York says performance “wasn’t acceptable”

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If you thought the Thanksgiving night performance from the 49ers in their new stadium wasn’t good, you’re not alone.  The boss didn’t like it either.

This performance wasn’t acceptable,” 49ers CEO Jed York said on Twitter.  “I apologize for that.”

The statement comes at a time when, as noted earlier in the evening, the organization has been conspicuously quiet about the rampant reports suggesting that coach Jim Harbaugh’s time with the franchise will end after the current season concludes.  With the exception of a tweet from York aimed at early October reports that players have grown weary of Harbaugh’s ways, the team has said nothing about the lingering controversy.

York’s latest tweet speaks volumes.  With the team now at 7-5 and facing a trip to Seattle on December 14, the 49ers most likely won’t be going to the postseason.

Running the table could salvage things, but how can the 49ers win the final four games when they barely mustered three points at home in the biggest game of the year?

So, yes, the season is likely over.  And Harbaugh’s tenure is likely over.  Look for the latter angle to gather plenty of steam over the next 10 days, as the 49ers prepare to drive north to Oakland for a game against the Raiders, which could be Harbaugh’s employer by the time January ends.

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  1. Jed, thanks for pointing that out Captain Obvious.

    Now what the hell are going to do about it?

    The clock is ticking pal.

  2. Hey I’m a big harbaugh fan. But these offense players suck be sides boldin and gore. Who did Vernon turn in to? No heart on offense. Real bad game plan. Seattle is the team we had to beat. Well looks like we will get a good draft spot. Fire roman now.

  3. York is going to richly deserve his time in the wilderness.
    Niner fan will be calling for his head by this time in 2016.

  4. As a Hawks fan first off let me say good game, see you in two weeks. Your defense still has it, Borland reminds me of Lofa Tatupu, guys a beast. On another note, Kap, just doesnt care enough. Care about winning, not being famous.

  5. That new stadium, those pretty luxury boxes mr. York an co. sit in was built virtually on Harbaugh’s success as a coach in SF. One bad season in 4 years should not be a factor in deciding to let him go. I’m desperate for a 6th title just as much as any 49er die hard. But I still think Harbaugh is the right guy for the job until he proves he is not. Go 9ers

  6. Honestly.. Kap left a bunch of throws on the field.. meaning ones he didn’t even try to throw..

    Then… throwing at Sherman, while I love it, has to be done with my accuracy than that. He didn’t even give the receiver a real chance on either throw that Sherman intercepted. It was almost like he meant to throw it to him.

    Lastly, the offense just looked plain uninspired. While I don’t want Roman to get cutesy with the crazy shifts, it looked to me like most of the routes he had the WRs running were just plain jain and hoping Kap could make that 1 and a million throw with Lloyd or Boldin making a 1 in a million catch….

  7. First let me say congrats to the Seahawks. Your team is a great team. See you in two weeks and hopefully we can give you a better game.

    Second, If you fire a coach after three NFC champ games in a row and possibly a winning record in the 4th season then you are an idiot and not a visionary. How many coaches have done that and where are they now?

    Third, this season isn’t over yet. At least let us miner fans live in delusion for a few more games…

  8. Not the 9’ers fault. They just ran into the SB champs on a steamroll leading to the Lombardi Trophy on the podium in February… again. #Seahawksdynasty

  9. They Are going to lose three in a row. I’m biased but honestly, they like prime to get upset by the Raiders. Their offense is horrible right now and After tonight I have to think the rematch in Seattle is on their minds because of the short turnaround.

    I can’t wait to see what Harbaugh can do with a real QB like Carr next season.

  10. Love these entitled spoiled trust fund kid CEOs that never had to earn it. What an idiot that tweet does nothing positive for your team. Very Jerry Jones like. I imagine it will come out soon that the FO has wanted Roman out for two years now and harb fought them on it. Coach seems loyal to his staff and qb to a fault

  11. We got owned, it’s on Kaep and Roman. I think Kaep’s got one more year but i’d like to see Roman gone if Harbs stays? I for one don’t see him leaving when they have the SB in Santa Clara next year, a new head coach won’t get them there.

  12. Harbaugh is a very good HC. I think he’s a bit too high strung at times. Okay, most of the time. However, since it looks like he’s out in S.F., it probably won’t be long before he finds a new gig, with Oakland a likely spot.

  13. York, you have an OC who simply cannot game plan or adjust to a pro style offense. He had no business coaching anything other than a high school football team, you have to fire him and if Harbaugh doesn’t like it the. He needs to go to. If you can’t see that your offense is clearly a joke (as an offensive minded coach). Then maybe your really the problem after all. Secondary, find ot draft a REAl QB. Kappernick is Jay Cutler with a worse arm, and maybe better legs that he never uses anymore. If you can’t throw a football and your no longer a running QB….what good are you????

  14. Kapernick kept throwing to covered receivers !!
    On both of the interceptions, Sherman had the receiver covered
    But, Kapernick threw the ball anyway
    Can we trade Kapernick for RGIII ?
    Straight up !!
    I’d even throw in a 3rd or 4th round pick to boot
    Kapernick just isn’t making it
    Keep Harbaugh, Lose Kaepernick !!

  15. York has just shown what everybody already knew.Jim Harblaaah is finished in SF because he chose the wrong Qb and is too stubborn to admit his mistake is in Kansas City.

  16. Tha Niners have far too much talent on offense to only score 3 points. Give that crew to TOM Brady and he drops half a hundred on even the Seahawks.
    Kaepernick was great at the beginning of his starting career, getting by on his pure athletic ability, but now that he has two plus years of tape on him, opposing defenes has long since figured him out, exposing the one giant x-factor when playing the position, intelligence.
    It’s easy to see tonight that he was getting frustrated and taking chances, trusting his rifle arm to hopefully beat the corner. But credit to Seattle, they knew he would do this and game planned beautifully.

  17. Don’t go Har-barf !! The division won’t be nearly as entertaining without you getting your butt kicked by Carroll anually !! No more jive turkey gobbledy gook spewing from your pie hole ?! No more idiotic facial expressions on the sidelines ?! No more khakis ?!

    Say it ain’t so ..

  18. Harbaugh is a coach, he may be a tough nut or whatever. But it’s a shame he has to deal with the prima donna athletes of today’s generation. I always got a trophy for finishing in second coach.. Meanwhile the trophy they are trying to earn is named after one of the toughest SOB’s who ever coached. They tune him out because they are nothing but spoiled brats, who’ve been coddled their entire lives, his intensity will never be instilled in today’s modern athlete.. They may be men in stature, but not in the real sense…

  19. Your out of your damn mind if you think he’s coming up 880 to Oakland. Have you seen the whiners offense this year? Its offensive! And he’s an offensive minded coach. The whiners D has carried them for years, and that time has come to an end. Send him to Michigan to coach the Wolverines.

  20. Where’s Joey49’s tonight? Running scared like a plucked turkey! See you at the Clink in a couple of weeks for your next beatdown.


  21. Pathetic showing by a mediocre team. Richard Sherman, the best cornerback in the league, shows you why the Seahawks are poised to win a second straight Super Bowl.


  22. 10-6 won’t get them in? Lions and Cowboys could realistically also finish 10-6; not sure what the tiebreakers are but a little premature to be calling them ‘finished’ just yet. They beat the cowboys h2h so wouldn’t that be enough?

  23. Colin Kaepernick is overrated. He cant do things like, setting protection, reading a defense, making accurate throws.. you know.. things a QB needs to be able to do at the NFL level. He can only scramble and hit wide open receivers.. but that isnt going to gonna cut it in the long run.

  24. He’s right … neither were the performances by the Bears & Cowboys acceptable. Out of the three games today only three teams came ready to play. None of the games were in doubt in the fourth quarter. That’s Thursday NFL games for you. There has been but three games that were in doubt late in the game this year. There have been twelve that the average margin of victory is 22 points. Guess it’s hard to say on any given Thursday.

  25. Fire the weirdo Harblaaah………..and take the QB with him.they deserve each other.They can tell each other how great they are with a capital G. meaning GONE.

  26. As a Raiders fan, what makes everybody think we would have any interest in Harbaugh ? I mean his decision to go with Krapernick as the starting quarterback isn’t so smart!

  27. They lost 42-17 earlier in the year but 19-3 to the Super Bowl champions is what brings out this tweet? Their offense has struggled all season, so I’m not sure what York was expecting. He’d have been okay maybe with 19-10?

  28. KaeperPICK needs to spend his entire off-season with a quarterbacks specialist/coach. Lucky for him, his offseason just started. Stick a fork in ’em the Whiners have been done since week 4. GO RAIDERS! The original and ONLY NATION.

  29. For Pete Sake, whats all the fuss ???

    I smell napalm burning in the 49er camp

    Go Hawks!!!!!

  30. If Mr York is serious about being serious about winning, try this on for size. Harbaugh may leave at the end of the year, Jon Gruden’s MNF contract is over this year. If your serious about getting to the super bowl, then SERIOUSLY talk with Jon Gruden, seriously..

  31. York likes him some Santa Clara, though. DeBartolo may have been whatever he was, but at least he knew how to build a winning franchise. Get ready for the Niners to become jokes again…

  32. But Harbaugh said Kaep is great. With a capital G. Why can’t you see that?

    I guess greatness just had a night off. Funny. Seems to occur every time he plays Seattle. Wonder if he went home and canoodled with his biceps, kissing them softly while weeping oh so gently?

  33. Harbaugh had 3 very good chances to win a SB and he came away empty each time……a team only has so many chances to win one and the window has closed on him…..the 49ers would be wise not give him a new contract, let him walk and pick up a draft pick for allowing him to leave early…..his best days in San Fran are behind him……

  34. Harbaugh has mailed it in.. from the looks of things, he didn’t even bother drawing up a game plan for this one

  35. There are a lot of teams that would just love to be 7-5. Right now it would give you a three game lead in the NFC South. Let’s remember what the Niners were like before Harbaugh. Personally, I can’t stand the guy, but get serious. It is because of his work that their expectations are so high.

  36. To the Browns! Oh wait… Pettine kicked your ass this season. good luck at Michigan and looking up to OSU the rest of your career… Maybe go to the Raiders? Future looks bright…

  37. This game perfectly highlighted the difference between the two teams: the 49ers are dull, pedestrian, clock-chewing, obvious (invariably snap the ball 1-2 seconds on the clock, regardless).
    Their one great threat has obviously been told to sit in the pocket and throw, rather than run – and he’s taken this literally. He’s also a half-second slower (because of this?) trying to calculate what to do. I had real hopes for Kaepernick, but you can’t make him something that he’s not.
    Carroll on the other hand has a team that fights, scratches battles and believes in itself, whatever way gets it done and with all its flaws is exciting to watch.
    Wilson is free to develop and make decisions. He’s lightning fast at reading the field.
    It’s really sad to see – and I wouldn’t necessarily want to see Harbaugh jettisoned just because a winning record isn’t quite good enough in a crazy-good division this season.
    Nevertheless, the 49ers are “effective” but most of the time it’s like watching paint dry.

  38. Kaepernick isn’t even trying to find another receiver. He locks in and just throws it. Why isn’t Davis being used as a “security blanket”? They need a hot read for blitzes.

  39. As a Raiders fan i would be very happy with Harbaugh. The Raiders need a ‘big name’ coach like Harbaugh who has done very well with the Niners. Tough season this year but i’m sure he needs a new start elsewhere.

    Hope Harbaugh comes over

  40. Memo to Jed York: Jed your tweet was six games too late.. Your team at this point is no better than 7-9; 8-8….
    BTW I have Oakland a 4 point favorite in 9 days..

  41. If I had a time machine I would go back and un-invent twitter. The world does not need to know what millions of people are thinking. 99.9% of them I could care less

  42. If they’re season isn’t over now it’s gonna be over on Dec 7th. I personally want their season to end in Oakland at the hands of the Raiders.

    Really the 49ers failing this season is Jed York and their front office’s fault. That’s the results you get when you let your head coach and players like Iupati, VD, Crabtee enter lame duck years. In 2014 some players emotionally withdraw from a team that they’re no longer vested in. Instead of balling out they just try to stay healthy to make it to their next contract. 49ers are simply not a champioship organization..plain and simple. Can’t blame the coaches,

  43. Unless I’m missing something…The CEO is the boss over GM and Head Coach…Put down your glass of white wine get out of your overstuffed chair York and go down stairs and fire Roman…If Harbaugh doesn’t like it fire him as well…This is plain dumb…Baalk and Harbaugh are two grown men making millions to do a job..They don’t need to slep togeather just go about business. If they can’t fire both of them

  44. Maybe they can find a job on Monday night football for Chuckie II. Then Chuckie I can go to SF, or anywhere off my TV screen, he has to be the most annoying human on the planet.

  45. Embarassing how the 49ers Ownership goes on Twitter to voice their opinion. Pathetic Organization, just pathetic. I’m sure Harbaugh is counting the minutes until he can get the heck out! Trainwreck.

  46. Harbaugh’s high-strung ranting style of coaching is suited to college where kids will put up with it for 4 years for a chance at the pros. They’ll be in awe of his experience and deal with it. He will never win a Superbowl. Bullying might work for a year or two but then players get tired of it if they aren’t winning. Hated him as the Chicago QB, and as a head coach Kaep is regressing under efforts to turn him into a standard pocket QB. Whereas the Seahawks have embraced Wilson’s style and the results speak for themselves.

  47. joetoronto says:
    Nov 28, 2014 4:28 AM
    I hope to hell he doesn’t go to the Raiders, the man is a total nut job


    As if a guy you’ve ever heard of is going to be your next head coach.

    Your next head coach will be whoever is willing to take the worst job in football, and I assure you it won’t be anyone that could get a job somewhere else.

  48. Neither the Seahawks nor the 49ers will make the playoffs this year.

    The Seahawks will go 2-2 over their next four games, for a final record of 10-6.

    The 49ers will also go 2-2 over their next four games, for a final record of 9-7.

    The wildcard teams will be the Lions and probably the Cowboys.

    And there will be much rejoicing.

  49. “Neither the Seahawks nor the 49ers will make the playoffs this year. The Seahawks will go 2-2 over their next four games, for a final record of 10-6.”

    Seattle won’t lose again and will end up winning the division. Cowboys destined for 8-8, as always.

  50. carloswlassiter, I sincerly hope you are correct.

    If the defense plays like it did last night against the Eagles it will likely be the case.

    San Fran won’t win at the Clink, AZ at AZ will be a good game, but I think Seattle takes it.

    Rams won’t get Seattle to fall for trick plays next time around.

  51. I hope Oakland and San Diego are seeing how this stadium has sapped the home field advantage away from the Niners. Build something modern, but keep it intimate and accessible to the diehard fans that have made these Californian stadiums legendary.

  52. He then went into his secret vault in the bottom of Levi and swam in money like Scrooge McDuck.

    He has his stadium. He doesn’t care.

  53. Not a 49ers fan, but the sky hasn’t fallen…maybe playoff aspirations though. Seattle only put up 19 pts, 12 of which were FGs. Kap does look lost at times, but he has a great arm. He needs to release the ball quicker. He telegraphs his throws. Against a ball hungry team, they needed to have outlet passing on almost every down. The plays took too long to develop with an antsy QB at the helm. Kap needs to be able to read a defence. I agree with others, that their game plan was based upon a scrambling Kap, yet he was expected to stay in pocket. They will bounce back.
    Aside: I really thought Kap would have spent some serious offseason time in fixing his pocket passing decisions and reading defences. Could tell he looked lost. No read on first guy, then he panics.

  54. 49er fan

    #1 The writing is on the wall. Love Harbaugh and how he helped get us back to respectability. I think the players still at least respect him, but management has seen enough so he’s gone. Too much talent to not be a “G”reat team (for real). People dont like Harbaugh but he seems to be loyal to his players and staff which will contribute to his departure by not dumping Roman.

    #2 People who are banging on Kap and still saying we should have kept Smith, relax. Respect to Alex for what he’s gone through and where he is now, but he cant throw outside the numbers either (does he have a TD to a WR yet this year?). It was best for both parties that Smith move on. Hard to say if Kap will progress any further as a QB, but they are asking him to do too much right now. An aware HC/OC would see his limitations and tailor the offense to his strengths. Ground and pound, designed QB run plays and play-action to Vernon and Miller (why isnt he playing more?!). Stop trying to force him to be a Brees or Brady with these idiotic 4-5 WR sets. He’s not that guy.

    #3 What a waste of a stellar defense this year. Say what you want about the team/organization as a whole, but considering the circumstances the D is playing amazing. And its a credit to the coaching on that side of the ball and the players drafted, because it doesn’t seem to matter who gets hurt/suspended/etc. Too bad its all for naught.

    #4 Fix it Trent. Stay out of the way York. Thanks for getting us back to Relevance Jim.

  55. slick50ks says: Nov 28, 2014 10:48 AM

    joetoronto says:
    Nov 28, 2014 4:28 AM
    I hope to hell he doesn’t go to the Raiders, the man is a total nut job


    As if a guy you’ve ever heard of is going to be your next head coach.

    Your next head coach will be whoever is willing to take the worst job in football, and I assure you it won’t be anyone that could get a job somewhere else.
    Slickster’s team lost to Oakland, and the bitter taste is still in his giant pie hole.

  56. Calling them out is absurd. 4 game winning streak and they are in. Whether thats likely or not remains to be seen. If STL can beat DEN then SF can always beat SEA on the road. Quit eliminating teams too early. 1 game out is all.

  57. thats funny what use to be a drive east to oakland is now a drive north to oakland for the san jose 49ers.

  58. Don’t take the tweet by the owner on a superficial level. It is a warning. Kaepernick has between now and the middle of next season to drill the boring stuff (footwork, body mechanics, understanding pass protections, game management, understanding defenses, relentless film study) to be a proficient passer. With this being Harbaugh’s last season, when the new coaching regime comes in, he will be on a short leash.

  59. Maybe I missed it but every time they show Kap on the sideline he’s watching the 49ers defense. I guess he’s playing fine and doesn’t need to talk to coaches and receivers and actually get better. Bad idea for Jed to tweet but since he’s been on the job he’s done outstanding. Not his fault they for some reason throw to Crabtree in the clutch. Offense is broken. Fix it.

  60. I see Harbaugh going to Michigan, and I think his style probably plays better there than in the NFL. As for Kaepernick, it looks to me like he has regressed in the last year+, either the coaching has failed him, or more likely the league has caught up to him.

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