Jets name Geno Smith starting quarterback


Geno Smith is back as the Jets’ starting quarterback.

The Jets announced this morning that Smith, not Michael Vick, will start on Monday night against the Dolphins.

Jets coach Rex Ryan met with both Smith and Vick this morning and informed them that he has made the switch. Vick had a disastrous game against the Bills on Monday night, and Smith was slightly better after Vick was benched, so that may have been what made Ryan make the decision.

It’s also possible that the decision wasn’t up to Ryan. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported that Ryan preferred Vick — but that the decision might be taken from Ryan by G.M. John Idzik and owner Woody Johnson.

Regardless, the Jets are going nowhere this season. And the quarterback to lead them in the future probably isn’t on the roster right now.

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  1. What choice really do they have? Vick is obviously injured so that leaves Smith to be the starter. Either way the Jets are still a team without a QB and probably a HC come Jan.

  2. Rex is holding a fake backup QB of the future competition now

    His tattoo artist must be getting tired of changing that jersey number – that skin still must be raw from the last change

  3. It doesn’t make a lot of difference whether it’s Geno or Mike Vick. Both were recruited by John Idzik.
    Fire Idzik, keep Rex. A great defensive oriented coach has been hogtied by a GM who can’t assess talent.

  4. Mannish Mehta us an absolute joke as a reporter. That clown said Vick was the starter. This man is not a reporter. He is a disgusting liar. He makes stuff up and hopes he’s right, and then tries to play off like he has “his sources”. Given his press pass, anyone could do a better job than him.

  5. Dolphin fans METLIFE TAKEOVER 2014 over 1100 finfans in sections 344-345-346-347 alone!
    Cant wait to feast on some Geno interceptions/sacks, over/under 2 1/2.
    Fins Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Considering that it was reported that Vick would start if it was Ryan’s choice, this wasn’t Ryan’s choice.

    Starting Geno is the right move, regardless of how he plays the rest of the year. There was simply no reason to start a guy who was only there to collect a paycheck and watch a football game.

    As usual the hype around Vick was much larger than his production.

    I think they should’ve fired Rex and let an assistant finish the season.

  7. Wow that didn’t last long. So what’s the future for Vick – he won’t be back with the Jests next year, who’s going to give him another shot? You might think he’s now too old and is done, but remember; Matt Schaub and Josh McCown found teams dumb enough to sign them. Surely someone is still going to buy into the Vick image, regardless of his history.

  8. Geno Smith’s one and one against the ‘Phins, but he’s worse this year. The ‘Phins win huge on Monday night. The Jets don’t have a quarterback. But after spending an early second round pick on Smith last year they might as well play him now and throughout the season regardless how he plays and make a decision at quarterback at the end of the year.

    I laugh at the thought of Geno Smith pouting and threatening not to show up for day two of the NFL draft, because he wasn’t picked in the first round. Oh, the irony!

    And with the number one pick in the 2015 NFL draft the NY Jets pick quarterback…. (fill in the blank).

    Blame GM John Idzik. I hope they keep him around.

    Go Phins!
    Fins Up!

  9. I actually feel bad for Jets fans. I still think it was Tannenbum who ultimately built this mess but drafting Geno was a huge loss.

  10. I despise Rex Ryan’s Jets but man this is just painful to watch. I can’t imagine what the PSL-buying fans think of having to watch this team this year. They will need more than a high draft pick to undo the damage done to this franchise the last couple of years…

  11. It’s not a horrid choice, since Vick is clearly not the QB of tomorrow anywhere and maybe Smith will shock everyone and play well the rest of the way.

    But there is a right way to handle things and a wrong way. The Jets remain masters of the wrong way.

    The only question that remains is: which team is more dysfunctional, the Jets or Washington?

  12. He’s gonna make em a zillion times better than the JV squad who played Buffalo… Oh wait, they are both one in the same.

  13. “And the quarterback to lead them in the future probably isn’t on the roster right now.”

    They’ll waste their first rounder on a young QB. Anoint him the starter on draft day and then in 2 yrs. wonder why he never developed after getting benched every third game.

    It takes coaching, patience and the willingness to suffer through some rough outings without the fear of getting benched (or killed behind a horrid offensive line).

  14. Rock bottom: When you have to make a big suspenseful announcement that Geno Smith will be your starting QB.

  15. I think this is a bigger circus than Redskins…

    Poor Rex. He is actually a damn good coach. He screaed up picking Marty and sparano as his coordinators

  16. Smith has to be the guy going forward. The Jets need to find out what they have in him.

    Vick is on the downside of his career. I seriously doubt that he will be back with the Jets next year.

    The Jets need to rebuild the o-line, before they even think about drafting another QB. Given the disfunction that is the Jets, I assume a certain Florida State QB is on their draft radar.

  17. Matt Simms! Why not give the kid a chance, or at least let him have one game opportunity to showcase his talents (if there are any – haven’t seem him play much) so that he can get off this sinking ship too.

    There couldn’t be a better chance to let the Jets see what this kid has. He’s been nothing but patient these past few years while watching the circus of QBs start ahead of him.

  18. Excellent move by the Jets; this way they get to find out if Geno is their QB of the future. If not, select another one in the draft.

    Something tells me Geno will do ok the remainder of the season. He’ll be fresh and should have a very good understanding of the playbook.

  19. Starting Geno seems to be the best move if the goal is to get absolutely humiliated on national TV (again), and solidify the Jets’ position as the worst team in the NFL this year.

  20. To the Jets fans saying we need to see what we have in Geno, he’s started 25 games. You know what you have and it isn’t worth a bag of footballs.

  21. When Idzik drafts Mariota or Winston and spends his 25 million in cap space, he and his new coach will look like heroes and Rex will look like a bum.

  22. This could be a trap game for the Dolphins. They put up 36 points against the Broncos. If the Dolphins sleep on the Jets like Pittsburgh did, then they lose this game and essentially eliminate themselves from the playoffs.

  23. blakeden says:
    Nov 26, 2014 8:59 AM
    And the wheels on the bus go round and round
    In this case, the wheels on the bus they just fell off, just fell off, just fell off!

  24. If Woody retains Idzik the fans will revolt. Maybe he doesn’t care. Maybe he does. Does he want visiting fans to fill his stadium?

    Has Mr. Peepers SEEN the billboard…and the banner?

  25. Sanchez is playing in a meaningful game at the end of november while the Jets are looking forward to next season already.

    Turns out it really wasn’t all Sanchez’s fault in New York. Who knew?

  26. doctorrustbelt says:
    Nov 26, 2014 9:22 AM
    Tavon Austin/Stedman Bailey


    Yeah because they’re both just lighting up the league LOL.

    Call me crazy but I believe Geno Smith is another Mark Sanchez case. Has all the physical talent and puts in the time at the QB position but it’s all in the footwork and the right coach to put him in a position to succeed. We may see a new Geno next year if the new coach wants to keep him..but I’m not getting my hopes up, this is the jets after all.

  27. Both Vick and Smith suck. So it is the lesser of two evils. Vick’s career has gone to the dogs and Smith has gone by the wayside. Rex Ryan is going up the river with Mitt Romney LOL

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