Seahawks may wait to work out new deal with Wilson


After the Seahawks won the Super Bowl to cap quarterback Russell Wilson’s second NFL season, it became a given that Seattle would sign Wilson to a big-money contract as soon as he became eligible for a new deal, after the completion of the 2014 regular season.

With the Seahawks struggling (in comparison to last year) and with Wilson showing signs of regression, the Seahawks may decide to wait.

Per a league source, the team’s willingness to give Wilson a new deal will depend in large part on how the current season turns out.  Miss the playoffs or get eliminated early, and the Seahawks will be inclined to wait.  Return to the Super Bowl, and a new deal becomes more likely.

Whatever happens, the Seahawks will be sure to do that which is regarded as fair within the locker room.  They didn’t hesitate to pay cornerback Richard Sherman or safety Earl Thomas, cognizant of the importance of rewarding those who have helped contribute to the team’s success.

Wilson definitely has contributed, but the challenge becomes pegging his value if both player and team achieve a lot less than they did last year.

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  1. That is so short sighted. Teams do not win the Super Bowl every year. Or even often but stability with a solid qb who is a proven winner and leader should not be taken for granted. Pegging a new contract to reaching the Super Bowl is stupid.

  2. rightwingguy says:
    Nov 27, 2014 6:35 PM
    Wilson is overrated

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    31-12 regular season record
    4-1 playoff record
    Super Bowl Champion
    63.8% career comp pct.
    8705 yards in 2 1/2 seasons
    66 TD’s to only 24 INT’s
    career passer rating of 98.5, bettered ONLY by ARod.

    Yep. That dude is “OVERRATED”. You sir, are an idiot. You only WISH your qb was that OVERRATED!

  3. I wouldn’t say he has regressed. He hasn’t thrown many INTs or fumbled very often, and he has raised his rushing yardage and yards per rush while staying healthy for every game. He also would benefit from having more talent on the offensive side of the ball and he can still fine-tune his game and continue to improve from here. One way or another they will eventually work out a deal with him, and how many millions he gets is going to come down to how much he really wants and how well and hard his agent chooses to push for what he wants.

    Any money that he doesn’t get will likely go to other offensive players, so both sides have a comfortable position to work with such that he will get paid and the team will have flexibility to support him with some combination of money and talent support. It’s a great situation for both sides with no pressure and low drama.

  4. if they play hardball with him, i’d milk every last dollar out of seatle once they finally come to the negotiation table. he’s the real deal, the offense is halfback driven right now. incorporate more throws like gb, indy, or philly and he’s numbers would explode.

  5. Give Wilson a competent or even below average line and hell do great. Wierd story. The Seahawks have an obvious history of paying guys as soon as they can and they will do the same with wilson

  6. So, they let his best receiver go in free agency, traded the next best WR to the Jets, and wouldn’t replace them with quality players. Now, they want to call Wilson’s play regression? Please… They just don’t want to pay the man.

  7. It is extremely difficult for Super Bowl champions to sustain greatness. The Seahawks have been the hunted for 10 games and have performed fairly well but do not look like their Championship team. The Patriots have been the hunted for 13 years and have sustained a superior level of football (the best record in the NFL for 13 years) that entire time.

  8. You pay a QB who wins back to back SBs and two out of his first three years…

    Oh wait, I’m ahead of myself.

    Put him behind a reasonable o-line and see what he can do.

  9. “with Wilson showing signs of regression, the Seahawks may decide to wait.” – yea because that’s what you want to do.. piss off THIS franchise winning QB.
    He’s walked before and may walk again if you mess with him.
    What if he just decided not to go to the table when the Seahawks decide to get serious?
    Because he might have a real tough time integrating into another teams system. Hahahaa.
    Like his struggles to make a transition in college… ” After leaving N.C. State Wilson played college football for the University of Wisconsin during the 2011 season, in which he set the single season FBS record for passing efficiency (191.8) and led the team to a Big Ten title and the 2012 Rose Bowl. Wilson received the Big Ten Quarterback of the Year award and was named a consensus first-team All-Big Ten and third-team All-American by Yahoo! Sports.”
    Yea.. the Seahawks hold NO CARDS !
    This is a stud QB whom I suggest you don’t piss off.

  10. Anyone who puts “seahawks” and the word History in the same sentence hasnt been watching football very long…..
    #@irrelevent for 38 of their 39 years
    #@must be a small case to hold one trophy

  11. Beastmode….solid fan since 2012……hahahaha..funny Im 34 and been watching football since I was a kid..untill last year you would never see anyone with one of those lame seahawks hats or jerseys…oooh poor little small market fans……..wahahahahahha
    #@how do you tailgate from a Subaru Outback?

  12. Pay Wilson when he becomes eligible for a new contract. Look at all the teams that don’t have a starting qb and he thankful you have someone of Wilson’s caliber. You could be in the Redskin’s situation right now and have you whole franchise imploding cause you picked the wrong player. Wilson hasn’t really regressed, I think it has more to do with lack of talent at wideout and an o line playing well below their ability.

  13. Seahawks fans are realizing that it’s one thing to win a Super Bowl, but another thing to sustain a successful run of playoff appearances.

  14. Elite qb’s are very hard to come by. Get this guy locked up long term assp!!

    Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans. #choochoohawksdynastytrain
    #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes #kissthering

  15. Having a Pro Bowl QB playing on a 3rd round rookie deal was the biggest reason they were able to construct the roster the way they did, and led directly to their SB win. We already see what happened to their depth once they had to pay Sherman and Thomas. Those situational pass-rushers they were able to keep fresh and rotate in every other play? Gone. Having to pay Russ 20M a year will only amplify that. I think their window is closing fast.

  16. seahawksfansince2013 says: Nov 27, 2014 7:27 PM

    Elite qb’s are very hard to come by. Get this guy locked up long term assp!!

    Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans. #choochoohawksdynastytrain
    #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes #kissthering

    Sad when you’re so obsessed with the Hawks and so worried about us that you have to pretend to be one of us.

    SF will never win with Harbaugh and won’t win for another 20 + years.

  17. The salary cap did in the Seahawks much like it did the Ravens the year before. Wilson is just fine.

  18. Besides potentially raising the price, waiting to negotiate gives them 1 less year to push salary cap implications. Seahawks have plenty of cap space next year, while they have to sign other guys, they can structure so wilson would have a large cap hit that occurs next year rather than down the line.

    Laters years would be more base salary than bonus, thus allowing them to restructure easier to quickly gain cap space if needed or part ways with a guy and only take a few million in dead money rather than 10-15 million.

    Bucs did this will Gerald McCoy. His later years cap hit is mostly base salary. Houston with JJ Watt. Niners did this with Willis, few years ago.

  19. On so many occasions Wilson has bailed that offense out. His key runs are remarkable when the offense stalls and my gawd, WHO does the man have to throw to ?? The entire offense is giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch, hoping to end up in 3rd and short then give it to beast or Wilson does a roll-out with an option to throw a short “out” or Wilson tucks it and runs. Throw in an occasional short toss to the tight-end and that’s about it. What do you mean he has to prove himself ??? Get the man some receivers and shut the Heck Up !!! IMO, he has contributed “more” than eligible players that received new contracts on defense this year like Sherman. Have you watched him lately?? I”m not impressed and enjoy watching the Seahawks but Wilson makes the offense go !! Not paying him or waiting is “Ri-Donk-U-Lous !!”

  20. Arent Seagulls fans cute? I mean anyone whos over 2 years old and watched any type of sports didnt know who the Seahawks were till 2 years ago…Oooooh the little village in Canada wants to pump their chest out cause after 40 years the country finally realized that theres some small pondunk town named seattle and they have a football team called the seahawks…hahaha..what a joke go ahead and look it up people…before 2012 the most popular team in seattle was the sounders….a soccer team! Bwhahahahah….what a sorry excuse for a fan base

  21. Regression? No he’s still a top 10 QB in the NFL. Look at his WRs…I love Dougie Fresh but on many teams he is a good number 3 NOT a number 1. They need to surround him with quality WRs. Zach Miller being hurt does not help either.

  22. Norcals obsession with hawks fans while turning a blind eye to the disaster that is your starting QB is entertaining. The babies lying in their cribs during your last SB victory have been voting for 3 years and are getting ready to graduate college. Worry about your own team.

  23. Why is it that when stories like this come up, the fans usually defend the greedy corporate team ownership instead of the lone-wolf rugged individual who they normally spend the rest of the yeah idolizing?

    I mean it’s facinating to watch on a socialogical level when people called Lynch “greedy” and got all angry at him for “violating his contract” when, in fact, he just realized it was worth more to him to pay the fine and not show up as per his contract.

    Same with Wilson, this is nothing but posturing on the part of the team management to try and get a sweeter deal. If the richy-rich owners of the team had **ANY** sense of right and wrong or morality they would have ALREADY signed the an extension on the guy and paid him retroactively for his outstanding performance last year, instead of making him literally risk his life and entire future on every single play. if he has a carreer ending injury they are not going to pay him squat.

  24. Why are there almost as many comments about Harbaugh and Kapernick as Wilson? The topic is Wilson…you people have serious issues.

  25. I think Wilson is good and can be great, He isn’t a guy like Brady or Rodgers guy that can make WRs better quite yet.

    I don’t think the Hawks have any Pro Bowl WR talent right now, That is why when they traded Harvin it kind of hurt Wilson’s game, what hurt even more was Tate not returning.

    He could develop into that player but it will take time. He is also comfortable in the offense style the Hawks and even the Badgers did with him college, keep a strong run game going, and get better WRs around him again, buy him some time to develop more, like the Ravens did for Flacco by getting Steve Smith.

  26. Top 10 qb is laughable. Seahawks fans always are quick to put blame on anyone other than little Wilson…. “he has no o line” “he has no receivers”, no, what he doesn’t have is pocket presence, accuracy and the ability to make his receivers better. Luck and tannehill have played with no o lines and no receivers, and no top 3 rb or top 3 defense and they are doing very well. Matter a fact over the past 3 years luck and tannehill are 2 of 4 qbs over the past 3 years that have improved their play every year, Wilson keeps going down. Face the facts, Wilson is overrated, can’t lead his team and the kicker is the best offensive weapon on the team.


    Sidney rice
    Percy harvin
    Zack miller
    Golden tate


  27. How many superbow rings do Luck and Tannehill have?? That’s what I thoubht. Tannehill doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Wilson.

    Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans. #choochoohawksdynastytrain
    #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes #kissthering

  28. They can’t afford to keep a defense like that when Wilson is making big bucks. After his blockbuster contract we will watch the demise of Wilson and the Seahawks because he can’t carry a team.

  29. scmems07 says:
    Nov 27, 2014 9:04 PM

    A top 10 qb who averages 1.2 pass td’s and less than 200 yards passing a game. Delusional fan base.

    How about a QB who has a record of 31-11 as a starter.?

    You can assess the QB position how you want, but I think Wins are more important Yards per game.

    You can have QBs like Matt Ryan, Dalton or Cutler, ahead of him on your top 10 list, but I wont Especially considering the talented WRs the QBs I listed get to throw to.

  30. Before I write something stupid, can someone tell me the meaning of the word “regression?”

    Does it mean carrying a team with a bad offensive line and poor passing game targets?

  31. The fact that by the NFLPA Contract the Seahawks have to wait to even discuss publicly or with his agent any contract proposal(s) provide fodder for many and will surely cause speculation to run rampart. Not much to it, really……

    Hawks will wait until the end of the season…..because they have too……..It is true in that the size of the contract will depend a little on what they do this season, but a new contract will happen and Russell will not play on the current contract/minimum salary for the 2015 season.

    Go Hawks!

  32. johnniemayes says:
    Nov 27, 2014 9:22 PM
    They can’t afford to keep a defense like that when Wilson is making big bucks. After his blockbuster contract we will watch the demise of Wilson and the Seahawks because he can’t carry a team.
    That defense is already signed to long term contracts.

  33. As a Broncos fan, I can’t say I care too much for the Seachickens. But Wilson being good is no fluke.

    The diminutive dude’s playing style kinda reminds me of Doug Flutie – a hobbit scampering around giants over the rubble of a crappy o-line – but much faster, like Flutie with a turbocharger bolted on.

    And like Flutie, Wilson pulls it off never getting hurt while winning games with offenses that should be losing.

    By NFL standards, the guy should get a raise.

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