Michael Bush: I didn’t get a “fair shake” in Chicago


The Cardinals signed veteran running back Michael Bush this week, ending a spell on the unemployment line that started when Bush was released by the Bears in March.

Bush’s departure from Chicago came after two years with the team as the No. 2 behind Matt Forte, but Bush says the 2013 season isn’t one that he really counts. Bush, who ran the ball 63 times for 197 yards, feels like the Bears didn’t make enough use of him during Marc Trestman’s first year as a head coach.

“When people ask me how long I was in Chicago, I say one season because last year, where was I?” Bush said, via ESPN.com. “It has nothing to do with Forte because he played great. He’s a hell of a running back. I just think that I didn’t get a fair shake. And I’m not trying to complain or anything, but if you look at it, maybe two games I didn’t touch the field.”

Bush said he thinks that the limited usage hurt his efforts to get another job after parting ways with the Bears, although he may be underrating the impact that his mediocre first season in Chicago and being 30 had on team’s minds. Bush is fresh at a time in the season when that’s a rarity, however, and that should help him prove that the Bears and the rest of the league overlooked a player who still has something to offer.

14 responses to “Michael Bush: I didn’t get a “fair shake” in Chicago

  1. he is right. they ran the same dive play every time he came into the game, it’s a wonder he rushed for as many yards as he did. there a couple of games at the end of the season when they actually did call a different play and he broke off big runs.

  2. A “fair shake”????

    You wanted the Bears to sit the better athlete for his back-up????

  3. “You didn’t get a fair shake”? … Are you kidding me?.. Sorry Michael. The fact of the matter is:..You were brought in to be a short yardage back and you could not produce. The fact is you SUCKED…… Sorry pal, Facts are facts. And happy thanksgiving anyway.

  4. Really? Cuz I’m pretty sure the Bears didn’t get their money’s worth in a guy with a piss-poor YPC and absolutely no goal line presence like they wanted. I was excited when they signed him because we needed a power back under Smith to complement Forte. He did not fill the role well in year one, and Trestman doesn’t need a power back in his finesse offense in year two. Result? Cut.

    I wish him luck, but he was well paid for those 2 seasons.

  5. Sure bro like you 0.7 yards per carry, failure to make first downs in short yardage situations, fumbling problems, dropping wide open TD screen passes & all around lackluster performances didn’t have anything to do with it huh?.. Smh

  6. B.s. Trestman didn’t play him because he sucked. The post Lovie Bears have made plenty of questionable personnel decisions but this wasn’t one of them.

    That being said I think Bush has a good chance of working out in AZ with a coach that seems to be very good at getting the most out of his players.

  7. I still remember vs the Seahawks, we had 4th and 1 at a critical time in the game and gave the ball to him. 245 lbs and couldn’t get it done. At that point I was pretty much done with him.

  8. You played good for the raiders because you wanted to get paid. You played poorly for the Bears because you got paid and from yr 1 to 2 looked like you packed on 20 lbs of fat. I couldn’t tell if it was bush or jamarcus russell out there. In any event ypc was atrocious. Couldn’t catch. Like a blind guy makin love he didn’t know which hole to hit, so it was 3 yards and a cloud of dust lol but I forgot, you didn’t get a fair shake at the urinal

  9. When people ask him how long he played for Chicago, the correct answer should be “I never played for Chicago, but they paid me anyway.”

    And you cashed your game checks both years, dude.

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