’s correct about RG3. The guy needs let go.

    2-RG3 is a shell of what he was from a confidence standpoint. A new team is his only chance.

    3- DC is doomed so long as Snyder owns the team.

  40. but wait…………wait for it…………. he still has Chunky Soup commercials with his Mom.

    ps: how much bank did the Redskins give up for this Diva?

  41. It’s best for both Griffin and Washington if they just go their separate ways. Griffin needs to take some time to finally heal all the way, start fresh, and see if he can somehow get back to his rookie form.

  42. Huh…here’s a thought. Rams trade a conditional second round pick for Griffin, completing the final piece of the of the second “great trade robbery”, perhaps this trade will go down as “the sting” #paulnewman. Washington, THIS Cowboys fan loves you, man!

  43. Year four of his contract coming up – his agent will want him gone, as will his ego.

    Is this a real display of authority by Gruden and does he have the backing of Snyder is the key question?

    If the former, we might be getting somewhere.

    I’d love to wake up to the headline “Snyder Is Done In DC” one day. Then we might move forward.

  44. Good. If you are a miserable fan of this team at the end of your rope, take heart. The one and only thing that will make an difference here that we can effect as fans is Dan Snyder’s profit margin. That’s what he cares about bottom line. All we have to do is not fill those seats at the stadium and keep up the pressure via social media that we’re done. If they start this guy anytime soon, we all call them and email them off the wall demanding a Griffin jersey return!

    McCoy probably won’t be our savior either but at least we won’t have to put up with RG3 attitude any more.

  45. As a Redskins fan, I’d love to see Griffin land in Philly. Then they could be the knuckleheads throwing a guy out there who lost his ability to throw a decent pass.

  46. Can’t imagine another team wanting him. The space between his ears is more fragile than his knees

  47. Didn’t Kelly let Desean Jackson go because of character questions? Based on that I’d say it’s not all that likely he would jump on RG3.

  48. Tampa with Lovie Smith,
    St, Louis with Jeff Fisher, oh the irony
    Phoenix with Bruce Arians

    So Colt McCoy eh. tough as nails that guy, not a good QB, but tough as nails,

    being a Redskin fan is not for the faint of heart … LOL

  49. The way things have played out I DC, they’ll be lucky to get a 3rd rounder, and. Maybe a ham sandwich.

  50. I’ve never seen two people try so hard to get fired in the same organization in my life…

    It’s like Gruden and Griffin have a bet as to who can get Washington to can them first

  51. Don’t worry. The Washington football team will figure out a way to maximize the the shoddy handling of everything, he’ll still end up in Philly, and Bob will do everything thing he can to learn how to play and hurt them.

  52. No mention of Kurt cousins just RG. Maybe its the game plan, Talent of the whole team. When Griffin is gone next year and the team is still bottom 5 will you still be posting articles on Kurt or Colt 5-10 times a week??

  53. Reminds me of heath schuler. no matter how many chances you give him, it’s just not going to work. move on and try to win football games…..NOW.

  54. Stephen Jones might have been able to stop his Dad from drafting Manziel but there’s no way he’ll talk him out of this. RG3 will be a Dallas Cowboy in 2015.

  55. Not that I’m defending him in the least, but the Redskins O-Line is just about as a good as lining up girl scouts.

    Then again, when you can’t read coverages and are too afraid to run anymore…

  56. Turn off the lights the partys over.

    Can we stop it with this Madden video game impressions to have a QB that can somehow stay in the pocket, yet when it does collapse said QB some how turns it into a positive play? These guys last a season or two and then the magic fades

  57. “because if he’s cut it’s likely he’ll land in Philly with Chip Kelly”

    Come on Mike, you’re better than that.
    RG3 isn’t a 4 year vet. If he’s cut, he’ll be subject to waivers and there is no way he falls to the Eagles.

  58. What’s becoming obvious is that Griffin is an injury prone, immature, below average quarterback. In short, he just isn’t that good. Redskins would be wise to move on.

  59. As a big browns fan i am very happy for colt. I think he is a capable qb. With very good mobility. I think a big part of the problem in cleveland was very poor recievers.

  60. More than likely Gruden will be cut. Dan likes his players more than his coaches.

    I can’t see any team, including the Eagles putting their faith in him as a starting QB. I am still hoping they stick with Foles as he was great when he had a healthy offensive line and wasn’t asked to take sack after sack.

    Griffin has a lengthy injury history, including the noncontact injury that knocked him out earlier this season and can’t read defenses.

    Vick got away with it for 13 years and hopefully teams realize being on ESPN highlights is not the same as being a quality NFL QB. I think even the JETS fans are starting to realize that a QBs main asset is his ability to read defenses and throw the ball. Running for a QB is a distant 3rd no matter how much the media tells you it’s not.

  61. As an Eagles fan, I feel conflicted about bringing RG3 to our team. He would have to learn how to behave as a professional being on Chip’s team but there is no doubt the QB run threat is the missing element needed to fully open Chip’s scheme.

  62. I’m not too sure what his trade value would be. He’s on his rookie contract so not outlandishly expensive either. Him griping or pining for a change of atmosphere will just add to his tarnished image.

    He may well be part of their plans still, they may just being using this is a way to start from scratch and really just work on mechanics and such.

    If Griffin goes elsewhere he’ll light it up and live up to his hype leading some franchise to repeated playoff appearances, that’s just what Skins fans have been treated to the last 15 years.

  63. No… Eagles?? Don’t need or want him. Didn’t we just unload an injury prone, scrambling quarterback. RGIII is nothing more than a younger version of Mike Vick.

  64. “Jay Gruden launched a public campaign against Griffin that laid the foundation for Tuesday’s news that Gruden had benched Griffin”

    This is priceless….this would sit well in any liberal rag currently sitting on newsstand shelves….

  65. I just came here to see what lamea$$ excuse and conspiracy theory that logicalvoicesays was going to spew.

  66. Who would really want him? Plus the Redskins will never get the kind of pick package they traded to get him, probably not even a first rounder.

  67. Well, when the 49ers bag Harbaugh, they’ll probably cut Kaepernick (the two will take their act to Miami), so they’ll probably be looking for someone to challenge Blaine Gabbert…you know…really push him to excel…

  68. Those scrambles that got them first downs when his first read was covered are no more. Therefore all of the O-Line struggles and inaccurate throws have caught up to him after his injuries. The same would have happened to a one-legged Michael Vick in year 3.

  69. Three 1st round picks and a second, I forgot what a steep price the Redskins paid for a bust of a QB.

    They are challenging the Vikings in that dept although the Vikings like to spread their 1st Round QB bust over a span of a few years.

  70. Eagles would not sign Griffin.

    You seem to assume that the read option is all that Kelly does. Have you listened to Kelly’s interviews? Do you watch the games? He schemes to the style of his quarterback, he’s said that dozens of times. Roseman and Kelly would not purposely sign a quarterback that’s worse the ones they already have on staff. It doesn’t matter that “he can run”. The Eagles can win without a running quarterback. Surely they’ve proven that in the past two years.

  71. Trade him to the Eagles.

    If you fear doing so that is an indictment of your team and coaches (Kelly could make him into a good QB where we admit we cannot).

    p.s– Why would you change the offensive system from what worked for him in his rookie year? Bad coaching hire in the long line of hires since the firing of Marty.

  72. Washington keeps getting itself in holes it dug and can’t seem to get themselves out.

    This is all their own doing.

    Dysfunction City.

  73. Don’t really see RGIII winding up in Philly. I don’t think that Nick Foles would be cast aside for him….maybe not even Sanchez, for that matter!
    Foles just needs to get healthy and get back to playing the way he did last season, when a point of emphasis was that sacks didn’t matter as much as INT’s, and Foles was one of the best young QB’s in the game.
    Not sure why Chip Kelly would want to exchange what he already has…a good young QB who has proven he can run the offense to an oft-injured, controversial, constant distraction like RGIII?

  74. I always thought RGIII was more an invention of media hype than an above average QB. He is incredibly injury prone which is a very bad thing for a QB and I don’t see any team giving away more than a 4th rd pick for him.

  75. He needs a new understanding that he’s not going to be a starter this year or most of next year. A complete rebuild of health and hard training is required to get his career back on track. He’s not 100% and that can’t be forced. Go quietly and work your way back. If dose not do this his risks everything.

  76. And if the team resists given Griffin what he wants, maybe he’ll decide to finally share his personal opinion about the team’s nickname.

    And the only people that will care will be those in the medai hellbent on making it more than what it is. The fans, regular Joes, they don’t care.

  77. I would have let him finish out the season but I’m a Redskin fan and I will root for whoever is in. HTTR! The good times are right around the corner. Stay optimistic Skin fans.

  78. Finally! This will shut him down and shut him up! Too arrogant for his own good and is a lighting rod for all things wrong with this new generation of athletes who don’t understand the true meaning of being humble and working for your success. Best thing the Redsking could have and should have done but they will be down for a while unless they change how they do business in acquiring in acquiring and developing players.

  79. Chip Kelly made Nick Foles into something better then he is, drafted Matt Barkley, signed Mark Sanchez, and didn’t resign Vick. How does everyone around the league not understand that Chip Kelly doesn’t need nor does it seem like he wants a running QB.

    Finally I don’t know if this is more Karma for RG3 the way he acted all about himself or for Logicvoice with all the nonsense we had to listen to.

  80. Someone will give him a chance. Market him as a guy who just needed a fresh start. Bring him on as a back up. Then start showing short clips of him in practice dropping back and firing the football. He would put fans in the stands and sell tickets, but not necessarily win the next team any games

  81. so in the last few months,

    Rothlesberger was done in Pittsburgh
    Peterson is done in Minnesota
    Suh is done in Detroit

    Jump the gun a little do you?

  82. The people saying Philly wouldn’t take Griffin are delusional. When healthy, he’s better than each of the quarterbacks on the roster. His best year was better than Foles’ fluke year. Kelly would snatch him up in a heartbeat.

  83. He couldn’t possibly become a secure starter elsewhere who wouldn’t have to compete for a position, not after the poor tape he’s put out there. It’s too bad but he now has a reputation for not putting in the work and that’s tough to overcome.

  84. This absolutely screams “Jets”.

    They’re going to clean house as far as the coaching staff when the season is over. They’ll cut either Vick or Smith. They’ll make a big splash by picking up Griffin because he’s still young and he’ll “be the future of the Jets” with the remaining QB as the backup.

    Griffin will play well at the start to show that his acquisition was worth it. But the rest of the AFC East is notably better, and the Jets will slide back down in the standings.

  85. As a Browns fan that took grief from other fans for not drafting this guy, I will say it one more time. No player is worth 3 first round picks.

  86. No-one is going to be dumb enough to trade for him, especially since the Footballers have to cut him or pay him $18 million next year. The other teams will just wait for his release, then compete to sign him for his actual value – a Subway sammich.

  87. There is now way RGIII is going to Philly. Yes, Chip would probably prefer a QB with his skill set, but he has not been healthy is 2 years and he has regressed. If he is cut, I am sure Chip and the Eagles will talk to him in the offseason, and maybe bring him in to compete for the position, but I think since Foles is still under contract through next year, he will probably be the starter next year and Sanchez will sign a big contract elsewhere. Even though he has a ton of skill, I think RGIII will be relegated to a backup for the rest of his career.

  88. jnbnet says:
    Nov 26, 2014 7:53 AM
    The Jets need a QB.


    QB, #1 Wide Receiver, Tight End, Coach, GM, offensive coordinator ……

  89. At this point, I can’t help but feel bad for Griffin.

    Maybe he wasn’t ever going to be as good as the hype. Maybe he was always predisposed to being injury prone.

    But the guy deserves better than what he’s gotten in Washington.

    Again, I’m not a fan of the team, so I don’t have a dog in the fight, as it were.

    But at this point, if Griffin can go to a competently run team, with a hands-off owner and a steady head coach, and a QB Coach who can help develop his skills, I think he could still be somebody’s franchise QB. Again, maybe not at the lofty standards he was drafted at and put in Subway commercials for. But a winning QB nonetheless.

    Of course, you watch this space, in about two months, we could be reading the “Jay Gruden Fired in Washington” article because Snyder would prefer RGIII to stay over any coach. That would be pure Washington at this point.

  90. Pffft, Washington has been destroying QBs since Rypien left in 1993. Twenty-one starting quarterbacks since then. Giving the Browns a run for the belt I see. Gruden doesn’t want the axe so he’s putting RGIII’s neck on the block instead hahahaha. They have no one to blame except themselves. I’m sure Cleveland is looking back and thanking STL for taking the Skins deal instead. Shoot, they even bypassed Stud Cousins for McCoy and he’ll probably be the Texans starter next year.

  91. I think it would be hilarious if RG3 and Out somehow ended up in St. Louis, who built an offensive line out of the draft picks Snyder gave up to get Griffin.

    And to add icing to the cake, he becomes a star QB out there.

  92. Remember when Colt McCoy was lighting it up in Cleveland and we all said, one day, he’s going to replace RG3?

  93. Wherever he goes, it should not be as a starter. He needs to sit behind a Vet, learn how to watch film, learn how to prepare. It’s clear his big problem is preparation and attitude, that won’t get better if he gets another starting gig right away.

  94. Just the Redskins luck that they would cut him and he would land with the Philadelphia team.

  95. RGIII has simply not been the same since his two very serious injuries. Sometimes football players get hurt, and are never the same. Not their fault, but he has lost a step or two when first trying to leave the pocket. Pro football is about winning and nothing else. No matter who you are, one day, be it age (Dan Marino) or injury (Troy Aikman) your time will come. Then they will simply hand over your position to someone else. Sad, but this certainly looks like the end of the line for RGIII.

  96. It’s all the Vikings fault.

    RGIII has a big game against them and he is the best ever.

    Vick has a big playoff win against them in OT and he is the best ever.

    Steve Young stumbles 50 yards for a TD and he is the…………..

  97. That dude who referred to him as “Bob Griffin” when he came into the league, because he’d done nothing to earn a fancy nickname, was right on the money. Only question at this point is, why has the rest of the world not started calling him that? A few noisy liberals want to change the team name, heck it’s Bob’s name that needs work.


  99. If RG3 were smart he would ask to be traded to a team with an established QB whom he can learn from over a few years and take his shot with another team after he sees how to be a good leader. Go back up Brady, Rodgers or Manning and learn from the best.

  100. THREE 1st round picks. AND A 2ND round pick.

    All for Robert.

    I’ve seen the traffic going north on 295 on Sundays, looks like a lot of purple coming up from the DC region…

  101. I loved the ESPN story on this where they state that Snyder and the Redskins front office are ready to “reload” with this year’s draft. That’s because you gave up way too much for RGIII and you had a lot fewer draft picks the past three years. As a Dallas fan I love the dysfunction that is the Washington Redskins. He looks like a future Raider to me!

  102. When Griffin and Andrew Luck defined the QB draft where they were selected, I said at the time that one of them was going to be a bust. For a long time, a few years actually, that prophecy looked absurd. Now, not so much.

  103. I still do not get why Bob gets any run at all, good or otherwise. What has the guy done to net any attention whatsoever?

  104. There have been rumors that RG III isn’t studying enough. I don’t know if that is true. If it is, no wonder he is being benched.

    Personally, I think he looks real slow on the field when it comes to reacting to on the field play. Of course, who wouldn’t look slow with that turnstyle of an offensive line.

    Regardless, you can’t act like a diva if you aren’t getting it done on the field.

  105. That knee injury finished him. Aside from that they also chose the wrong man to coach that team. They needed a type A madman in the Parcells / Jim Harbaugh / Sean Payton / Belichick mold who will make the unpopular decision. Someone who knows you have to clean house and start from the ground up and not just hope you go 9-7.

  106. RG3 has not been good, but I would take him on my team. I still think he has the talent t be a good qb in he nfl but Not in Washington though. Gruden has thrown him under the bus to save his own behind.

  107. Agents and marketing gurus and PR specialists did more to ruin RG III than any coach. They convinced this kid that he was a divine football prophecy fulfilled. He lapped it up and his head swelled until he was useless. He somehow came to the conclusion that a shoe deal and a sandwich commercial gave him a better football resume than his coaches and teammates.

  108. Native American Curse.

    Change the name.

    And those saying how great Potato Chip Kelly is, I ask “what has he ever won?”

    In college he lost all the big games, in the pros he’s lost all the big games.

    He’s an overweight June Jones.

  109. This is a great example of why the Redskins can’t have nice things. The organization has no patience. Just look at the coach and QB carousel over the last 20 years or so – it’s ridiculous. But anyway, let’s focus on RGIII:

    Year one: Offensive rookie of the year.

    Year two: Injury recovery, played at less than full capacity entire season.

    Year three: Injury causes missed games, never gets in groove, offensive line is well, offensive; and he’s not really used in the kind of capacity he is built for.

    Decision: Dump him.

    I hope he does end up with the Eagles. Kelly will know how to use him.

  110. Who cares what his opinion is on the REDSKINS name?
    Thanks for providing a forum where we can use the name REDSKINS all the time by the way. Cause I love the REDSKINS.

  111. The Pats will trade a 6th for him and he’ll take over for Brady in 3 years. And he’ll be amazing. Because that’s what the stupid friggin Pats do. They use Belichick voodoo to make other teams’ trash into useful NFL-level players. Man I hate those guys.

  112. RGNothing needs a good ‘Molly Job’ to regain his confidence. I’m surprised he has made appropriate arrangements with the Ravens.

  113. r502 says:
    Nov 26, 2014 9:02 AM
    I still do not get why Bob gets any run at all, good or otherwise. What has the guy done to net any attention whatsoever?


    Well he did hold that press conference to launch the logo for his brand …..

    I’m sure his clothing and footwear with the RGIII logo will sell like really well …….

    Seriously, it seemed like football was not his primary concern ever since he was drafted.

  114. elvoid says:
    Nov 26, 2014 9:34 AM

    I hope he does end up with the Eagles. Kelly will know how to use him.


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! The guy would probably tear his ACL while doing a subway commercial.

    If you think RGIII can be salvaged, send him to the raiders. Keep him far, far, far away from the Eagles.

  115. “Today the Redskins have announced the trade of Robert Griffin to ____ for one Ham Sandwhich…and…oh, wait, I’m getting an update here…a Bag of Chips as well.”

  116. People seem not to realize that Griffin, like all the spread QBs, needs to be taught drop back QB play from scratch. Whether he accepts that or not is up to him. However, if he does, he can still develop. Playing every week with such a bad supporting cast though doesn’t allow for that development in season. If he’s smart, he dedicates himself nonstop on learning the nuances of dropping back, progressions, route trees, etc. while also learning whatever playbook he has, in Washington or otherwise because I doubt Gruden will be there. No one should excuse that he’s a worse head coach than he was an offensive coordinator and that’s saying something. However, if Griffin does stay in DC, they need to sign a veteran to let him sit for a minimum 2 years or so while he learns those things. It’s up to the organization if they have that patience, but that’s what you sign up for when you draft these spread guys so highly because their college system has no correlation to playing the pro style QB position.

  117. The trouble with “reloading” is that you have the same FO trying to find the ammo.

    And anyone who thinks Little Danny (and now his sidekick Prince Bruce, who up to now has been getting a free pass but if you listen to his comments, he come across just as imperious) are going to surrender power has not been watching.

  118. I have faith in RGIII to have success on another team. Maybe he’s just not on the right team. The Bears are in need of a quarterback, and with threats Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery I think he could have success. If he can keep himself away from injuries, he could be a successful quarterback.

    One thing I

  119. Different year same result:
    The benching of RGLeaf.

    Funny how it was all of Shanarats fault last year.
    Now lets blame it all on Gruden.

    Danny boy dont change a thing, we love what you are doing in Dysfunctional City!

    MeSean miss us yet? -Chip

  120. One thing I don’t understand is the talk about Nick Foles being replaced. Clearly he is the future there unless they mess up like always and get rid of him

  121. hail to this

    hail to that whole joke of a franchise.
    you had a nice run. Have yourself a nice set of titles.,, but you’ve sucked for 30 years.
    You look like you’re poised to suck for another 10 at least.

  122. Although griffin may get some looks from a few teams out there, the majority would not want to touch this guy with a ten foot pole. He just doesn’t fit a the programs a lot of the teams have. He’s just not that good. It has been stated that amongst his issues as a QB is that he is unable to read defenses therefore not adept at making the appropriate decision whether he’ll throw, to whom he’ll throw or if he should run. I am not saying every QB have down perfectly but they don’t go through or would not go through the very slow progression nor the slow decision making that griffin does. His intellect, even though I know this guy finished college, is just not that advanced or matured when it comes to the field.

    We’ve seen this before, 1st round draft pick, unable to deliver and, if he’s lucky, sitting next to James Brown or Michael Strahan in front of the camera analyzing games every Sunday in fall.

  123. snyder should have side with shanahan last year and let him sit griffin at the beginning of the season. gruden may indeed have a reputation for working with quarterbacks, but not like shanahan’s. griffin, elway, brian griese and jake plummer all had the best years of their careers statistically under shanahan; shanahan even got a pro bowl year out of griese. that might be his best work ever. letting shanahan go and bringing in gruden is kinda like letting marshall faulk go and bringing in edgerinn james…

  124. This is why you NEVER EVER EVER mortgage your future for one player in the draft. Yet somehow I just know another GM at some point down the road will do the same thing again. Maybe as soon as this spring.

  125. On a positive note the good thing is there should be some good black Friday deals on some RGIII sneakers.

  126. Let this be a lesson to GMs. Do NOT draft QBs who with the Heisman Trophy. History (since 1989) says they’ll be outright busts or merely average. Here’s a list of QBs who won the Heisman. Carson Palmer is the only semi decent one:

    Andre Ware, Ty Detmer, Gino Torretta, Charlie Ward, Danny Wuerffel, Chris Weinke, Eric Crouch, Carson Palmer, Jason White, Matt Leinart, Troy Smith, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, Johnny Manziel

  127. granadafan says: Nov 26, 2014 11:17 AM

    Let this be a lesson to GMs. Do NOT draft QBs who with the Heisman Trophy. History (since 1989) says they’ll be outright busts or merely average. Here’s a list of QBs who won the Heisman. Carson Palmer is the only semi decent one:

    Andre Ware, Ty Detmer, Gino Torretta, Charlie Ward, Danny Wuerffel, Chris Weinke, Eric Crouch, Carson Palmer, Jason White, Matt Leinart, Troy Smith, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, Johnny Manziel


    At least Charlie was able to provide some entertaining basketball here for us as a Knick. But you are absolutely right. Carson, his current injury aside, has been a good QB.

  128. skinsrock says: Nov 26, 2014 1:13 AM

    I loved Griffin coming out of college, I thought the Redskins made the right move at the right time, after they had secured a few positions on Offense & Defense. Who could argue after season 1 before the Seattle game that they didn’t make the right move? The guy seemed to have it all… the mental makeup, the arm, the confidence to let things go & come back to win the games in the 4th qtr. I think it was too easy for him after the Shanahan’s created an offense around his skillset that didn’t rely on him reading the entire field and his threat to run was sucking the LB’s & safeties out of position.


    I see your points except for a few things. I think, the “mental makeup” while it may have applied, if that, to him handling current game situations, he did not have when it came to handling football, overall, in general. What the life as a professional athlete demanded. Also, he may have had too much confidence in himself and early success may have played a big part on that. Humility has taken a number of players, in and out of football, much further than over-confidence has.

    As far as the Shanahan’s catering to his strength, it’s only good if he knows how to change up if the initial game plan or play doesn’t work. If he doesn’t, which he’s shown time and again, then he’s not an overall, good player to begin with.

  129. How ironic would it be if the Rams sent a 7th rounder to the REDSKINS for him? Fisher would instanty be a GM candidate (because he can’t coach for beans.)

  130. The Redskins screwup with RGIII is now officially worse (in terms of draft picks and seasons of futility) than the Raiders’ screw-ups with Jamarcus Russell AND Carson Palmer COMBINED. All that remains is for RGIII to go on to some other club and lead them to the playoffs. I feel bad for RGIII

  131. The difference between RG3 and Mark Sanchez is that Sanchez put in the time to learn the position after he was released from the Jets. Steve Young was right when he said RG3 didn’t put in the time to learn QB mechanics because it showed on the field. So now his laziness back fired on him.

  132. It is clear to me that this kid is not NFL ready. Regardless of whether or not he stays in DC- Doubtful– he needs to take this as a serious move to try and become something that he may never be.

  133. When RGIII is with a new team, he can watch the South Park episode about the Washington team and laugh at them just like the rest of us are doing.

  134. As an Eagles fan, I wouldn’t want this guy. He’s shown me nothing that proves he can read an NFL defense with any sort of regularity. That being said, I don’t think Chip could resist himself if they release him

  135. You know why Peyton is as good as he is???? He is well protected. I’m a Redskins fan but I watch other games too. I see the difference between good pass protection and the bull they call an offensive line in DC. You guys don’t want to talk football. You guys act just like a lynch mob!!!#HTTR

  136. Gotta give Gruden a lot of respect. Benching your “franchise” quarterback is a hard thing to do, but admitting that he isn’t the guy you want going forward is even tougher.

    I don’t think RG III is done at all, though. He’ll definitely be given a chance to compete for a starting job next year elsewhere. Moving on will be the best thing for both parties.

  137. Philly? What about foles? Griffens most likely landing spot is the jets, rams, titans, or bears. Strange how the raiders don’t make my list…they may have a quarterback.

  138. Dan Snyder till thinks he is the coach and general manager of the Washington Redskins and that he is the guy who should find and place talent on the team as well as roster the club on the weekends.

    With that,there is little hope that Gruden will be left alone to build the team that Snyder can be proud he owns.

    I am extremely angry that this season was thrown away to prove that RG3 was’nt the guy to do the job.

    McCoy and the team had begun to work together and maybe just maybe the team could have worked their way into a wildcard but now the year is gone.

    Gruden was not the guy who put force RG out on the field.

    We all know that.

    When the boss says -put my guy out there-,you put his guy out there.

    Unless Dan Snyder can show the faith to let the people he has hired to run the team -RUN THE TEAM-I have a simple request.

    Please sell the Skins Dan-you are a great businessman but a totally piss poor NFL coach and general manager.

  139. I doubt Chip Kelly would want RG3. Why? The Eagles 3 QBs are much better than RG3 right now. It’s NOT like they are losing and RG3 is a play maker, quite the opposite. If anything, Kelly is quietely laughing at how dumb the RedSkins organization are.

  140. I have my own simple explanation. He was faster and more elusive in college and the pro game took that away since everyone else is just as fast, stronger and requires a strong arm which he does not possess

  141. As funny and lame as the picks dealt by the skins to get him it’s not like the Rams have done anything with the picks to get him.
    I say it’s a wash, both teams are still bottom feeders. The draft is not a science. Tom Brady in the 6th and RG3 for a couple of 1st’s? I’d be re-organizing my scouting department.

  142. I seem to remember that many felt that Coach Shanahan was the regression/problem for RGIII????? Maybe Coach Shanahan really was just being the coach and others’ should have heeded his thoughts……….

    I truly hope RGIII gets his act together and next season does well, where ever he may get a chance to play. My guess is that he will be replaced as the “franchise” QB by a first round draft pick in 2015 and that Colt McCoy will be used as a teacher/backup for the next season. RGIII will likely not be extended and allowed to move on to another team.

  143. The Redskins are 94-130 and have been through 8 head coaches in the 15 years since Dan Snyder took over as owner. That’s an average of a new coach every 2 years. But Robert Griffith is the problem. Ok. Gruden will be gone the year after RG III.

  144. There’s no way in Gods good earth philly fans will take RG3. There’s literally zero chance of that ever happening.

  145. This is just speculation-of-the-week out of Washington FC camp….McCoy / Cousins will soil the bed and we’ll hear how Griffin is back in the drivers seat.
    Ultimately Bob will flame out but it will be next season not this one. You can’t expect a QB to pick up and master a new system in 1 season ….. look at the leash Eli has been given with his new OC.
    Now if RG3-13 and his father start yapping on social media, then that should accelerate the eventual dump.

  146. No way RG3 is done in Washington… Gruden is just trying to humble him. Joe Montana had no shot today with that awful Skins D and our bad O line. He’ll be fine… Relax.

  147. Problem is, they’re trying to make him a pocket quarterback (which he isn’t). He’s a scrambling quarterback with a terrible offensive line. Add to that, he isn’t physically able to take the kind of hits that a scrambling QB is going to take.

  148. With the outstanding completions he made at Minnesota, there’s no doubt on my mind RGIII can play. What he has developed into is really a reflection of how the team is run.

    But fans in D.C. are used to going through this. They’ll moan and groan about Snyder, even though he’s the reason why the team’s name will stay the same.

  149. Someone mentioned RG3 as the worst trade since Hershel Walker. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Walker trade set up one of the most dominate Dallas teams in recent history. Just saying

  150. I remember when the Luck v. RGIII draft debate was all the rage, and that clown Skip Bayless was leading that charge and making ridiculous claims such as RGIII is the better QB, has a better upside, and will have a better career. Really Skip? Why does ESPN continue to put this guy on the air…..he whiffs on so many opinions.
    I’m sure at this point his argument would be “But he was hurt!”. Of course he gets hurt, that was th knock on him before the draft……his style of play will make him vulnerable to big hits.
    I never felt this guy was worthy of a 1st round pick, let alone trading up for him.

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